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Kintsugi Australia is located in Sydney and the only organisation in Australia completely specialised in kintsugi, offering private and group lessons, repair and kintsugi artistic creations. After completing our course, the students can join the Kintsugi Dojo where they can continue to create their own work of art, and they can improve their technique to become kintsugi masters.

Kintsugi Dojo is available in Sydney studio, and also available when we visit Melbourne and Brisbane.

Beginner’s, Traditional and Kintsugi accessory courses are held in Melbourne every 4-6 weeks and occasionally in Brisbane.

Jun Morooka is a kintsugi master. He is an expert in the Traditional Kintsugi method with natural lacquer (urushi) and gold. He has also developed his own method using modern material, bringing innovation to an ancient technique. He accepts commissions to repair broken pottery and ceramics with kintsugi. (Sorry, but we stop accepting new repairs for a while)

Jun Morooka was born in Tokyo in 1959. He moved to Sydney in 1987 and in 2008 he started to manage a Japanese restaurant called JIPANG. He fell in love with kintsugi after watching a TV documentary. He decided to go back to Japan to train with five kintsugi masters in Kanazawa and Tokyo. In 2018, he established Kintsugi Australia in Sydney.

Jun Morooka teaches Traditional Kintsugi and Modern Kintsugi in Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle, he exhibited his artwork at the Sydney Adventist Hospital in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Department. "Kibou" and "Negai" were displayed in the hospital to show that scars can become beautiful.

In June 2020, "Jikuu" was selected as a finalist in the 2020 Northern Beaches Art Prize - Open Category. The artwork was selected among over 800 entries and was displayed during an online exhibition (31 July - 30 September 2020).

Jun Morooka has appeared on a number of media outlets, such as ABC News and SBS Australia. An audio interview is available on SBS Japanese Radio and a video interview on SBS Australia Facebook page. He was also featured on ELLE DECOR (Spain).

Jun Morooka was invited to give a kintsugi lesson during the TV Show The Bachelor Australia aired on Channel 10 on the 17th of September 2020.

Jun and Hitomi Morooka were on the TV show The Livingroom on Channel 10 on the 21th of May 2021.

Jun Morooka were on the TV Show The Sydney Weekender aired on Channel 7 on the 18th of July 2021.

We hold a workshop in the Opera House as part of the 'Antidote' event on 11 September 2022.

We also hold workshops as a council event (such as Wagga Wagga, Orange, Wodonga), corporate team buildings, and Hens Parties a lot.

Kintsugi Australia Team
  • Jun (Traditional Kintsugi Course, Beginner's Kintsugi workshop and Kintsugi DOJO)
  • Hitomi (Beginner's Kintsugi and Kintsugi Accessory workshop)
  • Kumi (Zoon online Beginner's Kintsugi workshop)
  • Noriko (Beginner's Kintsugi workshop)
  • Miyoko (Beginner's Kintsugi and Kintsugi Accessory workshop)
  • Masano (Beginner's Kintsugi workshop)





Carol Chen Jul 2024

Teacher is very nice, patient and knowledgeable. Each step is demonstrated clearly and very suitable for beginners as well as people who want a taste for Japanese culture.

Mary Jul 2024

The instructor, Hitomi-san, gave us a history on kintsugi as well as providing us with its philosophy. When it came to actually doing it ourselves, she was very patient and helpful with her instructions. Mine and my friend's individual kintsugi pieces were so different to one another yet they were interconnected which I think was a great image to show. All in all, it's a relatively easy workshop with a helpful instructor and you get to take home a piece of Japanese history and culture that's individual to you.


Emma Lawrence Jul 2024

Jun and Hitomi were wonderful hosts and teachers. We loved the class, it was fun and informative and we love our beautiful Kintsugi plates. Definitely recommended. We are already thinking about doing the extended class.

Natalie Riley Jul 2024

Our team had a great afternoon doing the Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop. Thank you for hosting!

Noni Marceau Jul 2024

Great school holiday activity with my daughter. A bit of history and culture as well as great tuition by Kintsugi Master Jun-san. We’re looking forward to practicing our new found skills at home.

Tiffany O Jul 2024

Very knowledgeable and helpful teacher. Location easy to find and materials provided high quality and really enjoyed the philosophy behind the craft - a great way to spend the morning

Liz Seares Jul 2024

I was gifted the class as a present for my 40th. Our teacher was knowledgeable, well prepared and friendly. Venue was centrally located and easy to find, the space perfect for small classes. All materials were provided and the work space was well organised and set up efficiently. We were educated on the history of Kintsugi and its impact on historical and modern day culture. We learned about the materials and techniques used in the process. The class was extremely good value for money and I enjoyed my time!

Ethan Lm Jul 2024

This kintsugi workshop with Jun-san was fantastic! He was very knowledgable about the history of kintsugi and many of the techniques and tips to help us not fail miserably. The venue was easy enough to find (but we did initially go to the old address on Clarence Street thanks to Google maps). The most valuable thing was learning a skill which we've already put to use in mending a broken plate at home.

Thank you Jun-san!

Nova Ho Jul 2024

Jun was an amazing instructor and was patient in teaching us the history of the art of Kintsugi. We enjoyed learning each step and look forward to applying to our own plates and bowls.

Pottery class review by Nova Ho - Sydney

Megan Ward Jul 2024

A wonderful and carefully curated workshop on both the art and history of Kintsugi. Thank you

Jonathan Temple Jul 2024

I bought this as a present for my partner as we had seen it online and wanted to try it. It was a really great class. Jun was super nice and knowledgeable and made it an unforgettable experience. All materials were provided for the class so it was easy for us to join in. We learnt the modern method of Kintsugi and will easily be able to replicate it now that we have learnt.

Pottery class review by Jonathan Temple - Sydney

Milica Jevtic Jul 2024

Attended the class with my partner for our 3rd year anniversary! Jun-san was an amazing teacher, very knowledgeable, tentative and kind.
So happy with our Kintsugi plate that was provided!
Now we can do this at home as he taught us how to fix a broken plate and provided a list of instructions and materials.
Definitely worth the cost, you learn about Japanese culture whilst experiencing at the same time!
Definitely satisfying preparing the plate for the amazing transformation.
Highly recommend!

Tk Byron Jul 2024

I was introduced to Kintsugi by a friend and loved the concept!

Our class was small, which helped us ask lots of questions and get lots of feedback. June Sensei was amazing! Lots of stories to tell, was very encouraging - and gave the background to Kintsugi as well as his own personal journey with it, which helped us appreciate what we were doing even more.

Grateful that there were premade kits at the end to purchase, so I could immediately take my skills home and keep practising, rather than round up all the different tools and materials!

This is a very therapeutic process and I'm excited that I now have something unique to gift friends and loved ones on special occasions. Thank you!

Kay Elliott Jun 2024

Hitomi was a great teacher- everything was well explained and it has inspired me to do more Kintsugi

Belinda Byrne Jun 2024

Teacher was great; she explained the history and meaning of Kintsugi as well. Just fascinating. Process was easy to follow and ended up with a lovely piece of work. It was also great to take my daughter as she is fascinated by Japan

Clara Villa Jun 2024

The Kintushi workshop is great. Hitomi and Jun gave us some background on how Kintsugi started and on Japanese culture in general before we got into repairing a broken plate.
Every step of Kintsugi was very well explained, with some extra tips on how to achieve better results. Hitomi also reviewed all our work to make sure it was good before we moved on to the next step.
They also told us where to get all materials we used and explained why they were chosen.
I would highly recommend it, if you want to learn the technique to repair your own broken pottery, if you want to learn about something Japanese, if you want to spend a nice couple of hours doing something original.... endless reasons to attend this class!

Sharyn Hancock Jun 2024

Really enjoyed the Kintsugi jewelry class. Great teacher who was patient and understanding. Very unique pieces and good value for money class. Looking forward to future classes.

Alana Sawrey Jun 2024

Really loved this! Super delightful workshop and great hosts. Fun and informative and really memorable experience

Pottery class review by Alana Sawrey - Brisbane

Vicki Hinrichsen Jun 2024

It was a fabulous experience. Hitomi was very knowledgeable and patient. We used quality materials and the venue was peaceful and comfortable. It was certainly value for money. I’m keen to do another Kintsugi workshop with Hitomi.

Samantha Keegan Jun 2024

Jun and his wife were so lovely and I learnt so much. Jun was so patient and kind. This is a highly-skilled art which has many steps and we were taken through it at the perfect pace for learning. It was expensive, but I understand the materials we used are expensive and need to be covered. Would highly recommend this class to anyone with an interest in Kintsugi.

Dr Gael E Phillips Jun 2024

This class was for us to learn the basics of Kintsugi. It was excellent. The materials were provided and the teacher, Jun, was ann expert and taught us well. We all repaired a piece of broken ceramic using traditional Japanese Urushi (lacquer). The class was good value and I appreciated it very much. Thank you. Gael E Phillips

Chris Emert Jun 2024

This was such. Great experience. Something I had been wanting to do for quite some time as I felt such a connection with the meaning behind the art!
Our teacher was incredible and it was a pleasure to spend time learning from him!
Definitely worth doing, whether on your own or with some close friends or family!

Thank you

David Winterton Jun 2024

I really enjoyed the Kintsugi class. Myoko the teacher was fabulous. I liked the methodical approach and feel confident that I would be able to use these skills in the future.
I also liked how the philosophy behind Kintsugi relates to our everyday lives.

Carla Barnett Jun 2024

I took my mum to this class for a Mothers Day present and it was excellent. Beyond expectations. Our teacher Noriko-san was extremely knowledgable about the Japanese history of Kintsugi and facilitated the class so well. I would highly recommend.

Rebecca Doyle Jun 2024

I absolutely loved this class, 2 hours flew by and I am really happy with the piece I made. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, the venue is lovely and the teacher is wonderful. I highly recommend this to anyone interested to learn a new skill or anyone with a pile of repairs to do.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Rebecca Doyle - Sydney

Tomoko Honda Jun 2024

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This is a great experience. I like the idea of 'Beauty of imperfection'. It contributes sustainability. Jun san and Hitomi san are great instructors, very helpful and caring. I really enjoyed.

David Coombs Jun 2024

Well presented, well supported, and a lot of fun. Really enjoyed the class and I appreciate the work that went into it.

Frank Perri Jun 2024

An authentic amazing class, lots of opportunity to practice and get feedback by warm and welcoming teachers

Jo Phipps-Nelson Jun 2024

Wonderful experience. Highly recommend.
Going into the class I felt a little intimidated but the instruction was fabulous! Excellent value for money. Really loved the touch of Japanese throughout the experience.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Jo Phipps-Nelson - Melbourne

Joanna Huang Jun 2024

Such a good and fun class. Very clear instructions and directions. Very enjoyable and good length of class. Would recommend!!

Penny Sharples Jun 2024

Jun provides clear step by step instructions and tips in a relaxed and engaging way.
Great way to learn by doing as you go.

Karmila Cooper Jun 2024

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

The venue was very proper 5 stars!
Really enjoyed the class and definitely worth it.
I really like the philosophy of it. That we can embrace what is broken and make it beautiful on its own beauty. And also the origin of Kintsugi it self.
Teacher is so patient, very clear instruction and very informative.

Pottery class review by Karmila Cooper - Melbourne

Rebecca Holland Jun 2024

We loved this class - it was a great evening, very informative and the finished product is really cool. I’d also mucked up the booking and our hosts, Hitomi and Jun, sorted us out really quickly. Thank you!

Hailey McKirdy Jun 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Love the class very detailed about the history and steps friendly environment run by lovely couple.

Pottery class review by Hailey McKirdy - Melbourne

Isabella Simonovski Jun 2024

A wonderful class, with a wonderful teacher. Miyoko was kind and approachable, and her instructions and help were greatly appreciated in completing Kintsugi for the first time.
The venue was easy to find, all the materials were provided through the workshop which is very convenient. I am so happy with what I produced today!

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Isabella Simonovski - Sydney

Allan John Spencer Jun 2024

A thoroughly enjoyable experience. As expected, the item was not fully finished in the 3 classes due to the drying times that are needed for the urushi. This definitely did not detract from the overall experience as it gave a very good beginners grounding in Kintsugi and how to beautifully mend broken pottery. Since the course I have commenced refinishing the piece started in the weekend classes. I would recommend this to any person interested in using a traditional Japanese method to mend and beautify a broken piece of pottery.

Ben Mitchell Jun 2024

We had an amazing time with Jun and Hitomi in a team bonding session at our company! Jun and Hitomi were wonderful teachers and made the experience very enjoyable!

We learnt about the history of kintsugi and had so much fun trying it out!

All the material was prepared and organized excellently by Jun and Hitomi.

This is a must try for any team bonding!

I hope to do it again in the future with other team members!

Pottery class review by Ben Mitchell - Sydney

Christine Carmody Jun 2024

I had been looking forward to doing the Beginners Kintsugi workshop and it didn’t disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to do the modern version of this ancient craft. I now look forward to learning the ancient version.
Jun was an excellent teacher, encouraging and patient. I was also very lucky to have a one on one learning experience.
All I need now is practice practice and more practice, which will be equally enjoyable. I also must mention the wonderful green tea and snacks, so yum.
Thank you Jun and your lovely wife, look forward to seeing you both in Canberra.

Merryn Hull Jun 2024

The class was delightful. Jun and his colleagues were charming and helpful. They even served me green tea and match kit kats!

Margaret Lowe Jun 2024

Outstanding lesson in Kintsugi from a patient and interesting master. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys craft or has an interest in other cultures.

Mona Kadiri May 2024

I had a wonderful time with Jun. I learnt a lot of things and I loved.
Thank you so much.
I recommend this class to anyone.

Camila Aguirre Pezoa May 2024

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Very good class highly recommended the teacher was very patient and kind she told me about the history of kintsugi

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Camila Aguirre Pezoa - Sydney

Bryan Skelly May 2024

It was birthday present. Our teacher was amazing- funny, warm & knowledgeable. 7 mins walk from Wynyard station. I learnt about Kintsugi & idea of accepting imperfections. I will signing up again with some friends.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Bryan Skelly - Sydney

Helena Qian May 2024

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Lovely Noriko-san was patient and clear. She was very kind and extended the session longer due to us arriving late. Highly recommend!

Stephen Watson May 2024

Miyoko is an absolutely amazing teacher and we thoroughly enjoyed the class. Highly recommended for any occasion!

Nathalie Shaw May 2024

What a lovely way to spend a morning. Miyoko was so welcoming and encouraging and very informative. Very interesting philosophy and a new skill I will be trying to continue at home. Highly recommend.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Nathalie Shaw - Sydney

Joanne Davies-Greck May 2024

Our teacher was extremely knowledgeable, very thorough attentive and friendly. The afternoon was most enjoyable. I would highly recommend this class esp if you're looking to foster more patience & calm.

Eddy Qiu May 2024

It was a very fun and interesting experience learning about the history of kintsugi! Thank you to Noriko :)

Vas Korznikov May 2024

Noriko-san was a funny, enthusiastic and patient teacher, pausing to teach the class a little snippet of Japanese history as an added bonus.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Vas Korznikov - Sydney

Senid Basic May 2024

Great teacher, lovely experience. Did it for an anniversary present. Partner loved it. Thank you.

Akshay Kumar Myadam May 2024

Wonderful instructors, they talk about the philosophy and history and Kintsugi with pictures and textbook. All the materials were provided in class with some snacks in break. Overall a beginner friendly workshop.

Cass Houlihan May 2024

My friend and I were given this class as a gift, and we had the best time. The class was relaxed, fun and very engaging. Our teacher, Miyoko, was wonderful - very welcoming, knowledgeable and helpful. This is a brilliant beginner class to learn the art of kintsugi and is recommended for anyone interested in Japanese culture and art. I now have a gorgeous kintsugi plate and a step by step guide for mending broken pieces at home and turning them into something beautiful.

Amy Kelly May 2024

Amazing class. Very easy to understand instructions with everything you need provided. Lovely morning tea also provided. Presenter very kind and informative and the whole class was very interesting. Venue was easy to get to and adequate size.

Frank Perri Apr 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

It was fun class, I learnt a lot and the teacher is great. I would highly recommend.

Allison Browning Apr 2024

Really fun and supportive class. We really enjoyed having such focus for a couple of hours on a new task!

Lynne Mudaliar Apr 2024

Well organised fun course, learnt about history of Kintsugi and how to preform Kintsugi on provided materials.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Lynne Mudaliar - Melbourne

Montserrat Sabate Apr 2024

The Kintsugi worshop was good to learn the basics of the modern technic. The teachers were very nice and the introduction and explanation of the process was very useful.

Anita Fregon Apr 2024

Thank you for a terrific workshop. It was interesting to l learn the history and philosophy behind Kintsugi. I’m keen to repair my own pottery now.

Gaby Bolton Apr 2024

Jun is a wonderful teacher. Very engaging and you can tell he has a passion for Kintsugi. He aLao shares some of the history before getting hands on.
The class is small group and you get guidance and assistance every step of the way to make a beautiful creation to take home.
You can also buy kits to continue Kintsugi at home ow where to buy your own supplies.
Would absolutely recommend!

Pottery class review by Gaby Bolton - Melbourne

Ruchita Umesh Chandra Apr 2024

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

I had a beautiful time at Hitomi and Jun’s Kintsugi workshop ️ It was such a well organised class and everything was well explained by Hitomi including the history of Kintsugi which was so interesting to learn about. We also had Japanese tea and snacks which I loved. Thank you so much for thinking of everything for this workshop, Hitomi and Jun!

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Ruchita Umesh Chandra - Melbourne

Sarah Dickinson Apr 2024

Hitomi and June are lovely teachers who helped us through each step of repairing our plates, with beautiful results.
I very much enjoyed their method of kintsugi and hope to do more in the future.

Janeanne Lee Apr 2024

Thank you. Had a lovely afternoon. Teachers were very helpful. Also learnt a great deal of history.

Ashley Cooper Apr 2024

This workshop was a gift and I was very happy to experience an aspect of “The beauty of imperfection” through Kintsugi. All information presented was delivered clearly and with humour by Jun. The materials provided were able to be used efficiently, however the Epoxy Resin posed some issues with its consistency and application. Overall, I enjoyed the group atmosphere, learning a new skill and expanding my philosophical outlook.

Jess Deller-Klatt Apr 2024

Instructor's were fantastic and engaging! Such a fantastic activity and lovely evening! Time flew!

Diana Rice Apr 2024

Good thorough instruction and help where needed. Nice cup of green tea and snacks to keep us focused!

Roger Malouf Apr 2024

Hitomi and Juno run a delightful class teaching the art and philosophy of traditional kintsugi in their simplified modern kintsugi technique.

Catherine Dewhirst Apr 2024

Very thorough class. Teachers very helpful and made sure you are happy with your work. Explanations were clear and were followed up to make sure you understood. Would recommend to anyone.

Pottery class review by Catherine Dewhirst - Melbourne

Jasmine Griffiths Apr 2024

This was a fantastic class - hosts are wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Highly recommend!

Courtney Walker Apr 2024

The class was great. Very patient and gave plenty of help when required and explained every step clearly

Rawan Mostafa Apr 2024

Super fun workshop. Our teacher, Noriko, was delightful and super engaging. We learned a lot of tips and tricks on ceramic mending and the history of Kintsugi. Would definitely recommend.

Nardeen Elsokkary Apr 2024

Our teacher Miyoko was so knowledgeable, helpful and accommodating! We had the best time and my fiancé was so happy with his birthday surprise! We learnt some techniques and the history of Kintsugi, we had some fun conversations and she made us some tea and we had some little treats. It felt so personable and welcoming like hanging out with an old friend and we had some beautiful pottery to take home with us, thank you! Would definitely recommend!

Pottery class review by Nardeen Elsokkary - Sydney

Sandra Stubbs Apr 2024

Jun was my teacher in this Kintsugi class. Loved the craft and Jun was an excellent teacher. He is very experienced in his craft, having done many trips and training in Japan. Loved my kintsugi plate and had fun creating it. Highly recommended.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Sandra Stubbs - Sydney

Liam Webber Apr 2024

I had a brilliant time and learnt a lot about Japanese culture and history as well as Kintsugi!

Dale Every Apr 2024

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

Absolutely loved this class and the genuine instructors. It was very informative and they were happy to assist to make sure everyone went home with a beautiful piece. Great location also.

Natalie Doherty Apr 2024

This was a fabulous way to learn about the philosophy of Kintsugi and the culture of Japan. Jun and Mahitme were wonderful to listen to and learn from. I loved learning the art of kintsugi and taking home a beautiful creation on top of all of that!
This would be a fantastic gift idea as well.

Paul Fraser Apr 2024

I have wanted to do Kintsugi for a number of years but was intimidated by the complexity and time required for the traditional process. This modern process is fast and easy and I feel after a couple of hours of excellent instruction confident to begin my journey. i am a bit in awe of our instructor who studied it under five masters five days a week for year, there’s clearly more to learn but I’m happy with my first piece. I’m really pleased I bought the DIY kit so I can go and practice at home, and improve my skills.

Jenny Tran Apr 2024

Fun date idea. Sensei was fun, welcoming and learned a lot about Japanese history and culture. Location was easy to get to and all the materials were provided! We had a little tea ceremony and the making process was fun and not too difficult.

Katharine Knoetze Apr 2024

I treated my partner to a Kintsugi class as a surprise 50th birthday present. It could not have been a more successful gift! Jun and Hitome were so thoughtful in their approach and we really felt as though we were learning from a Master. Time went so quickly and we felt energised and inspired afterwards. I would highly recommend this for anyone, as we can all take our own message from the metaphor. Thank you!

Jane Stanham Apr 2024

Great teacher really easy to follow instructions and a sense of the history.
This is actually my 3rd attempt to review so seems a bit hard to submit not sure why may be my phone playing up

Sandra James Apr 2024

Such an amazing experience. Jun is a great teacher and Hitomi is very knowledgeable as well. The materials are excellent quality and bringing home your finished piece is very satisfying. I look forward to going to the Kintsugi dojo both in Brisbane and Sydney.

Dianne Peachey Apr 2024

Learnt history, technique and skills in a supportive environment.
All tuition, text book, materials, tools and guidance supplied for the cost of class - plus afternoon tea. Excellent value!
I liked everything about this 2-day course and would recommend highly.

Emma Pracey Apr 2024

An enjoyable and satisfying experience with very clear instructions and informative explanations about the culture and history behind the art process. Easy to learn and execute even for those without creative skills!

Pottery class review by Emma Pracey - Sydney

Lisbeth Elvery Apr 2024

Outstanding! Excellent start for beginners. Jun and Hitomi were delightful; Jun's teaching was very clearly structured and presented. The class went at a good pace - no rushing - and it was fun! We enjoyed some delicious green tea and Japanese Kit-Kats during the short break and at the end of the class, we get to take home our newly-mended plate. All items for the course are supplied and Jun has kintsugi kits to purchase. Highly recommend this class for anyone even remotely interested in kintsugi. You'll be hooked! Many thanks to Jun and Hitomi. - Lisbeth

Trish Sims Apr 2024

The class was a wonderful experience. Informative well prepared and Respectful and a perfect beginners class. Kintsugi class took me dreamily back to the joys of Japan. Thank you for including this class in your calendar

Katherine Chan Apr 2024

Fabulous workshop that’s gives excellent instructions. Easy to follow and a good amount of time.

Emma Nowak Apr 2024

Super fun workshop! It was Run so beautifully. The presenter was knowledgeable, helpful and so kind.

Shelly Gordon Apr 2024

We came to the Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop as a team bonding experience and it was fantastic - highly recommend! Jun shared his passion and skill with us and the history and philosophy of Kintusgi and guided us through each step of the process of restoring our plates, including what materials we would need if we were to do it at home. Jun was a great teacher and we received great hospitality from him and his wife Hitomi.

We had a team of 8 and the room was intimate but the perfect size. Bonus, we got snacks

Chloe Isabella Howard Apr 2024

This entire class was wonderful! The instructor, Noriko, was very clear, helpful and kind. The environment is very relaxing and calm to work in (and the tea and snacks were greatly appreciated). Repairing the plate was very fun and you come away with something you can feel very proud of. The history is fascinating as well. If you are on the fence about trying it, I would say it is worth it!

Timothy Coaldrake Apr 2024

The teacher rescheduled my class to give me a 1 on 1 session rather than a 1 to 9 class. The class was fun and educational, and I'm really happy with the results. Depending on how I go, I might just keep coming back for more!

Vinny Claridge Apr 2024

I really enjoyed the introduction to Kintsugi taught by Jun. The history and explanation of the meaning and process of Kintsugi enhanced the learning experience. The King Street Venue was a great space to get into the right head space to enjoy the process of what you are being taught. Jun's instructions were clear and precise and helped achieve a pretty good piece of modern Kintsugi to take home. Everything is provided, including morning tea, and since you are in the heart of Sydney City you may as well make a day of it :) It was a very relaxing workshop and I'd highly recommend you take a glimpse into a whole new world :)

Pottery class review by Vinny Claridge - Sydney

Adele Egan-Walters Apr 2024

We had a great afternoon learning the Art of Modern Kintsugi.
The venue was central, easy to find, and clean. The teacher and staff were very friendly and knowledgeable right down to the history of where Kintsugi began. Everything we needed was supplied even afternoon tea.
We enjoyed our afternoon very much. Thank you

Marie Hogan Apr 2024

A wonderful experience. Hitomi is very knowledgeable and generous with her time, tips and tricks. I highly recommend it!

Sree Sasidharan Apr 2024

We had the absolute best time at this session! Both Jun San and Hitomi San are the sweetest hosts and very helpful. Extra points for the matcha kitkats! Will surely return in the future for more sessions to learn this beautiful art form.

Avril Cornock Apr 2024

I loved the experience Jun is an excellent teacher the classes are a really inspirational gift. Everything is provided and it has inspired me to learn more and create something unique to keep as a memory. I will definitely purchase the kit and work with Jun

Rochelle Elizabeth Kennedy Apr 2024

Jun & Hitomi are excellent instructors! We enjoyed learning about the history of Kintsugi before creating our beautifully imperfect pieces step by step. Would highly recommend for a fun date!

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Rochelle Elizabeth Kennedy - Sydney

Shelley Fredman Mar 2024

Thoroughly professional, informative and pleasant class learning beautifully from Sensai.

Excited to repair a few broken things at home now I have the skill.

Highly recommend!

Arigatou gozaimasu

Phillip Hoy Mar 2024

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Nice venue, knowledgeable teacher, relaxing process and good value for money. Made a valet tray over the two hours, which is now used to keep lots of loose objects on my desk.

Mark Carroll Mar 2024

One of the best classes I’ve ever taken. Teachers explained very well, and were very helpful.

Ayumi Robinson Mar 2024

Great workshop with very relaxing atmosphere. I learn the history of kintsugi and skills and philosophy too.
Highly recommended this workshop if interested.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Ayumi Robinson - Canberra

Myrine Soul Mar 2024

There were four of us which was the perfect number.
Our teacher was patient and extremely helpful.
We were able to leave with a beautiful plate each.

Krystal Scott Mar 2024

Great class, insightful and knowledgeable teachers. Was a very fun day and got to take home a piece of artwork.

Kyo Morita Mar 2024

Very informative and fun workshop. We didn’t get rushed at all but no time to get bored either, it was just right.

The session we took this time was a beginner’s course and all the materials used can be purchased in Australia. Next time I’d like to try the traditional Kintsugi workshop too!

Theodora Chan Mar 2024

Super convenient location, excellent teacher and incredibly fun class!

This is an excellent activity for any occasion. But only was our teacher incredibly knowledgeable and nurturing, but we learned so much about Japanese history and much more.

It was a small, intimate class and I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a special activity.

Pottery class review by Theodora Chan - Sydney

Fiona Mar 2024

Nariko made us feel so welcomed and calm entering the studio. All the materials were provided (plates, carving tools, brushes, glue etc) and there was even a lovely Japanese tea and rice cracker snack break. It was easy to follow through the steps and the whole experience was very enjoyable therapeutic with Studio Ghibli music playing in the background. I loved learning the modern kinstugi method, the history of kinstugi and being able to take home the finished product was a lovely momentum. Thanks Nariko!

Ray Male Mar 2024

The instruction was very comprehensive and clear. I am looking forward to the next class.

Yelena Tanianski Mar 2024

Attended the beginner's class with a friend and absolutely loved it! Jun was excellent at sharing his knowledge and Japanese history. 2 hrs flew by and I will definitely be back again.

Nicole Fong Mar 2024

Noriko was a lovely, helpful and friendly instructor. Her hands on and patient approach made it so easy to follow the kintsugi process, and the bits of kintsugi history and background, and tea break with snacks kept the session interesting.

I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned to the broken ceramics i have at home. The kintsugi kit that Noriko stocked was an easy way to try it for myself.

I was gifted the class as a birthday present and absolutely loved the experience and the values of repurposing broken items with an artistic flair, mindfulness and focus throughout the process, and giving new life to things that people would usually otherwise discard!

Rhonda Venables Mar 2024

Enjoyed learning the process, the History of the craft. & the teacher was attentive, clear explanations & very pleased with the results.????

Sue Goldman Mar 2024

Received a voucher for my birthday. Great gift. I had a fabulous time.
Teacher is patient and very educational.
Highly recommended!
You get to home what you made during the class

Stuart Allabush Mar 2024

I learned so much in a short space of time. Thanks to Hitomi who shared her skills with the class explaining a little of the kintsugi history as well as the techniques used to fix my own little project.

Merran Morrison Mar 2024

I had so much fun, and learnt so much. All the broken favourite pieces of china and ceramics i have can now be brought to life again. the amazing thing about Kintsugi is they actually become more beautiful

Emma Gallagher Mar 2024

My husband and I did the beginner class for our anniversary. Sensei Hitomi was so welcoming, detailed and patient. We learnt about the meaning and history of kintsugi as well as how to repeat success. and delicious tea and snacks! Arigoto

Julijana Gugucevski Mar 2024

A really great experience that was also very insightful. Our instructor was wonderful! Thank you!

Sally Baker Feb 2024

Most enjoyable experience with very knowledgable and kind teachers. Looking forward to future Kinsugi workshops.

Trent Bartlett Feb 2024

Was an excellent and unique date experience. Would highly recommend this class and the teachers.

Suzanne Bailey Feb 2024

I received a voucher to do the Kintsugi class for Christmas from my husband. I took my good friend along with me and we had such a great time. We learned the history of Kintsugi and the instructors took us through the process of repairing a broken plate using the Kintsugi method, one step at a time. I feel inspired to try out this method at home myself. Jun sun was a great teacher and we enjoyed our refreshing green tea and matcha Kit-Kat to refuel us halfway through the class.

Amanda Cole Feb 2024

The class was very well run. The teachers were friendly, experienced and knowledgeable and the class was timed perfectly so everyone could complete each step with assistance as required.

Jennifer Guarino Feb 2024

Class was awesome, well organized and we were taken through step by step. Final result was beautiful. I have always wanted to learn Kintsugi and Master Jun's method is something I can understand and repeat. I highly recommend this class.

Justine Coleman Feb 2024

What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Senseis Jun and Hitomi were amazing teachers - so well organised, encouraging and generous with stories and skills. I can't believe I was able to repair a plate in just two hours whilst learning so much about Japan.
Thank you SO much!

Pottery class review by Justine Coleman - Melbourne

Linh Nguyen Feb 2024

I booked the workshop as I've always fascinated by the ideology of Kintsugi. It was very therapeutic just as I needed and very informative too. There are lots of instructors out there teaching the same thing but i'm glad I booked with Jun and Hitomi, they are very knowledgeable about this form of arts and its history too. I absolutely loved the whole experience and i'm planning to come back to learn traditional method

Desanka Feb 2024

Would give this authentic Japanese experience six stars if I could - it was awesome on so many levels. Hitomi was a hands-on teacher who checked on each of her students equally to make sure we were completing each step correctly and mastered the techniques. So much so that when we finished we were confident we could continue this amazing craft at home. The kit (purchased separately) was great value too. Jun was great support and treated us to a fun Japanese morning tea break. The history of kintsugi was fascinating and delivered with humour. The course was great therapy esp when you understand how the philosophy of kintsugi can be applied to our own lives. I am not usually great with crafts but I was so thrilled with my finished masterpiece - testimony to the great materials and teachers in Hitomi and Jun. Little wonder these classes are so heavily booked.

Joanne Sweeney Feb 2024

Such fun and a beautiful skill to learn. Thanks Jun for teaching us! Engaging, and just the right length!

Meredith Doyle Feb 2024

I found this course incredibly knowledgeable, as short as it was, we have been given enough information to push forward confidently. But there is support available if you need/want it, well done Jun san, thank you, thank you, thank you.

James Kaaden Feb 2024

A great class and a highly recommended pastime for those looking for moments of mindfulness in our busy world.

Pottery class review by James Kaaden - Melbourne

Merryn Burt Feb 2024

Very clear teaching and came away with skills to use in the future as well as a lovely piece to use now.

Mrs Yelka Lajic Feb 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

This course was amazing, we were provided with a wonderful introduction, history of Kintsugi. The teachers were friendly and helpful throughout, provided instructions and guidance through every step if tge Kintsugi process. Met some wonderful people. Thoroughly recommend.

Justine Sharman Feb 2024

My sister in law gave me this class for my birthday and we went to the class together. We really enjoyed it. The teachers were fabulous, the class was well run and was great value.

Laura Redaelli Feb 2024

Amazing class!
It’s nice to learn a bit about Japanese culture and a new craft.
The teachers are lovely, helpful and explain very well.

Pottery class review by Laura Redaelli - Melbourne

Meredith Doyle Feb 2024

Fantastic, I really enjoyed it, now onto the traditional Kintsugi class, looking forward to that class so much ️

Margaret J Thomson Feb 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Class was a voucher from my son. Teacher was lovely - very encouraging and helpful. I emjoyed the experience and was happy with my finished product

Dianne Wilson Feb 2024

Absolutely enjoyed this workshop. Hitomi is a friendly knowledgeable lady with excellent teaching skills. She was encouraging and helpful while giving increasing independence and feedback. I would highly recommend. Loved every minute

Pottery class review by Dianne Wilson - Melbourne

Vicki Lu Feb 2024

This workshop was well organised, paced and fun. Every little feature from how to keep the table clean to times between glue drying was perfectly planned.

Jesika Dawnn Feb 2024

This class was chosen as a gift for my friends birthday and it was a great way to celebrate. Not only did we learn a new technique, we also had a fun history talk by Noriko. Everything was explained well and our project was completed in the workshop time which meant we all had a sense of achievement. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to learn something new and interesting.

Lynne Lee Feb 2024

Instructor taught very well, enjoyed class! Not difficult to pick this up as a beginner. Finished product looked good.

Lyndon Smith Feb 2024

A very good time, teachers are extremely good at what they do. You can tell there's some real talent in that room.

Mary Isabel Pilkinton Feb 2024

I came with my uncle as a Christmas present. We had a lovely time, they were very welcoming, helpful and gave great instruction as well as interesting Japanese history and cultural information. All the materials were good.

Anthea McStay Feb 2024

I was given the introductory course as a gift and had the most wonderful time being gently led through the process, and learning the history and philosophy. A most enjoyable afternoon with a most enjoyable teacher!

Pottery class review by Anthea McStay - Sydney

Samantha Seaton Feb 2024

Excellent class, well explained and Kitome had a lovely teaching style and very easy to follow instructions. Look for ward to attending more classes. I bought the kit to mend some broken items at home. Can't wait.

Stephanie Robinson Feb 2024

Fabulous class in a central location with lovely teacher and everything needed for a fun couple of hours making Kintsugi accessories.

Rebecca Xu Feb 2024

My partner and I attended this class for a Valentine's date. We really loved our teacher, June, who has curated an absolutely wonderful experience. You can tell that a lot of thought and passion has gone into these classes: not only were his instructions very easy to follow and all the material meticulously prepared, we also learnt about the history and cultural role of Kintsugi as well as June's personal experience with this artform. We left feeling like we could definitely do this again ourselves, as June also showed us exactly where to get the all the material needed. Arigato gozaimasu, June! See you next time.

Suanne Sheridan Feb 2024

This class was a great introduction to Kintsugi.
Jun is an excellent and fun teacher.

Aurélie Feb 2024

Easy access location
Comfortable setting
Knowledgeable teacher
Patient and friendly teacher
Great learning experience
I recommend this class

Pottery class review by Aurélie - Sydney

John Redmond Feb 2024

Fantastic! Great class, interesting info about the process and it's history. Excellent teacher. Highly recommended!

Erin Hamby Feb 2024

90 ClassBento workshops attended • 21 reviews

Have done all 3 of the workshops on offer. This one was fabulous fun. Small class size and a lot of creative freedom.
Lots of materials to choose from. Look forward to booking in again

Katrina Lewry Feb 2024

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Loved this class, Jun San and Hiromi San are so generous with their time, energy and sharing their learnings.
They have a very respectful way of sharing the experience of kintsugi.
I love listening to Junsan's stories and the way he explains the processes involved and the background behind kintsugi.
I have done 2 classes and will do more with these guys

Ian Irwin Feb 2024

Noriko was so lovely and had great patience with us. We loved learning about the technique and history behind this beautiful practice. Noriko facilitated a very relaxing and calm class and it was very therapeutic. We highly recommend this class

Karen Sattler Feb 2024

The class is a great snapshot of a wonderful art practice. Incorporating modern techniques but coupled with a trip to historic Japan, the two hours roles by seamlessly. Added with a little tea ceremony and some lovely personal touches, Noriko-sensai was personable, warm and well informed.

Terri Bettany Feb 2024

What wonderful class! An introduction to the history and beauty of Kintsugi. Thank you Jun and Hitomi

Patricia Sellars Feb 2024

The most gracious host. Wonderful patient teacher.
The materials were great
I really loved the simplicity each step of the way took to bring the piece together
I just want to do it again

Maxwell Piaggio Feb 2024

Jun-san was a fantastic sensei. He’s very skilled and knowledgeable as well as engaging during his workshops. I learnt a lot over the two days and look forward to continuing my Kintsugi practice

Christine Fea Feb 2024

The teacher and assistant were very helpful, especially as I have mobility difficulty. The teacher was very friendly and helpful. I think everyone enjoyed the workshop. The morning tea was lovely and our plate at the end was very good. Would definitely recommend this workshop.

Pottery class review by Christine Fea - Brisbane

Janet Danielson Feb 2024

Well taught, fun and interesting. The teacher was very kind and encouraging. No need to be perfect.

Stephanie Mace Feb 2024

I couldn’t be more impressed by this workshop. I will be recommending it to many. I use the concept in my work with children and their families, and can now fully appreciate the process. Thank you for your patience and thorough teaching!

Victoria Nash Feb 2024

Teachers welcoming and friendly. Explained each step carefully and offered help as needed. Loved the pace of the class, the history lesson attached and the tea break included.

Lis Clough Feb 2024

Got a voucher for my 60th birthday from my son. Instruction was great- clear and informative, and we all produced a lovely piece!

Wendy Downes Feb 2024

The class was professionally run with lots of information. The teaching team were kind, organised and fun. I now feel equipped to start on some of my own projects. Thank you.

Katie Lawton Feb 2024

Our teacher Jun-san was very helpful and kind. My son and I really enjoyed the session. Thank you Jun-san!

Rizal Indrawan Feb 2024

We did this for our wedding anniversary and it was the best experience ever! Thank you Jun! You’re a great teacher. Very patient and knowledgeable. Now we can do Kintsugi

Carroll Go-Sam Feb 2024

The teachers were delightful, engaging & provided clear step by step instructions. Kintsugi is more complex than it appears at first glance. I came away with a much greater appreciation of its art and emotional association.

Tristan Dylan Beisler Feb 2024

Wonderful class. Very fun and informative. All the matirials were provided. Snacks were awsome too

Sean McBride Feb 2024

So much fun and you learn about the history as well. And there’s snacks :-)

Sue Ure Feb 2024

A really well run workshop, excellent materials. The presenters were enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. It was fun! Easy off street parking, venue itself was good. I left with new skills I feel confident to try. Thanks!

Bronwyn Coker Feb 2024

This class was excellent! Miyoko was a great teacher and we were able to complete a dish in class which we took home!

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Bronwyn Coker - Sydney

Philip Siddall Feb 2024

Miyoko was great. Very good at explaining the steps and good fun. And very satisfying to produce a beautiful dish in 2 hours.

Jeremy Nguyen Feb 2024

I loved the lesson. The teacher miyoko made kintsugi very approachable and gave me confidence when I start my own project in the future.

Hannah Newnham Feb 2024

The sensei was so lovely and welcoming. It was a really engaging and fun class. The booking options were flexible and accommodating. The venue was easy to find and accessible. We had such a great time and love our finished plates!

Holly de Havilland Jan 2024

Really fun workshop. Very knowlegable and hospitable hosts. Good central location in the CBD. Great value for money. Loved the experience and would recommend!

Pottery class review by Holly de Havilland - Sydney

Jacinda Adriana Pangaribuan Jan 2024

We had a wonderful time learning about Kintsugi with Hitomi-san's patient guidance. Her stories were fascinating and the philosophy behind Kintsugi is very inspiring.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Jacinda Adriana Pangaribuan - Sydney

Kelly Tang Jan 2024

I went to Hitomi-san's modern kintsugi class with two girlfriends (celebrating an engagement)! The whole process was really fun - we loved learning about the history and philosophy of kintsugi while we worked on our plate!

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Kelly Tang - Sydney

Jenny Croft Jan 2024

This was an excellent experience! It's at a studio owned by a Japanese couple. Hitomi is very patient, great story teller and very good at guiding you how to do kintsugi. All materials are provided and we are given information about what tools and products are required if we want to continue to practice kintsugi ourselves. This was a great way to spend an afternoon in an intimate small class - and a great bday present. 10/10!

Nichola Walker Jan 2024

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Great class with Hitomi! Was grest as a date with a small class size and great direction

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Nichola Walker - Sydney

Jemima Shafei-Ongu Jan 2024

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Our teacher, Jun, was lovely (skilled, fiddly and knowledgeable) and walked us through everything with detail, patience, attentiveness and encouragement. His knowledge of the artform comes from a bredth of training under several different Kintsugi masters in Japan. His wife, Hitimi was also very helpful with any administrative needs. We were even treated to a Sencha tea, delicious Japanese honey soy rice cracker and a green tea KitKat. We really enjoyed our time there learning about/ making our own Kintsugi. It has definitely interested me in the class with traditional organic products (which they also run) - this class uses the contemporary commercial products of glue and putty to stick the pieces together (which makes it really easy to replicate at home). A fun and relaxing creative time out - highly recommended.

Sarah Won Jan 2024

Thank you Jun- san!
It was a lovely experience and I learnt so much in the short time we had.
It’s a lovely small group experience and really calming ☺️

Highly recommend it!

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Sarah Won - Sydney

Kathleen Qian Jan 2024

It’s such a great opportunity to learn Kintsugi skills and history in 2 hours.
The class is such a great fun and meaningful experience. Jun-san is a great teacher, and I can easily follow the step one by one.

Paul Ward Jan 2024

Great workshop! Interesting and generous in time and in sharing their wealth of information! Thankyou.

Ellen Kinmont Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Jun-san was a fantastic Kintsugi teacher and made our class super enjoyable! He gave us great detail about the history of Kintsugi and his own journey as well as very clear and helpful instructions throughout the class to repair our dishes. Jun-san was very encouraging as well and helped us where we needed it!

All the materials we needed were provided for us and were easy to use. We did a private class which was great value for money and made a great work team event for something different!

Hitomi-san also prepared some snacks and Sencha green tea as a refreshment during the class which was delicious! Would definitely do the class again or try Hitomi-san's jewellery Kintsugi class!

James Leung Jan 2024

Great experience, Hitomi was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The snacks and tea were an added bonus!

Margaret Wilcoxon Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Fun, organised and great teacher. Enjoyed this quick kinstugi class very much learned history as well.

Julie Retter Jan 2024

We were are group totalling 4 who had a great afternoon learning all about kintsugi.
Hitomi, our teacher, was patient guiding each of us and answering all of our questions. She was very encouraging and gave advice when needed. The studio was centrally located in Sydney CBD and was a quiet oasis.
All equipment and items were provided by her and allowed for plenty of choice of sea glass and ceramic pieces. She provided some Japanese refreshment as well.
We were all very pleased with the items we made.
I would highly recommend this experience.

Margaret Turnbull Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher was excellent she gave clear instructions and shared interesting stories about the craft. The class was small so we had plenty of individual guidance. It was a beautiful well-lit room.

Susan Baumann Jan 2024

Unexpectedly I had a private class so Jun, the teacher, gave me all his attention. The tools and supplies needed were beautifully set out. I was given some history of kintsugi as well as written notes to take home. Jun’s instructions were very clear and there was plenty of time to do each task. I chose to buy a kit with all I would need to do some more kintsugi at home. Details of the dojo, which I could attend, were also given.

Christine Dickson Jan 2024

Many thanks to Noriko san for a wonderful morning. My girlfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed learning of the history of Kintsugi and being able to bring new life to our broken plates. We look forward to coming again. Arigato.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Christine Dickson - Sydney

Margaret Stewart Jan 2024

Noriko was delightful. Her instructions were clear; her attention to detail was terrific and the final product was very attractive. I enjoyed the cultural background to kintsugi.

Rebecca Barnott-Clement Jan 2024

Our teacher was really lovely, very friendly and professional. She made the Kintsugi process interesting and accessible, with lots of great facts about the history of Kintsugi and the difference between modern and traditional approaches.

Jade Cundle Jan 2024

Such an amazing class! Lots of interesting facts and history about Kintsugi and such passion and energy from our instructor.
The steps were easy to follow and a beautiful plate fixed using Kintsugi to take home. Definitely interested to come back and try the traditional method class!

Rachael McKenzie Jan 2024

Was a fantastic class - very informative and easy to follow instructions ! I will be back for a Dojo class ! Thank you for a great afternoon!

Pottery class review by Rachael McKenzie - Sydney

Michelle Camilleri Jan 2024

Brilliant! Had a fabulous time. Love the philosophy and tuition. Thank you kindly team. Thanks.

Jamie Duncan Jan 2024

Had a great time learning about the history of the art of Kintsugi while learning how to do the modern method. All the tools and materials were provided and I was able to take home my repaired plate at the end of the workshop.

Natasha Burtenshaw Jan 2024

Fantastic class and very well organised. Highly recommend. Enjoyed the option for our private group of four.

Jassy Husk Jan 2024

amazing experience, strongly recommend this for with mates. The teacher and the space were great

Robert Swift Jan 2024

A fabulous introduction to Kintsugi. A pleasant welcome; plenty of space and good light to work on the project, as well as good materials. The explanation of the step wise process to restore the plate was clear and the teacher helpful and available.
We might well step up and try the 'Dojo challenge' for our own broken plates and cups!

Shelley Jones Jan 2024

Miyoki (apologies if I have spelling incorrect) was a fantastic facilitator. We learnt about the origins of kintsugi which I found most interesting, and the knowledge sharing of proper technique and guidance along the way was most appreciated. Definitely recommend. Great value and a lovely time had by my friend and I to do something a little different together.

Charlie Oxford Dec 2023

This class was amazing. Our teacher was brilliant. Highly recommend to anyone thinking of going

Mahzabin Anindita Dec 2023

It was a great experience. Our teacher was very helpful and informative. I might join the practice session

David Chen Dec 2023

Excellent class. Friendly, engaging teacher. We found it very enjoyable and interesting to learn about the history of Kintsugi!

Elena Marouchos Dec 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

What an absolute treat it was to spend the time with Master Jun. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. Jun's stories and patience were not only endearing but appreciated. The tea and treats were a lovely touch too.

Jodie Vandermeer Dec 2023

Hitomi San was an amazing teacher and the lesson was so enjoyable. I can highly recommend the experience.

Callum Cashel Dec 2023

We had an excellent experience with Hitomi. Her instructions were clear and easy to follow. Her depth of knowledge in the artform and Japanese history was exceptional. It is often the case with crafts such as this where you do a great one-off class, but it is prohibitively expensive or technically difficult to practice the art at home. With Hitomi's Kintsugi class, I am confident I have the skill and access to materials needed to continue practicing kintsugi on a number of items that are broken at home. Arigato gozaimasu!

Neave Taylor Dec 2023

Such a fantastic class! Instructions were very clear and the snacks and tea provided were also delicious. The class went by so quickly but we never felt rushed. We look forward to applying the skills we learnt at home.

Siew Rowe Dec 2023

I attended the Traditional Kintsugi Basic Course recently. My teacher, Jun-San is very knowledgeable and patient in teaching the basics of Kintsugi and goes through every step clearly. I like how he shared the history of Kintsugi before we start the lesson.

Marylyn Whitwell Dec 2023

Myoko greeted me, and made me feel comfortable. A delightful lady. I enjoyed that not only did I get to explore a new skill, but also to learn a little insight into Japan and the history. I can’t pretend that I produced a perfect result, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. All the equipment was provided, and I was encouraged to photograph all steps, and equipment so that I can work at home too.
A delightful way to learn, and spend my afternoon.
Although my finished plate may not be perfect, I enjoyed the experience, and my little plate
Thank you.

ps. I would add photos, if I knew how to do it.

Ling Ka Yi Dec 2023

Amazing class by Hitomi san. I had a fun and relaxing time while I made my own kinstugi earrings and pendant. I would highly recommend this unique class to any one who enjoys making accessories for themselves or as a gift!

Nola Evangelou Dec 2023

The class was wonderful
Our teacher, Hitsumi, was so informative and very patient at every stage of the process. Her knowledge allowed me to understand the history and the importance of kintsugi over the past 500 years, but also the spiritual importance it allows people to have. Thank you, Hitsumi! I would love to learn and do more in the future! Arigato!

Claire Williams Dec 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Absolutely fantastic class. Super informative and super fun. I learnt so much and the teacher was amazing amd knowledgeable. Great location, well priced. Everything was provided, including a lovely afternoon tea
Highly recommend this course whether you have no experience or even want to expand your knowledge and talents. Highlight of my weekend ❤️

Keenan Consul Dec 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Teacher was very helpful and patient with everyone, felt like time flew by as it was very enjoyable class.

Catherine O'Kane Dec 2023

Jun was a warm, kind and very good teacher. I really enjoyed the kintsugi workshop. The class was well paced, and I am very pleased with the plate that we repaired using this method. I would defiantly recommend their classes to others!

Maggie Murphy Dec 2023

Absolutely loved this class! The instructions were easy to follow and understandable. The instructors were so kind and patient, helping everyone who needed it with a smile on their faces. I love my plate and am excited to make more by myself, as the instructions and materials needed were all explained so well! Highly recommend to anyone considering!

Janet Gomes Dec 2023

Beautiful instructor and very helpful. Most enjoyable morning. Enjoyed the history of Kintsugi. Thank you

Nan Jordan Dec 2023

We had a positive experience. Clear and easy to follow instructions. Our instructor was very patient and available to assist and give helpful feedback. Overall nice and relaxing environment. We enjoyed ourselves and will recommend this to our friends

Juliet Goodchild Dec 2023

Perfectly planned class with all material supplied and good attention to detail needed by a beginner. Background to the art explained well. The importance of less is more well explained

Anne Faichney Dec 2023

Good directions
Though car park doors closed

Clear instructions

I liked the history shared

Equipment provided and a pack to buy at the end so able to begin process without trying to source materials.

Dominic Witkop Dec 2023

My partner and I had a wonderful time. A very welcoming environment. Not only did we learn kintsugi but we got a crash course in its history and philosophy. The whole experience was enjoyable and the Japanese tea with Matcha flavoured Kit Kat provided by Noriko was delicious. Noriko was an excellent sensei and I highly recommend the class.

Pottery class review by Dominic Witkop - Sydney

Sarah Jones Dec 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Wonderfully patient teacher and I'm so grateful we were taught a brief background about Kintsugi as it was a perfect setting for trying it out.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Sarah Jones - Melbourne

Kerry McGlashan Dec 2023

Very interesting history, all the materials were provided, great teachings by Noriko, she was so lovely.

Phillip Quin Dec 2023

Teacher was great. Class was relaxing and instructions clear with help when we needed it, and interesting facts. A very pleasant experience.

Carolyn Holmes Dec 2023

had a great time. the teacher was very knowledgeable and friendly, everything we needed was at our finger tips. The time passed very quickly, and we all took home our plate which looked great! would recommend this class .

Carol Annis-Brown Dec 2023

Jin is an excellent teacher and his class was well presented and all equipment was provided and each step was explained in detail and he was very supportive and helpful in guiding us through each step. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and hope to join him next year for another class.

Anne Henne Dec 2023

Such a lovely and relaxing activity ti do .Jun was very nice and encouraging. I enjoyed learning some of the skill.
I was very relaxed with the group.
I recommend for people to try this course.

Hazel Morris Dec 2023

Really insightful into the art, but also history and culture. A very peaceful atmosphere learning a new skill from a very experienced tutor

Teresa Chan Dec 2023

Jun was an excellent teacher. I had a fantastic time, learning a new skill. Highly recommended.

Pottery class review by Teresa Chan - Sydney

Aneta Walkowska-Smith Nov 2023

Absolutely loved everything about it! Learned so much not only about Kintsugi but about Japan in general. Thank you!

Liz Lobb Nov 2023

This was a fabulous lesson. The teacher Jun was so patient and meticulous. A true craftsman and Master of Kintsugi. The process was step by step and you are guided through each step to create a beautiful piece. I love the philosophy behind it as well and it reminds me of Leonard Cohen's song - "there is a crack in everything - that's how the light gets in". A truly meditative experience and I would recommend it for all.

Nikita Bhula Nov 2023

My partner and I recently attended this short course, after finding it online. We had a lovely afternoon in a calm environment, learning about this new skill. Our teacher was Miyoko - she was friendly and kind, well informed. We loved the experience! THANK YOU to Miyoko for such a lovely, well guided experience.

Aryan Chawla Nov 2023

Jun-san was very friendly and passionate about the craft. He took his time to explain the history behind kintsugi, teach us more about the symbolism behind it and was very helpful when we were repairing the plate. Well worth the visit to learn a new skill