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Who are we?

Classbento is a platform that offers Sydney's best fun classes.

Our teachers include artists, local businesses (e.g. cafes, restaurants, pattiseries and florists), dedicated creative teachers, and even those whose full-time occupation has nothing to do with what they teach on Classbento.

What they share in common is that they're great at what they do, and also incredible passionate about it - teaching makes them happy. The additional income stream and flexibility is a nice bonus too.

At Classbento, we want to elevate the arts and celebrate our local artists. We want to make the arts accessible, appealing and affordable for our community, through our workshops. We want to encourage people to ignite their curiousity, share ideas, form meaningful social connections, and to unleash their creativity.

We also want to promote mental wellbeing, not only through encouraging mindfulness via our classes, but also through our donations to Dementia Australia (we donate with every booking).

We make connecting teachers and students a much easier process. We have market-leading website features to do just that, and we're constantly working to improve even further.

When you teach with Classbento, you'll be supporting our mission, and partnering with our passionate founders, who will support you every step of the way.


You're the boss

* if you're an established teacher and expect high numbers of students, we're happy to consider a lower rate, just get in touch

It's easy


Introduce yourself

Create a profile, then list a class or two, all in under 5 minutes.

Need a venue? We've got plenty


Get students

List specific dates for your class

- and/or -

Indicate times when you're generally available, for students to request from.


Teach and earn

Students pay on Classbento, and we'll pay you within 10 days after your class, less our commission.

We incentivise students to give you reviews.

Our platform is built specifically for teachers

Are you spending too much time trying to arrange times that suit both you and the student(s)?

Perhaps you're busy, and can't just allow students to book at many times - you'd like to be able to decide whether to accept each booking?

Maybe you cater to custom events, but want to easily invoice and collect nice reviews?

And of course, you want you and your class presented in the best possible way.

Classbento is built by teachers, for teachers. Our unique features will help you solve these problems, save time and get more students.


We'll simplify the mutual time finding exercise for you.

Let students pick from your generally available hours.

You then get notified and can confirm or decline each request.

The student then gets a customised booking link.


See how it works on a real class

Custom event invoicing

Invoice your students for anything, easily.

Just enter some basic details: Date, number of students, 1 sentence class description, price.

You'll get a unique booking link. Send that to your student.

They book and pay securely online with that link.

You'll get notified. They can provide reviews later.

Beautiful class pages

Feature up to 6 images per class, and an extra 5 in your profile.

Include a class video if you have one.

Easily include your Instagram feed to show students more about you.

We'll incentivise students to provide reviews, so you can show those too.

See how it can look


If you have your own website, wouldn't it be nice to allow visitors to use Classbento to send you Requests, and buy gift cards?

It's as easy as using one of our buttons or links, which you can easily embed on your website.

You can customise them as much or as little as you want.

We're also happy to take a lower commission on bookings that come from your website(s).

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