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Start your morning in Rozelle at King George Park, enjoying the vast lawn and tranquil view of the boats passing in and out of the Parramatta River.

In the distance, you’ll hear families playing on one of the many well-maintained playgrounds in the park and there will probably be an early football match on one of the green, lush fields. Most likely, students attending the Sydney College of the Arts will be using the morning hours to exercise in the park before attending classes while dog owners will be walking their furry friends through one of the many dog-friendly areas. Once you’ve spent a good amount of time here, you may not want to leave. But there are a lot more sights to see before the day is over, so pack your things and get ready to explore Rozelle.

Let’s straighten out the basics Rozelle is a suburb located just 4 kms west of Sydney’s Central Business District and shares boundary lines with Balmain to the Northeast and Lilyfield to the Southwest. The Parramatta River hugs the Northwestern shore while Rozelle Bay nestles up to the Southeastern front. The Iron Cove Bridge, a stoic and sturdy construction, connects this suburb to Drummoyne across the river, while the elegant and iconic ANZAC bridge leads straight into the heart of Pyrmont. In a word, this region is central, with easy commutes to central Sydney and some of the more distant but equally appealing suburbs.

In population, this neighborhood is relatively young, creative, mostly female, and dedicated to transforming this formerly industrial region into a livable and welcoming community. So what’s on the agenda? Not to be out-shined by its neighbor to the North, this suburb has earned its name as the gourmet coffee center and organic food hub of NSW. A great place to explore your cage-free, non-GMO food options is at the independently-owned About Life supermarket, catering to health-fanatics and foodies (1). Not only does this grocery store offer a wide range of fresh, local produce, but also serves as a community meeting place for cooking classes and nutrition presentations throughout the year. Though this successful store has opened shop in other NSW suburbs, Rozelle has been the true home of About Life since their first juice bar cafe opened here in 1996.

Once you’ve had your fill of organic breakfast at About Life, the next logical step is to explore on of the neighborhood’s many delicious coffee shops. Though all are well-rated, Piccolo’s cafe is particularly popular in the area, having just reopened after refurbishing. True to the nature of coffee shops as community meeting places, Piccolo’s offers a variety of public events, from yoga in their courtyard to art exhibitions.

Now that you’re full and well-caffeinated, it’s time to take a trip down Darling Street to Rozelle Collector’s Market, open every Saturday and Sunday on the grounds of the suburb’s main public school (2). Here, locals sift through second-hand treasures, buy local art, and enjoy the sounds of popular local musicians. Though the market has changed hands once during its 26 years, it continues to be a great day for community-building and family fun.

Once you’ve had your fill of nicknacks and local fare, it’s time to visit one of the historic landmarks of Rozelle: St Thomas' Anglican Church (3). This historic church has served as the center of the neighborhood since it was first constructed in 1874 in the English Gothic Style. Inside sits a magnificent organ designed by Londoner Henry Jones. Though rarely played, it is well-loved as one of only two of Jones’ organs that still exist in their original form in NSW. Speaking of history… Was Rozelle always the friendly, relaxed community that it is today? If you happened to set foot in this suburb two hundred years ago, you probably wouldn’t expect its future to include organic food markets and community-oriented cafes. Indeed, you would be surrounded by sparsely-populated, forested land owned by one or two wealthy European settlers (4).

Unlike the communities just East of this region that were beginning to lay the foundation for an industrial boom, Rozelle wouldn’t gain the attention of land developers until the mid 1800’s. In fact, most of the development can be attributed to a Londoner named Alfred Hancock, who would repurpose the land previously owned by John Gilchrist, who had left the region untouched while he worked for the East India Company. Hancock’s goal was to create housing developments for working men. Because of his contribution to the construction of the residential community, many streets are named after Hancock and his fellow business partners. By 1892, the residents of this area could travel to the factories of neighboring suburbs by electric trams. Of course, this mode of transportation quickly faded out with the introduction of air-conditioned gas-powered buses in the mid 20th century.

With the deindustrialization that would touch each of Sydney’s many suburbs, Rozelle faced the daunting task of recreating its community identity. Overall, it has done a wonderful job, catering still to families hoping to live in a small middle-class neighborhood with all the amenities and events of a large city. Well, your first day in your new favorite suburb is coming to a close Finish off your day of historic Merton Hotel, located close enough to the Eastern Bay to get a clear view of Sydney’s skyline (5). Owned and run by a local Irish resident, the Merton Hotel offers a friendly pub and live musical entertainment almost every weekend. Because it doubles as a Bed & Breakfast, this popular hangout is a sought-out wedding and party location as well. This pub is a great place to mingle with both locals and international guests, so be ready to share your newfound love of Rozelle with your new friends. Don’t forget to raise a pint to this welcoming and friendly suburb. References: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

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