Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop

Learn the beginner's Kintsugi method in just 2 hours!

2 hours Class size 1 to 8 (public classes), 4 to 14

label $120 (or 4 payments of $30 Afterpay)

Learn about the wonderful art of Kintsugi at our beginner workshops in Sydney. Kintsugi is the ancient Japanese art of mending broken pottery using lacquer, with gold, platinum or silver, which dates back to 15th century Japan.

The philosophy of Kintsugi is that an object is sometimes broken; however, this is part of its life, and rather than throwing it away it can be repaired and have its cracks remain to show its history and story.

This is a beautiful art to learn while also helping with sustainability, as you are not throwing things away!

This beginners Kintsugi class uses an original technique designed by Kintsugi Australia to make it easy for anyone to use the Modern Kintsugi technique, especially for those who live in Australia.

In this class, you will learn some of the basic techniques using modern materials such as epoxy glue and putty. We will explain where you can get the materials. You can buy almost all materials in local stores in Australia. So once you have completed this class, you will be able to repair your own objects at home.

Please note:

  • Let us know if you have any allergies.
  • We do not recommend this workshop if you’re pregnant due to the use of epoxy glue and putty.
  • This Beginner’s Kintsugi workshop can also be taken in a private setting from 4 people. Please feel free to contact us.
  • Plates vary depending on availability.

*** We primarily hold our workshop in our New Stdio (Level 1, Suite 107, 147 King St, Sydney NSW). However, during November/December, we may also use our Clarence st studio too (Suite 401, 235 Clarence st. Sydney) due to renovation of the new studio.

After you made a booking, the renovation schedule has been changed, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Both of them are located in the heart of Sydney CBD, very close to QVB, Town Hall and Wynyard station.

We will do our best to make it look as tidy as possible.Thank you very much for your
understanding. We hope you don’t mind the mess of the studio

Knowledge required
Perfect for beginners.
What you'll get
  • A beautiful repaired Kintsugi plate
  • Textbook
  • Lots of knowledge about Kintsugi!
  • Tea time
What to bring
We prepare all materials and a broken plate. You do not have a time to repair your own broken items. However we can give you an advice if you bring some photos.
Suitable for

This class is great for individuals and couples as well as for a team building activity, Christmas party, birthday or hens party.

This would also be a unique gift for her, gift for mum, anniversary gift or birthday gift.


Suite 401, 235 Clarence st, Sydney NSW and suite 107/147 King St, Sydney NSW (varies by date; click the date selector to see details)

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop location
Your teacher
Kintsugi Australia
Kintsugi Australia

Knowledge of Kinstugi from 5 masters

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Kintsugi Australia is located in Sydney and the only organisation in Australia completely specialised in kintsugi, offering private and group lessons, repair and kintsugi artistic creations. After completing our course, the students can join the Kintsugi Dojo where they can continue to create their own work of art, and they can improve their technique to become kintsugi masters.

Kintsugi Dojo is available in Sydney studio, and also available when we visit Melbourne and Brisbane .

Beginner’s, Traditional and Kintsugi accessory courses are held in Melbourne every 4-6 weeks and occasionally in Brisbane.

Jun Morooka is a kintsugi master. He is an expert in the Traditional Kintsugi method with natural lacquer (urushi) and gold. He has also developed his own method using modern material, bringing innovation to an ancient technique. He accepts commissions to repair broken pottery and ceramics with kintsugi. (Sorry, but we stop accepting new repairs for a while)

Jun Morooka was born in Tokyo in 1959. He moved to Sydney in 1987 and in 2008 he started to manage a Japanese restaurant called JIPANG. He fell in love with kintsugi after watching a TV documentary. He decided to go back to Japan to train with five kintsugi masters in Kanazawa and Tokyo. In 2018, he established Kintsugi Australia in Sydney.

Jun Morooka teaches Traditional Kintsugi and Modern Kintsugi in Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle, he exhibited his artwork at the Sydney Adventist Hospital in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Department. "Kibou" and "Negai" were displayed in the hospital to show that scars can become beautiful.

In June 2020, "Jikuu" was selected as a finalist in the 2020 Northern Beaches Art Prize - Open Category. The artwork was selected among over 800 entries and was displayed during an online exhibition (31 July - 30 September 2020).

Jun Morooka has appeared on a number of media outlets, such as ABC News and SBS Australia. An audio interview is available on SBS Japanese Radio and a video interview on SBS Australia Facebook page. He was also featured on ELLE DECOR (Spain).

Jun Morooka was invited to give a kintsugi lesson during the TV Show The Bachelor Australia aired on Channel 10 on the 17th of September 2020.

Jun and Hitomi Morooka were on the TV show The Livingroom on Channel 10 on the 21th of May 2021.

Jun Morooka were on the TV Show The Sydney Weekender aired on Channel 7 on the 18th of July 2021.

We hold a workshop in the Opera House as part of the 'Antidote' event on 11 September 2022.

We also hold workshops as a council event (such as Wagga Wagga, Orange, Wodonga) , corporate team buildings, and Hens Parties a lot.

Kintsugi Australia Team

  • Jun (Traditional Kintsugi Course, Beginner's Kintsugi workshop and Kintsugi DOJO)
  • Hitomi (Beginner's Kintsugi and Kintsugi Accessory workshop)
  • Kumi (Zoon online Beginner's Kintsugi workshop)
  • Noriko (Beginner's Kintsugi workshop)
  • Miyoko (Beginner's Kintsugi and Kintsugi Accessory workshop)
  • Masano (Beginner's Kintsugi workshop)

Verified reviews

We only show reviews from customers who have paid for and attended this class

Aneta Walkowska-Smith Nov 2023

Absolutely loved everything about it! Learned so much not only about Kintsugi but about Japan in general. Thank you!

Liz Lobb Nov 2023

This was a fabulous lesson. The teacher Jun was so patient and meticulous. A true craftsman and Master of Kintsugi. The process was step by step and you are guided through each step to create a beautiful piece. I love the philosophy behind it as well and it reminds me of Leonard Cohen's song - "there is a crack in everything - that's how the light gets in". A truly meditative experience and I would recommend it for all.

Nikita Bhula Nov 2023

My partner and I recently attended this short course, after finding it online. We had a lovely afternoon in a calm environment, learning about this new skill. Our teacher was Miyoko - she was friendly and kind, well informed. We loved the experience! THANK YOU to Miyoko for such a lovely, well guided experience.

Aryan Chawla Nov 2023

Jun-san was very friendly and passionate about the craft. He took his time to explain the history behind kintsugi, teach us more about the symbolism behind it and was very helpful when we were repairing the plate. Well worth the visit to learn a new skill

Ann Fox Nov 2023

Hitomi was a brilliant teacher. Very attentive and explained the process and history of kintsugi very well. All materials were provided, set up and ready to go. You can buy a kit to do kintsugi repairs at home but the teacher also advised where you could buy materials and different options. She gave great suggestions on how to repair a personal item at home. I would definitely recommend this workshop.

Tim Barbarino Nov 2023

Jun-san’s Kintsugi class was amazing! His teaching style is gentle and easy to follow.

I highly recommend to anyone seeking to learn a unique art form. It’s not just about fixing ceramics. It’s also about finding beauty in the broken, and emerging stronger. ????????

Pottery class review by Tim Barbarino - Sydney

Julie Wood Nov 2023

Thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and learning about the history of Kintsugi. Teacher was very patient and knowledgeable. Great central location and relaxing atmosphere.

Emm-Jane Day Nov 2023

Had a wonderful kintsugi lesson this morning. The teacher was very patient, explained things very well and gave me some great tips for places I can get to tools so I can practice at home. We had a lovely chat about the history of Kintsugi and Japan. I highly recommend this class to all. If you are thinking about making a booking, do.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Emm-Jane Day - Sydney

Vamsi Srinivasan Nov 2023

Miyoko had a calming presence and was a great teacher and very knowledgeable.

We learnt a lot and had so much fun. She’s a superstar

Mathew Hrycyk Nov 2023

The teacher was great. And very helpful. And very kind. To show me new skills. In this fantastic Japanese creative making class. I highly recommend that people experience a new way of design. This was a whole new experience of new culture creativity.

Louise Harper Nov 2023

Miyoko our teacher was warm, welcoming and very knowledgeable.
The venue was centrally located, currently being renovated
The materials were provided, and they were excellent
The Kintsugi class was excellent value for money and included all tools and equipment required as well as my amazing repaired plate!
Today's class was the beginners level of Kintsugi, we were given a brief background and then step by step instructions with written information and more importantly Miyoko guided and instructed each of the participants on an individual level.
I loved the whole experience, loved it

Deborah Walsh Nov 2023

Teacher was awesome, loved the class, easy steps to follow. Totally enjoyed it. We also had green tea and green tea kitkats

Pottery class review by Deborah Walsh - Sydney

Natalia Torres Negreira Nov 2023

It was such a lovely class. It went at a good pace, all materials were provided and Jun our instructor was very clear, funny, skilled and friendly. You immediately felt relaxed and comfortable. I now feel like i am able to apply the modern kintsugi technique in my studio with a few broken plates ive been waiting to mend.
Great class, thank you!

Terry Nguyen Nov 2023

Miyoko was lovely and knowledgeable teacher for the kintsugi class.

I appreciate the fact that she paid attention to all of us attending and guided us where necessary.

The classroom was a bit small but granted, they are in the process of moving locations.

Would definitely recommend this.

Cameron Fardell Nov 2023

Was super fun and she provided some history of the art form as well. Overall a great experience ^^

Benjamin Wang Nov 2023

Jun was super nice and ran a very informative and helpful workshop, teaching us about the history of Kintsugi as well as the philosophy behind it. Overall, a very fun and unique experience, definitely recommend!

Cassandra Sorrell Nov 2023

Jun was warm and Knowledgeable. He made it easy to understand the steps and also shared with us the interesting history behind kintsugi. He is clearly very passionate. The class would suit anyone with creative experience or completely new to an arts practice. Thank you:)

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Cassandra Sorrell - Sydney

Colin Hickling Nov 2023

Jun is both an excellent teacher and passionate about kinsugi. He gave very clear and precise instruction. Thankyou so much

Elif Surmeli Nov 2023

The teacher was so well educated, so kind and so lovely to listen to! Jun-san genuinely made this workshop so special to be apart of and we loved the experience very much. Thank you!

Geosmin Turpin Nov 2023

This experience was so much fun! Jun-san was a patient, kind and encouraging teacher, we were in a small group of 5 each repairing a small plate. Definitely a flow-state activity where you're relaxed even when your hands are moving quickly. Was amazed at the final product and can't wait to do more.

Charlene Malaluan Nov 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher was very educated and taught us the history of Kintsugi. It was an intimate experience and we left with awesome plates we can display at home.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Charlene Malaluan - Sydney

Katrina Greenaway Nov 2023

Jun is a wonderful teacher and we had a lovely experience I would highly recommend this class - soulful, gentle and mindful - thank you Jun

Alvin Lin Nov 2023

friendly and instructive teacher who was patient and explained everything thoroughly. they also provided a small snack during the class

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Alvin Lin - Sydney

Myrnelle Jover Oct 2023

I recently had the pleasure of taking a kintsugi class with my partner, and thanks to our incredible teacher, Master Jun, it was an extraordinary experience.

Master Jun's presence was both calming and inspiring; it was evident he is truly a master of his craft. His deep passion for kintsugi shone through in his patient and precise guidance throughout the class. He made sure to engage with every student, offering individualised support when needed, and he welcomed questions with enthusiasm. His knowledge of kintsugi was truly impressive, and he shared not only the technical aspects of the art but also its rich history and cultural significance.

The philosophical dimension that Master Jun brought to the class was a truly enlightening and enriching aspect of the experience. It reminded us that kintsugi is not just a craft; it's a way of life, encouraging us to appreciate the journey of healing and transformation. His wisdom and thoughtful discussions added a unique and unforgettable layer to an already outstanding class. In terms of value for money, I would say the experience was well worth the investment, as it is something we will carry with us for a lifetime.

What I liked most about the class was the profound sense of mindfulness it brought. Kintsugi is not just about repairing broken objects; it's about embracing imperfections and celebrating the beauty of resilience. Master Jun's teaching style and the art itself encouraged us to slow down, appreciate the present moment, and find beauty in the flaws and fractures of life. It was a truly transformative experience, both artistically and spiritually.

Mama Oct 2023

Thank you Noriko-san My mum and sisters loved the workshop today :) it was very fun and informative! We will cherish the experience and our beautiful plates.

Anonymised ClassBento student Oct 2023

The workshop was very well led. Everything was explained in detail and the teacher helped out where necessary. The space was good and it all was a very relaxing, meditative experience.

Hirokazu Mashimo Oct 2023

Lovely teacher. We liked him, Jun san. Hope we will see him soon. Thank you

Hirokazu Mashimo Oct 2023

It was a wonderful experience and Jun sensei is a very professional and engaging teacher. We had fun, learned new skills and came home with a beautiful piece!

Kimberly Vu Dang Oct 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

This workshop was a great introduction to Kintsugi and the overall experience was great. The teacher Jun is a wonderful and charming man who showed his passion for the art and made the class easy to understand and enjoyable. Lastly, learning about Kintsugi while doing practical work was easy to do.

Alz and Gab Oct 2023

Two friends and I had the best time in our kintsugi class with Noriko. We loved learning a new skill and getting the cultural/historical context for the art form at the same time. I would recommend this class to anyone without hesitation. Noriko is a delight to spend time with - gentle, patient, funny, and such a good teacher.

Nick Robins Oct 2023

Super knowledgeable and friendly instructor.
Such a lovely and relaxing experience doing something different. Tremendous way to spend an afternoon

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Nick Robins - Sydney

Xinruo Zhu Oct 2023

Noriko sensei was amazing, she was patient and sweet and very helpful and insightful. The venue was accessible, relatively quiet and comfortable, although a little hard to spot. All necessary materials were provided. Snacks were provided as well and they were lovely. The experience was worth the price, it was very insightful and I've learnt a lot regarding the history of kintsugi. We even got to keep the plates we made during the workshop.

Enrique Antonio Chavez Salceda Oct 2023

It was such a great experience It was not only a course about how to do it; it was about the story and understanding the philosophy behind it. I was able to learn how to fix ceramic with Kintsugi and I was able to go from four pieces to the final one with the gold fixes (see the picture). The master Miyoko was extremely good and patient.

Pottery class review by Enrique Antonio Chavez Salceda - Sydney

Nick Lam Oct 2023

Noriko was an amazing teacher that made the experience enjoyable. Highly recommend for everyone to try her class.

Kirsten Scott Sep 2023

Wonderful experience and well hosted class by Jun and Hitomi. The ladies had an enjoyable experience

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Kirsten Scott - Sydney

Beth Robinson Sep 2023

The teacher was charming and very polite. His instructions were clear and he moved the class along swiftly. The presentation was interesting and the tea break was appropriate and appreciated. A lovely experience but I need some more practice. :-)

Jane Tudor Sep 2023

It was a Great class which was enjoyed by the whole family. I loved learning the history of Kintsugi

Pottery class review by Jane Tudor - Sydney

Matthew King Sep 2023

Hitomi was a great teacher and we had a fun time. Would highly recommend to anyone interested.

Grace Djuardi Sep 2023

Jun-San was great! Very informative and patient. An excellent teacher and very lovely. We can’t wait to use our plates! Even gave us some yummy Japanese treats and green tea halfway through the class.

Joanna Clayton Sep 2023

What a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday morning. It was nice to have such a lovely teacher and Hitomi was very patient and explained the process very well. I liked that she gave us some interesting background about the history of Kintsugi. I love my plate!

Maur Bell Sep 2023

Our teacher Jan was excellent snd very knowledgeable made the lesson very easy and enjoyable.

Hisae Akiyoshi Sep 2023

It was really a meaningful and gobsmacked workshop. As Jun, Kintsugi master gives step by step lesson, you never have a chance to make a mistake. I was deeply impressed by the philosophy Jun taught me. Although mine was a introductory one off workshop, he taught me how I could continue Kintsugi at home with easily available materials.
Highly recommend to who wishes to experience Japanese culture. Why gobsmacked? You’ll find out at the workshop.

Pottery class review by Hisae Akiyoshi - Sydney

Maya Weidner Sep 2023

I purchased the class as a surprise activity for my parents when they came to visit Sydney. We loved it! Sensei Noriko was so patient and kind and explained everything so clearly.
We particularly loved the history and the interactive opportunity to tell Noriko about our own travels to Japan.
Our Kintsugi plates will be cherished and we have a new found appreciate of beauty in imperfection. And the Wabi Sabi way of living.
Thank you for this experience.

Pottery class review by Maya Weidner - Sydney

Ery Takahashi Sep 2023

Friendly the married couple owns the shop.
Both are kind and professional.
Polite explanation and learn in a friendly manner with jokes:)
Huge recommend it and want to learn more and more.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Ery Takahashi - Sydney

Kashif Sheikh Sep 2023

Noriko sensei was lovely, very patient and passionate and a great teacher, made for a great experience

Ajita Jago Sep 2023

Had a great experience there.
Teacher was really good at her job and I'm going to love anything where I can take home what I made.
Quickest 2 hours I have spent in a long time.
Easy recommended

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Ajita Jago - Sydney

Harry Gedge Sep 2023

Great teacher
Great location
Clear instructions
Very authentic
Highly recommend to anyone interested in traditional Japanese craft

Phillippa Carnemolla Sep 2023

It was such a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon . Thank you very much,

Mrunmayi Sangamnerkar Sep 2023

Loved the class… Noriko was amazing … she gave us a full background of Kintsugi… would recommend

Laura Maurmann Sep 2023

The teacher was fantastic, really patient and nice. The class was fun, super interesting and I'm very happy with everything I've learned.

Pottery class review by Laura Maurmann - Sydney

Kelly Myles Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

My teacher, Sensai Hitomi, was very welcoming. She sent a message before the class to give me precise instructions to enter the venue. Sensai Hitomi remembered everyone's name during the course, as well as the information we had shared about our experience with the country, the culture, the art and the language.

The venue was easy to find and quite suitable. It is about to be renovated, so the class is moving soon.

Everything we needed was prepared for us, with our tools laid out ready and supplies accurately distributed per person. Furthermore, there was a surprise, unexpected, most appreciated refreshing light snack and traditional Japanese tea.

This experience is, in my opinion, good value. The time is fully occupied with the activity, but along the way there is a generous sharing of culture and language relevant to the activity.

I enjoyed the kintsugi class very much. Not only did I learn the practical skills I need as a beginner, but also the terminology, history and cultural context of the craft. I felt very welcome during the whole experience. I learned so much more than I bargained for - modern kintsugi method, of course, but also appreciation for the path of a life, scars and all.

My most treasured memory from this experience will always be Sensai Hitomi and her warm welcome, wise counsel and deep generosity with her cultural and human knowledge.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Kelly Myles - Sydney

Hilary Lim Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I decided to surprised my partner with a Kintsugi workshop. We felt welcomed by the teachers straight away and we enjoyed every moment of the class. Jun is a really experienced teacher and he was supportive throughout the whole workshop. We loved the stories that were being told along with the techniques that were taught to us. It made the lesson feel really wholesome and meaningful.

Meng-Ling Kuo Aug 2023

My husband and I completed the Kintsugi class. It was educational, engaging and fun! I would definitely do it again!

Renee Wa Aug 2023

The teacher is very helpful! He not only taught the technique of Kintsugi, but also knew about its story as well as Japanese culture. Definitely LLLLOOOOVVVEEE!

Lucas Lim Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Noriko was an excellent teacher, she is very knowledgeable and patient and it was a pleasure attending the class. The class was well structured and easy to follow.

Millie Nakatsuka Aug 2023

9 ClassBento workshops attended • 9 reviews

I really enjoyed hearing about the history and philosophy behind Kintsugi. This is not just an art or craft class! The plate I have made will forever remind me that life is beautiful even if it doesn't always go as planned.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Millie Nakatsuka - Sydney

Nate Godfrey Aug 2023

A peaceful 2.5 hours spent with Jun-san, wonderful history lesson and patient supportive approach to this ancient craft. Loved every minute.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Nate Godfrey - Sydney

Janelle Fraser Aug 2023

We thoroughly enjoyed our class with Miyoko. She was very knowledgeable and helped us understand the importance of the process. This had a special significance to us as we repaired our plates and could relate the process to our personal situations.
Many thanks Adrian and Janelle

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Janelle Fraser - Sydney

Gloria Beale Aug 2023

Miyoko was fantastic, highly recommend this course.
Well structured and great materials, good pace. Thanks

Pottery class review by Gloria Beale - Sydney

Cheryl Ingram Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The beginners Kintsugi class was great. The instructor Miyoko was extremely knowledgeable and she took the time to explain the steps and offer help. It was a fun and informative session. Good value if you're looking for something different to try.

Pottery class review by Cheryl Ingram - Sydney

Jon Spark Aug 2023

Norikosan was an excellent teacher and a lovely person. My daughter and I both thoroughly enjoyed this class!

Jeconiah Hungwe Aug 2023

Teacher was friendly and well organised. She was polite and considerate, making the class more engaging for us.

Nicky Hall Aug 2023

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 9 reviews

Great afternoon learning all about Kintsugi, as well as learning a lot about Japan and its culture. It was a lovely touch to also include a Japanese tea break.
It was a lovely taster of Japan on a cold winter afternoon.
Thank you

Pearl Cheung Aug 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

This was a really interesting and informative class. The teacher taught us about the history of Kintsugi and what it means, and was very patient with each step of the way. It's the perfect beginners class to Kintsugi and you can easily recreate it at home too.

A really relaxing and peaceful class, highly recommend.

Brittany Corby Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Absolutely loved the class. Our teacher Miyoko was very patient and great at explaining both the history and techniques of kintsugi. Being a small class of only 4 meant we had plenty of opportunity to learn and even had a nice green tea break in the middle!

Saskia Kirson Aug 2023

Had a great time, learnt a lot and will definitely try out some more classes in the future. Miyoko-san arigatōgozaimasu

Patty Harding Aug 2023

We had a private kintsugi class of 4. Our teacher was lovely, very patient, explaining everything. It was a fun activity.

Vladimir Gligorovski Aug 2023

40 ClassBento workshops attended • 37 reviews

It was very good and I had a good time with the teacher also I liked the thing that I made I thought it was different so I give it the thumbs up

Giitika Gunther Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher was very knowledgable and adapted to each individuals needs, some needing more guidance then others but the session went smoothly. All materials were provided with information on what we were using and where we could buy more if we wanted to continue the practice at home.

The experience was fun and I'm very happy with the outcome of my plate:)

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Giitika Gunther - Sydney

Annie Agnew Aug 2023

The teacher, Jun, was fabulous… patent, encouraging and demonstrating every step and technique clearly. It was such a wonderful experience. Thank you…

Yolanda Tam Aug 2023

Our party had a great afternoon learning Kintsugi with Miyoko, who was a great teacher. Very patient with explaining things and making sure everyone was looked after. Everything was well set up and the steps were easy to follow. Everyone came away with a big smile and a beautiful piece of art!

Depita Rahim Aug 2023

This is a great workshop especially for anyone interested in Japanese art and culture!

Jun was a wonderful teacher. He introduced us to the art of Kintsugi and gave an overview of its history and his own personal journey of learning it.

Jun gave suggestions about how we could do our own Kintsugi at home and where to source materials. We also received a printout to keep which covered the steps and the history of Kintsugi.

The workshop was at a good pace. It also did not go overtime, which is something I've experienced with other creative workshops. The group we were in was small (only four of us) so Jun was able to assist each of us easily.

FYI you do not get to break the plate yourself but this is so you have three easy pieces to work within the time of the class.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Depita Rahim - Sydney

Samantha Lamesa Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Our master Kintsugi teacher Jun was extremely knowledgable, helpful, an and always smiling. Was such a great workshop that I plan on continuing these skills at home repairing everything that cracks. Would certainly recommend to friends and family.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Samantha Lamesa - Sydney

Daniel Wasilewsky Jul 2023

Fun activity to do for our anniversary! Thanks Jun for an amazing class, we had a great time!

Megan Brown Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Jun is a great teacher and helped us all to make beautiful pieces to treasure always. The wonderful stories and knowledge shared so graciously were an added joy. I look forward to using my new skill, Beginner Kitsuigi is a wonderful class that provides all you need.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Megan Brown - Sydney

Amy Tran Jul 2023

This kintsugi experience was such a unique experience. Our teacher Jun’s happy and cheerful energy made the experience so joyful and fun. Would definitely recommend.

Pottery class review by Amy Tran - Sydney

Karina Laurance Jul 2023

Noriko-san was an excellent teacher. She guided us through the process to repair our plates, as well as some interesting history of kintsugi and Japan as well. The classroom was comfortable; we had a great time and would recommend to anyone who wants to learn a new skill they can apply immediately.

Kian Khoo Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

What a fun two hour workshop. Great introduction to understanding the kintsugi techniques.
Noriko-San was patient, informative and have good sense of humour.
Class was also well paced.
Highly recommend this course.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Kian Khoo - Sydney

Matthew Leung Jul 2023

Noriko San was extremely helpful and insightful. My partner and I loved the lesson and we hope to back in the future.

Francois Kamiya Jul 2023

Great class, relaxing way to learn the beginner class for Kintsugi In a nice and calm atmosphere.

Pottery class review by Francois Kamiya - Sydney

Cosmo Liu Jul 2023

Clear instructions and very fun! Great teacher on showing how kintsugi is made. Lots of helpful tips as well

Maxine Cadiz Jul 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended

Such a lovely and interesting experience! There were just two of us and our teacher so the class was very personal and hands on.

A really cool and unique activity!

Kelly Jin Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

We loved the workshop from beginning to start! Miyoko was very patient and she gave explicit, easy to follow instructions. The vibe was relaxing and fun. The end result is beautiful and so meaningful too! We would highly recommend it!

Pottery class review by Kelly Jin - Sydney

Tracy Sheridan Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This is a wonderful class - just what we were looking for…Fantastic teacher - highly recommend this experience!

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Tracy Sheridan - Sydney

Clare Thirimanne Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Miyoko sensei was really helpful and taught the class very well. All materials were provided and we got matcha tea + some Japanese snacks during the break. We also learnt about the history of Kintsugi during the class which enhanced the appreciation of the art. Loved the end product. Highly recommend

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Clare Thirimanne - Sydney

Rhonda Phillips Jul 2023

We travelled from Perth to do this workshop. We were not disappointed. The course had a good clear structure with easy to follow steps. Our instructor was a delightful, patient woman. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I recommend it with confidence. Rhonda Phillips

Chris Owens Jul 2023

The Kintsugi lesson was really enjoyable. The teacher is very knowledgeable and conveys the process in an understandable and helpful way. All of the materials are provided and the end product is very attractive.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Chris Owens - Sydney

Mary Daus Jul 2023

Teacher was great, very engaging.
Didn't just teach the course of Kintsugi but entwined history in as well. Very interesting 2 hours.
The craft itself was enjoyable

Heidi Amor Jun 2023

We had an amazing private class with Noriko - Thank you so much we enjoyed it ❤️❤️

Dot Nolan Jun 2023

Such a great class. Very informative and we made a gorgeous plate on the end. Loved learning some of the history of the craft as well. Excellent.

David Tam Jun 2023

Miyoko was our teacher and she was super friendly and helpful.
The class was very informative and super fun!
Good quality material was provided so extra point!
The experience was definitely great value for the money.
Highly recommended!

Joe Baxter Jun 2023

The class was great - we all really enjoyed it. The teacher is very helpful and she passes on her knowledge well - she also seems to really enjoy the class and is very patient.


Caitlin Alderton Jun 2023

Was an Absolutely wonderful experience. Great class and the teacher too was excellent. Would highly recommend.

Jane Blatchford Jun 2023

I really enjoyed this class. The teacher created a very peaceful atmosphere, and was very knowledgeable and encouraging. There was quite a lot of content to cover, but we managed it in the time.

Jennifer Dowd Jun 2023

Awesome way to learn. So much fun and can’t wait to bring new life to some broken objects!

Wilson Cheng Jun 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

The class was extremely enjoyable and well executed.

All materials was prepared prior to our arrival and clear instructions before and during the workshop was communicated very well.

Our sensei, Noriko-san, was able to guide everyone through the steps and provide some extra context on the history of Kintsugi while making this enjoyable.

My favourite part of the session was seeing the parts come together to a single plate. I appreciate sensei's extra effort to engage all members and ensure we successfully complete our works.

Pottery class review by Wilson Cheng - Sydney

Morgan Alexson Jun 2023

This class was very fun, and Noriko-san was a very good teacher! It was very laid back and relaxed, and a enjoyable way to spend some time in the afternoon.

It was a pretty small class, only five of us, which felt like a good number of student -> instructor ratio. It took up the full 2 hours to complete the repairs, but we took our time, and had a break or two for some history lessons and a snack while the kintsugi repairs cured at certain points.

At the end we had our kintsugi repaired plate to take home, and tips and tricks on where to get things and things to watch out for while doing our own repairs at home!

Meegan Namen Jun 2023

Absolute blast of a time Jun was an amazing teacher we had a great laugh learnt alot and enjoyed every minute of the class, thanks

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Meegan Namen - Sydney

Sarhang Shafiq Jun 2023

The experience was beautiful. Time flew by, the teacher was amazing and I fell in love with Kintsugi.

Vincent Kha Jun 2023

Had a great experience today learning about kintsugi. The teacher was patient with us and helped us along each step of the way. I'm now confident to try this out on my own. The location is close to a Daiso so you can go ahead and buy the tools to do replicate the experience at home.

Pottery class review by Vincent Kha - Sydney

Vivian Tung Jun 2023

Very great class, clear and detailed and gave us a better understanding of the history and the idea and meaning behind Kintsugi.

The teacher is very patient, attentive and lovely. Central city location.

Very lucky to have a professional that actually had training from masters of kintsugi in Japan to teach us the craft here in Australia.

Definitely recommend this class.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Vivian Tung - Sydney

Jodie Hill Jun 2023

Our adult children and partners joined us in the beginner class and we all had a great time. The class was interesting, hands on and very easy to follow along. Our teacher was very helpful and encouraging as we filed away and dusted golden powder while listening to a brief history of the craft.10/10. Loved it

Louis Neville Jun 2023

Our teacher was really great, she was patient and and made sure we all knew how to do the right techniques. I really enjoyed hearing about the history of the art too. Would do it again

Pottery class review by Louis Neville - Sydney

Anna Goodsall May 2023

Jun was an amazing teacher, very informative and has a beautiful understanding in the ethos of Kintsugi. I could’ve spent the whole day there listening and creating. I’ll definitely be back for the intensive class.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Anna Goodsall - Sydney

Will Dwyer May 2023

Jun was a great teacher, very clear and very passionate and knowledgeable! We loved learning the basics and can’t wait to do more classes.

Rachel Huang May 2023

Very insightful and healing workshop! Highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn a new craft, and with an interest in Japanese culture!

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Rachel Huang - Sydney

Colleen Barton May 2023

Great teacher kept it at a good pace and interesting learnt about Japanese culture as well as Kintsugi - very enjoyable experience!

Louise Patroni May 2023

Noriko-san was a brilliant teacher & we had an amazing afternoon working through the technique & philosophy behind Kintsugi. What a wonderful opportunity. Thank you so much !

Lorraine Weide May 2023

what a delightful way to spend an afternoon and learn a new skill. Have been interested in Kintsugi for a while and finally did the course. Fabulous - just paced at the right level and delivered in a very authentic way.

Evelyn Paneras May 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended

Jun was passionate and an amazing teaching. His knowledge of Kintsugi really helped us understand the origins of the practice. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Amy Barnes May 2023

A well structured class. You learn both the technique and history of Kintsugi. And get to take home your own product.

Priya Singh May 2023

The experience was amazing. Jun is exactly what I’d hoped for from my instructor. He was tremendously passionate about the craft, charismatic and helpful. Not to mention lovely snacks and tea were provided halfway through the course. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a one of a kind activity to do or anyone who’s interested with anything Japan!

James Harb May 2023

Jun-san was absolutely amazing, funny, informative, knowledgeable and loving. He is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, and made the experience absolutely awesome. The venue was cozy and very well maintained, equipment and materials were great quality. Jun-san provided amazing hospitality and service.

He could not have done any better, the course itself was also great fun. Flawless experience - give this guy a raise.

Michael Joule May 2023

Greatly enjoyed this workshop. Jun is a great teacher and gave us guidance with easy to understand techniques. The atmosphere is relaxed and the resulting plates all turned out great. Recommended for craft and Japan enthusiasts.

Ben Withaar May 2023

Fantastic value for money, and an incredible time!

Noriko San was an incredible teacher. Patient, and informative, but still allowed for you to concentrate and enjoy relaxation of the process too.

We had the time of our lives!
100% will be recommending Class Bento & Noriko San

Deborah Field May 2023

Hitomi was a knowledgeable and patient teacher who’s passionate about her craft and introducing us to the wonderful craft and philosophy of kintsugi!

Jay David May 2023

It’s a great workshop to learn a beautiful way of an art form. Everything about it, including the teacher was so helpful and fun to learn with.

Helen Simpson May 2023

Excellent teacher
This was a fantastic experience. Thank you so very much.

Brooke Suzuki May 2023

We thoroughly enjoyed the Kintsugi workshop. Jun’s instructions were clear and easy to follow, and we are happy with our perfectly imperfect little Kintsugi plates. Thank you!

Brenda Tant May 2023

Absolutely a great class. It was so very interesting to learn from our teacher. I highly recommend this class 100%. I really want to learn more about it
Thank you

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Brenda Tant - Sydney

Sharon Graham May 2023

The teacher Jun was very professional and patient. He gave a great historical background and helped us while not actually doing it for us. I can't wait do it again at home.

Stephanie Kisso May 2023

Was a great class! Miyoko was so sweet and knowledgeable - overall a very wholesome experience. While its just a beginner course, I feel equipped to do this again on my own.

Patricia Prescott May 2023

Very well prepared and organised, knowledgeable, engaging and entertaining. Made for a very enjoyable course.

Zuzana Horackova May 2023

Great teacher, great experience, great philosophy behind the kintsugi . Nice workshop to attend with your partner or friends

Shuyan Chin May 2023

Liked the philosophy behind the kintsugi. The teacher was very patient with us, taking the time to explain the history and answering all the questions we had. We booked it for a birthday celebration and the birthday girl enjoyed it thoroughly!

Samantha Encarnacion May 2023

Hitomi-Sensei was a great teacher, very patient, and learning about the history and culture behind the art made it even more meaningful. Everything was provided.

Henry Schot May 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher- Jun was outstanding. Careful, concise and highly authentic. Listening to him teach was a joy and enriching way to learn about Japanese culture.
He made the whole experience truly wonderful.
He's the first to influence an idea for me to visit Japan at some point in the future.
His stories, his guidance, his assistance, his knowledge and delivery were a delight.
The tea break and biscuits were also a treat! I've never had green Kit Kats before!

A great experience overall and would recommend to anyone who likes ceramics, detailed craft, and creativity.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Henry Schot - Sydney

Jessica Gardiner May 2023

The instructor was very nice and explained each of the steps thoroughly. Overall I had a fantastic time and my plate turned out stunningly

Melinda Soncini May 2023

We attended the beginners class this weekend. Miyoko our teacher was brilliant. Very knowledgable, guided us through the steps with ease and was very supportive and encouraging. We had an amazing experience and rushed out to buy tools and supplies to commence our project at home. Highly recommend.

Pottery class review by Melinda Soncini - Sydney

Lawrence Partington Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Our instructor Miyoko was fantastic, made it a very special experience and was a delight to chat to. She spoke about her own story from Japan and shared the cultural and historical significance of this ancient Japanese art form. Thank you, Miyoko, for such a wonderful experience!

Liam Viray Apr 2023

I want to do that again and learn Kintsugi even more seriously. Thank you so much!

Robyn Christie Apr 2023

A wonderful experience, I learned not only the art of Kintsugi, but also the history. Hitomi is a lovely, informative and patient teacher. I’ll be going again, and would highly recommend workshop!

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Robyn Christie - Sydney

Samantha Rothwell Apr 2023

7 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Brilliant class, the teacher was so lovely, and the techniques I learnt were superb. Much recommended!

Vicky Lam Apr 2023

Hitomi was an excellent facilitator and walked us through the history of Kintsugi while preparing us for the workshop and ensuring that our individual plates were mended with the utmost grace and excellence. Recommend 10/10

Shirley Apr 2023

What an amazing class with Kintsugi Australia. The process was seamless from start to finish and I could not fault the class. Everything was well thought through with an introduction to the history of kintsugi at the start and the guidance throughout the whole course. The kintsugi master Jun was very patient and knowledgeable, taking the time to monitor and help with the progress of all the participants in the class. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone interested. Everyone's plates turned out great and each were beautiful in their own way.

Pottery class review by Shirley  - Sydney

Christine Ai Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Incredible session! We booked Hitomi and Jun for a 14 person hens activity. I couldn't have asked for better teachers. They made the process very easy and fun to follow along. All the girls loved their creations and it was an excellent shared experience for us all. Highly recommend.

Pottery class review by Christine Ai - Sydney

Sue McGovern-Huffman Apr 2023

Fantastic experience, teacher was excellent, providing sensational help whenever it was needed. I highly recommend to anyone with a creative spirit.

Matthew King Apr 2023

Had a wonderful experience at Kintsugi Australia! Hitomi-san was very knowledgeable and kind, and the end product was beautiful! Would highly recommend this class.

Annie Irving Apr 2023

The teacher was very friendly and explained all of the steps really well. She also added some of the history of Kintsugi which was very interesting. A really great way to spend a couple of hours and the finished product was lovely.

Ngoc Nguyen Apr 2023

Excellent class
Great experience which went above our expectations and you get a nice plate out of it as well.

It turned out really nice

Pottery class review by Ngoc Nguyen - Sydney

Amanda Conray Apr 2023

Our Sensei, Noriko, was insightful, patient, friendly and skilful.
The workshop was well organised and well paced. A great way to spend an afternoon.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Amanda Conray - Sydney

Calvin Lovric Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great experience, the teacher was very helpful and encouraging and great at showing what needs to be done.
Managed to create a very nice plate

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Calvin Lovric - Sydney

Gordon Yuan Apr 2023

Miyoko was a very friendly, patient and detailed instructor. We thoroughly enjoyed our time learning their modern adaption of traditional kintsugi.

Nicole Hendricks Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Amazing class! Easy to follow instructions, with a wonderful teacher who helps you along the way. Final piece turned out even better than I had expected Thank you so much!

Pottery class review by Nicole Hendricks - Sydney

Matthew Trevitt Apr 2023

Well educated on the subject, great teacher and fun experience the whole time. Would definitely do again.

Alex Stewart Mar 2023

Such a beautiful way to spend a morning. Sensei was perfect - just the right amount of instruction and help. Attempting kintsugi was not only about learning a practical skill but a meditative practice too. Highly recommend.

Linda Rice Mar 2023

We love Noriko, she was amazing and a great teacher. Learning the history of Kintsugi was extremely interesting. We all love our plates.

Dara Cauton Mar 2023

Incredible experience by far the best class either of us have ever taken. We'll be sure to let all of our friends know about this class as everyone should try out Kintsugi with Jun as he's incredible. Patient, funny, great story teller and so knowledgeable.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Dara Cauton - Sydney

Nicholas Daniel Mar 2023

Amazing teacher for a very fun class, was wonderful to learn a beautiful technique and learn more about Japanese history.

Sam Falvey Mar 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This class was a lot of fun and the teacher, Noriko, was very knowledgeable. Would recommend it to anyone as you have an enjoyable time and end up with a nice piece of pottery at the end.

Ray Male Mar 2023

Noriko was wonderful and the the class was so well organised. Felt like I was in Tokyo for 2 hours.

Marine Bisson Mar 2023

Well structured, well put together, very informative and a lot of fun! I took this class with my partner and we both enjoyed it.

Barbara Best Mar 2023

My teacher was wonderful. Very organised, great at explaining the technique and friendly. She allowed me to do the work with her guidance and every step was carefully explained. The location was very accessible. Booking on line was easy and overall I absolutely loved the session. I loved that the pottery was 'Not Broken' but had 'Scars' like we all do in many ways, and I was pretty proud to show off my achievement. YOU should do this! It was easy, relaxed and fun

Zenon Platritis Mar 2023

Noriko-san is very personable and a great teacher who tailored the pace of the class to her students. The classroom was easy to find and provided a comfortable atmosphere to learn and absorb the lesson.
Had a great time and would really recommend the course. Am considering the traditional class as well.

Pottery class review by Zenon Platritis - Sydney

Ubaldo Adorna Mar 2023

Noriko-San was very supportive and encouraging. She gave me a challenging piece and it was great to have her guide me through the process. Thank you for a great workshop

Joseph Zuo Mar 2023

Very friendly teacher and very easy to understand. Had a blast making a plate here

Sharon Lee Mar 2023

A group of us did this class for a friend's birthday celebration. It was amazing and loads of fun! Jun is a wonderful teacher and is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his craft. He gave excellent instructions and we felt that he genuinely wanted to help us learn and have a great time. If you are thinking about trying Kintsugi, book this class!

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Sharon Lee - Sydney

Victoria Caldwell Mar 2023

Relaxing and creative weekend activity. Small class size made it very easy to learn and get feedback. Our teacher was very kind.

Karen Illesca Mar 2023

What a wonderful cultural and artistic experience, taught by a highly experienced an patient teacher. This class is highly recommended.

Jan Robinson Mar 2023

The class was relaxed and very well organised. Noriko-san was friendly and engaging and gave clear directions that made the experience successful and enjoyable - the time flew by. Thank you.

Skye Jamieson Mar 2023

We had a fantastic experience learning the magical craft of Kintsugi from such a knowledgeable, kind and patient teacher. We really enjoyed the special touches and hospitality. Would highly recommended!

Teri Boldizar Mar 2023

The Kintsugi beginners class was so great! The teacher was lovely and friendly and so patient with our clumsiness! Our plates turned out imperfectly perfect under her guidance! Would definitely recommend for more of a meaningful craft day out!

Pottery class review by Teri Boldizar - Sydney

Kane Lu Mar 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Hitomi was the best teacher ever! We were looked after and the instructions were extremely clear and concise. Even when we went over time, we were not rushed.

Justin Ng Mar 2023

Was a lovely session! Hitomi-sensei was very patient, taught very well some of the history of kintsugi, as well as the technique involved.

Sarah Treloar Mar 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Hitomi is a fantastic and patient teacher, and I highly recommend this class. I attended because I have a broken item at home I wanted to learn how to repair, plus I have long admired the kintsugi art form. I came away from the afternoon not only with a repaired dish that I will use, but with the base knowledge to repair my own items.

Zane Sharpe Mar 2023

It was fantastic, the teacher was nothing but welcoming and encouraging. If you think this looks interesting, please give ot a go, you won't be disappointed.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Zane Sharpe - Sydney

Fiona Duff Mar 2023

The class was taken by a lovely Japanese lady. I couldn’t believe by the end of the class we had a perfect kintsugi plate ! All the materials were provided and instructions were excellent. Now to move onto a few pieces that my cat has broken !

Lee Roe Feb 2023

Noriko-San is a fantastic sensei. She was very helpful and reassuring to everyone in our class. She was also very personable and warm. Everyone received equal amounts of assistance. Learning the history of the craft was interesting (and important to the lesson). I would definitely recommend the class to people, and go to other classes run by the staff.

Richard Arthur Feb 2023

Great experience. Miyoko Sensei was patient and provided lots of insight into the Kintsugi process. I was the only student so it was nice to receive direct support. It was nice to chat about Japanese culture too.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Richard Arthur - Sydney

Karen Bales Feb 2023

I had a lovely Kintsugi workshop today. It was such fun and very therapeutic. Noriko was so beautiful and explained each step so clearly. I also enjoyed hearing about Japan and the Japanese art of Kintsugi, so interesting. I now have a lovely plate to display at home to remember the day.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Karen Bales - Sydney

Katie Hughes Feb 2023

It was a great experience, the teacher was knowledgeable and engaging. We would recommend to others!

Michael Mellish Feb 2023

Great experience doing this workshop. Noriko was a fantastic teacher! Would highly recommend this to others.

Dee Yu Feb 2023

A fun and interesting class. Jun was knowledgeable about kintsugi, and was friendly and personable in his teaching and instruction.
Highly recommended for anyone who is interested in trying kintsugi!

Scott Teoh Feb 2023

Noriko was very friendly and made the class very interactive. Her authenticity made the experience much more enjoyable!

Xin Xie Feb 2023

The pacing was excellent and mood was relaxed. Noriko-sensei was a patient and helpful teacher, giving you the right amount of help while making you feel comfortable.

Charlotte Yates Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Very fun workshop, feel confident I can kintsugi myself at home ! Noriko is a wonderful teacher.

Jasmine Xie Feb 2023

Hitomi-san is knowledgeable and patient. Struck right balance between the history and philosophy of kintsugi and actually practicing the art of repairing out broken ceramic. Definitely recommended to anyone who is looking to try a relaxing Japanese artform. Light snacks provided! We thoroughly enjoyed.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Jasmine Xie - Sydney

Patrik Jarlestam Feb 2023

This was one of the most fun things I have done in ages. I learnt heaps, as the teacher shared her knowledge from years of working with the craft. The class was well prepared and structured, fun and thoroughly enjoyable. I bought the kintsugi kit afterwards so I can continue practising at home on fractured wares I’ve accumulated over the years.

Im super happy with my experience here and absolutely recommended this class!

Pottery class review by Patrik Jarlestam - Sydney

Gabriel Nguyen Feb 2023

The class was a fantastic introduction to the philosophy and style of Kintsugi; Miyoko is a fantastic instructor and guided my friend and I through the process, giving us plenty of knowledge and tips for how to continue our learning outside the class. Would highly recommend for anyone interested in starting out with Kintsugi!

Sarah Pittman Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Fantastic Birthday Present! This beginners class was loads of fun, very informative and our Teacher Noriko was very pleasant and made the whole experience very lovely. I had a great time :)

Kirsty Nauth Feb 2023

Attended class on a weekend with 2 friends who both also enjoyed the class. Venue was easy to find, instructions were easy to follow and the Sensai provided support and advice throughout. We were given all the resources we needed. Product end result looks great . Learnt a lot and will use these skills to fix anything special that breaks. Highly recommend

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Kirsty Nauth - Sydney

Yubai Jiang Feb 2023

We did a private session. Great experience. Would try similar classes with class Bento in future.

Anna Behnke Feb 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

This was an amazing team building course for my staff. Everyone really enjoyed it and our teacher, Norika, was patient and so very helpful.
Definitely worth doing with a team or on your own!

Felicity Kelly Feb 2023

My sister and I loved our Kintsugi teacher, Miyoka! Miyoka was very welcoming and friendly, and her passion for Kintsugi is contagious. Learning about the philosophy and cultural history of Kintsugi while repairing our pottery made for a very special class that we will definitely recommend to others!

Jimmy Yue Jan 2023

This was a wonderful class to sign up to as the instructor; Jun was very engaging and educational, delivering the kintsugi method with high clarity and brevity. The session started off with a cultural introduction to the historical background behind this delightful art, followed by a very hands-on process to repair our given ceramic plates with a modern twist to the traditional method.

Renee Ciapponi Jan 2023

I loved learning about the philosophy behind the art as well as learning more about Japan.
The teacher was very knowledgeable, skilled in the art and kind and friendly.
The facilities/ learning space and items provided were spot on.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning something fun and interesting.

Margaret Carter Jan 2023

The class was excellent value and the teacher wonderful. She was so patient and gave us a history of the craft and an insight into its philosophy.
I enjoyed every minute. It was something great to do with my son and I will be using the skill to repair a vase my mother gave me.
We were given green tea and nibblies towards the end of the class which was lovely. The venue was intimate and clean. I would go again in a heartbeat.

Florence Schanzer Jan 2023

Jun was a great teacher, highly organized, encouraging and informative. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend the course for anyone interested in a starter course.

James King Jan 2023

Fantastic class, Jun-san has a great passion for Kintsugi. Had a great time throughout the entire class.

Zeerak Qasim Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Am amazing and cathartic experience learning the art of kintsugi as well as the history.
The teacher was lovely, pacing the class to match us and sharing recommendations of sites to visit in Japan.
Loved it!

Nicole Odewahn Jan 2023

A very fun and informative class.
Delicious tea and snacks and a gorgeous plate to take home

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Nicole Odewahn - Sydney

Nicola Price Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

It was wonderful. I was the only student and so had lots of teacher time. Good value for money - even if there were another few students it is still good value. Really helpful and friendly and focused on sharing the knowledge and enjoyment of the craft

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Nicola Price - Sydney

Lynda Frankcombe Jan 2023

Miyaki the teacher was very kind and helpful. She was encouraging and could answer any questions asked of her. She was quick to demonstrate when assistance was required. I thoroughly enjoyed the class

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Lynda Frankcombe - Sydney

Jamie Coleman Jan 2023

This class was just perfect! I bought the private class for 2 people for my boyfriend as a Christmas gift, and we were blow away by how incredible the class was. Jun was an excellent teacher who had so much knowledge about kintsugi and is truly a master of his craft. It was a joy to learn from someone so passionate about kintsugi, and to walk away with our own kintsugi plates was so rewarding.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Jamie Coleman - Sydney

Liz McDougall Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Had been waiting a long time to do this course! Miyoko was a wonderful teacher, giving us lots of information about the history of kintsugi while we undertook the well-explained steps to creating our first piece. The venue is comfortable, everything you need is provided and there is enough time to complete all tasks. A light refreshment was also served. Comprehensive notes are supplied so we feel comfortable trying this new skill at home. Highly recommended!

Pottery class review by Liz McDougall - Sydney

Michelle Brown Jan 2023

13 ClassBento workshops attended • 9 reviews

This was a fantastic workshop and i really loved it. The teacher was amazing and taught us so much. I highly recommend this class!

Katie Dundas Jan 2023

We had an amazing class and really enjoyed learning more about kintsugi! Would highly recommend to anyone interested in Japanese arts and culture.

Pottery class review by Katie Dundas - Sydney

Roberta Freedman Jan 2023

Terrific class and the teacher San Jun was very good and patient. Explained the history and process very well.
Thank you for a most enjoyable learning experience

Lisa Cormio Jan 2023

My sensei was wonderful. I recommend the course, it was fun and informative. Thank you.

Melanie Ngo Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great learning experience, Hitomi is a wonderful and patient teacher. Was a brief but detailed insight into the Japanese culture behind it.

Pottery class review by Melanie Ngo - Sydney

Rebekah Hunter Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

This was my second class. Really enjoyed it and was delighted with my tray. Hitome was a great teacher. I also bought the kit and am looking forward to trying Kintsugi at home.

Pottery class review by Rebekah Hunter - Sydney

Monique Lee Jan 2023

Great way to spend a rainy day. Learnt a lot about the art of kintsugi. Our teacher Jun-san was excellent! Extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Would highly recommend the class.

Rebecca Denham Jan 2023

Thanks for a very pleasant afternoon workshop with clear instructions. 1 2 3 4 5

Andrew Lee Jan 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Really enjoyable Fantastic teacher! Not only did we gain a new skill but we learnt about Japanese history and culture.

Samantha Suasin Jan 2023

Jun-san was very friendly and such an excellent teacher. He spent an even amount of time on everyone to make sure their kintsugi would turn out great. He provided many tips, and would engage in regular conversation and it was overall a comfortable experience. He even provided some small snacks. The materials used were of high quality. The venue was easy to find. The class was well worth the money paid as he provided us with all the information needed to do the activity at home. Definitely a lesson I will never forget.

Michelle Choi Jan 2023

Fun class and wonderful teacher. Jun shared a bit of history behind Kintsugi which was great and he taught at a nice pace. He was very encouraging and helpful. Convenient location as well.
Thanks Jun!

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Michelle Choi - Sydney

Louise Barrett Jan 2023

A lovely way to spend the day with a great teacher, thank you making the experience extra special.

Pottery class review by Louise Barrett - Sydney

Iain Shearer Jan 2023

Jun-san was our teacher this afternoon and a very helpful, informative and gentleman he is too. The class was very well organised with Jun-san giving all four of us equal time as we went through the various stages. He possess a very kindly sense of humour and made a point of asking all of us about our selves. All the equipment required was provided in a very sensible and tidy way, so each piece was easy to use during the relevant stages. Jun-san also demonstrated each stage for us and kept an eye on us while we we working, offering helpful and useful suggestions and advice. He also told us exactly where we could purchase the material and equipment, at High Street shops like Bunnings, if we wished to try Kintsugi in our own time. The whole experience was deeply satisfying, rewarding and the finished Kintsugi is lovely. Booking was easy, organised with reminders, the staff are all very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended. Thank you Jun-san!

Pottery class review by Iain Shearer - Sydney

Thomas Sun Jan 2023

We had an absolutely fantastic and relaxing time learning about the history of Kintsugi, its meaning, and an easy-to-follow guide on making our own beautiful art piece.

Hitomi-san was delightful, interesting, and patient in our beginner class (even when we over-ran).

Materials and resources were provided, meaning all we had to do was turn up.

Such a genuinely unique experience that I would recommend to anyone and everyone!

Bruce Barnett Jan 2023

Jun made us so comfortable and relaxed, which is a far better way to learn. He’s an expert teacher who not only knows about kintsugi and its history, but is also able to teach with positive reinforcement.

Everything was provided for us, so we just had to turn up and 2 hours later leave with a new skill.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Bruce Barnett - Sydney

Alicia Donnelly Jan 2023

I would highly recommend this class to anyone who even had a slight interest in the art of Kintsugi. I opted to book a private class with a group of 6 and we had a great time. Jun is a fantastic teacher and you can tell he is really passionate about his craft and took great time to learn about the history and culture of this tradition from Kintsugi masters in Japan. You will not regret taking this class.

Jh Marie Jan 2023

56 ClassBento workshops attended • 56 reviews

I really enjoyed this class. Hitomi is a lovely, knowledgeable and patient teacher who taught me a lot of new skills. I can’t wait to do more and I would recommend this course to my friends.

Pottery class review by Jh Marie - Sydney

Carrie Ng Jan 2023

Teacher was fantastic, very informative and educational and enjoyable. Will definitely recommend it. Love the small size classes of only 4, not sure if that is usually the case or turned out that way for us.

Jenny Woo Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

It was easy for beginners to follow. The teacher was very kind and nice. The Japanese snack and tea was good too :)

Kate Jolly Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Really enjoyed this class! Our teacher Miyoko was lovely, all of the tools were provided, and I learnt about the history of kintsugi as well as how it’s made.

Adrienne Jerram Dec 2022

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Fabulous course. The teacher had a great way of breaking it down the topic and explaining it. Highly recommended.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Adrienne Jerram - Sydney

Julian Thirkill Dec 2022

Master Jun was a wonderful host and teacher who patiently explained the history of Kintsugi before taking the class through each step at a deliberate yet well measured pace. Who would have thought that putting a broken plate together would be so satisfying? A great class, thank you.

John Gray Dec 2022

Jun was an excellent tutor: great individual attention and help. Loved the background teaching for understanding. Thank you!

Alvin Yap Dec 2022

Jun was very informative and passionate as an instructor. He guided the class along well, provided clear instructions, and gave assistance and guidance where necessary.

It was great to learn briefly about the philosophy, culture, and history behind kintsugi in addition to the technique itself.

Had a great time at this class!

Pottery class review by Alvin Yap - Sydney

Bron Spencer Dec 2022

Our teacher, Hitami, was fantastic, so knowledgeable and guided us through every step. It wasn’t just the technique shared but the the history and physiology. Having traveled in Japan, it was made really relatable to our experiences. The philosophy resonated in personal healing journeys. I cannot recommend enough!

Pottery class review by Bron Spencer - Sydney

Joy Zhang Dec 2022

We had an amazing time during our beginner Kintsugi workshop. Noriko-san was very reassuring and made the whole process very fun and engaging. The repaired plate we got to take was beautiful, and I can't wait to use it.

Caroline Handisides Dec 2022

Miyoko was a great teacher who led us at just the right pace. We feel confident now we could do kintsugi at home too.

Laura Gato Dec 2022

Amazing class! Hitomi knows what she is teaching and makes it easy for all of us, you can sense how passionate her and her husband and about kintsugi and more techniques. It was a wonderful evening, nice tea offering and she even stayed longer cause we needed it. I absolutely loved it.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Laura Gato - Sydney

Scott Finneran Dec 2022

The course fun and interesting and the teacher kept things well paced with the time being filled with the practical skills as well as the history of the technique. Fun and fascinating.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Scott Finneran - Sydney

Scott Robins Dec 2022

Miyoko was lovely and very patient with us all. She explained the concepts thoroughly and the team enjoyed a totally unique experience that was away from the norm. Arigatou Sensai!

Rebecca Cleary Dec 2022

We had a wonderful afternoon creating something beautiful. Mariko was a great teacher and made the whole experience fabulous

Nicole Jakes Dec 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Our teacher was amazing, had a lot of knowledge and history. She was very helpful and everything was provided. We also got to have tea and chat about Japan!
Such a great way to spend sunday morning. Would highly recommend the class!

Helen Cluff Dec 2022

The teacher knew the subject very well. we were welcomed into a meditative learning space and she shared knowledge with us so gently. It was a privilege and we came away with a beautiful piece

Ayiah Oula Dec 2022

Absolutely loved it and highly recommend! It was interesting to learn how Kintsugi is all about highlighting flaws and imperfections. Our teacher was so lovely and made the experience so enjoyable!

Imogen Urwin Dec 2022

I had a wonderful time. Our teacher was so kind and knowledgeable and the class was interesting and the plates we made were so beautiful. I highly recommend this class. I bought it as a gift for my friend and she said it was the best gift ever. Good for people who enjoy history and arts and craft.

Pottery class review by Imogen Urwin - Sydney

Caroline Seaton Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Very interesting and learnt a skill I hope to continue to use in the future.

Harry Good Dec 2022

Very good! :)
Teacher was very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.
I have recommended it to my friends

Robert Ahern Dec 2022

Jun was a great teacher, gave a great history lesson, very helpful technical instruction and support through the course.

Suzy Yap Dec 2022

The class was small which meant extremely intimate and personal attention from Sensei Hitomi. I loved the attention to the students and to the whole art itself.
Time permitting, I would like to come back for the dojo.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Suzy Yap - Sydney

Narelle Haken Dec 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Terrific very accomplished. Enjoyed the class immensely would highly recommend the class to anyone who wanted to learn

Pottery class review by Narelle Haken - Sydney

Lewis Fitz-Gerald Dec 2022

A wonderful class with Jun-Sensei, whose brief history of the art form and gracious manner made the workshop so much fun. His step by step approach was easy to follow, and a great introduction to the skills and techniques.

Pottery class review by Lewis Fitz-Gerald - Sydney

Miranda Miller Dec 2022

Exceptional in every aspect. I had the luxury of a private lesson, learning about the rich history of Kintsugi, as well as Japanese customs of craft and language. My lovingly crafted plate will make for an excellent gift and I plan on coming back with my partner for the more advanced class. Thank you so much for being so kin