Vintage Net Bag Knitting

Vintage Net Bag Knitting

Learn to create your own Vintage Net Bag

Phung Kut

Phung Kut

Patient and Encouraging Teacher



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Inspired by the design of this kit, our class will guide you through creating your own Vintage Bag.

We will follow the patterns of this stitch to ensure a perfect result every time, while allowing for your own adaption and flare.

A great introduction to needle work that will inspire you to creat more complex designs in the future.

- in 1 set including Cotton silk, 2-language pattern and non-sewn buttons

- can be used in 2 types, both buttoned and not buttoned

- Use 3 mm needle or size 5/0 ( if not able to order more )

- Success size 36 × 36 cm.

- There are 5 main colours to choose from: white, orange, ginger (yellow-brown), blue and gray, black if you want other colors. Can inquire via inbox

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No knowledge required

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No Equipment required


Tower A, 1st floor, Supalaicity Resort Ramkhamhaeng (4,685.87 mi) Bangkok, Thailand 1


Phung Kut
Phung Kut

Patient and Encouraging Teacher

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