Block printing involves carved material drenched in ink and stamped onto paper to reveal a beautiful image, has its roots as early as the fifth century BC. The artform is produced worldwide in countries such as India, China and Japan and uses a variety of materials including wood, linoleum and rubber. Block printing, also known as relief printing, because the when done by hand, the ink leaves a raised texture on the paper, unlike the letterpress where the image is applied with enough pressure to leave an indent on the paper. Carving usually allows for more texture to the prints, though the artist can produce a lot of detail with the help of small knife.

Carving a block, typically takes anywhere from hour for a small piece to several weeks or months depending on the size and detail of the image. Block printing is an art form requiring a fair degree of patience, one hand slip may just ruin the entire piece. Learn just the right pressure and techniques in Rowan Sivyer’s Zen and the Art of Block Printing workshop. Rowan, who carves as a form of meditation will walk you through the process of designing, carving and printing. Exercise your creative freedom and come up with intricate and detailed designs, discuss simple blocks, layering stamps and repeating tile stamps. With Rowan, you will breathe, relax, carve and leave with some beautiful cards to take home to stamp again and again.

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