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Bringing you macrame workshops for beginners, intermediate and advanced, private parties, custom orders and DIY kits.

Classes and kits

Rag Rugs Workshop - Sunshine Coast

4.9 (17)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Warana

5 to 8

label $65

Rag Rug Making Workshop for Beginners

5.0 (3)

date_range Contact for details

location_on Port Macquarie

1 to 15

label $65 - $70

Macrame Crossbody Handbag Workshop

date_range Sun 21 Jul, 10am

location_on Griffin / Mobile

1 to 30

label $115

Macrame Workshop: Boho Swing

4.9 (20)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Griffin / Mobile

2 to 10

label $110

Macrame Crystal Necklace Making Workshop

5.0 (6)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Griffin / Mobile

6 to 30

label $85

Macrame Hat Hanger Workshop

5.0 (6)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Griffin / Mobile

4 to 30

label $70

Macrame Wall Hanging Workshop: Feathers and Leaves

4.9 (20)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Griffin / Mobile

4 to 30

label $80

Macrame Wall Hanging Class

5.0 (72)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Griffin / Mobile

4 to 20

label $105

Rag Rugs Workshop

4.9 (150)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Griffin / Mobile

4 to 30

label $60

Macrame Plant Hanger Workshop

4.9 (25)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Griffin / Mobile

4 to 30

label $65

Macrame Plant Hanger and Alcohol Ink Pots Class

5.0 (3)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Griffin / Mobile

6 to 30

label $110

Macrame Workshop: Macrame Rainbow Hanging

5.0 (2)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Griffin / Mobile

5 to 10

label $80

Rag Rugs Workshop: Make an Oval Rug

5.0 (1)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Griffin

6 to 30

label $70

Rag Rug Coaster Workshop

5.0 (1)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Petrie / Mobile

10 to 30

label $35

Boho Macrame Clutch Purse Workshop

5.0 (1)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Petrie / Mobile

6 to 30

label $85

Macrame Earrings Workshop

5.0 (1)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Griffin / Mobile

4 to 20

label $75

Rag Rug Making Workshop: Rectangle / Square

4.5 (2)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Griffin / Mobile

4 to 30

label $80

Macrame Feather JuJu Mirror Wall Hanging Workshop

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Griffin / Mobile

4 to 15

label $145

Macrame Handbag Workshop

4.3 (3)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Griffin

4 to 30

label $110

Macrame Mini Plant Hanger Workshop

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Griffin / Mobile

6 to 30

label $35

Macrame Wristlet Keychain Workshop

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Griffin / Mobile

4 to 30

label $35

Macrame Coasters Workshop

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Griffin / Mobile

4 to 30

label $65

Rag Rug Basket Making Workshop

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Petrie

6 to 10

label $65

Kids Macrame Wall Hanging Class

5.0 (2)

Adults & 8+ years

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Petrie / Mobile

5 to 30

label $40

Macrame Dreamcatcher Workshop for Kids

5.0 (1)

Adults & 10+ years

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Petrie / Mobile

6 to 20

label $35

Macrame Christmas Ornaments Class

5.0 (3)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Griffin / Mobile

4 to 30

label $80

Christmas Bauble Wreath Workshop

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Griffin / Mobile

4 to 30

label $85

Macrame Christmas Angel Centerpiece, Graze N Sip Workshop

date_range Contact for details

location_on Yeerongpilly

1 to 10

label $60 - $65

DIY Macrame Crystal Necklace Making Craft Kit

5.0 (1)

local_shipping Ships to you

label $60 - $65





Leeny Robertson Jun 2024

My adult daughter and I attended one of Ness' macrame crystal necklace making workshops and it was very enjoyable. Excellent range of crystals to choose from. We did run out of time as we were quite slow, but Ness was super helpful and patient with us both. Lovely lady. Looking forward to using her instructions to complete our necklaces.

Summer Woods May 2024

Very happy with this kit. The stone is beautiful and I’m looking forward to making the necklace

Nerida Budd May 2024

Ness is lovely. Great instructions. Plenty of time for the group of us. Good fun. A successful planter.

Pauline Mar 2024

Absolutely loved it, instructions easy to understand. Teacher was kind and patient, questions welcomed. Highly recommend.

Ellen Crank Mar 2024

Ness was so friendly and well organised, and made our little class so easy. We all had a lovely night - lots of laughs and fun. Thanks so much!

Rag Rugs Workshop review by Ellen Crank - Brisbane

Tracey Wockner Mar 2024

Totally awesome easy and NESS the tutor was so helpful, good price for class and looking forward to doing more of Macrame Sweetness classes.

Lenna Gaske Jan 2024

Absolutely awesome course!

We had a great day and all came away with a cute bag!

We were all total beginners and Ness was so very patient and helpful!

Highly recommend!

Aimee Cummins Jan 2024

Video tutorial was easy enough to follow, got a bit confused towards the end but finished the bag and am very happy with it :)
Ness was very good with communication and made sure that I was able to complete my project with the kit supplied
All cords were separated well and clearly labelled, so I wouldn’t get anything mixed up. Can’t wait to get my 2nd one done!

DIY Macrame Handbag Craft Kit review by Aimee Cummins

Narelle Doherty Dec 2023

I went to a rag rug workshop for the first time and found that Ness (the teacher) explained everything really well making learning how to make the rug easy. I loved the choice of materials supplied. For a beginner like me this was the best class to start off. I would certainly attend another workshop run by Ness.

Kathryn Arthur Dec 2023

Wonderful hand-on teacher who made sure everyone got attention to give us a great learning experience

Robyn McDonald Nov 2023

The teacher was great, the work space was a great size. I really enjoyed out how to make the rag rug, now I just need to remember!

Chris Davidson Nov 2023

Ness our teacher was a very patient with us all. She did a magnificent job we all had an amazing afternoon. I love my hat holder. Highly recommend a private party in the comfort of your own house. Great party

Jen Armstrong Nov 2023

Venue was great and Teacher was very patient and helpful. Would definitely recommend to other friends

Lynda Hill Nov 2023

I really enjoyed my Rag Rug workshop experience. It was quite informative and Ness the teacher was very helpful. The venue was excellent, to sum it all up I had a great time and always do at class bento workshops

Lynda Hill

Belinda Fuller Nov 2023

Very enjoyable class. Vanessa was very patient with us and very happy to show me again and again how to make each project

Naomi Russell Nov 2023

This was a great class! My sister, mum and I did this together and we all walked away feeling really accomplished and with an awesome macrame hanging pot!

Ness was a great teacher and very patient, as everyone in the class was learning at a different pace.

Would definitely do another class with Ness in the future :)

Sharmila Danait Nov 2023

Ness is lovely. We had a great class. It was our first time but Ness was patient and helped create our pot hanger. Definitely recommended.

Brenda Barwin Nov 2023

A great class, very helpful and learned some new skills. The angel is very cute!

Kristina McIntosh Oct 2023

Such an enjoyable afternoon. We worked at our place and were not rushed. Our teacher made sure we were all looked after and helped us out if we got stuck or confused. Really happy with how my end product turned out. :)

Textiles class review by Kristina McIntosh - Brisbane

Laura Turner Oct 2023

The Teacher was very patient and explained the process really well so everyone was happy with their finished product. The location was convenient with good parking.

Vanessa Watt Oct 2023

I attended with a friend and really enjoyed trying to learn a new skill while catching up at the same time. The instructor was attentive and patient and had great tips to keep the knotting consistent and neat.

Ada Eckersley Oct 2023

Ness is a great teacher. Patient and very instructive. We were provided with a great selection of materials and we had all the tools necessary to get started in our rag rug class. The Venue was good, bit noisy with other activities going on within the building. Highly recommend

Nora Stapylton Oct 2023

Ness was lovely - very patient with everyone regardless of age or skill level. She made everyone feel welcomed.

Janne Ward Aug 2023

Great teacher, very helpful, and offered future support with online learning. I finished my rug mat thanks to the online tute provided by the teacher.

Textiles class review by Janne Ward - Brisbane

Courtney Hayburn Aug 2023

Ness is lovely, friendly and patient. She explains well so that all levels can understand.

Stephanie Oliver Aug 2023

Ness was very good at explaining technique. My friend and I enjoyed her class immensely.

Jenessa Barnard Jul 2023

My two girls had a great time. It was a new skill for them to learn that was challenging but doable! The teacher was helpful and patient with them as they completed their project!

Macrame Dreamcatcher Workshop for Kids review by Jenessa Barnard - Brisbane

Shelley Archbold Jun 2023

Excellent Class. Easy to get to location. All materials supplied and instructor was excellent. Thanks!

Kathryn Clarke Jun 2023

The teacher was great. She explained the knots well and demonstrated them to us. She came round and made sure we were doing it right and waited until we were ready before proceeding with the next step so none of us were left behind. All materials were provided and explained the different types we can use. very good workshop.

Melissa Worthington Jun 2023

Awesome class and such a fun way to spend a Sunday morning. Ness is a very good trainer and explains easily.

Amanda Leiper Jun 2023

Ness is a great teacher. Relaxed small group to allow 1:1 time where needed. So excited to continue with my rag rug making journey.

Deb Blakley Jun 2023

Great workshop! Ness was a wonderful teacher and we had many laughs along the way. I was so addicted by the end I had to continue building my rag rug when I got home!

Traci Hardy May 2023

Our workplace came today for team building. Everyone had an amazing time and all left with an amazing pot and hanger. Our lovely, patient teachers were fantastic and made us all feel at home. We learnt 2 different crafts today and was well worth the money. Thankyou Thankyou

Emma Brohman Apr 2023

We had a great time with Ness! Very friendly and relaxed environment. Great instructor and an awesome product to take home at the end. Highly recommend!

Amy Keetels Apr 2023

Was great fun. Teacher was lovely and explained very clearly. Time frame was perfect. We enjoyed herself.

Alexandra Cope Apr 2023

We really enjoyed the rag rug workshop with Ness. She runs a great workshop, explains things clearly and supply’s all materials. I had been to a workshop before with friends and enjoyed it so much I went again with my sister. We are all rag rug enthusiasts now and having fun sharing our creations.

Textiles class review by Alexandra Cope - Brisbane

Jeannene Mould Apr 2023

Great class. Instructor Ness was really good with explaining everything and very patient when some of us didn’t quite get it
The 2hours just flew by and was a lovely way to spend an afternoon

Mutsumi Sakaguchi Mar 2023

Great teacher - friendly and her instructions are clear and easy to follow/understand. I really enjoyed the class. I want to go back again and try another workshop! Thanks so much

Textiles class review by Mutsumi Sakaguchi - Brisbane

Beate Israel Mar 2023

Well presented, teacher very patient. The location was easy to get to a central. Just a bit ordinary

Alexandra Wiggins Mar 2023

Our teacher Danielle, was fantastic very patient and knowledgeable.
The course was well structured and provided all the materials we needed to complete the project.
I had lots of fun

Macrame Wall Hanging Class review by Alexandra Wiggins - Brisbane

Trudy Frainey Mar 2023

There was not enough time to finish the item. Needed to be advertised as an intermediate class or made simpler so I'm could be completed in the time. Venue was very hot. We were told that nibbles would be provided. We had to ask for this and we were handed a single pretzel and cheese snack box. The class could have been so much better if these things were addressed

Lynda Hill Mar 2023

I throughly enjoyed my time and the teachers were very patient with me. The materials and all equipment spot on. I didn’t finish in time but I believe I can finish my work later. All and all a great day.

Lynda hill

Teedie Glynn Mar 2023

The teacher was knowledgeable and helpful. Sometimes it was hard to hear because of fans.

Allison Crawford Mar 2023

This class was really great. Ness is a wonderful teacher, calm and kind and and so talented. Seeing her completed rugs was inspirational and has given me lots of motivation to keep going. It's also so therapeutic and relaxing, rag rug making is now my absolute favourite thing to do ☺️. The venue at BagEnd Studios was gorgeous (amazing art and crafts for sale) and the materials Ness provided were great, especially the nifty tool from the USA! The whole experience was great value for money and we'll be back for more soon. Thanks Ness

Karen Barrett Mar 2023

Clear explanation. Friendly helpful teacher. Plenty of room. Follow up assistance is readily available. Great!

Alicia Bulmer Mar 2023

LOVED IT Absolutely loved today's class! NESS was fantastic at explaining exactly what to expect & how to correct if we find ourselves out of shape. The intimate class size was great to help NESS get around the room and individually help us all get started.
Highly recommended

Textiles class review by Alicia Bulmer - Brisbane

Cheryll Eddy Mar 2023

Teacher was greatso patient and so good at explaining and demonstrating.
No matter how many times you needed help she was there to explain ,show and get you going again.

Mareta Folino Mar 2023

Fabulous class Ness is a great teacher very patient .loved it thank you fabric provided and learnt so much

Sharon Marsh Feb 2023

Very experienced crafter giving excellent instruction in a great venue. Time flew by. Able to work at my own pace with one-on-one guidance whenever required.

Lynn Mathers Feb 2023

Oh what fun! Informative and well-guided, I felt confident in continuing the project once I was home. Loved we had choices in starter packs.
Would highly recommend to even the most novice of crafters.
Big thanks and thumbs up!

Textiles class review by Lynn Mathers - Brisbane

Vickie Cowling Jan 2023

Excellent delivery of course, friendly and helpful
Would do more courses with this instructor anytime

Kylie Green Jan 2023

A lovely warm and friendly craft class(Macrame) and venue was easy to get to. Supplies all included and good quality.
Ness was very patient and took time to show you what to do.

Karen Kemp Jan 2023

It was a great class. Very informative and easy to follow. Ness made sure everyone understood the process.

Catherine Carson Jan 2023

Hi Ness
It was good value for money. Tutorial was presented in the air at first which was daunting to follow. As was the previous macramé class.

However, it was then described flat on the table. And to another left handed person. Then I could at last follow it more easily as a I am also left handed.

From my experience- a suggestion is not to describe just in the air as it can be confusing - for either hand users.

I’m glad there was just one simple knot. I liked the repetitious manner of making the rug. It’s very appealing to me to repurpose materials and matches my ethics.

It makes it affordable as well and something I can continue within my budget - unlike macramé materials.

Importantly- there was time to ask questions and I felt confident working on my rag rug.

I will be recommending this workshop to my friends.

Thank you

Jennifer Kipfer Jan 2023

Interesting experience. A bit messy in terms of format but I learned a new technique.

Nicole Dec 2022

This was a great morning lots of fun
The teacher was very patient and helpful.
Would definitely recommend

Tammie Dec 2022

I really enjoyed the workshop. The set up allowed my group to socialise but still engage in the class. The facilitator was really nice, clearly explained the steps, was patient and individualised instructions where needed. Having printed instructions hanging on the stand also meant that I could have a visual guide as well as the facilitator guiding me. I really enjoyed this class and would definitely consider taking more classes in future. I love my plant hanger.

Shannon Dec 2022

Fun and great pace to ensure we participated comfortably. A great team event. Thank you

Suzi Matheson Dec 2022

Such a fun morning with a knowledgeable teacher. I would highly recommend this class to learn macrame.

Wendy Holliday Dec 2022

My daughter and I do some kind of class for our Christmas birthdays. This year we did a Macrame class. Lovely teacher, learnt a lot. Need to come back for another class.

Rohini Dongre Dec 2022

Great class, great teacher. Looking forward to the next one with her. Love the final product!

Jason Sydenham Dec 2022

What an excellent way to spend the afternoon. Our teacher Ness was very clear in her instructions and patient too as we all worked at different speeds. A nice sized group, I think 8 people, and it just flowed nicely. Having never done macrame before I found the Ness easy to follow and was very impressed by my finished product. Certainly feeling inspired. Have even bought my first pattern to try on my own. Would highly recommend this class. Thanks Ness.

Textiles class review by Jason Sydenham - Brisbane

Fiona Harkins Dec 2022

Great class and I was very happy with my wall hanging. Bess’s is a great teacher and very patient. Very do-able project for a beginner

Catherine Carson Nov 2022

The class materials were prepared ready for the class.
Unfortunately, It was difficult to follow her explanation and I struggled with how the square knot was described. It’s a half hitch (from my experience in Guides) one way and back again I realised later that night.
I felt that being left handed was a disadvantage - the twine unravelled and it was frustrating to work with the rope.
The facilitator was patient and managed the group well. She responded to my my questions promptly, but I struggled. I don’t know whether I took it in.

I’d like to do one again, but I felt overwhelmed by the information being given while I was still constructing the hanger.

I guess it was a good start. The plant hanger managed to survive my attentions. I’d like to continue at home, if possible. Information would be welcomed.

Stacey Pye Nov 2022

Ness is a natural teacher. She is patient and clearly described and demonstrated what we needed to do. She kept up with us all working at different paces and offered heaps of tips for the future. A lovely, relaxed class. The end result? A very nice macrame pot plant hanger! In only 2 hours! I would so recommend this class to others. A great way to spend time with a friend and great value for money.

Textiles class review by Stacey Pye - Brisbane

Kim ) Nov 2022

We loved how this old time craft has been bought back to life

We learnt a lot

Kyrle Spillane Nov 2022

I absolutely loved this workshop with Ness. All the materials were provided and the colours to choose from were gorgeous which made deciding on a colour scheme the hard part. Creating the feather hanger was a relaxing and simple process that was really easy to do and if I ever got stuck Ness was right there ready to guide me through. I would highly recommend Ness and look forward to her next macrame class.

Macrame Wall Hanging Workshop: Feathers and Leaves review by Kyrle Spillane - Brisbane

Kath Batterham Nov 2022

Fantastic fun class was easy and enjoyable with great variety of colours to choose from

Textiles class review by Kath Batterham - Brisbane

Veronica Fullard Nov 2022

Teacher was fantastic an extremely helpful to everyone.
Clear instructions and assisted everyone when we required help
Enjoyable morning

Ngere Marriott Nov 2022

Was great Rag Rug Workshop we had this morning but need lot of patience & focusing to get it right. Great teacher we had this morning.

Textiles class review by Ngere Marriott - Brisbane

Nellie Telfer Nov 2022

Great environment, easy to understand step by step.Teacher was very patient with each of us. Class wasn't to big for one on one help

Donna Stewart Nov 2022

Awesome workshop. Excellent range of materials to chose from and venue was a perfect space - the music in the background was perfect for a sing along.
Ness was patient and encouraging, made learning easier! Love how you can create a ‘practical and eye catching work of art’ out of recycled materials. I think rag rug making can be addictive!
Thanks Ness.

Ashleigh Vella Nov 2022

Great class, Ness was great, good amount of guidance with great and easy to follow instructions. Great finished product.

Mrs Gillam Nov 2022

Love this art studio as a learning space. Feel inspired by all the different art mediums on display.
Teacher was patient with clear explanations.
I’m having difficulty hearing these days once teacher made aware I felt included.

Textiles class review by Mrs Gillam - Brisbane

Michelle Marshman Nov 2022

Vanessa was an amazing teacher - the small group and the studio offered a welcoming relaxed environment

Karen Kuzewicz Nov 2022

The class was fabulous. Vanessa is an excellent and patient teacher. The venue is a great space. Lots of interesting art. I was made feel really welcome.

Gillian Taylor Nov 2022

Ness was an awesome teacher and it was a truely wonderful class. I cannot wait to continue on making mine into a mat and adding more colour.

Samm Hammond Nov 2022

We spent the afternoon trying to understand what to do but with a great teacher in a comfortable room we were able to make our own pieces in our own way, picking our own crystals and chord and extra pieces to make our necklaces to suit us. We had afternoon tea and comfortable surroundings and lots and lots of help to get us to step by step make our necklace to suit our selves. definitely coming back with friends to do again

Macrame Crystal Necklace Making Workshop review by Samm Hammond - Brisbane

Angela Simmons Oct 2022

It was great and I enjoyed it And the teacher was very helpful and lovely

Mikaela Nevin Oct 2022

I really enjoyed the class! I purchased this class as a gift for my mum. We both really enjoyed it. Ness was lovely and very helpful! We both loved the pieces we made.

Jacqueline Wills Oct 2022

Really loved this class, great instructions and I'm now on a roll to get my first mat finished. Super easy to do as well. Thank you again Ness for a wonderful morning.

Rag Rugs Workshop review by Jacqueline Wills - Brisbane

Judit Brown Oct 2022

The class was a good size to make sure each person was able to get individual support and Ness was a patient and kind teacher. Really enjoyed this class and glad to have finally found a crafty hobby that isn’t too hard!

Karen Becker Oct 2022

Ness was a great teacher and explained things clearly. Can't wait to finish my rag rug.

Nicole Carr Oct 2022

I loved the community sharing feel. Great fun craft and easy friendly vibe. I’m excited to get going with more

Rag Rugs Workshop review by Nicole Carr - Brisbane

Cherie Duff Oct 2022

The teacher was fabulous, and talked through each step and was so patient. Really enjoyed the class and will go to more that she is hosting. Thank you and I'll send you a pic of my rag rug when complete.

Sandy Ross Oct 2022

The teacher was very generous with her time and teaching. The hanger was simple so we all finished in good time. We did have extra time so perhaps she could have demonstrated one or two other knots. She did talk about some other ideas but we had time to learn something new. Still, I'd recommend it to others, it was a nice afternoon.

Leah Lane Oct 2022

A great class - very hands on and lots of personal attention. Highly recommend this class.

Textiles class review by Leah Lane - Brisbane

Caroline Hodder Sep 2022

Miss Ness & Miss Duni were great with the kids. Venue was easy to find, nice & clean, great parking. Snacks were provided. Girls were very proud of their macrame wall hangings & they made new friends. Definitely doing another class

Textiles class review by Caroline Hodder - Brisbane

Angela Cameron Sep 2022

My daughter and I really enjoyed this class. Great teachers, easy to follow steps, good choice of coloured yarn, room was set up well to support us as we made our wall hanging. Thank you for teaching us your skills.

Carrie Brennan Sep 2022

We had a really wonderful afternoon. We got to make the macrame rainbow with some super lovely material and colour choices. It wasn't a big class either so we were able to ask all the questions we needed. I didn't finish on time and Ness was lovely about ensuring I finished.
Highly recommend and will be doing more classes.

Jess Muller Sep 2022

Loves it The teacher was amazing and made it fun and enjoyable for the group

Devina Richardson Sep 2022

Excellent patient teacher. Very helpful and a joy to have Nessie teach us all in rag rug making. A great class for all and we ALL enjoyed learning this new skill and recycling of fabrics into items for the home. Would highly recommend this class to anyone.

Merle McMillan Sep 2022

Wonderful Rag Rug Workshop was experienced by the Women’s Global Hub Caloundra seven participants including myself participated.
Ness our instructor delivered wonderful teaching skills to support us in this creative project. A huge thanks to you Ness your patience was appreciated.The Workshop proved to be a great community project. Kind Regards Merle McMillan

Rag Rugs Workshop review by Merle McMillan - Brisbane

Janette Sargeant Sep 2022

Teacher very clear with her instructions. She has a very calm relaxed disposition. Session worth the money.

Aimee Ferrie Aug 2022

Fantastic workshop! We had a really great time and all came away very happy with our rug progress (especially the less crafty among our group). Ness is an excellent teacher and makes time to help everyone understand the process and fix any problems they get tangled in. We really recommend this workshop, especially for anyone who isn't super confident with textile crafts!

Elizabeth Cato Aug 2022

Friendly and clear instructions. Loved the small class size. Will definitely recommend to friends and will be back for other classes.

Karen Garrod Aug 2022

Such a gorgeous pod. Probably not as big as I was expecting, but very sweet all the same. Instructions were very easy, super fast and efficient delivery - thank you. I have made this twice now, makes a perfect gift.

Pamela Morgan Aug 2022

I had a great time today doing a macrame plant hanger and putting alcohol inks on a pot. The teachers were very informative and they even bought lovely treats to have with our tea or coffee. I cannot wait for my next class.


Margaret Loof Aug 2022

A great venue and total atmosphere was relaxing. I will return for sure for classes

Jennifer Conroy Aug 2022

Teacher was lovely
The materials provided were great
Instructions were easy to understand lots of help getting started with the rag rug toothbrush tutorial learned something new very different than the crochet rag rugs
Great value for money including tea cookies and fruit.
Fun class lively people.
Would definitely recommend.
I’ll be back for more classes.

Danielle Cooper Aug 2022

Wonderful class! Ness was an excellent instructor and very patient. We got lots of individual attention and the class prepared us to be able to take home the knowledge acquired and make more rugs! Complementary coffee and biscuits were a nice touch too!

Heather H Aug 2022

Good instructions. Great venue. Lovely coffee and biscuits. Learnt new skills. Good back up if you have questions.

Peta Shaw Aug 2022

Another wonderful class with Ness who is a great teacher and helps everyone individually to master the skills.

Textiles class review by Peta Shaw - Sunshine Coast

Felicity Marshall Aug 2022

This class was amazing, the teacher was so knowledgeable and helpful. It was a very enjoyable class, very relaxing.

Peta Isaacs Aug 2022

Another wonderful class done and dusted with another fabulous handmade piece to bring home and admire.
Thanks Ness, you're a wonderful & patient teacher.

Textiles class review by Peta Isaacs - Brisbane

Kim Franks Aug 2022

Great class and I love the wall hanging I created. It feels like a great accomplishment and anyone can do it under the teachers guidance.

Macrame Wall Hanging Class review by Kim Franks - Brisbane

Toni Wood Aug 2022

This class was so much fun! The teacher was really helpful, the group was lots of fun and it was really good value! I love the wall hanging I made…I attended with my 15-year old daughter who loved it too!

Textiles class review by Toni Wood - Brisbane

Sharon Baker Aug 2022

I really enjoyed the class and wouldn’t mind doing a few more to learn more about the art of creation… great teacher and so much patience which needed especially for myself Thankyou for having me once again enjoyed it …
Could I have my photo please so I can send through to a couple friends

Helen Brand Aug 2022

Great class, but can be very addictive once you start. The instruction was great and great colour in the materials. Nice small group so everyone was able to receive individual attention.

Rag Rugs Workshop review by Helen Brand - Brisbane

Alison McKay Aug 2022

Venue was easy to park at.
Ness was friendly and knowledgeable.
Loved the packs she had done up for students to pick their colours
Small class size meant Ness was able to provide individual attention to each student.
Would love to attend another class run by Ness
Lots of ideas Of how to finish off my rag rug from examples that Ness showed us.

Rag Rugs Workshop review by Alison McKay - Brisbane

Melissa Goodfellow Aug 2022

A great course. I had no prior experience and I left with a started project that I have been able to continue on with. Great choice of starting fabrics. Looking forward to doing more courses with Ness.

Textiles class review by Melissa Goodfellow - Brisbane

Carolyn Lunney Aug 2022

Both teachers were very informative loved the relaxing atmosphere.great class love what I made

Macrame Plant Hanger and Alcohol Ink Pots Class review by Carolyn Lunney - Brisbane

Amanda Eddy-Lacey Aug 2022

NESS was a fantastic and patient teacher. It took me a little while to get going with it, but once I got it, it so very therapeutic and I continued once I got home. Definitely doing more workshops. Thank you!

Textiles class review by Amanda Eddy-Lacey - Brisbane

Jo Graham Aug 2022

Had a great afternoon at the rag rug workshop at yeronga with Vanessa. She was fantastic. Very informative and with patience showed us how to do it. Thank you Vanessa, keep up the good work, thoroughly enjoyed it. Jo and Lyn

Tina Kotteakos Aug 2022

Teacher was very patient and helpful with everyone. Personally I found the class to be very cathartic.

Ros Capeness Aug 2022

Our teacher was wonderful and very knowledgeable. The materials she provided were very high quality and the instructions very comprehensive. Tea, coffee and choc yummies also provided and very appreciated. The actual task was more intricate and time consuming than I expected, but happy to finish this project at home.

Annette Irish Aug 2022

Ness was really helpful, materials - was broad selection, teacher was very patient, was a great workshop, I really enjoyed it, thanks for the opportunity

Loraine Davey Aug 2022

The teacher was fantastic, very helpful & patient.
Every thing was provided & put together in a way that made it easy for everyone.
Having arthritis in my knees & feet I found the stairs a bit of a bother, but made it & totally enjoyed the morning.
I loved the class very much & can't wait to do what the next class is.
I thought it was good value for money.
Thank you for giving everyone a wonderful time.

Felicity Marshall Aug 2022

This class was amazing, the teacher was so knowledgeable and helpful. It was a very enjoyable class, very relaxing.

Bronwyn Frewen-Lord Aug 2022

Great class and easy instructions, all materials supplied. Teacher very informative and helpful. Great venue and staff.

Luisa Jones Aug 2022

Class was a good size, each person got one on one from the teacher. She was great.

Textiles class review by Luisa Jones - Brisbane

Yvonne Moore Jul 2022

NESS was great at explaining how to make our rugs, this is the first time lve been to a workshop it's a terrific place to learn different craft ideas.

Diane Joblin Jul 2022

The class was great. Value for money, the venue was great, teacher was very useful, friendly and thorough.

Peta Shaw Jul 2022

Had a fun morning with Ness and a bunch of friendly lady's learning the basics of how to make rag rugs. Ness is a great teacher who took the time to demonstrate and help everyone individually, when needed.
We got to choose our material colours to suit our own tastes and decor from a good selection of material packs which included the tool needed to make the rug, as well as tea, coffee and some sweet treats to enjoy during the morning.
It was a great experience and definitely good value for money.

Textiles class review by Peta Shaw - Sunshine Coast

Toni Williams Jul 2022

The teacher was very friendly and helpful with lots of knowledge on the topic that was very helpful

Amy Sommerfeld Jun 2022

Lovely class with a wonderful macrame swing to take home and enjoy. I had a great day and highly recommend it.

Lynda Marchi Jun 2022

Vanessa was a great teacher, very patient with us all and guided us well to a wonderful completed project. The venue (which was at a private residence) worked well. We all had a great time. Thank you Vanessa.

Textiles class review by Lynda Marchi - Brisbane

Michelle Kreis Jun 2022

I enjoyed the morning although I don’t think it went long enough for us to be confident in all processes of making another mat. Class size was good as the teacher had time to individually help us.

Melanie Theed Jun 2022

Clear step by step instructions followed up with one to one where required. Thoroughly enjoyed the class!

Lyn Nielsen Jun 2022

Great teacher who took the time to enure each student/attendee was on point with the steps to making a rag rug. Clear instructions, easily understood. Fun environment and suitable set up for the class. Highly recommend teacher, class and venue.

Catherine Vecellio Jun 2022

Loved the class. Ness was a lovely, patient teacher and the location was great. Love my hat hanger and am looking forward to doing another class with Ness and Class Bento.

Textiles class review by Catherine Vecellio - Brisbane

Ann Waller Jun 2022

It was a great morning, chating while we worked away (lol knoted away). Having a laugh with a cup of tea/coffee. The teacher was patient and easy to understand and follow. Thank you

Charmaine Keir-Ward Jun 2022

Great venue, patient and informative teacher , provided everything needed to complete a fabulous little piece and now feeling confident to make the larger desired piece at home

Julia Williams Jun 2022

Instructor friendly and able to give personal 1:1 time with each student as only 6 in the class. Venue easy to find and comfortable with plenty of room.
It took a little while to understand the technique needed to make rag rugs but we had all mastered the skill and had a small rug and extra fabric to take home.
Thank you for an enjoyable afternoon .

Jade Scott Jun 2022

Great teacher, lesson, location & everything
Would recommend to others and do again at another time

Rel Thomson Jun 2022

Ness is a calm and encouraging teacher. Enjoyed learning something new that I always wanted to learn but not the confidence to try.

Carole Perkins Jun 2022

The class was great fun. Ness was a great teacher who explained each step really well
All the materials were provided in kit form which made it simple to use
She made everyone very welcome and relaxed. I will definitely go to more Macramé classes with Ness

Peta Isaacs Jun 2022

This is my 4th class with Ness and it definitely won't be the last.
The while experience is fun and easy to follow, my favourite part is getting to take home your creation and enjoy it in your own space or give as a gift.

Macrame Wall Hanging Workshop: Feathers and Leaves review by Peta Isaacs - Brisbane

Derrinda Mc Jun 2022

Always enjoy macrame classes with Ness. Friendly and fun. Enjoy coffee and craft. Recommend doing a class , so relaxing and satisfying.
Thank you again Ness.

Kellie Leon May 2022

Ness was a fantastic teacher! Her patience and clear way of teaching made the class easy. Her bright personality made it fun. Also loved that she highlighted other teachers with different skills to promote classbento as a whole

Nicole Foster May 2022

All the materials needed for our macrame were pre cut and sorted. Ness was amazing, she provided great snacks, explained everything so well and was incredibly patient. A great experience!

Emma Paterson May 2022

Great venue. Excellent instructor and support team. Really impressive morning tea. Brilliant quality materials and excellent value overall. Very happy - will certainly be back to learn more :)

Robyn Fitzgerald May 2022

Teacher gave very clear and detailed instructions and she was willing to provide additional assistance if needed. The morning tea was a nice surprise and delicious.

Liz Ulasowski May 2022

Ness was an excellent teacher, she went at our pace and was quick to catch our rookie mistakes, so we could continue.
Lovely choice of materials, so helpful and a pleasure to chat to. Thanks Ness!

Heather Dennis May 2022

The class was great fun, I learnt a lot and got to take home a lovely wall hanging. The teacher, Ness, was friendly, helpful and her instructions were very easy to follow. The venue was great and the supplied morning tea was amazing and totally unexpected. I would definitely recommend the course

Nicole Ferguson May 2022

Great Wall hanging design which features some key macrame techniques. I very much enjoyed it.

Textiles class review by Nicole Ferguson - Brisbane

Melanie Schultz Apr 2022

The plant hanger was easy to make, the knots and process are clearly shown how to do in the tutorial. I love it

Textiles kit review by Melanie Schultz

Melanie Schultz Apr 2022

I did the worskshop and loved the swing so much I got the kit for a 2nd one. Ness was extermely helpful and a lovely person.

Textiles kit review by Melanie Schultz

Tracie Denton Apr 2022

Venue was great but a little hard to find at first with no signage out the front. Hard class to get your head around perhaps some notes about width of fabric strips and number of starter loops etc to take home as a reminder would be helpful

Kelly Warren Apr 2022

Loved my class! Vanessa was a great teacher and very good at what she does. Venue was good. I’d definitely do more classes! Can’t wait for my next class. Thanks Ness!

Peta Isaacs Apr 2022

Ness's patience and passion knows no limits. This is my third class with her and each time I come home feeling fabulous and so proud of my creation.
Looking forward to my next class already.

Textiles class review by Peta Isaacs - Brisbane

Jo Vinton Apr 2022

Ness has the patience of a saint. Small classes, individual attention and a good outcome. I enjoyed the morning, as frustrated as I got
Thank you Ness.

Derrinda McM Apr 2022

Ness is a great teacher, I’ve done 2 classes already and looking at more to do.
Heaps of parking, nice snacks .
Petrie is a busy little town , but nice spot.

Charmaine Beutel Apr 2022

All the material were provided and Ness was paitent and thorough in teaching us the knots and very helpful. Was an intimate class so had some one on one with technique. Tea coffee and nibbles were provided.

Cat Gurung Apr 2022

Loved the class today. My second one with the teacher, Ness. Her instructions are very clear and she’s very hands on too. Awesome teacher!

Also, the location was a bit of a find! Lovely team and delicious nibblies which all made for a fun afternoon.

Jenn Wood Apr 2022

This class is amazing. She makes it so simple and is super helpful. Well worth it

Margaret Thompson Apr 2022

Was very patient and helpful ……love my hanger for my special
Hats from Norfolk Island

Sheena Bryce Apr 2022

Fun class with a lovely teacher. Learnt how to start and make a rag rug with access to a video in case we forget once we get home.
I was able to complete the small sample at home with the fabrics provided and will start a larger one soon.
Enjoyed the class and would recommend it.

Textiles class review by Sheena Bryce - Brisbane

Emma Apr 2022

Ness is so lovely and runs an awesome class. I had so much fun learning how to make my Rag Rug. I cannot wait to do her Macrame class next!

Emma Leeming Apr 2022

This was a great class. We were shown how to start off a rag rug and given the materials to do so. We took the needle home along with our leftover material from our starter pack.

Dean Cathy Apr 2022

Great learning environment, lots of participant interaction, teachers instructions were clear and easy to follow, good value for money, great project!

Jane Burgess Apr 2022

Very enjoyable few hourslearnt enough to get addicted
Enough 1:1 as required. Awesome

Rag Rugs Workshop review by Jane Burgess - Brisbane

Peta Houston Apr 2022

Teacher Nesse(?) was lovely, very patient and gave good instructions.
The room was good.
Other classmates were lovely.
Learned to make a rag rug, with pretty materials that were provided.

Lou Brown Apr 2022

There was a good range of fabric samples on offer and I'm pleased that a "needle" was given to each student

Fiona Ferguson Apr 2022

The teacher was great and very knowledgeable about rag rug making. The instructions were easy to follow and it was an enjoyable class. I thought the venue was good and easy to find. The price was good as you get the lessons, a rug hook and some material to get started. I would recommend this class.

Melanie Schultz Apr 2022

Ness and her daughter were excellent, lovely people (sweet) , very helpful and knowledgeable, and I LOVE the swing, not in its final position yet and have to trim the rope underneath but here's a pic of it

Textiles class review by Melanie Schultz - Brisbane

Michelle Anderson Apr 2022

Ness is great. Nice relaxed atmosphere. Great teaching and assistance. All items required were supplied.

Derrinda McM Apr 2022

So helpful, great instructions, so helpful. Booking another class of course.
Nibbles and coffee thank you.

Macrame Wall Hanging Class review by Derrinda McM - Brisbane

Lisa Bonetti Mar 2022

Class cancelled but the offer to have the instructions and materials posted to me is a great idea.

Rachel Kuns Mar 2022

I really enjoyed the class. Ness and her daughter were very helpful and created a very welcoming environment. Everything was provided for us to make a good start on a rag rug. The technique is surprisingly easy and I really look forward to making many more rugs.

Christine Ebert Mar 2022

Clear instructions. Lovely material to choose from. I really enjoyed this class. Thank you Ness.

Christine Watson Mar 2022

Teacher was clear and precise and gave great individual attention where required.
Venue was light bright and airy with adequate off street parking.

Koby Agazzani Mar 2022

Wonderful rag rugs class at the weekend. Thank you Ness. Great teacher, relaxed environment and have learnt a new skill. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Textiles class review by Koby Agazzani - Brisbane

Jennifer Voigt Mar 2022

Teacher was good new what she was doing.
Venue easy to find and clean.
The group enjoyed the afternoon. I did.
Will hope to finish my project in the coming weeks.

Ada Eckersley Mar 2022

Class venue was spacious clean good facilities. Class size perfect. Teacher was lovely, easy to talk to explained and demonstrated the art of rag rug making. Very helpful to all as we went along. Even catered for ‘molly dukers’. Materials provided, great range of colours. Afternoon tea also provided. Value for money for sure. Well done

Textiles class review by Ada Eckersley - Brisbane

Sheryl Turner Mar 2022

The teacher was very knowledgeable, and patient with us as we learned the first difficult steps. Her enthusiasm was contagious! The materials and venue are great, and we left with the skills we need to complete our projects.

Elizabeth Sophios Mar 2022

Ness was friendly and patient. She walked us through the process and also gave one on one support. All materials were provided and we were able to keep. She provided a background to the origins of Rag Rug making and also her personal experience. She also gave us tips and places to source materials. The venue was easy to find and clean. A positive was the aircon on a hot humid afternoon. The afternoon tea and coffee was outstanding. I was very happy and will be recommending to my friends.

Rag Rugs Workshop review by Elizabeth Sophios - Brisbane

Karen Downie Mar 2022

Great teacher, very patient with us all. Venue was good, value for money was great and a lovely afternoon tea.

Rose Sirianni Mar 2022

Teacher was great and patient, loved the work shop and venue and they served great afternoon tea

Rachel Aubrey Mar 2022

This was a lovely environment and a brilliant way for me to catch up with my friend. The time allowed for this class was perfect for the teacher to move between all participants and help fix issues when needed. The morning tea provided was tasty and my brain really needed the extra energy for so much concentration. The class participants were well spread out allowing big arm movements as well as being covid conscious.

Vanessa Nuttall Mar 2022

Ness is a fantastic teacher - gives clear instructions, is calm and composed and helps every participant to feel positive about the work they're doing and their individual progress. Highly recommend!

Megan Maguire Mar 2022

Ness and Chloe were fantastic. They spent time with everyone and let us all work at our own pace. Ness gave instructions for future projects and hints on where to find equipment. Great value for money and time well spent!

Bronwyn Bondarenko Mar 2022

Teacher and her helper were helpful and patient with all the class. The space was comfortable and organised so when we arrived the materials were in place for use. Would have liked cold water available.

Suzanne O'Shea Mar 2022

Great individual instruction, could go at our own pace, was an easy and good introduction to macramé. Came away with a fun plant hanger.

Textiles class review by Suzanne O'Shea - Brisbane

Michelle Anderson Feb 2022

Ness was lovely and made everyone at ease, good provision of snacks, tea and coffee. Air con was much appreciated on such a hot day. Class size adequate for space of class. Tables set out so people work and talk together great. Love my macrame wall hanging. Class ran into overtime and there was no pressure to speed things up. Great time, company and subject. Definitely intend to do more classes.

Eileen Shepherd Feb 2022

Tess the instructor was welcoming and friendly
Directions were clear and easy to follow
Will be booking another class!

Debbie Johnson Feb 2022

Excellent class, great teacher everything supplied including snacks. Very happy with the result. Looking forward to the next class.

Nicole Yeatman Feb 2022

She was a good teacher and very patient. I was disappointed that we only had the option of natural colour. I think two to three colours would be better and let the customer choose which colour.

I was also disappointed that masks were required. According to the Qld Government website if you are 1.5m away you do not need to wear a mask.

Also the toilet and basin were in desperate need of a clean. This disappointed me immensely.

Teacher's response

Sorry you were disappointed with so many aspects of the workshop however I did inform you you that colour options weren’t available at this point in time when you enquired prior to the workshop and a text message was sent out the day before with the venue requirements for covid safe procedures and mask wearing which you had agreed to prior. Bathroom is always clean, just building is very old with stains in sink etc from water pipes.

Melissa Parsons Feb 2022

Loved this class. Result was beautiful. Ness is a wonderful teacher; knowledgeable, friendly and patient. Classroom is roomy and with aircon. Great value for money. The materials are all supplied and of great quality. Ness also provides lovely treats for morning/afternoon tea. Highly recommend this class, but more so, can't speak highly enough of Ness. Have done many classes with her now. Have enjoyed everyone one of them and learnt so much. She makes sure all students succeed.

Kerri Kitcher Feb 2022

Ness was a great teacher. I really enjoyed making the macrame wall hanging. The instructions were easy to follow and Ness was lovely. Thank you.

Kathy Carseldine Feb 2022

Ness is a great teacher and very patient. The macrame class was terrific. This is my second class with Ness and have always found her very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.

Textiles class review by Kathy Carseldine - Brisbane

Beverly Sefton Feb 2022

Ness was patient and very helpful with suggestions on how too and the reason behind my mistakes. Better making a mistake in class and get it sorted before going home . Looking forward to another class.

Candice Tilson Feb 2022

Really great class! Was a nice way to get together with friends and be creative.

Amie Hackney Feb 2022

Class was great! Teacher Ness was fantastic. Venue was very small and hard to move around.

Suzanne Merkel Feb 2022

We organised a bridal shower making macrame wall hangings with Ness. Ness was LOVELY! Very patient, and great communication from the moment I messaged her. We all came away with beautiful creations thank you

Bronwyn Hackney Feb 2022

Excellent really enjoyed the class. Materials were provided and bundled up nicely. Teacher was very helpful and everything was explained clearly. Great to have parking available.

Macrame Wall Hanging Workshop: Feathers and Leaves review by Bronwyn Hackney - Brisbane

Michelle French Feb 2022

very relaxed workshop. technique well explained and easy to seek help as a small class

Elaine Fortes Feb 2022

I really enjoyed the Rag Rugs workshop at Albert River Wines. Ness's gentle teaching manner helped me to start the rug right. I liked the variety of colours & patterns supplied & it was just a relaxing creative activity for a busy mum with 2 sporty boys. It's also great value for money when contributing to sustainable practices in the long term.

Carly Parry Jan 2022

Teacher was great! Class was great. Would recommend if you are wanting to learn a new skill/hobby

Textiles class review by Carly Parry - Brisbane

Rebecca Gagliarde Jan 2022

An amazing class taught by a fabulous teacher! Ness provided us with all of the necessary materials and took her time with each person. A beautiful location and class which has inspired me to continue with macrame!

Maddie Luck Jan 2022

Fantastic! Ness was so patient and helpful. The swing looks amazing! Thank you for having us

Belynda Harvey Jan 2022

Ness was easy to chat to, informative friendly and clear with instructions and support. Good quality Materials provided. Very much enjoyed this workshop and can’t wait to use my handmade swing

Liz Shakhovskoy Jan 2022

We made a boho macramé swing. Ness was a patient teacher. I'm a complete beginner and so in love with the finished product. Can't wait to hang it on my deck.

Amy Martin Jan 2022

This class was so great! Really enjoyed learning to do Macramé, I love my flower wall hanging.

Sylvia Campbell-Morton Jan 2022

I loved this class for so many reasons, learning a new skill, keeping an old craft alive, eco friendly, great venue and very helpful
Instructors, thanks for a great afternoon Ness and Chloe!

Melissa Parsons Jan 2022

thoroughly enjoyed this class. Enjoyed the technique and can see the different possibilities it could be applied to. Ness is a wonderful tutor. Patient and informative, and encouraging her students all the way. Venue was well equipped. Great value for money. Highly recommend this class for content, but also highly recommend any class Ness teaches. I have attended three so far :) Great way to spend a couple of hours.

Deb Allan Jan 2022

Great teacher = Great result
Well prepared materials, plenty of room and living my new planter.

Ilana Rosalky Jan 2022

Really enjoyed learning how to make the plant holder and love the result now hanging in my house. Ness is a great teacher explained things very well and so patient. Want to book in for the outdoor swing class next :)

Andrea Pola Jan 2022

We had a amazing time teacher was wonderful and patient , kind and modelled how to complete rug
amazing . We will be booking in another class

Yvonne Stewart Jan 2022

Ness was a great teacher, had a great time highly recommend, easy instructions, made a great hanging.

Lisa Brown Jan 2022

Ness was amazing, very helpful and we all enjoyed our wall hangings. We will definitely be doing this again. Thanks

Kylie Mynett Jan 2022

Teacher was good knew all about it gave all the information required.
Venue was great location for me so close to home.
Basic pack was provided which contained two pieces of material to start the rug
Learnt how to make a rag rug. Would definitely recommend it can’t wait to use my own rags to make a rug.

Textiles class review by Kylie Mynett - Brisbane

Rebecca Coupe Jan 2022

Ness was great-really enjoyed the class
Would definitely recommend

Elena Gibson Jan 2022

The teacher was wonderful and I left feeling accomplished and got to take home my own wall hanging

Michelle Power Jan 2022

Fabulous class, great teacher who sees everything is provided. And we all went home with a completed fabulous macrame wall hanging. Very happy customer, and highly recommended

Elaine Holme Jan 2022

Lovely way to spend an afternoon and then actually get to take a handmade piece home. Teacher really helpful and very patient. Very friendly atmosphere. Just home so hanging not in its proper place yet but thought I'd post it anyway.

Macrame Wall Hanging Class review by Elaine Holme - Brisbane

Allarna Dobson Jan 2022

The teacher was very friendly and helpful. All materials were supplied and the classroom was the perfect size to do the activity but still socially distance from others.

Victoria Csikos Dec 2021

Lovely venue, close to me, parking available. Great teacher, very hands on and helpful. Spends time with everyone to ensure you have the technique covered. Also provides video tutorial link for future when you forget any steps. Always wondered how to make rag rugs and now I know.

Jody Auguszczak Dec 2021

Beautiful, peaceful venue. Vanessa explained everything very clearly and was super patient with our initial fumblings. I was very inspired to go home and keep rag rugging. A really relaxing and satisfying way to spend a Sunday morning. Thank you

Jen Boyle Dec 2021

Great class size, only a small amount of people so it was much easier to get one on one help, very informative and patient teacher, lovely setting too :)

Alwyne Coffin-Grey Dec 2021

Great class. Small number so individual attention. Vanessa was very patient. Also a lovely venue. A most enjoyable morning.

Kathi Farrar Dec 2021

Venue easy to find, easy parking
Teacher, NESS, friendly, patient, knowledgeable, helpful & fun
Materials were great as a starter pack, colour options to suit all.
Class size great, felt inspired and involved right from the start

Rag Rugs Workshop review by Kathi Farrar - Brisbane

Barbara McCullough Dec 2021

Lots of information. Materials provided to do rug. Venue and location was good. Thank you.

Devon Roach Dec 2021

The class was organised and well run. The tutor gave all participants assistance on a one to one across the class time. This is an easy and fun craft to do.

Veronica Fullard Dec 2021

Excellent course NESS was very patient and hands on.
Absolutely delighted with my swing and highly recommended this course.

Therese Andersen Nov 2021

I really enjoyed this course. Teacher was great and spent plenty of time with everyone.
Materials supplied w
ere excellent.
Would really recommend this course to others.

Liz Cook Nov 2021

Loved the class! Ness was super helpful and explained everything so that it was easy for everyone to understand. Would highly recommend!

Sharyn Clayton Nov 2021

Had a really fun afternoon and took home a great wall hanging that I am proud to hang on the wall

Jane Layton Nov 2021

Great fun! The teacher was excellent and everything was provided, our little group all succeeded in beginning a lovely oval rag rug.

Helen Groves Oct 2021

I was looking forward to the class and was not disappointed. Great instructions, and the time way too quickly.

Melissa Walker Oct 2021

Wow. What an awesone way to spend my afternoon. Ness was a fabulous teacher and I can’t want to continue making my rug.

Textiles class review by Melissa Walker - Brisbane

Sharon Strike Oct 2021

NESS was fabulous, as always. Thoroughly rnjoy her classes. Will be back for more. Thanks again

Joanne Johnson Oct 2021

Rag rug class was great, Ness was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Venue was good and air conditioned which was great in the heat. Class materials were plentiful for the class timeframe and take home pack and afternoon tea provided.

Textiles class review by Joanne Johnson - Brisbane

Sonia Strong Oct 2021

Had an awesome time doing this class , the teacher is so lovely and patient will definately book again

Lisa Willersdorf Oct 2021

A wonderful afternoon. Ness was a great instructor, she was very clear and had patience with all in the class. Now I will have to find somewhere worthwhile to hang my macrame.
Thank you

Megan Tavella Oct 2021

Throughly enjoyed the class. Ness is a great teacher so patient and helpful. A great way to spend the morning with your friends.

Carol Gilmour Oct 2021

Ness is a great teacher - very patient and super helpful. The class was well prepared, set up all ready to go. Was a fun morning and it’s great to leave with a finished product

Rebecca Stewart Oct 2021

Highly recommend. Teacher is very attentive and patient. Everything provided. Quite easy to do. Very happy with the result.

Gill Drummond Oct 2021

Fantastic day .Great teacher and very fun to make .Thoroughly enjoyed it .Very happy with end result .

Macrame Workshop: Boho Swing review by Gill Drummond - Brisbane

Nicola Carah Oct 2021

Ness was a great teacher spending time with everyone and ensuring we all got the hang of it. The room was lovely and cool on the hot day and choice of materials was plentiful.

Textiles class review by Nicola Carah - Brisbane

Rebecca Kennedy Oct 2021

It was a fun class! Ness is a very talented teacher with lots of handy tips and tips. Highly recommend!

Sarah Cairns Oct 2021

Love it. Beautiful packaging. Super quick delivery! Instructions easy to follow. Can't wait to start it!

Monique Matthews Oct 2021

Class was good. I'd like to have had access to pictures or a video or something visual to support the teacher's verbal instructions and demonstrations. Good value, materials and tools provided.

Daneile Keenan Oct 2021

I loved it.
Great view.
Easy to follow easy to work with
Looking forward to the next activity

Lee-Renee Hall Oct 2021

Ness outlr teacher was lovely, explained everything really well & was patient with us when we didn't get it straight away. Venue was spectacular & over all a great experience! Value for money with all materials provided & a good variety to choose from will definitely be back

Kerry McGrath Oct 2021

I was extremely happy with Ness the teacher who taught us the Rag Rug workshop. Ness is a lovely lady, very patient with all of us.
The venue was great but if the lighting was a bit brighter that would have been good. I feel the venue wouldn’t be good in Summer due to the Airconditioning not working.
Ness was really informative and the fabrics that she supplied for her class were very good.
I would highly recommend Ness’s classes to anyone.

Textiles class review by Kerry McGrath - Brisbane

Sharon Miller Oct 2021

Loved the class. The time went too quickly. The teacher was great and I enjoyed the yummy cakes and tea provided. A very enjoyable experience