Dawn Cleary Jun 2024

Chris is very knowledgeable and communicates well. Thoroughly enjoyed class and learnt a lot. Thankyou Chris

James Anvia Apr 2024

he is a great teacher and hoping to continue with him soo n he is helpful

Andrew Goh Jan 2024

The oil painting class that my wife and I attended with Chris was highly educational. He was very patient throughout the process and provided in depth explanations about the techniques and demonstrated each step in the process in a very clear, concise manner. Chris guided us expertly throughout the entire experience and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Asha Barbaschow Nov 2023

Chris was very knowledgeable and provided so much advice (he was also super patient with beginners, myself included). He took the time to explain and demonstrate but cared more about our artwork than just showing what he could do, which was really nice.
Materials we used were great quality and he took the time to explain what materials we would/wouldn’t need to get started ourselves at home.

James Anvia Nov 2023

Very friendly helpful explains basics tips tricks and shows different techniques. Chris is supportive teacher shows good skills to me

Vince Farrugia Sep 2023

The venue is perfect , easy parking close to the hall.
Chris is a very good teacher, very knowledgeable and thorough. I am not a beginner but I need to upgrade my knowledge on how to paint light and make it shine out of the painting. Chris is good at demonstrating this technique.
Look forward to the next lesson.

Michael Whittington Sep 2023

I massively enjoyed the pairing class. I learnt some good and alternative methods of mixing colours and was able to make a work in this time that I was pleased with. Our teacher was encouraging and fellow classmates were collegial.

Aruni Selvadurai Jul 2023

Amazing, I’ve always wanted to delve deeper into the world of oils….Chris was great! Will be booking with him again.

Angela Papadimitriou Jul 2023

The class was my first attempt at oil painting. Chris’ guidance through careful explanation, lots of information and demonstration made the whole experience enjoyable, worthwhile and a great learning experience.
Chris gave all students individual attention geared to their level in a very positive and patent manner.
He is very professional, knowledgeable and a great art instructor and indeed brought out the best result from everyone.
Looking forward to many more classes with Chris.
Thank you Chris.

Shyani Seneviratna Jun 2023

We had an amazing time with Chris! We have never painted before and he showed us what we could do. Chris is very knowledgeable and excellent at teaching us techniques and the theory behind them. We thoroughly enjoyed the class and will be recommending Chris to everyone! We walked out so surprised by what we accomplished thanks for Chris and his teaching methods. Thank you so much for everything!

Rachel Gasser Jan 2023

Chrus is an experienced and knowledgeable teacher. He was very patient with us as beginners and gave us so much guidance on getting started on our painting journey. He paced the steps really well and we had a great time. Thanks again Chris!

Dina Likoudis Nov 2022

Teacher : Chris Vital
Chris Was extremely knowledgeable in all things painting , oil painting , color , technique , tone
Chris was an excellent pleasant,polite , patient, professional teacher who had a very nice personality . He actually taught all of his students as a whole class & also gave a one on one as well. He taught with passion & inspiration . He taught at their pace& their level of experience
His class was value for money 100%
Everything surprisingly was provided for his students 100%!
The class was fun & very pleasant
The studio was a typical artists space studio , it was pretty cool
Everybody was smiling , learning & enjoying his well thought out class
I strongly recommend anyone who has any Interest, and anyone who has or has zero art experience in painting to try his classes out as they will certainly walk away very happy & they certainly who learn as Chris Vital loves to teach!

Felicia Mavro Nov 2022

Our teacher Chris was very friendly, knowledgeable and patient to teach us step by step what we needed to do.
Everything was provided for
The venue itself was fine till 11 am , then it heated up a lot. There were a couple of fans but not effective .
Was my first attempt with oils . Was a fun , informative class , lots to learn
. Would certainly go back for another

Christophe Gizardin-Pradeau Oct 2022

Loved the class. Chris is fantastic and shares so much of its knowledge. I cannot wait for the next class

Narelle Haken Oct 2022

He is excellent. Very knowledgeable and good teacher. I learned a lot about oil painting

Diana Ferreira Aug 2022

It was a fantastic class and I really enjoyed myself. Chris is a good and patient teacher and taught us a lot from tools to use, different paint brands and how to start and finish the painting. He used quality paints and in class he supplied the canvases, paint brushes and paints. The venue was well lit and a good area size for a painting work shop. Overall and enjoyable day.

Christophe Gizardin-Pradeau Aug 2022

I enjoyed the class. The teacher is very knowledgeable and friendly. I will do this again

Ellen Alexander Jun 2022

Second workshop I’ve done with Chris, he is a fantastic teacher and very attentive. A great relaxing way to spend a weekend…I highly recommend :)

Clair Castle Jun 2022

My first class. I had a great day and a great, informative teacher. Thank you Chris

Ellen Alexander Apr 2022

A great workshop with excellent guidance from Chris. The pacing was good and it was a really enjoyable way to spend a Sunday :)

Lauren Paterson Apr 2022

This was my first oil painting class and I was so happy with the result. I can’t wait for the next class!
Chris was amazing, and really brought the best out of everyone.
Great venue too.
Thank you Chris and #classbento !

Sharon Lambert Apr 2022

Excellent teaching, Chris was very patient and encouraging and gave everyone individual attention and coaching which I really appreciated.
The materials were all great valve for money. The room was a bit hot and stuffy but fans helped
Will def be back to do another one!

Susan Kearns Apr 2022

Chris is very interactive with his students and is able to take into account the different levels of abilities. He puts a bit of effort into describing how to mix the colours and what the effects would be from light to dark.

Emanuela Carniato Apr 2022

Chris Vidal is a incredibly Talented Artist.
His teaching are the best I have experienced in 20 years.
Step by step . Colour theory.
A amazing finished oil painting at the end.
Highly recommend Chris you will want to go time and time again.

Jenny Goldberg Apr 2021

Chris is amazing this was our 2nd class and as with the last one enjoyed it very much.
It is very detailed and everything is supplied so good value for the money.
Thanks Chris see u next time.
Regards Jenny and Michael

Fiona Roberts Feb 2021

The facilities were excellent, the materials provided were excellent and the teacher was better than excellent. I learned so so much. I will definitely be doing more of his classes

Kip Frame Jan 2021

Great introduction to working with oil paints and painting techniques. Great class size. Interesting landscape

Kate Uren Dec 2020

Very supportive & informed instructor who was very approachable. Great amount of content in a well paced session.

Lavenya Rajendra Oct 2020

My partner and I took a class with Chris to try oil painting for the first time. Chris was a great instructor - patient, thorough and knowledgeable. He gave everyone one on one support with their paintings and paced the class well so we didn’t feel rushed. We had a great time. Highly recommend.

Julie Curran Sep 2020

The teacher ,Chris, was very informative and a very nice person. I did learn a lot for my first class and i feel now I can paint a portrait on my own. The venue was in a great location and everything was provided. Chris's teaching technics are easy to follow. I had a great time.

Emanuela Carniato Jul 2020

I really thought Chris was the best art teacher I have had.

He was so knowledgeable and skilled .

Judith Clayton Jul 2020

Loved the class and really appreciated the time spent with each student. The materials supplied were excellent, the facilities good and I learnt so much about mixing colours, layering and applying the paint. I will look out for another of Chris' classes.

Almas Wahab Nov 2019

Really good class one of the best I’ve been to.
Very good explanations and demonstration and very patient instructor :)

Patrizia Cocchis Oct 2019

The teacher was knowledgeable and very happy to help/give explanations to questions. Unlike other art courses the class was good value for money.

Christine Comito Sep 2019

Venue was perfect, and Chris was an excellent teacher. Gave us each personal attention and instructed us each step of the way. All materials provided which was so helpful too.

Deborah Shirtley Sep 2019

A thoroughly enjoyable class. Chris is a very informative and skilled teacher. For someone who has never even tried to paint, having the process explained and individual help all through the session, made this course totally worthwhile. A real bonus was having everything supplied. For novices like me, the explanation about the types of oil paints and canvasses to use was also beneficial. Chris paced the course appropriate to the group and we all left with our own artwork of the beautiful Blue Mountains.

Carene Piper May 2019

Teacher was brilliant and knew all aspects of oil painting and the venue is pretty cool mini art gallery. It's was value for my money.

Teresa Tidball Mar 2019

The teacher is excellent and works with you to make sure you understand and offer suggestions and tips if you make a mistake. I learned a lot about using oils and everyone took home a lovely painting. Excellent for complete beginners, novice, or intermediate painters. And, great value for money!
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