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For Silversmithing Studio Workshop


Victoria was very bubbly and keen to share her knowledge and ... see full review
Jewellery workshop review by Victoria

For Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop


The teacher was great and very patient. Just remember to bring ... see full review
Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop review by Milton Braga

For Flower Arranging Workshop - Wildflowers


The flower shop was really cute. The instructors were really ... see full review
Floristry workshop review by Sarah Jewry

For Glass Blowing Taster Session


We booked a private lesson as a 60th birthday present. All 4 ... see full review
Hand Made workshop review by Nikki Greener

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Promoting wellbeing and the arts

Mental wellbeing is often taken for granted, but it shouldn't be. By engaging in creative activities (like our workshops) and being in the moment, you'll fight off burnout, dementia and more - it's scientifically proven.

We'll also donate to Dementia Australia with every paid booking.

Donate to Dementia Australia

Arts and crafts classes

Our arts and crafts shouldn't just be locked up behind glass enclosures. We should enjoy the play and discovery in their creation.

ClassBento empowers our local artists to make the arts accessible, affordable, and appealing. Everyone deserves to have an artisan experience, via our Sydney workshops.

Join our cause, by learning, gifting, or teaching; or read about our story.

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