Hendrina (Ineke) de Vries

This was a great and relaxing workshop. It was lovely to sit in the air conditioned gallery space, surrounded by the beautiful creations of local artists. Bettina is a great teacher and I went home with three gorgeous paper roses.

Janice Ellis

Bettina was wonderfully qualified to introduce me to the art of coiling fabric baskets. She was helpful and personal. I enjoyed our conversations. Can’t wait to do another of her workshops. Great value for money. The shop is just amazing with over 60 local artists work. I know where I’ll be doing  + more

Emmeline Elizabeth Leggett

I really enjoyed Betina's teaching style. A well structured class so participants can leave with a small basket or more than enough materials to finish the project at home. A fun environment, the workshop taking place instore at Foragers Nest so the inspiration and eclectic artisan obects on sale surrounding  + more
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