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Make the next birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or any occasion one to remember with artisan experience gifts for him (or her) in Sydney. From glassblowing workshops to terrarium making, screen printing sessions and photography classes, forget the last minute gift shopping rush and discover hundreds of fun workshops taught by the best local artisans in New South Wales. Unique experience gifts will make your loved one happier than any expensive set of cufflinks ever could (it’s proven!) Don’t stick to the tired gift ideas for men, surprise him with a hands-on workshop in Sydney that he’ll love, and gift him a memory that will last a lifetime.
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Gold Coast




Mindful Art Kintsugi at Home

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft box delivered

1 on 1

label $180

4.9 (49)

Make Your Own Unique Mug

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft box delivered

1 to 25

label $79 - $109

4.6 (8)

DIY Silversmithing for Beginners 1

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft box delivered

1 to 20

label $420

4.8 (6)

Make Botanical Bath Bombs at Home

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft box delivered

1 to 25

label $55 - $75

5.0 (9)

Make Clay Planters

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft box delivered

1 to 15

label $100 - $140

4.9 (34)

Introduction to Figurative Sculpting

date_range Runs regularly



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1 to 15

label $99 - $119

4.9 (9)

Learn Zentangle® Art

date_range Sat 12 Dec, 3pm



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1 to 16

label $60 - $70

5.0 (43)

Watercolour Painting for Absolute Beginners

date_range 12 Dec, 30 Jan



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1 to 25

label $40 - $78

4.9 (81)

Make Sashiko Reusable Kitchen Cloths

date_range Runs regularly



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5.0 (15)

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Reviews from our gift recipients

Jenny Tran • Nov 2020

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class

Super fun class! It was a birthday present for my friend and we both enjoyed the experience so much! Definitely will find myself back again soon.

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class review by Jenny Tran Sydney

Eda Karamese • Nov 2020

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class

The class atmosphere was amazing, I really loved it the area. The instructor was fantastic and really easy to get to and also the teacher was very friendly and helpful!
I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to give a gift to themselves or friends or to just try something new and mindful you will not be disappointed! and also I got my beautiful lamp in 2 days! Once again Thank you giving me great time and definitely I will come back again!

Glassblowing and Mosaic workshop review by Eda Karamese

Lauren Spencer-Salt • Sep 2020

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class

The experience at the Mosaic art studio was exceptional; from the beautiful hand cut tiles and beads, to the supportive and positive guidance of the teachers (who were always there to answer questions & give encouragement). The studio itself was beautiful and the atmosphere created by the owners with;
*authentic Turkish lamps, bowls, statues scattered around the room
* Traditional Turkish and calming popular music in the background
* Turkish tea and a sweet treat provided during your design and making
All this also allowed for a working space for everyone to relax, be creative, chat and enjoy the experience!

I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to give a gift to themselves or friends or to just try something new and mindfulyou will not be disappointed!

Glassblowing and Mosaic workshop review by Lauren Spencer-Salt

Paulette Parisi • Sep 2020

Succulent Terrarium Workshop

Such an amazing experience. Thank you Chris! I would by this as a gift for anyone

Succulent Terrarium Workshop review by Paulette Parisi

Alexis Weaver • Jun 2020

Bottom's Up Cocktail Lunch

Exceptional value for money. We learnt about the history and production process for rum, and then made two cocktails step by step. So smoothly run, exceptional drinks and the plentiful food provided (at two different points in the workshop) was a highlight. This was a birthday present for me and it was such a lovely way to spend the evening. Thanks Brix

Bottom's Up Cocktail Lunch review by Alexis Weaver

Maddie Zali • Mar 2020

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class

Amazing class! Took mum for her birthday and she had an absolute blast! The teacher gave her a small gift as well which was a lovely gesture! I would definitely go back to create another piece! Lovely staff also!

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class review by Maddie Zali

Ted Dao • Mar 2020

Acrylic Paint Pouring Class

Leah was an amazing facilitator. We spent an hour after the workshop talking about all the other different forms of expression from spirituality to healing through art. She is thorough and patient. Highly recommend anyone looking for a new experience. From colour theory to colour visualisation meditation. The flow through the workshop was intuitive and fun. The final reveal of the colours were aligned with my present energy such a great start to my new chapter of self exploration! It was an inspiring session and creating something to mark this new chapter was really rewarding :)

Acrylic Paint Pouring Class review by Ted Dao

Amy Lowry • Feb 2020

Japanese Cooking Class (Beginner)

What a Fun energetic teacher ! My daughter and I attended as a gift for her 11th birthday and it was great fun . We learnt a lot and then enjoyed a delicious lunch !

Cooking workshop review by Amy Lowry

Hope • Feb 2020

Anyone Can do Brush Lettering Workshop

A really calming and fun class! I got a beautiful non-plastic straw gift to use (love!) and some other goodies. Really liked the snacks provided and the lychee tea! This is my first time learning brush lettering and I really enjoyed it. I hope to keep practising and get better!

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Hope Sydney

Gabrielle Dardouillet • Feb 2020

Kokedama Workshop: Make a Set of 3 Kokedamas

It was my Christmas gift and i really enjoyed it! Nice teacher, small group, and nice work space. Playing with the textures and creating something beautiful, it's really relaxing and satisfying. Thank you!

Kokedama Workshop: Make a Set of 3 Kokedamas review by Gabrielle Dardouillet

Emily Cesca • Feb 2020

Wild Flower Arranging Workshop

This was a really fun date day for myself and my husband. We got to play with different bouquet shapes and learn about how to use various textures and sizes of foliage together. Olna was friendly, knowledgeable and supportive and gave us a great balance of instruction and creative freedom. We both walked away with a beautiful bouquet, and I’ve already told my mom that another workshop with Merchant and Green would be a great gift idea.

Floristry workshop review by Emily Cesca

Gina Holbrook • Feb 2020

Anyone Can do Brush Lettering Workshop

This was my first experience with Class Bento and with brush lettering. At first I was a bit unsure about going but I’m so glad I did.

Vanessa was a wonderful teacher and made everyone feel welcomed and relaxed. She demonstrated each skill and then spent considerable time assisting every student. I appreciate that she’s also quite environmentally conscious and she donated the profits of this workshop to helping wildlife affected by the bushfires.

We first learnt about creating a lovely range of colours with our water colour palette. Then we learnt to create strokes which we later combined to form letters and words.

All the materials were provided for and we got to take home our brushes, palettes, watercolours and worksheets so that we have everything to continue practising our new skills at home.

The class is held in an airy, bright and air conditioned private room behind a cafe. Not familiar with the area I found it hard to park so perhaps leave extra time to park if you’re driving there.

Thanks for the lovely class, gift and snacks Vanessa! Hope to attend another one of your classes in future.

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Gina Holbrook Sydney

Robyn Swan • Jan 2020

Beginners Wheel Throwing Pottery Classes

The teacher was so good she explained what I needed to do went away left me to try and then returned at the right time to show me more or correct my mistakes she was friendly calm and explained the process very clearly I felt very comfortable with her explanation.

It was a gift from my daughter and I feel I want to learn more about the process of pottery.

The room was cool and calm nice people going about the pottery process.

Pottery workshop review by Robyn Swan

Ray Ho • Dec 2019

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

We loved this class as a birthday gift or a fun activity. We would recommend this to small and big group (couples or corporate teams)

Cooking workshop review by Ray Ho Sydney

Julie Reese • Nov 2019

Resin & Wood Serving Board Workshop

Loved every minute! Great instruction and guidance. I’m super happy with my creations and will be so proud to gift them. It’s amazing how little control you have in the final product with resin, which made it all the move exciting. Thank you

Fluid Art workshop review by Julie Reese

Alexandra Muir • Oct 2019

Screen Printing Workshop

Carizza's screenprinting class was amazing! This workshop makes a good birthday present for a group of friends we had so much fun. Carizza is a great teacher and took us through the whole process step-by-step, giving us an in-depth lesson in the complexities of screenprinting. I brought my own drawing to use, and it was so worth it seeing my own design come to life on a tshirt!

I would highly recommend this workshop!

Screen Printing Workshop review by Alexandra Muir

Alison Cave • Sep 2019

Izakaya Cooking Class

Hideo san's kitchen was a wonderful set up for a cookery class and my son and I really enjoyed learning more about Japanese cooking and some of the ingredients we are looking forward to using in the future. Thanks for my Xmas present Eliot!

Cooking workshop review by Alison Cave

Wenny Ly • Sep 2019

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop (Sydney CBD)

Jun-san's class was amazing and well-prepared. We learnt about Japanese history and culture, and he was kidn enough to show us his workshop area to see all of the other ceramics he is working on. So happy we left with a beautiful gift and new approach to life. 10/10!

Pottery workshop review by Wenny Ly Sydney

Leah Krischock • Jul 2019

Succulent Terrarium Workshop

My husband gave this class to me as a Christmas present and I was delighted with his choice. The teachers were friendly and knowledgeable, kept the class running despite the minor setback of a blackout in the area and were attentive to each of the students. We were shown how to build up our dry terrarium glass bowl with each layer of material, receiving information on the purpose of each and important tips on things to avoid. I left the class with a beautiful succulent terrarium and the knowledge of how to build my own terrarium at home. I learnt that it is possible to propagate new succulents from broken off 'leaves' and am showering TLC on the pieces I took home in the hope that I will be able to use some of them in the next terrarium I make.
The venue was lovely. I enjoyed being surrounded by the beautiful indoor plants and cut flowers. This class is highly recommended.

Terrarium workshop review by Leah Krischock

Haylee Eastop • Jun 2019

Kokedama class

Absolutely loved Fiona and this class! A great mother’s day gift for our Mum. The fact that Fiona comes to you and all you need is a table is fantastic. Would highly recommend and will be doing it again. Thanks again Fiona!

Mobile Kokedama Workshop review by Haylee Eastop Sydney

Fiona Laslett • Jun 2019

Terrarium class

Fantastic experience!
Fionna was such a beautiful person, very patient and knowledgeable and had so much material to choose from.
We had a beautiful day and it was such a fun and relaxing experience, can’t wait for the next one. Mum said it was the best birthday present yet!
Thanks x

Terrarium workshop review by Fiona Laslett Sydney

Preeya Stanley • Jun 2019

Kokedama Workshop: Make a Set of 3 Kokedamas

I got this workshop as a gift for my hubby who loves gardening and was looking to learn more about kokedama. Chris was our teacher. He was friendly and warm and a good instructor. The tasks were sequenced well, in increasing difficulty and we felt confident with each new task. The materials we used were of great quality and we got to take home the kokedama we created. We had guests over the next day and they were super impressed with our creations!
We really recommend this class!

Kokedama workshop review by Preeya Stanley

Nathalie Suarjaya • Jun 2019

Smartphone Photography Course

Had a Great time during My Ifone photography course with Alfonso in the Rocks
Alfonso Was a Great teacher ,very professional ,Kind and approachable.he has So much experience and Was a wealth of information in teaching us the BASIC tricks of photography with My Ifone.
The Rocks is such a Brilliant venue .
The group Was small and that made it easy to interact with Alfonso.
Great time of. The Day to be doing that course for the light .
Over All a Great course I choose amongst many others and as a bday present from My best Friend
Both Ian and Alfonso responded straight away when I contacted them and were very accomodating when I had to changes dates .thank you again .Awesome course and day .

Smartphone Photography Course review by Nathalie Suarjaya

Sally Oughton • Feb 2019

Kokedama Workshop: Make a Set of 3 Kokedamas

I absolutely loved this class - was a Xmas present for my mum who loved it too! Great location (the florist is beautiful, loads of all day parking and a great cafe next door!), really friendly teachers, small class size. The Kokedama we made and took home are stunning (and worth more than the cost of the class if purchased from a florist!) and it was just SO MUCH FUN! Really really great morning!

Kokedama Workshop: Make a Set of 3 Kokedamas review by Sally Oughton

Maureen Cable • Jan 2019

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class

I absolutely enjoyed this class. Satsuka was very warm and informative.
I would recommend this class to my friends.
The class was a gift.
I would love to learn more about Ikebana.

Floristry workshop review by Maureen Cable Sydney

Michael Mackay • Jan 2019

Resin & Wood Serving Board Workshop

This was the perfect gift for me! The workshop was well planned & well executed by an experienced & personable teacher! Very happy with my cheese boards!

Fluid Art workshop review by Michael Mackay

Kiah McGowan • Jan 2019

Succulent Terrarium Workshop

This class was such an amazing gift! The teacher was engaging and really nice. The terrariums turned out great! Would definitely recommend.

Terrarium workshop review by Kiah McGowan

Ellen Macdonald • Nov 2018

Clay Hand Building Class: Make a Teapot

Marion was great to work with and really fun to talk to. Had a great time with the other students making our teapots. I made mine as a gift to a friend and really looking forward to how it turns out. Marion was super helpful with shipping to my friend since I live abroad. Definitely recommended. I had not done much pottery before attending and I think it turned out pretty well. I had a lovely hike and swim around Bundeena afterwards so it was great to make a day of it. Can't recommend more :)

Pottery workshop review by Ellen Macdonald

Danielle Desira • Oct 2018

Make Your Own Fragrance / Perfume Workshop

Had actually booked this class in as party of a hens party/event and its with my pleasure to say all the girls had thoroughly enjoyed themselves! Joseph's class was incredible and super informative and gave us a brief history of how fragrance came about and much more. Loved how we were able to create a couple of fragrances either for ourselves or for our party and found this was a great take home gift for the girls who attended the event! Joseph was also super accomodating with all the plans prior which made the booking and setting up process with such ease. Would highly recommend the class to those looking for something different and personalised! Thank you Joseph!

Perfume Making workshop review by Danielle Desira Sydney

Janine Caburian • Sep 2018

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class

We went to Setsuko's ikebana class as a gift for my mum's birthday who has been wanting to do an ikebana class for ages, and it did not disappoint! Setsuko was a wonderful teacher and we had a really great time learning how to arrange and maintain balance in our ikebana arrangements. We got to use lovely spring flowers and take them home, and it was really a great experience! Highly recommended.

Floristry workshop review by Janine Caburian

Grace Bucholtz • Jul 2018

Kokedama Workshop: Make a Set of 3 Kokedamas

My sister and I bought the kokedama class for my Mum as a present. We all absolutely loved it. The Shop was beautiful with some amazing and different flowers and arrangements. The teachers were so lovely, and really know their stuff. They made the class so fun. All the materials were provided and were of a high quality. Would highly recommend this class. It has inspired me to go back and try some other classes with them!

Kokedama Workshop: Make a Set of 3 Kokedamas review by Grace Bucholtz

Susan Ritchie • Jun 2018

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class

Teacher was great, venue good, choice of flowers for class was excellent, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, it was also a great birthday present for my daughter who also enjoyed the class and looks forward to more. The teacher was obviously very experienced and we got to take the flowers home and practice what we had learned. The free coffee was a bonus we did not expect. Cannot thank you enough for a lovely morning.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Susan Ritchie

Luke • Apr 2018

Succulent Terrarium Workshop

This class was brilliant! I was a bit apprehensive about going on my own as it was bought for me as a present, but I needn't have been at all. I had such a good time - it was the perfect outlet to have some chilled out 'me time' as well as getting my creative juices flowing!

The teacher was excellent, really attentive and answered all our newbie questions! The space was very cool and has made my instagram feed look sweet, the materials were really high quality too. Best of all, you get your amazing creation to take home, which has definitely made my apartment look a lot more classy.

Terrarium workshop review by Luke

Jenny • Apr 2018

Succulent Terrarium Workshop

I absolutely loved this class, I bought it as a surprise birthday gift for a friend and I think it's an experience definitely worth trying.
The workshop/store was very relaxing and intimate. We arrived a little late due to difficulty finding parking, however Chris our teacher patiently waited for everyone to arrive. Chris was very open with answering any questions from the class and we did not feel rushed during the whole process.
I've never made a terrarium before, but this beginner class was fun and easy to follow as we were provided with all the tools needed and tea!
Overall, I would recommend trying this out, and by the end of it you get to take home a beautiful creation of your own!

Terrarium workshop review by Jenny

Stephanie • Mar 2018

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class

Loved the class, I bought it as a birthday present for my mum and we both enjoyed it. Setsuko provided feedback so felt like we got a lot out of it and we were able to take the fresh flowers we used home with us.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Stephanie

Kristy • Jan 2018

Succulent Terrarium Workshop

I purchased this course as a gift to my team at work, it was great and enjoyed by all. Chris was patient and an inspiring teacher.
We would definitely do it again!

Succulent Terrarium Workshop review by Kristy

Adam Mills • Nov 2020

Dumpling Making Class

So for starters I need to mention that I Wasn’t impressed with being given pork and vegetable dumplings when the ad says “choose the right herbs and spices and pick the perfect meats and vegetables”. We got no herbs at all and didn’t get to choose anything they just gave us pork and vegetable fillings. And the range of flavours was a choice of sesame or soy, what variety . Servers were lovely and friendly but didn’t learn anything except how to fold the dumplings, also the pre paid ‘cocktails on arrival’ were served to us 28 mins into sitting down after asking three times, yes I counted this.
Nice people but feel massively ripped off for the money I paid and would not recommend anyone doing this at all, girlfriends birthday present too and she wasn’t impressed and I feel bad for her. Disappointed unfortunately

Tiffany Ho • Nov 2020

Illustration Class

Fiona is super friendly and definitely knows how to guide someone with limited drawing experience to complete a piece of drawing! I requested to do a drawing based on a photo of my choice as a gift to a friend and was able to complete it within 2 hours despite my lack of drawing skills. Was really happy with the end product and I definitely learnt some techniques during the class :)

Tieri Cafe • Nov 2020

Make Your Own Fragrance / Perfume Workshop

I brought my best friend to this class the week before her wedding in the hopes of making the perfume she would wear on her special day - and she did!

Joseph was very insightful and very hands on during the class. I walked away feeling very pleased with the experience. The venue is very clean, although it is on a busy road so parking might be a bit tricky. I was lucky to get there a bit early and found parking close by. I definitely would do this class again and I am super impressed with the fragrances I made. Perfect gift for the women in your life!

Anney Trinh • Nov 2020

Learn How to Bullet Journal for Self Care

Icy was happy to answer any questions raised and showed excellent examples of ways to present a bullet journal. Very happy to have attended this class

Mira Nurdianti • Oct 2020

Golden Self Portrait Workshop

Love the workshop! Deanne took us on a guided meditation and it helped immensely in visualising what we needed for the next step of the class. She was soothing, and clear with her words. The artmaking was fun. I had trouble with making abstract art, but she was there throughout the process and helped reminded me on what not to do, etc. The art materials were abundant, nobody was lacking in any tools. Then the last part of the class, it was a tricky part, personally, but she went around and was fully THERE, being present and listening. This workshop is highly recommended. Understanding some parts about myself as it was revealed through my art. I thought I knew already, but there’s still more to learn about us that you’d never would’ve thought. In the end it wasn’t about whether or not your art is pretty if viewed by the public, but it’s about how the art means to you and it became personal and very important. It’s apart of you. I’m going to display it at home as a reminder. Thank you Deanne

Arthur Chan • Oct 2020

Pinch Pottery Workshop

Had a great class with Catherine, she was patient and kind. We made a vase and thanks to her i will have a great present for my wife.

Rachael Donnison • Sep 2020

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class

Great venue, not far from station easy to find. Teacher was very patient and helpful attending to everyone individually. Class was a birthday gift but would say it was great value and have a beautiful lamp for the home

Yanzhu Qian • Sep 2020

Screen Printing Workshop

The teacher is amazing and helpful.
Good studio fully equipment.
You don’t need to bring anything except when you have to do your own design.
It’s a good place to go with friends and make a gift for each other.

Dani Chandrasoma • Sep 2020

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop (Sydney CBD)

Jun and Hitomi were so friendly and welcoming! We had a lovely Sunday morning learning about kintsugi and making our plates. Jun is very talented and is an excellent, funny, teacher! Highly recommend this class- would be great as a present for a loved one.

Sidney Pierucci • Aug 2020

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop (Sydney CBD)

Everything we wished for and more. This was a surprise birthday gift I had organised and the private session was the best arts and craft class we’ve ever taken.
Jun and Hitomi are exceptional teachers, they made us feel welcome at all time and I could not recommend Kintsugi more

Nicola Tuckwell • Aug 2020

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class

The ikebana workshop was a birthday gift for my mum and she loved it! Mum deemed it as 2 of the best hours she'd ever spent.
Setsuko was kind enough to change our original date due to illness and we were so glad not to have missed out!
Setsuko's experience and love for her craft shone through in her presentation so her session was very engaging.
The flowers we were given to work with were gorgeous and brightened both mum and my own living spaces for nearly 2 weeks after the workshop. I would highly recommend Ikebana with Setsuko.

Liz Camps • Aug 2020

Kokedama Workshop - Mid Week

This was a birthday present from my friend Liz who attended the Kokodama workshop with me today at All Bloom Allambie Heights.

The venue was beautiful and the teacher Allison was a delight and extremely helpful, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun, productive experience, what a great way to celebrate my birthday

Jessica Austin • Aug 2020

Massage Workshop

This is possibly the best present I have ever bought someone - which I also benefitted from!
Kristine is amazingly gentle, good humoured and insightful - she has an intuition of her clients and is highly professional.
Admittedly the building is little deceptive, but on entering her premises we were nothing short of relaxed and comfortable.
I have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone and everyone - do yourself a favour!

Rachael Hanning • Jul 2020

Hand Building Pottery Workshop

I bought this hand building pottery class as a birthday gift for my best friend. We both absolutely LOVED it! Andrea was an attentive and knowledgeable teacher who let us all just go with the flow, calmly assisting us to devise and make our chosen pieces. The experience was creative, therapeutic and more-ish!

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