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My name is Ruan and I grew up drinking Rooibos tisanes from birth (in my baby bottle). My passion and love for tea has only grown with time. In 2014, I co-founded Impala + Peacock, an artisan tea blending business based in Melbourne, and since its inception has have been involved in brewing, blending and cupping teas daily, in the pursuit of amazing tea and tisane creations. I also held the title of Australian Blind Tea Tasting Champion in 2018 representing Australia on the world stage in China for blind tea tasting. In 2017 I won the Australian Tea Brewing Championships.
I've traveled to China, Japan, Sri Lanka and India searching out the best teas in the world and feel honored to share these amazing teas and history with my tea blending guests




Julie Peacock May 2022

Tea Blending Class

Great tea enthusiasts leading the class. Friendly and fun. Love my tea blend, the pepper berry was the perfect addition.

Tea Blending Class review by Julie Peacock Sydney

Xavier Vale May 2022

Tea Blending Class

This was such a great session! Ruan and Sarah were amazing people and they provided great advice on personalised tea blends! Would highly recommend

Donna Casey May 2022

Tea Blending Class

Absolutely loved the class. Ruan was fantastic and so knowledgeable. I wanted the class to go all day. Trying different blends, learning about tea and then making your own blend. It was a great venue as well. I brought a gift set which was beautifully wrapped. If you like tea then do this class. A great gift for someone.

Tea workshop review by Donna Casey

Michelle Veljanovski Apr 2022

Tea Blending Class

As a massive tea lover, I enjoyed this class and learning the basics of blending tea. We were able to sample some teas and then have a bit of fun blending our own teas. The space was lovely, as were the teachers, and both full of knowledge about all things tea. I really could have sat there for hours! Highly recommend this class.

Tea workshop review by Michelle Veljanovski Sydney

Leni May Apr 2022

Tea Blending Class

Sarah and Ruan really know their tea and have an excellent style of teaching. The actual event was really well organized and relaxing. It was great to take home our own blend and learn so much about tea.

Emily Bowman Mar 2022

Tea Blending Class

I highly recommend this class! Ruan is an incredibly knowledgeable teacher. I learned so much about the history of tea and the different types of teas. Getting to make your own blend is really enjoyable. Give it a go, you won't regret it.

Tea workshop review by Emily Bowman

Kirsty Roberts Mar 2022

Tea Blending Class

Ruan is a wonderfully inspiring tea lover! The tea blending workshop created an opportunity to learn about tea, and to gain knowledge of tea blending. Loved coming home with my very own delicious tea blend! Fantastic Sunday experience and highly recommended! Thanks Ruan.

Sarah Wilkinson Mar 2022

Tea Blending Class

I really loved this class! Ruan is an engaging and passionate teacher who really knows tea, and had us get hands on with different blends and ingredients from the start. I learned a lot and I can't wait to do more classes with Impala + Peacock!

Stephanie Maude Mar 2022

Tea Blending Class

teacher was very knowledgable and really fun to work with. Great space and really fun class. Absolutely would recommend

Wen-Chen Xia Mar 2022

63 ClassBento workshops attended • 43 reviews

Tea Blending Class

It was a very easy going and informative class. Apart from possessing great knowledge on tea, Ryan makes everyone feel welcome and at ease. We tasted a range of teas and then made our own tea blends. Great variety of tea ingredients to choose from and some quirky tea trivia to keep you thinking.

Tea Blending Class review by Wen-Chen Xia

Leeanne Dowel Mar 2022

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Tea Blending Class

Great class could be aimed at expert and novices both get something out of it. A very informative morning.

Tj Carroll Nov 2021

Tea Blending Class

We used Ruan and co for a large event, the format worked really well and guests came away with tea blending knowledge a jar of their own brew. The set up and equipment was very professional, and Ruan and his team very accommodating. I would totally book this activity again and highly recommend it to others.

Hafiz Syam Jul 2021

Tea Blending Class

Ruan was an amazing instructor that has the charisma to keep the class interesting. His knowledge for tea is deep and is evident by the way he conducts his classes. I recommend his class to anyone that enjoys drinking tea!

Lucy McPhate Jul 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Tea Blending Class

Fantastic class, took place in beautiful surroundings in Northcote, delicious tea and entertaining and knowledgeable facilitator!

William McKenzie Jul 2021

Tea Blending Class

Great teacher Ruan, with a real passion for tea, had a wonderful way of sharing his knowledge of tea in an upbeat, energetic and engaging manner. Really helped me expand my knowledge and try new and interesting flavours. Would definitely recommend for tea lovers or anyone new to tea and wanting to learn more.

Crystal Mavroyeni Jul 2021

Tea Blending Class

Ruan was absolutely brilliant, knowledgeable, had a personality! Frankly my sisters and I were not in the mood on the day, however when we go there, we were greeted by a friendly Ruan who changed our mood straight away. To top if off, the tea experience was really interesting, we learnt a plethora of things we didn't know. We even got to walk away with our own blend of tea. Highly recommend, great activity to do!

Karen Boucher Jun 2021

Tea Blending Class

Teacher was lovely. Fascinating to learn about Tea and all the interesting anecdotes Ruan has.

Tea Blending Class review by Karen Boucher

Kel Annie Jun 2021

Tea Blending Class

We had lots of fun and learnt so much. Highly recommend to anyone who loves tea!

Aaron Tan May 2021

Tea Blending Class

Ruan was an amazing teacher and ran the class really well! Very fun and highly recommended for both tea lovers and people wanting to do something a little different.

Patty Pardillo May 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Tea Blending Class

Bloody awesome session and a MUST for all those who love their cup of tea Ruan was brilliant also and I could’ve talked and listened to him forever about tea - he is so knowledgeable and creating our own blend was just one of the many highlights Everyone reading this must book this experience in NOW Joe

Tea Blending Class review by Patty Pardillo

Natalie King May 2021

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Tea Blending Class

Ruan was a wonderful teacher. His passion and knowledge of tea was amazing. Thank you for such a great day and helping us make our own custom tea blends!

Angie Ha May 2021

Tea Blending Class

Impala & Peacock provides an absolutely amazing and unique tea blending experience for tea enthusiasts and those looking to venture into the world of tea. Ruan creates a stimulating yet calming experience as he takes you through a tea journey, teaching you about the origins, stories and flavour components of tea. The process of creating your own tea blend is delightful as it is very hands-on, and  + more

Tea Blending Class review by Angie Ha

Brooke Scarlett May 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Tea Blending Class

Thoroughly enjoyed the Tea blending class run by Impala & Peacock! Ruan was a fantastic teacher and extremely knowledgeable in the world of tea. I came home with my own beautiful blend of tea in a pretty amber jar, great activity to do with my girlfriends ❤️

Tea Blending Class review by Brooke Scarlett

Danielle Dias Apr 2021

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Tea Blending Class

Teacher was awesome, a tea enthusiast who definitely knew his stuff. Loved learning about the history and origins of tea, plus optimal tasting and blending techniques.

Tea workshop review by Danielle Dias

Kat Johnston Apr 2021

14 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

Tea Blending Class

Knowledgable, friendly enthusiastic teacher and a nice space that it was held. Some more basic tea education would have been helpful - including tasting the base teas (white, black and green) for comparison to the ones we did try. Course is 1 hour, not 75minutes as advertised on Class Bento. Overall very enjoyable time spent.

Melissa Bowen Mar 2021

Tea Blending Class

The teacher was great and I learnt a lot about tea tasting and blending. I liked that it was a small class it made it easier to get access to the teacher when creating my own tea blend.

Siyan Zhou Mar 2021

Tea Blending Class

I really enjoyed the tea blending class. It was so fascinating to learn about tea from Ruan. He was such a great instructor, sharing his insights and knowledge with us, and he was very attentive to our needs . It was also exciting to be able to create and take home our very own tea blend. I love my tea blend and drink it every day! I would definitely recommend this class. Thank you Ruan.

Margaux Josse Mar 2021

Tea Blending Class

We had a great time with Ruan. His explanations were both clear and interesting, and we came home with our tea blends to enjoy!

Christine Tran Mar 2021

Tea Blending Class

Such a fantastic learning experience with this Tea Blending workshop last Sunday afternoon. Ruan our instructor was informative, entertaining and insightful in his world of all things quality tea. Just like wine, tea has its own tasting terminology & it is interesting to learn about these 'tea notes' to explain the different flavours. I've come out of this workshop much more aware of what natural  + more

Tea workshop review by Christine Tran Sydney

Louise Huesmann Mar 2021

Tea Blending Class

Ruan steered us through the intricate chai world, breaking down each taste and smell to help us create our own signature tea. Wonderful day and loved the chance to take our creations home. Thank you.

Imogen Senior Mar 2021

Tea Blending Class

really great thank you so much - we learnt heaps and made some amazing teas. super helpful teacher, excellent vibes, and a thorough background to tea making provided

Danielle Parker Mar 2021

Tea Blending Class

What an amazing class. Ruan was an informative, fun teacher who provided so much information on tea and how to blend a beautiful tea. I'd highly recommend this class to any tea enthusiast.

Jason Reynolds Jan 2021

Tea Blending Class

Great class, great teacher, great value. Excited to try our own tea blends! Highly recommend.

Anonymized Customer Jan 2021

Tea Blending Class

What an excellent class/experience! Ruan was a wealth of experience and expertise, and it was a pleasure to learn new things and to taste the new and incredible flavours available in tea. Would highly recommend!

Kendra Jan 2021

Tea Blending Class

The teacher was excellent and the venue was beautiful we felt immediately warmly welcomed and were excited about the experience! The teas and botanicals provided were of high quality and vast range and we got really exciting blends that are personal to our palettes We learnt so much about the history and process and detail behind tea that I never knew was so intricate! We absolutely will be coming back to do this again and are already recommending it to friends and family :) Thankyou so much for an incredible class!

Amelia Robertson Jan 2021

Tea Blending Class

My girlfriend and I loved this workshop The teacher was welcoming and funny, making everyone in the class feel at home and like they were just chatting with a friend. The first half of the class (tea tasting) was super interesting and fun! I learnt so many things about tea I had honestly no idea about! And of course, the second half (tea blending) was very cool, and it was awesome that the teacher was there to help and advise the whole time. The store was beautiful and inviting and apart from the course, they sell natural teas, facial products and  + more

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