Fun social art, craft and culinary classes for NDIS participants

Social inclusive fun for NDIS participants

🎨 ClassBento has a wide range of fun art, craft and culinary classes, that are perfect for social and community participation.

Our classes highly rated, with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5, from 82778 reviews.

🧠 Creative classes are a proven way to reduce stress, improve mental wellbeing and creativity.

💻 You can easily use your NDIS funding to book these in. We offer both in-person and virtual classes.

👩‍🏫 Meet our friendly teachers, and enjoy a relaxing experience, in a casual environment. Almost all our classes are beginner-friendly, with materials provided.

🎫 If you're self-managed, you can just book in classes directly - we'll automatically send you invoices upon receiving your bookings, which you can then claim with NDIS.

🎟️ If you use a plan manager, just follow the easy process below. We work with My Plan Manager, Moira, Plan Partners, Leap In, Instacare, Integra, Bright Plan Management, Your Choice DPM, and much more.

💖 We've already had 1,000+ NDIS participants attend classes with us, with great reviews. We can't wait to welcome you too!

How it works

Watch our explainer video here ▶️ or just follow the 8 simple steps below


Check that your NDIS plan covers our classes.

The support categories that participants typically use on our classes are Social & community participation, and Capacity building.

If you're unsure, please ask your plan manager.


Create an account with us, by filling the form below (takes less than a minute)

This account will allow you to book classes, via a special invoicing process, explained in the next few steps.

If you are a support coordinator booking on behalf of multiple clients, please create a separate account for each client. If you'd like all communications to go to your email, when creating accounts on our site, you can use your email and then add a "|" at the end to make it unique, E.g. [email protected]|clientName1, [email protected]|clientName2


Browse our classes, and get invoices

Find a class you like, select a preferred date, then click the 'Book' button. You'll be taken to the 'checkout' page. There, click the button to get your NDIS invoice.

If you'd like your support worker to attend with you, please either:

  • Adjust the number of guests in the checkout, to 2 (i.e. pay for your support worker)
  • Or, ask the teacher if the support worker can attend for free. Do this before you create your NDIS invoice


You send the invoice(s) to your plan manager


Your plan manager pays ClassBento

This could be as fast as a few days, or it could take several weeks; it really depends on your plan manager.

To follow up on the status of these payments, you should contact your plan manager directly.

It may be a good idea to book classes that are several weeks away in the future, to allow enough time for the payments to arrive.


We book you in

We'll book you into your class, within 2 business days of receiving the payment.

If your class date has passed or it got sold out, we'll get in touch to let you reschedule, or use the funds towards another class.


You'll be notified via email

Once we book you in, you'll immediately get an order confirmation email with all the information you'll need.

Then, one day before the class, we'll send you a reminder.

If you haven't received an order confirmation email yet, it means that we haven't yet received the funds and processed your order, so please wait to receive this email before you attend the class. You may need to check your spam or promotions email folders.


Attend and enjoy the class!

When you're ready, go back to step 3 and book some more classes!

Create an account

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Participant details

Only required if you order kits shipped to you. P.O. boxes are not allowed

At least 8 characters

Invoice details

E.g. 'X Plan Manager' or 'Self-managed'

E.g. "12345678"

E.g. "Support Category 3.09: Social & community participation"




Q: I've downloaded an invoice. Does that mean that I'm booked into the class?

A: No. Please send the invoice to your plan manager. After we've received payment from them (which could take a few weeks), we'll book you in and send you an order confirmation email. That's when you're booked in.

Q: I've booked into a class, now I'd like to change the date, how can I do that?

A: Please click here to get in touch with our customer service team, and they'll be happy to assist you.

Q: How can I change my plan manager or other details on my profile?

A: You can update this via the "Update invoice details" button, on your account page

Q: I've created a few invoices. How can I access the past invoices I've created?

A: You can see a list of past invoices, from your account page

Q: I'm a support coordinator, and want to get invoices for my different clients. How can I do that?

A: For each client, please login, get the invoices, then logout, then login with the next client's details, and so on.

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