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Victoria White
Gems Rocks Bling

Gems Rocks Bling

27 years Jewellery design experience

Victoria White, jewelry teacher

I am Victoria White, a one woman dynamo/mad scientist/designer.
Coming from an Art History background, my love for art, the history of man, and shiny pretty things came together whilst being pregnant with my daughter and working for the Museum of African American Art in Florida. I fell in love with African trade beads. They were historical in context, heavy with human drama, an artefact, an antique, pretty, and were relatively cheap. Pairing the few trade beads I had with semi-precious stones and sterling silver wire, I began to make my first wrapped earrings for fun. It was very therapeutic and relaxing, until my husband at the time saw the box of earrings I had made, took them to work, and presented me with a box of money that afternoon, after having sold them all to his work colleagues! And that is how all this madness began. That was a bit over 25 years ago. And here we are now.

I am not your typical jeweller. I aim for grand pieces with fabulous stones, thus the term rockstar. The rocks I deal with are sparkly and precious. I own and manage Gems, Rocks, Bling in Sydney, working from my Surry Hills studio. I specialize in bespoke one of a kind pieces featuring precious stones & metals. I also facilitate jewellery classes for groups and individuals.






For Make Your Own Gemstone Mala Workshop

By (attended on 10 Jan 2019)

Victoria was an energetic and enthusiastic teacher that went to great lengths to make me feel comfortable in the jewellery making course. She walked through each step of the process, communicating in an enthused manner the endless possibilities of creating my own unique mala. She went to great lengths to ensure that my piece was exactly as I wanted it, and showed great dedication by helping in areas where I was finding the process a little tricky. The venue was lovely, and the class was well organised. I parked nearby (lucky I got a limitless parking spot), but for future customers, it may be better to catch public transport.

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