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Among the Trees is an ethical and sustainability based start-up for reclaimed timber located in Marrickville. 
Saving timber from demolitions or other discarded uses and making it available to the public through a retail timber shop and woodworking classes. Accessibility to wood doesn't just mean being wheelchair friendly (which we are), it also means helping customers understand how to use and source reclaimed timber. To make it as easy as possible to work with, we offer custom machining and glueing, so the timber in our store can be squared, resurfaced and cut to specific dimensions. We also help empower individuals to have the confidence to undertake woodworking projects by offering woodworking beginners classes that are taught with simple hand tools. 
Lumberyards and wood workshops can be intimidating sometimes, ATT is one of the few places that caters not only to architects, planners, homeowners as well as carpenters and tradespeople but also to customers that have little to no woodworking experience and are embarking on DIY and student projects or trying their hand at repair, renovating or building. 

Our workshop at Among The Trees is set up to be the perfect space to learn about hand tools, reclaimed timber, and woodworking. We’ve been hard at work collecting, restoring and tuning all the tools required to learn woodworking, and a few extra ones as well.
All-in-all, everyone that is interested in wood is welcome!


Introduction to Woodworking Class

4.9 (20)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Marrickville

1 to 20

label $160

Introduction to Woodwork: Build a Step Stool Course

5.0 (7)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Marrickville

1 to 10

label $269

Woodworking Course: Introduction to Furniture Building

5.0 (2)

date_range 28 Sep, 30 Nov

location_on Marrickville

1 to 8

label $499

Introduction to Whittling: Carve a Small Animal

5.0 (1)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Marrickville

1 to 10

label $199

Introduction to Hand Tool Sharpening Class

5.0 (7)

date_range 22 Jun, 7 Sep

location_on Marrickville

1 to 10

label $337

Wooden Rolling Pin Making Workshop

5.0 (3)

date_range Sun 17 Nov, 10am

location_on Marrickville

1 to 12

label $180

Furniture Finishing Course

5.0 (3)

date_range Sat 24 Aug, 10am

location_on Marrickville

1 to 10

label $299

Picture Framing Class for Beginners

5.0 (10)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Marrickville

1 to 10

label $320

Hand Tool Woodwork Fundamentals Course

5.0 (2)

date_range 21 Aug, 16 Oct

location_on Marrickville

1 to 8

label $499

Furniture Cord Weaving Class

4.9 (10)

date_range 10 Aug, 16 Nov

location_on Marrickville

1 to 10

label $399

Introduction to Upholstery Workshop

5.0 (5)

date_range Sun 4 Aug, 9am

location_on Marrickville

1 to 10

label $349

Spoon Carving Class with Woody Weeds

date_range Sun 7 Jul, 10am

location_on Marrickville

1 to 10

label $165

Green Wood Spoon Carving Workshop

5.0 (4)

date_range Sat 2 Nov, 9am

location_on Marrickville

1 to 10

label $299

Furniture Restoration Woodwork Course

5.0 (2)

date_range Sat 29 Jun, 9am

location_on Marrickville

1 to 10

label $349

Introduction to Power Tools: Build a Planter Box

5.0 (2)

date_range 22 Sep, 14 Dec

location_on Marrickville

1 to 10

label $349

Insect Hotel Building Workshop

date_range 3 Aug, 3 Nov

location_on Marrickville

1 to 10

label $269

Introduction to Woodwork Class: Hand Plane Serving Board

4.5 (2)

date_range Sun 3 Nov, 9am

location_on Marrickville

1 to 10

label $269

Kids Woodworking Workshop

5.0 (2)

8 to 15 years

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Marrickville

1 to 10

label $190 - $350

Adirondack Chair Building Workshop

5.0 (2)

date_range Sat 19 Oct, 9am

location_on Marrickville

1 to 6

label $599

1-Week Hand Tool Woodwork Fundamentals Intensive Course

5.0 (2)

date_range 15 Jul, 30 Sep

location_on Marrickville

1 to 4

label $499

Introduction to Printmaking - Two Saturdays

date_range Sat 13 Jul, 10am

location_on Marrickville

1 to 20

label $350

Box Making Workshop

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Marrickville

1 to 10

label $499

Furniture Restoration Woodwork Evening Course

date_range Thu 25 Jul, 6pm

location_on Marrickville

1 to 10

label $649

Introduction to Tool Restoration

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Marrickville

8 to 10

label $299

Recycled Timber Ramen Dinner Set Course

5.0 (1)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Marrickville

8 to 10

label $399

Introduction to Printmaking

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Marrickville

10 to 20

label $350

Woodworking Course: Make a Three-Legged Stool

5.0 (1)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Marrickville

6 to 8

label $499

Wooden Mallet Making Class

5.0 (4)

date_range Contact for details

location_on Marrickville

1 to 8

label $269





Jane Compton May 2024

Great class. really well organised, and the folks running it were genuinely interested in how they could improve it. they gave everyone the attention they needed, and made it seem pretty seamless. that must've been really difficult with a random group. I'm surprised and so happy that I managed to come away with a complete side table in two very full days. course was excellent value for money. I was a total newbie and found I just had to pick up the tools/glue/wood and give it a go. everyone stuffed up something, and that was the best thing - it's hard to know how to fix mistakes when you are doing stuff on your own (this applies to sewing, baking etc as well as woodwork).

Ed Brown May 2024

Turns out when you’re an adult you can pay to learn stuff in 6-p groups that you couldn’t process in high school d&t!

Allyssa Lacap May 2024

The course was educational, full of hidden tips and tricks that Luke shared with the group. Luke is well versed in the tools at the warehouse. The attentiveness Luke gave each students is appreciated. I highly recommend the business & program.

Woodworking class review by Allyssa Lacap - Sydney

Matteo Scalon May 2024

The class and project was awesome
Mark is very professional and I learned a lot
One minor down points… the router table need to be corded not battery powered one … but apart from that the environment and the class is very well functional
The wood used is perfect but can be very frustrating (cracks very easily)
I think the use of a drill press will make the process of pre drilling much more efficient
I enjoyed the class with the other students
Very happy and interested in other courses

Woodworking class review by Matteo Scalon - Sydney

Jenine Cahill May 2024

Out teacher Mark was incredibly patient and generous with his knowledge and help. Class went much longer than planned due to some battery charging issues for the tools. But the day was great and the end product fantastic. I highly recommend and will do another class.

Helen Napolitano Apr 2024

A wonderful day. Excellent introduction to woodwork from Noel, who was very patient, thank you! My 8 year old won’t stop talking about it, we will be back soon.

Michelle Loye Apr 2024

Great to have a parent / kid class. Very good teacher, was helpful and a fun class

Woodworking class review by Michelle Loye - Sydney

Shi Ying Yong Apr 2024

I attended the ramen dinner set woodworking class over the course of 3 weeks. Steve was an excellent instructor and his passion for woodworking really shines through. Even though we missed the initial class, he caught us up by the end of the course to ensure that we had a set with chopsticks spoon tray and a coaster. He was informative on the different tools that we could use and always made sure to give us options in case we wanted to explore different
tools. The wood provided was beautiful and I learn a lot from this class. It was good value for money and I would recommend the course to my friends and family. Thank you Steve.

Linda Blair Apr 2024

Really enjoyable day. Nick was a great teacher and I look forward to doing more carving.

Ian Macgregor Apr 2024

We are an older couple without experience in woodworking activities, however, we both came away satisfied with our completed picture frames, and we enjoyed the whole experience. Our Teacher, Liz, was very knowledgeable and patient with our progress throughout the day, as was Luke, who also assisted the participants on the day. The workshop provided all the necessary tools and framing equipment as well as clear instructions on how to best approach the task. We would recommend this course to others who would like to spend a day learning new frame creating skills through what we found to be an enjoyable workshop which, on completion, provided us with a framed picture which we created ourselves from scratch. Thank you Liz and Luke.

Nolan Phillips Apr 2024

Wonderful setting content and delivery I will be attending more courses soon. Luke was great

Colleen Zurowski Apr 2024

This was a fantastic introduction to using hand tools I didn’t even know existed! And as a wholly inexperienced woodworker I am very pleased with the bench I took home - made by me

Woodworking class review by Colleen Zurowski - Sydney

Matthew Badrov Apr 2024

This course Was
A Xmas present from my kids. I loved every step of the process and the day.
There was clear concise information and guidance and enthusiasm from the teacher Liz and a lot of patience. Loved the day, went smoothly, lots of support and help and all the equipment I needed.

Richard Nolan-Neylan Apr 2024

Liz was amazing.
So was Luke.
It could not have been better.
What you get out of using reclaimed timber is amazing. Do much better than new wood!
You learn so much so definitely worth the money. A great gift idea for anyone.

Picture Framing Class for Beginners review by Richard Nolan-Neylan - Sydney

Cristy Norton Apr 2024

Very interesting and humourous introduction to the world of upholstery and resource upcycling. Annette was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to about the process and further questions beyond what we did in the class. Assistant teacher Sarah also very good mentor to students. Really appreciate such a succinct introduction to a craft I’ve been wanting to learn for ages. Thank you!

Sally-Anne Andrews Apr 2024

It was fun, practical, informative and achievable awesome way to start Upholstery thank you Annette and Sarah

Stefan Goecke Apr 2024

What a great course. We want to upholster some chairs at home and now we know how. The teacher Annette was phantastic and the venue excellent. We really enjoyed it and will book more of these courses soon. Well done Among the trees.

Introduction to Upholstery Workshop review by Stefan Goecke - Sydney

Jane Sharkey Apr 2024

Really sensible and engaging instructor. Well planned and nicely paced. Loved having a stool with gorgeous timber legs, which was a surprise. Very well priced too. Thanks

Peter Natale Apr 2024

I haven't used hand tools for years, so it was great to get back to basics and enjoy woodworking by hand again. Luke was passionate, knowledgeable and extremely helpful, and the workshop if a wonderful place to be creative. Its hard work but the end result is worth it.

Woodworking class review by Peter Natale - Sydney

Vladimir Gligorovski Mar 2024

Well I was there for the introduction it was interesting but had to leave the lesson early because I had a bad back but by the class seemed pretty good

Simone Wilson Mar 2024

This workshop has taken my spoon carving to a whole new place!

Many years ago I had completed a basic spoon carving class using pre-seasoned timbers and I simply loved it.

Recently though I had reached a point where I was really wanting to source my own timber and make use of the various prunings and windfall, from my space.

Then I stumbled across Ingrid’s workshop and it turned out to be just what I was looking for!

Ingrid created a really wonderful learning space.

She taught in casual and almost conversational manner that was relaxed and easygoing, yet she was informative and most encouraging.
And the pace of the class was really good with everyone moving through the process together. I really liked that; no one was left behind.

For me personally, it was the perfect balance.

I found myself revisiting and revising past skills, whilst being given the opportunity to explore and experience many new ones.

At the end of the day, with the myriad of questions I had brought with me having been answered, as I packed up to head home, I was left feeling quietly confident that I could step into the next phase of my spoon carving journey. taking my spoon creations from collection to conception to completion, as a novice greenwood spoon carver.

Much gratitude to Ingrid (and all those behind the scenes) who made such a wonderful workshop possible!

Woodworking class review by Simone Wilson - Sydney

Judith Randall Mar 2024

Great class. It was a nice relaxed atmosphere and Ingrid was a great teacher. She was enthusiastic and helpful and fun.


David Blend Mar 2024

she was great and very knowledgable on the subject -- learned how to use implements on green wood for spoon making
fair value --
the attitude and ability of the teacher to share her knowledge and experience as well as assist whe I had problems

Tim Poindexter Mar 2024

Great class. Luke works hard to make everyone successful in class. Would recommend to other woodworkers.

Glenn Stewart Mar 2024

It was a good class very informative and friendly teacher. I learn some new skills and had plenty to time to practice

James Petersen Feb 2024

Luke and Annette managed to fit an enormous amount of teaching into a single day's class. Starting with basic woodworking techniques and ending with cutting matboard and plexiglass (with a discussion on glass cutting), every stage of making a timber frame was covered, including aesthetics. A range of finishing options were given if you didn't want the in-class oil finish and great hands-on help for the bits you were crap at (matboard is my nemesis). All the tools were set out conveniently and explained, with loads of great tips to help you not go wrong or salvage things if you did (and reassurance that everyone has made the same mistakes!) A big bonus was the sharing of insider knowledge on where to find great recycled bits to make up our future frames. I came out with a frame I love (despite having cocked up a couple of bits) and inspiration for the next one!

Kate Read Feb 2024

Well paced, helpful tips, clear instructions and guidance from the teacher, finished artwork looked fabulous!

Peter Rogers Feb 2024

Steve was a great facilitator. steady and well paced. the venue is incredible and really made me feel like i was about to create something

i made chopsticks that i can use at home, good to go!

great value, i could have stayed all day

Matthew Levy Feb 2024

Was a fantastic class and I was surprisingly pleased with what I created! Instructor Steve was a delight

Carol Faulkner Feb 2024

Excellent course. We’ll paced, lots of practical tips. I highly recommend this course with Cristy.

Woodworking class review by Carol Faulkner - Sydney

Anthony Mifsud Feb 2024

Terrific class. Liz was fun and knowledgeable, offering lots of practical advice, demonstrations and encouragement. Answered all my questions very patiently. Nice group size. Will do another.

Grace Sims Jan 2024

Great teachers, plenty of tools (enough for everyone) and a great pace. Planning on doing another course.

Giselle Nixon Dec 2023

Very fun and engaging class! Learnt a bunch of new skills with different tools & felt challenged in all the right ways. Mark was a great teacher

Athena Newman-Andrews Dec 2023

Noel was friendly, helpful and had endless patience. I learnt a lot and feel confident to continue woodworking on my own now. Thank you!

Gregor Erdmann Dec 2023

Shane was very knowledgeable and willing to share his experience. The other attendees had a great attitude, willing to help each other and learn more.

The structure was flexible, but also structured in the three levels/phases - but also dependant somewhat on what pieces people brought in to repair/were interested in - fortunately Shane also had pieces which we could talk about.

I think realistically, nothing would ever be able to be completed in the two days - and it might be better to position this as an introductory course.

Handouts covering the main points and resources/stores would be handy, as well highlighting the roadmap for follow up courses eg finishing, upholstery etc.

Isabel Ritchie Dec 2023

I had a great weekend and learnt so much.
My teacher was Shane, he was not only so knowledgeable, but very good at breaking the processes down and giving you insight into why each step is so important to achieve a great outcome with your projects. His passion for all to do with woodworking is infectious
The area that was set up for each of us was perfect for working. We were surrounded by all the tools you could need and we got to learn about some too.
The time for the weekend course was perfect.
I learnt about how to go ahead with restoring my side table that has water damage and feel confident I can complete the rest of the restoration on my own now.
Thank you Shane and thank you to Luke and his team for putting this on.

Elly King Nov 2023

This was a perfect class for novices like me! I learnt valuable skills and walked away with a useful object. The instructors, Ingrid and Liz, where really personable, helpful and chilled out.

Elly King Nov 2023

This was a perfect class for novices like me! I learnt valuable skills and walked away with a useful object. The instructors, Ingrid and Liz, where really personable, helpful and chilled out.

Elayne Grace Nov 2023

Was a Fantastic paced class. Great teacher.Nice atmosphere. Great stool to take home. Thank you

Introduction to Woodwork: Build a Step Stool Course review by Elayne Grace - Sydney

Jade Cundle Nov 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

ING and Liz were absolutely amazing! So much information and tips. Definitely booking in another class

Leigh Nankervis Nov 2023

A well paced class. Lots of encouragement.
I left feeling I had acquired some useful skills

Doris Harrison Nov 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Excellent course! Well paced and well taught. Over six weeks you get to learn about the different ways to use hand powered tools to work the wood and craft a three legged stool. Recommend!

Sharon Pitman Nov 2023

Liz was fantastic, Ann was also really helpful. Environment was safe and welcoming. Everything provided was great. A really lovely experience.

Michael Douglas Nov 2023

The Danish cord weaving course was fantastic. Cristy is a brilliant teacher, very knowledgeable and so much fun. A very enjoyable day and well worth the money.

Adam Townsend Nov 2023

teachers were good and knowledgeable. it was a friendly atmosphere and the tools and venue were good.
one suggestion would be to do more making and less talking. I think the pace could have been much faster. there was a lot of talking about related but not pertinent topics. having 2 teachers with slightly different views also led to lots of talk. I was hoping to come out with 2 or 3 spoons which I think would have been possible.

Virginia L Leitch Nov 2023

This was a great workshop. Rarely do you learn a skill from a really good teacher in a supportive environment ( Among the trees are obviously passionate about wood and it’s products) and get to take home not only a great skill but also a really great finished product (includes all of the participants )

Angela Nov 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Had a wonderful experience weaving my new stool. The teacher was friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and had plenty of patience. This was particularly helpful when your weaving got tangled! We had a fun crowd of new friends in the group and it was a great way to spend a Saturday. Would 100% recommend this class or any class run by this teacher. She was great and this class was great value. I go away armed with new skills and eagerness for my next project (and an awesome new stool).

Anna Pizzey Nov 2023

Our teacher was absolutely fabulous. Generous with answering all questions including off piste ones. Lovely to work with. Will definitely do another of her classes.

Jane Davie Nov 2023

The cord weaving course was fabulous. Great workshop venue with all materials provided. Kristy was an amazing teacher patient and very knowledgeable. Really enjoyed it!

Phillippa Clark Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The class was fantastic, I learned so much. I was a complete novice and never realised what skill and knowledge could be gained. I am so grateful.

Marcella Robertson Oct 2023

What a fabulous and fun class! Luke was both relaxed and friendly but also careful that we get the instructions right. The best thing was taking home a bangle that I love and can’t wait to wear. I chose the design shown in the picture and that’s exactly how my bangle looks! I’ll be doing a repeat class so I can make a matching bangle because two together will look fabulous! Thanks Luke

Rauraidh Purnell Oct 2023

After a year or so removed from doing some woodwork, the spatula making course was a great way to get back into it. The teacher was friendly, knowledgable, and gave lots of great advice. Class size was great and the set up allowed you to have a go, but ask questions if you needed some help. Would highly recommend.

Minnie Fabiansson Oct 2023

It was an amazingly fun workshop. Luke was very super friendly and knowledgeable… I still try to figure out the ‘grain’ stuffs but walked home with a beautiful bangle. Thanks guys. Will be back.

Woodworking class review by Minnie Fabiansson - Sydney

Scott Walker Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Noel was great, very patient. He explained not only how to do things but exactly why which I found really helpful and refreshing. Great course.

Woodworking class review by Scott Walker - Sydney

Jenni Wilkins Sep 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Great opportunity to use the skills learned in previous courses at Among the Trees to build my own project. Should also mention I sourced great timber from ATT for my project.
After an induction, some very useful points to refresh my memory and some helpful advice from Luke I was able to go it alone. Very satisfying.
Highly recommended.

Wade Aulich Sep 2023

The teacher was great. Annette took the time to ensure we understood and executed the steps ourselves.

Would highly recommend to anyone who has thought about upholstering but lacked the confidence or know how.

Introduction to Upholstery Workshop review by Wade Aulich - Sydney

Nadezda Begicheva Sep 2023

Covered the basics of woodworking and had a chance to use different tools without any prior experience. The instructor did a great job guiding through the process, explaining when each tool works best.

The best part was when the instructor gave tips about how to assemble a simple furniture from with imperfectly cut parts.

I'm definitely going to take another masterclass.

Karen Zwi Sep 2023

Excellent teaching, guidance, venue and skills building - plus very relaxed and really really good fun

Kelly Bekiaris Sep 2023

The class was thoroughly enjoyable with
simple clear step by step instructions resulting in a wonderfully crafted stool.
Thanks to both facilitators!

Steve Junor Sep 2023

Shane was awesome and knowledgeable. Getting an understanding of wood finishes, how they work, and how to maintain them was excellent. Also a great space to have the class. Well done!

Kate Williams Sep 2023

This was a wonderful course. The teachers were knowledgeable, engaging, kind and chilled.
I feel completely equipped and excited to continue making frames! Woo!

Grace Balicki Sep 2023

Great class good small group with very attentive teachers. Very adaptive and creative. Would recommend

Kate Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Fantastic engaging teachers, well organised and paced class, great value and a fun learning experience- and we got to go home with something gorgeous we created! Thanks Luke and Liz, I’ll definitely be back!

Neil Kaye Sep 2023

The teacher was adaptable and worked at a pace that covered all the course material at a pace that worked for the whole group. He answered all the questions clearly in terms that were understandable

Jennifer Fernandes Sep 2023

Shane is an excellent teacher with a great depth of knowledge and experience. A well planned course that gave a taste of different techniques and finishes, with some helpful background theory. Plenty of time to ask lots of questions. Even some printed notes! Among the Trees is a great venue with passionate, knowledgeable people and excellent resources.

John Black Aug 2023

Hanging undertaken an introductory one-day course in picture framing ( that had an excellent instructor) and an induction course into how to use the workshop I commenced my series of making picture frames.
The workspace, tools and materials plus the ambiance are all of the highest standards. The staff are encouraging and willing to share their knowledge that corrected my errors and offered advice on new techniques.
If any one is a beginning to icture framing this is definitely the venue to learn more.

Nicole Lister Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Another great experience at Among the Trees, this time making a paddle. Hands on with spoke shaves, rasps and hand drills, with excellent tuition from Liz.
I walked away with a beautiful reclaimed timber paddle - sanded and oiled and ready for use. A nice way to spend a Friday night.

Introduction to Woodworking Class review by Nicole Lister - Sydney

Paige Gleeson Aug 2023

I did the paddle making class and it was so great, I would recommend to anymore. I wasn’t even that interested in wood work but booked to go with my sister because she’s really into it… but I ended up loving it and want to go back to do another course. Great instructor and came away with a really nice hand made object.

Introduction to Woodworking Class review by Paige Gleeson - Sydney

Louise Shortus Aug 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

An excellent introduction to sharpening tools, clear teaching , go9d equipment, friendly people. Thank you everyone

Zawadi Sliepen Aug 2023

I've come away with new skills and confidence around sharpening tool. Luke is really knowledgable, calm and clear teacher. Good mix of theory and hands on learning. Also was fun, with a welcoming group of people and a comfortable inclusive space.

Rhaelene Freeman Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great course for beginners or long time tinkerers. I have all the stones in my toolbox and hours of practice but I have always been disappointed with my self taught (aka YouTube) results. Today I walked out with a few ah-ha moments and sharp tools. Very comfortable environment, a generous and experienced instructor and, the time just flew by. Thanks to the Among the Trees staff, time well spent Rhae

Nicole Lister Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

For someone with a basic knowledge of hand tools who knows the importance of sharpening but lacks the know how - this is an excellent course! There was good information pre-course about what to expect, a friendly welcome and a workbench set up with all the equipment ready to go. Luke was an engaging and attentive teacher who assisted us all with our various questions and need for one-on-one sharpening technique help.
Among the Trees is an inspiring space to work in and easy to get to by train.

Introduction to Hand Tool Sharpening Class review by Nicole Lister - Sydney

Jenni Wilkins Aug 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Great instruction from an experienced sharpener and teacher.
Well-organised bench set ups allowed great access to tools and equipment for all participants.
Very satisfying to come home with some very sharp tools!

Su Mariani Aug 2023

Thanks for a great experience. The work shop was well set up and organised.

Our teacher Luz was knowledgeable and took the time to really explain things in different ways for all the learning styles.

It really made you appreciate the hard work that goes into making a square block of wood round.

Woodworking class review by Su Mariani - Sydney

Madeleine Lewis Aug 2023

Absolutely loved this class, Cristy made sure to outline the steps for each milestone to create our stool-top and engaged 1-1 to guide us through the finer details of creating the woven pattern. Cristy's depth of knowledge about the history of the craft added to the overall enjoyment and understand of this craft. Strongly recommend this class for those looking to try a new skill or further develop weaving skills in other disciplines.

Symphony Wong Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Fun and relaxing class, Cristy was knowledgeable and everyone was well looked after even though everyone worked at different paces. We all ended up with a lovely stool to take home.

Clio Dessay Aug 2023

Great course! Super informative, lots of fun and great for beginners! Luke was a really good teacher

Peta Morris Aug 2023

Cristy the teacher was fantastic and really knowledgeable. The class was at the woodworking studio Among the trees in Marrickville which was a great location and space with all the necessary tools and equipment provided.
It was a great day and we learnt about weaving and it’s application on a stool.
Great value for money with the materials provided.

Furniture Cord Weaving Class review by Peta Morris - Sydney

Rodney Carra Jul 2023

Teacher had simple instructions and was very positive. Venue was greatplenty of parking and equipment to use. Great fun and got to take home a handmade spoon.

Woodworking class review by Rodney Carra - Sydney

Aladdin Houssein Jun 2023

Staff friendly. Space clean. Tools are high quality. Room is spacious. Booking cheap. Cannot recommend the venue enough

Chris Beecher Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Fantastic day! Josh was an excellent teacher and made time for everyone working at different paces. Loved the classroom layout and the small class size. Really good experience and am looking forward to going back!

Woodworking class review by Chris Beecher - Sydney

Margaret Black Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Among the Trees is a great venue to learn woodwork. Luke isa professional teacher who is very able to communicate technical detail in a clear and easily understandable manner. The class was paced well and he regularly checks we are all following. The materials provided were excellent and exactly what we needed for the class. I learnt how to a mortice and tenon joint to create a mallet and made some mistakes along the way. Luke was able to assist me with my errors and how to correct them. It was a fun class and I enjoyed the atmosphere and camaraderie.
Thank you!

Jenni Wilkins Jun 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

This was a terrific full day course; well- organised with great tools, benches and materials provided.
Luke is a keen and experienced instructor; his love of the work is obvious and he provides all participants, whatever their level of experience, with personalised attention.
I really enjoyed learning so many new hand tool skills and coming away with a great mallet made from recycled Australian hardwood.
I know I will be back for another course in the future!

Woodworking class review by Jenni Wilkins - Sydney

Aladdin Houssein Jun 2023

As always, the staff is friendly, shop is tidy, tools are well kept and the vibes are immaculate

Matthew Delprado May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The environment, materials and facilities are excellent. Learnt a lot and feel able to tackle projects on my own

Aladdin Houssein Apr 2023

The space is tidy with a range of well kept tools. The staff are friendly and helpful for getting a project done, quickly and safely, to a professional standard.

Pippa Simmons Apr 2023

Liz was friendly and approachable and gave clear instructions and guidance throughout the class. I was very pleased with my end product and would definitely recommend this class to beginner woodworkers.

Aladdin Houssein Apr 2023

Gorgeous studio space with high quality vintage tools and staff which are buzzing with passion to share what they know, going above and beyond at every step. Plus they're sustainable!

Ryan Gao Apr 2023

Host is welcoming and helpful, content is interesting and engaging. Highly recommended for anyone interested to get hands dirty in woodworking

Vivian Li Apr 2023

Did a big private workshop for 20 people - it went spankingly well. Among the Trees was really accommodating for the big group size and for our preferred time & date. Liz, Luke and Noel did an awesome job as facilitators, everyone walked away with a beautiful finished spatula within the 3 hours or paddle and a huge smile. Someone in the group said "Wow I've never done a work event where I actually wanted to keep the thing that we made."

Introduction to Woodworking Class review by Vivian Li - Sydney

Lyndall Katte Mar 2023

Great class! The class was so much fun and it was great to learn how to use some of the woodworking tools and to come away with a spatula that I can use for my cooking The teacher was very encouraging and helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend this class

Hanna Phang Mar 2023

Learned a lot about woodworking in a short time! Liz was amazing and gave us lots of tips.

Jo Li Feb 2023

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Really enjoyed this class, Liz was a great teacher, there was ample time to play around and try all the tools, and went home with a lovely spatula! Will have to come back and do the spoon carving course.

Kaye Lockhart Feb 2023

Liz set us up for a lovely morning whittling away to shape and smooth out a spoon. Then watching magic happen when oiling to reveal the timbre.

Brianna Ritota Feb 2023

Absolutely so much fun and very knowledgeable instructor! Only wish we could've done more!

Therese Toohey Feb 2023

Liz is great
Very patient
It is really stupid that i need to submit to a minimum word limit

Martha Kennedy Feb 2023

We had great time, the space, class and teaching were fabulous and we all had a great time- Would 10/10 recommend

Lucy Davison Feb 2023

The teacher was ammmmazing and the equipment perfect
I will definitely be coming back for a longer course

Sharon Carey Jan 2023

Teacher very informative great detail
With hands on display happy to return for another class

Roger Lavers Jan 2023

By far the best workshop I have been to in all my 81 years.
Teaching was clear and easy to follow. Workshop and tools were in excellent condition. Atmosphere was very friendly.
Outstanding value for money.

Woodworking class review by Roger Lavers - Sydney

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