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Rebirth with yoga

Linda Bonini

Linda Bonini

Yoga Teacher

1 hour Class size 1 to 40 label $35

As a first lesson, an Introduction to the traditional yoga, will open its doors to a class of hatha yoga.

I can plan the session on your needs and we will go gradually into the exercises.

The goal is to convey the true meaning of this ancient practice and its benefits.

We will ending the class with a pleasant relaxation.

Looking forward to making your day a good one!


Your teacher can travel within 30 kms of Centennial Park

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Linda Bonini
Linda Bonini

Yoga Teacher

My name is Linda.
I'm here for share with you all my passion about yoga.
I will teach hatha yoga, pranayma, kriya yoga and much more as traditional yoga request, in line with your needs.

I can do personalised sessions for senior citizens, children, workers, teenagers, women (pregnant woman) and man.

I've started my journey taking part to Hatha Yoga lessons at Luna Sole in Italy with Gabriella Ferrari, renowned writer and president of the project "9 months and beyond" for 5/6 years. In 2008 I have met Roy Eugene Davis, direct disciple of Yogananda Parahamansa, and received by him the first Kriya Yoga teachings. 

Following, In 2010, I signed up to the Self Realisation Fellowship, a worldwide spiritual organization founded by Yogananda in 1920 and based in Los Angeles.
In 2011 I went to the international convocation in America and visited the places where this great master lived and introduced thousands of people to Yoga. (A few famous people who deeply respected Paramhansa Yogananda: Steve Jobs, George Harrison, Elvis Presley, and Ravi Shankar.)

In 2016 I decided to carry out a dream: take a certificate as yoga teacher.
I finally graduated from WLYA in Chiang Mai (Thailand) with a 200-hour course that exceeded my expectations. 
The Headquarters is the Yoga Institute of Santacruz in India and follows the traditional yoga of Shri Yogendraji (one of the Oldest yoga school in india).

Later on I realised that I’ve built defensive walls around emotional issues within me and I've been working with some very incredible kinesiologists that helped me to finally break down these barriers in a good way. In the last three years I have deepened my knowledge as a client and this amazing therapy brought also a major awareness on the benefits of affirmations and body languages.
On a parallel line this practice straightened my trust and refined my approach to Yoga.

In February 2017 I have undertake a course of NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) held in Sydney, Australia, which gave me access to Emotional Freedom techniques, Time line therapy, hypnosis as a Life coach.

Looking forward to share my journey with you

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