The leading online booking software in Australia

With ClassBento, you can easily make your classes and experiences stand out, capture and manage individual and group bookings.

We specialise only in classes and experiences, so our functionality and user experience is very intuitive and yet powerful, moreso than other 'general' order capture/management providers who try to cover all types of goods and/or services.

Come join our community of thousands of teachers.

Whether you're a huge paint and sip or restaurant business, or an individual crafter, our platform will help you save time and grow your revenue. We power the bookings for the whole range, from solo artists all the way up to the UK's biggest arts and crafts retailer, Hobbycraft.

Just copy one line of code to your website, and you'll instantly be able to display our widget, and capture orders through our online booking system. You can get a short link to use on social media too. Check out some of our partners' websites to see how our widget works:

"Themed listings" widgets

Keep the custom style of your existing 'listings' page so that the widget blends in seamlessly. Each listing 'image' will take the user to the corresponding ClassBento page. Here's an example: Cooking with Yoshiko

"Simple listings" widgets

Same as the "Themed listings", but use ClassBento's default listing display instead. Here are some examples: Henrietta Skate, Old Auction House, Life With Paint, Paint For Fun, Bloomin' Marvellous

"Bookings-only" widgets

Continue to show your classes on their individual pages on your website; you can just capture the bookings (and handle dates and waitlists) with our widget. Here's an example: Work-shop

Gift card / voucher widgets

You can also sell gift cards with our widget, that can be redeemed only on your classes. Here's an example: Work-shop

info Which class widget should I use?   

Have your own website?
Want to use your website's existing class listings design?
Want to use your existing individual class page design?
Best widget type
"Simple listings"
"Themed listings"
"Bookings only"

Benefits, at a glance

Earn more. Stay ahead with our market-leading features, and you can easily reach the large audience on our artisan classes marketplace,
Save time. We'll automate the entire customer journey and make bookings management a breeze
Free & fast setup. Our experienced team is ready to be as hands-on or hands-off as you prefer

How we'll help you get more bookings

Diversify your income, by capturing all types of bookings, from individuals, to gift cards, to private group bookings (e.g. corporates, birthdays, hens, etc), via our unique features
Show your classes to their full potential, with our videos and multiple images, Instagram feed, social following displays, etc. Or if you prefer, just continue displaying your classes as they are.
The little things add up. Our best-in-class automated transactional emails (abandoned cart, waitlists etc) add an extra 10%+ more bookings for teachers on average
We'll collect reviews for you automatically, at a rate that's far higher than the industry average. Build trust with future students, build your brand, and massively increase your conversion rates
To get you additional orders, we'll automatically also list your class on our curated marketplace,, which has a huge and growing audience.
As part of this, we'll advertise your class, across social, Google, the Australian Tourism network, and more (orders attracted on our marketplace attract a 20% fee)
Make it easy for customers to pay you - you can accept credit/debit cards, PayPal, Afterpay and Zip, Apple Pay and Google Pay, and more. We'll automatically send abandoned cart reminders, help you collect waitlists for future workshop dates, and much more

We integrate with everything

You can include our widget on any website
We can automatically push your data to other websites where you list your classes (in most cases)
We'll automatically send your subscriber data to your email / CRM provider (e.g. Mailchimp etc)

Setup is easy and fast

Set up your classes on ClassBento here, if you haven't already done so. If you have lots, we can copy them over for you
You choose a widget design/option
You give us access to your website, and we'll add the widget; or your web developer can just copy in our one line of code
That's it! You then manage all your classes and bookings via the ClassBento website


We like to keep things simple.

Our fee is 3.9% (no additional fixed $ fee per order, and no other fees).

Discounts apply if your widget revenue exceeds over $15,000 per month.

Afterpay and Zip orders (optional) cost an additional 5%.

If your events are free of charge, we won't charge you anything.

Ready / Want to learn more?

Contact us

We'll happily address any questions you have, then if our widget is the right choice for you, we'll get you set up easily and quickly.

And yes, you'll speak to a real (and local) human.

We're looking forward to helping you to grow your business!

What our teachers say

"I am one of the teachers working with ClassBento and I can say that I absolutely love the platform! It is SO easy to use, set up your classes, and sell the tickets. If you are ever stuck with anything, Iain and John are there to help you out! Couldn't recommend them more. Earlier last month, I had the opportunity to showcase on Today Tonight Show what brush lettering is all about and how it helps you unwind and relax after a long, busy and stressful day of work or life hustles. This opportunity wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for @classbento."
"ClassBento has been a game changer for our business. Their website is super easy for teachers to use, their customer support is second to none, and the enquiries and bookings that come through the site has boosted our business significantly. We love ClassBento!"
"I feel so so so grateful, that I can't even put into words what I'm feeling right now, after realising that I have almost ran 50 workshops this year, in person, online, for Google, for carers in Victoria etc. I am honestly flooded in gratitude right now. I could have never imagined achieving something like this, so thank you for everything that you have created for me to experience this feeling of achievement, fulfilment and gratitude. I had the opportunity to have a chat today with one of the Victorian carers before our class started. She shared with me that she is full-time caring for her husband that has Alzheimer’s, and that this year has been really hard for them, but that taking these moments for herself gives her life and helps her to cope with the difficult times. I just wanted to cry, understanding that this that I do, and what YOU all do, matters. On a not so side note, I could share and celebrate with the team something very exciting that I would also like to share with you: I am leaving my day job. So thank you John and all ClassBento team for being part of my journey."
"I run Arts & Crafts workshops in Sydney which I list on the ClassBento website. When I started my business most of my workshops were filled by family & friends and it was really challenging to connect with real customers. A key turning point for my business was when I partnered with Class Bento, most of my workshop bookings now come from them and now I have classes filled with the most wonderful strangers willing to learn and participate and keep arts and crafts alive. I love working with ClassBento, they feel like an extension of my business and they are so easy to work with and always willing to help. I chose to partner with ClassBento because they believe, like I do that engaging in creative activities helps keep you in the moment and promotes good mental health."

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"ClassBento has been wonderful to work with. Highly professional, efficient, always on top of the ball! Highly recommend to everyone! Yegana"
"Classbento has been wonderful to work with! I started teaching on Classbento this year and I had been very fortunate to share my passion for flowers with so many other people coming to my workshops. It is very easy to use and it takes away all of admin burden so I can focus on designing and teaching workshops. It also helps promote my business and build online presence through going on a live program in Today TV show and social media. Classbento's founders and staff are true believers in helping artisan's businesses and making social impact, I am personally touched by their attitudes and their passion."
"Last year I was teaching Zentangle and also teaching cooking at a boys Prep school. I realised I need to reduce the amount of stress in my life. It broke my heart but I “retired” from my job at the Prep school because, even though I loved it, it had become stressful and exhausting. I decided to concentrate more on teaching Zentangle because it is so beautiful and relaxing and I usually get as much energy back from the class as I give out. I had already started building my class profile with you before Covid-19, but hadn’t hit “go” yet. As soon as I saw you were doing the online and craft box format I took a deep breath and jumped in. I haven’t looked back! I am loving meeting new students from all over the country (and even the world). I am busier than ever but not stressed because of the fantastic platform that you have built and the wonderful staff that make it all work. I have encouraged several friends to sign up as Teachers with you and many more people to take a class. Thank you again for everything."
"Been with these guys as a teacher for some time now. They’re super responsive and very helpful. I love the idea of the website itself. Would be keen to try some classes myself. Keep on shining"
"ClassBento is a wonderful platform for both students and teachers. A great support for people to locate and book many creative avenues to open your creativity. I am a teacher whose class is on the ClassBento site and I enjoy working with the creators Iain and John who have brought this opportunity to others. They are a very supportive team. I love working with the students that come to my classes. It is rewarding in unexpected ways. The joy of being together. It is beautiful to engage with others and allow creativity to open. I highly recommend ClassBento and the classes they provide."
"Just wanted to let you know that we've had some lovely feedback that we wanted to pass on to you from our students over this weekend about ClassBento as a platform. I asked a few of my classes how they find the process of booking and the communication before class - every student said that they found it intuitive, clear and easy to navigate. As far as I'm concerned, this is a real testament to you as a team. Well done making something great!"
"We love the platform and are very happy with our decision to use it."
"I would give ClassBento 5 stars as they are super efficient and switched on"
"Amazing company to work with! Great people that help my business grow."

Migration FAQs

  • I have existing vouchers / gift cards. Can they be used via ClassBento's checkout? Yes, just send us the basic data (e.g. voucher code, expiry date, remaining value) and we'll upload it into our system. Customers can then redeem these voucher codes in the checkout
  • I have existing students, or I may continue to get students from other sources. Can I manage them all in one place? Yes, you can either add them yourself individually, or we can upload them in bulk or connect to your other booking source's API to do it automatically. In ClassBento you can easily reschedule and cancel these students, and collect reviews from them automatically.
  • I have class listings across many websites. Can I manage these all via ClassBento? Yes, in most cases we can connect to the other websites' APIs to push your class listings there automatically, including any changes in dates and available spots. Once you update the classes in your ClassBento account, the changes will be pushed automatically to these other websites.

More details

With ClassBento's online booking and ticketing system, you can easily attract more bookings, capture them easily, and then manage them with ease.

We're the perfect partner for anyone who teachers art, craft, and cooking classes, workshops or courses.

No other platform has all the features that we have - we are the specialist provider for providers of classes. We are built by teachers, for teachers.

You can easily capture bookings online via open public dates, as well as custom private group events, like corporates, hens, birthdays and other celebrations.

Once you've got that booking, you can easily reschedule, refund, or even charge students.

If you list your classes across multiple platforms, you can easily add any students from those sources, to your ClassBento classes, so that ClassBento can be your one source of truth.

There are way too many other useful features to mention, e.g. you can easily include custom attachments to your pre-class / post-class emails, take advantage of easy waitlisting, custom invoicing, automatically collect reviews, analyse your class and sales data, and much, much more.

Our goal is to eliminate all the unnecessary admin work for you, so that you can focus on your art and/or your business. We even have algorithms to help you with frequently asked questions, to automatically help enquirers and reduce the number of repetitive questions that you may get.

Life is complex enough, so we keep our fees super simple. We just take a percentage of successful bookings. There are no other fees. That's right - no setup, maintenance, integration, listing etc fees.

Our experienced CTO, Iain, will personally handle the integration and will be your direct contact (phone and email), so you can rest assured that you're in good hands.

We are a proudly Australian team, and we want to make the arts more accessible to our communities.

Creative workshops are a great way to gain mindfulness and improve mental wellbeing. We're on a mission to improve the quality of life for all Australians, through our classes. We also donate to Dementia Australia with every paid booking made through our marketplace.

We love to partner up with fellow Aussies. Let's join forces!

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