Unique Gift Experiences for Him (Or Her) in Sydney

Unique Gift Experiences for Him (Or Her) in Sydney

Sarah Hinds-Friedl

If you’re looking for gifts for a man in your life, be it your roommate, boyfriend, dad, or coworker, you might find that many of the men’s gifts out there tend to be generic and unimaginative. If you’re looking for unique gift experiences for him, ClassBento has all of the different, thoughtful, and exciting Sydney workshops to make your gift truly memorable. Here are our top recommendations for unique gift experiences for him:


Beginner’s Kintsugi Workshop

Kintsugi is the ancient art of Japanese broken pottery repair. Through the use of lacquer with metal like gold or silver, the artist can rebuild the original piece, highlighting the imperfections instead of trying to hide them. If it sounds niche and precise, that’s because it is. And that’s what makes these workshops some of the most perfect things to do in Sydney for the detail-oriented, patient, and focused people in your life.

The workshop lasts two hours and covers the basics of Kintsugi, including some of the basic techniques of this ancient practice. Your gift recipient will have the chance to repair their own broken pottery piece and take it home with them. As a beginner’s class, everyone is welcome whether they have any experience or knowledge of Kintsugi or not. But, even if you sign up for only one or two gift vouchers, he could continue learning this artform by taking more advanced courses afterward. 


Resin Art Stool Workshop

We’ve all seen those enticing resin pour videos online, but did you know that learning how to work with resin is also a must do in Sydney? These resin art stool workshops make great experience gifts for men who like to work with their hands, and have an eye for design. Everyone in this class will walk away with an amazing, functional piece of art - a chic resin art stool to be exact. Your gift recipient will be able to select their pigments and powders so that their resin stool comes out with the colour of their choice. Then, their instructor will walk them through the pouring process, and they’ll leave their gorgeous stool top to dry. 24 hours later, they’ll be ready for pickup and safe to sit on. If you’re giving these workshops as experience gifts, make sure to remind your gift receiver to dress casually. This workshop is one of the messier art classes Sydney has to offer.


Glass Blowing Taster Session

Next on our list of unique gift experiences for him is this very special glass blowing taster session. This two hour class is packed with information on glass blowing techniques and hands-on glass blowing. If you’re looking for gift ideas for men who want to play with fire while also making something beautiful, well, we couldn’t recommend a more perfect option. Of course, this class is serious business too. Under the instruction of a professional glass blower, your gift recipient will learn about different glass rods and tubes, as well as some basic methods like sculpting, joining, stretching and blowing. They’ll also learn about colour mixing, and how to balance planning with improvisation to create stunning pieces. At the end of the class, he’ll walk away with at least one handmade glass object, and a brand new favourite hobby.


Simple Leather Card Holder

Working with leather is a rewarding experience, but not one that many of us can explore on our own. Because this material is so valuable, this is one of those DIY projects that you really need to learn from an expert. That’s what makes these unique gift experiences for him so desirable. He’ll have the chance to learn from a professional leatherworker how to turn a simple piece of leather into a work of art, no frustration or waste of precious materials included.

During these three hour Sydney workshops, your gift receiver will create a simple leather card holder made from 100% Italian leather and cotton threads. He’ll have the opportunity to select the colour of his choice, and his expert instructor will walk him through the cutting and saddling process. By the time he’s finished with this fun and unique course, he’ll be wondering how to keep this hobby alive to create more beautiful card holders and wallets.


Make Your Own Glasses Frame

If there’s one thing we all want, it’s a pair of glasses that was literally made for us. And with this exciting workshop, you can give the man in your life the opportunity to do just that. There’s no way anyone else in his life could have come up with unique experience gift ideas like this one.

With four hours, your gift recipient will learn how to take a slab of Acetate - there will be over 20 different colours to choose from - and stainless steel sides and turn it into the glasses of his dreams. With the direction of his helpful instructor, your gift recipient will use an array of professional tools, like files, a jewellers saw, a dremel and sandpaper to make his ideal glasses frames come to life. And when the workshop is over, the lucky man in your life will walk away with a complete glasses frame, and a spectacle case with cleaning cloth. Then, he’ll either be able to send his glasses in to get fitted with his lenses, or the instructor can arrange all of that for him.

You can imagine that there are few Sydney activities that he’ll remember every time he puts on his glasses, but this amazing class can be one of them.


There are so many more unique gift experiences for him to explore

This is just a snapshot of all of the exciting and different classes that you can find on the ClassBento website. There are classes for the creative, adventurous, outdoorsy, and food-loving men who might not be happy with the standard gift ideas for men. Whether you’re looking for anniversary gifts, Christmas presents or birthday experiences for a man in your life, you are sure to find something as unique as he is.


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