"Live weather: A chocolate front on the way"

30 Nov 2018

Joseph from Kimberley Chocolates welcomes Stevie from the Today Show, to a class in his Lilyfield chocolate factory.

We're introduced to Gertrude, the chocolate making machine, and learn to make chocolates with a ganache filling.

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"24 Hours in Sydney"

28 Nov 2018

As they've put it: "Maybe let's do something other than Netflix and wine this weekend."

The Buzzfeed team enjoys a terrarium workshop with Merchant & Green.

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"Startup founder holiday season tips"

1 Dec 2018

Start-up founders share their advice on how to make the most of the holiday season, from business planning to catching up on their personal lives.

Iain emphasises the importance of taking some me-time, whether it's travel or just hanging out with family, to broaden perspectives and to avoid burnout and depression, which is especially endemic in founders - e.g. founders have 4x more likely to have depression compared to the general population (just one source: Business Insider).

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"Terrarium making workshop"

18 Jun 2018

The Fashion Journal checks out our DIY succulent terrarium class.

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Classbento offers hundreds of fun, creative and artisan workshop experiences in Sydney.

Classbento was founded by John Tabari and Iain Wang (in photo below) in 2016.

One of the main reasons we exist is to promote better mental wellbeing in our communities.

Workplace burnout and dementia are huge and growing problems, and creative classes are a scientifically proven way to ward off these issues.

We also donate to Dementia Australia with every booking.

Read more about our story here.

Our co-founder, John Tabari, loves press enquiries, so don't be shy, get in touch!

As an added bonus, he comes from a marketing background, so he speaks your language :)

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