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Graphic Designer with a passion for Brush Lettering

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Alena (YaMogu) is a Sydney-based graphic designer and a self taught Hand Letterer/Calligrapher. Her passion for anything hand written started from younger years, when back in Russia her mother taught her cursive writing. This passion grew stronger during her studies at University whilst she was studying Bachelor of Visual Communication.

Overwhelmed by how much the digital era is taking over, Alena picked up the brush pen, the nib pen and started learning the art of brush lettering & calligraphy. Now she is eager to pass this skill on to people who are eager to learn this art, as she believes that writing with our hands is a skill that should never be replaced by a font/typeface.





Alison Gould Oct 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher was very positive and provided helpful demonstrations and constructive feedback as we did our practical work

Paper Craft and Ink class review by Alison Gould - Sydney

Aletheia Rosario Mar 2022

My friend and I enjoyed it! There were bits of setback at the start because the room wasn't prepared fully and the room was changed last minute, but when we were going through the material and practising our strokes, the lecture flowed. The feedback was very immediate. I was able to adjust my technique immediately. Frankly speaking, I have been handlettering for a long time already, but it was a hobby that I trained myself in with practise. Going through the drills produced immediate results and improved how I do my calligraphy. My friend was a complete beginner and she said that the lesson was a good starter into handlettering.

Katie Lam Feb 2022

16 ClassBento workshops attended • 14 reviews

Great class! Very relaxing. Would definitely recommend this class to everyone. Teacher was very attentive.

Martha Maroon Feb 2022

My teacher Tian was awesome!
We got off a little late because some other people came in late and we had to readjust the tables to fit them in and the others wanted the windows open and air conditioning on so then she had to accommodate them so we did start the class about 15 minutes late.
The lesson it self was very good, but it wasn’t the right class for me. I was looking for a bouncing brush stoke technique which Tian was very kind and stayed back and showed me her method of brush stoke. She advised the knowledge from the lesson will help me achieve this by practicing. I probably should have asked for more information about the lesson before I committed to it. I, personally didn’t find the class gained me any benefit in my style of handwriting for the amount of money the lesson cost.

Jo-Ann Rose Sep 2021

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 11 reviews

Alena is such an amazing teacher - patient, provides clear instructions, takes time to help people individually and is just lovely. The kit she provides is good, too. A great fun, good value class, where you can see improvement immediately.

Jessica Douglass Aug 2021

93 ClassBento workshops attended • 84 reviews

I have done a lot of ClassBento workshops and a few different calligraphy/Brush Lettering workshops. This workshop blew me away.

Right from the start, when I received the craft box, I knew something was different. The way the craft box was so carefully packaged was so delicate and lovely. Personal touches like the little designed sticker that held the paper together (instead of just sticky tape). Then I opened it the package and I was just blown away. I was expecting a blank generic book with a few sheets however I received this AMAZING workbook, professionally bound and every page with activities and lines. Top notch and such a professional vibe.

The class itself is fantastic and I really loved the process. The steps are well thought out and the teacher is extremely knowledgeable.

Sadly I can only give 5 stars. If there was the opportunity to give 6, I would have given 7

Paper Craft and Ink class review by Jessica Douglass

Tess Lloyd Jun 2021

Alena was a good teacher, and three hours flew by. It’s a totally hands-on class so be prepared to work! Wonderful to learn something new and concentrate on one thing for such a long time.
Ive given it 4 stars as the venue was freezing cold and for a 10-1 workshop I think some snacks would have been nice. Would have happily paid a little extra for morning tea provisions.

Georgia Farrar Jun 2021

This class was great, Alexa was lovely and explained everything in easy to learn details. Would highly recommend as a start to brush Lettering

Carrie Luzar Apr 2021

Great practical course, A skill I will use! The teacher was very easygoing and the class was super fun.

John Davis Apr 2021

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The class was truly helpful ! Our teacher was patient and encouraging: her knowledge and experience was passed on to all participants. I Would certainly recommend and certainly follow up with future courses: john

Rosy Blyther Apr 2021

Really enjoyed my brush lettering class! Our teacher was very good and helped explain things in an easy to understand way. I appreciate the books and pens we received as a takeaway. Facilities are fairly basic and could maybe do with some more refreshments and maybe some snacks.

Liv Yule Apr 2021

Cannot fault this class - it was awesome I was quite nervous before attending but the teacher was really approachable and non-judgmental. The class was split into easy to understand, bite sized chunks and wasn’t overwhelming.
Would 100% recommend to anyone. Thank you

Patricia Reyes Mar 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Alena was amazing! She’s so kind and funny and knowledgeable. Thank you for your flexibility!

Nick Bazarow Aug 2020

was fun and ver informative would be great to do a more detailed course that ran over a fewclasses.

Lisa Hagan Aug 2020

Great teacher and comfy venue with a good crowd. Loved learning a new skill. Thank you

Emma Vu-Doan Aug 2020

I attended the Brush Lettering Beginners class. Alena was wonderful and made us all feel comfortable, especially in the midst of covid restrictions that made the desk spacing a little awkward. The learning process of watching Alena do some basic strokes, then having 1 on 1 time with her while we practiced on our own was really valuable and worked well for a beginners class. I was a bit of a slow learner, so I did feel somewhat constrained by the 2.5 hour time frame, but Alena was nice enough go a little overtime. I'm not a huge fan of the brush pens we received, they're low-cost kids' markers and uncomfortable to hold, but the class was still good value due to the take-home booklets and having a professional teacher. My one suggestion would be to give everyone a pen to take down notes, as I regret not noting down various tips while Alena was going through them.

Patricia Reyes Aug 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great value for money! Teacher was very thorough, patient and kind. Love picking up a new hobby!

Colleen Pettiford Jul 2020

Excellent teacher, great tools and workbook, wonderful experience
It was everything I expected, highly skilled teaching
Many thanks

Natalie Paver Jul 2020

4 ClassBento workshops attended

Really enjoyed the class, the teacher was very patient and clear.

I've been to a few classes at work shop and have always come away with a kind of take home finished piece, wall hanging, dyed pieces, a painting etc.

For this class there was a lot of practice time which I appreciate is key for lettering. But it would have been great to spend the last 45/30 minuets of the class working towards maybe a post card or greeting card on some nice paper/card to have that finished piece to take home, even if it's not perfect!

Apsara Baldovino Jul 2020

The teacher was great - patient and encouraging! Time flew by. I wished I could have stayed longer. The room was a little chilly although the cups of tea helped.

Rachel Clun Jun 2020

The class was great - Zara was a great teacher and it was satisfying to see progress in my skills within the three hour class thanks to her instruction. Highly recommend!

Tania Browitt Jun 2020

Teacher was wonderful and very helpful
Attentive and has an eye for detail
She really helped everyone

Dreu Harrison Jun 2020

Great to attend a workshop and see your progress at the end of the session. The teacher was clear and helpful and the atmosphere was relaxed. Highly recommended.

Francis Kwun Jun 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Teacher and venue were great. Received materials. Lesson was informative with plenty of time to practice.

Ola Khater Jun 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Good intro to brush lettering. Given plenty of time to practice. Teacher was super supportive.

Shasta Marcelo Jun 2020

4 ClassBento workshops attended

I liked the pace. Teacher was friendly and gave us a quick demo for each section so most of the time we could practice ourselves.

Paper Craft and Ink class review by Shasta Marcelo - Sydney

Megan Iemma Jun 2020

Alena helped me improve my my brushstrokes and has helped develop my brush calligraphy. She recommended extra resources and helped with my own style.

Introduction to Brush Lettering Class review by Megan Iemma - Sydney

Julie Samerski Jun 2020

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Alena was a terrific teacher, she has a friendly approach with clear instructions and encouraging with her critique of student's first attempts of brush lettering.
Part of the reason I was interested in this was to have more control over my own signature and erratic writing and already this class has worked a treat. Big thanks!

Martina Gear Jun 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

This class was so informative, enjoyable and fun, would highly recommend this class to anyone looking to learn brush lettering.

Donna Taylor Jan 2020

Class size was bigger than I thought. Perhaps would have been better with the use of a projector instead of having to keep going to the desk to watch instructor.
Enjoyable course though.

Tanvi Shikha Jan 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Vanessa was very patient and knowledgeable. I can’t wait to try my new skills.

Alicia Child Jan 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Vanessa taught us as Elena was placed on bed rest for her pregnancy but I was extremely pleased with the class! Vanessa was very clear in her instructions and we moved through all of the beginners strokes with enough time to practice. I felt that I improved a lot in only two hours. Would definitely recommend

Manraaj Sidhu Jan 2020

This was a great experience that really increased my confidence at brush lettering. I was very well supported and encouraged, despite being quite bad (definitely my fault, not the teacher's)! We basically learnt the basic strokes of brush lettering as well as how to put this together to make letters and then how to make words. Great for any novice in brush lettering. Thank you for the experience!

Nancy Morosin Jan 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Fun and creative workshop! The teacher was organised, prepared, patient and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend this class.

Emma Deans Jan 2020

Awesome class! Had a great time learning brush lettering and the advice, coaching and detailed feedback was phenomenal. So exciting to also receive a great goodie bag of specific pens/ tools and the booklet capturing all the detail we went over in the class. Alena truly is an expert and so much experience. It was just fun, good conversation and easy to work with her. Inspired and even been practicing already Highly recommend her to anyone!

Iris Lo Dec 2019

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Very patience teacher. Learned so much in this class. Enjoyed it a lot. Highly recommended!

Chloe Mabey Dec 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I had so much fun learning how to Brush Letter with Alena! The venue was awesome and the equipment was great, so good that we get to take the pens home!

I would definitely recommend this class to anyone that is interested in learning how to Brush Letter.

Gabriella Struben Nov 2019

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Alena was fantastic! Professional and skilled, our staff were very engaged and loved the class

Vanessa Tay Oct 2019

We had a private class with Alena and she was really patient and comprehensive with her teaching. We went through the basic brush lettering strokes before covering all the alphabets. By the end of the class, we were able to write our names using brush lettering. The lesson included all the necessary materials and a booklet for further revisions after class. Highly recommended class as time flies while Alena was teaching and we came out of the class with a new skill set.

Jessica Chou Jul 2019

Alena was a great teacher who showed us the steps involved in creating brush lettering. She was very patient and encouraging and funny! After the class I feel like I have a good grasp on the basics and feel equipped to continue progressing at my own pace. I'll definitely be back for the intermediate class!

Heidi Kark Jul 2019

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

I've always admired people who are able to do beautiful hand lettering, so I jumped at the chance to do a Beginners Class and see if I have what it takes!
The venue was easy to locate, with plenty of (paid) parking nearby. I loved that
Alena provided everything needed to get started - she even included 'Thank you' bags with snack inside, and then invited us to take home all of the materials that had been used during the class! We learned how to do basic brush strokes, and how to break individual letters down into each of these basic strokes. I found the whole process quite calming, as I learned to take my time and not rush through. I still have a lot to learn, but I am already quite proud of my efforts. This was a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and I look forward to signing up to do further classes with Alena when she returns to Canberra.

Loretta Toms Jul 2019

I really enjoyed this class. The teacher was friendly and approachable and she really knows her stuff. My whole table enjoyed a few laughs and came away with confidence to start the brush lettering journey. I will be attending the next class held in Canberra!

Yvette Le’nepveu Jul 2019

Firstly, I'd like to say that this was an amazing class. The teacher explained the technique of brush lettering so well. As a left hander I did struggle a lot with the principles of brush lettering, however, this was incredible that I finally understood how to brush letter. The teacher even showed me how to do with her left hand.
The class was also value for money, considering the snacks, pens, workbook and the teacher travelling to Canberra it was such a bargain!
I will be recommending this class to anyone interested in brush lettering.

Bradley Buckmaster Jul 2019

The main portion of the workshop involved me learning basic strokes used in every day lettering as a starting point. At the end, we recreated our names based off the cards given to us as we walked in, and before that, constructed the word minimum by breaking it down into the strokes learnt throughout the 2 1/2 hours.

I couldn't think of one complaint to submit regarding the teaching style, as Alena explained clearly everything in detail so we weren't left confused or wondering what she was asking us to do. She was happy to give her assistance when ever possible if we were encountering some difficulties. In general, she had a warm, welcoming and comforting personality

The venue of choice was pretty easy to find, and although not the biggest room, was still a sufficient amount of space to not feel like we were cramped in tightly.

Considering the cost of being transported from Sydney to Canberra, purchase of materials and snacks, I thought the price was good value for money

Overall, the aim was about exploring new territory in the field that still uses traditional mediums. Although I had previous experience in using the humble pen and paper throughout my childhood, more focus was placed on illustrating nature/animals and nature. Tapping into the typographic element of this art will hopefully help me broaden up new work opportunities. I learnt it was the little things that you either don't or do during the brushing of the strokes really does make or break the final result.


Amina Michael Jul 2019

I enjoyed this class immensely. I found the content and tools available of high quality. I even liked the snacks provided. Very thoughtful. The technical side of the brush lettering class was simple and easy to follow. Will be doing the next one when back in December .

Susan Brodie Jul 2019

Alena is an excellent teacher, patient and encouraging. She provided all the materials for the class. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in brush lettering to attend Alena’s classes.

Catherine Blackmore Jul 2019

Alena was fantastic - she was excellent at explaining the techniques and was very helpful when practicing. I didn't realise how difficult brush lettering could be, but I think I have found a new hobby.

Jo-Ann Rose Jul 2019

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 11 reviews

Alena is a remarkable teacher, breaking down the steps and explaining things clearly. You get individual attention and she is precise with any corrections she makes. I would recommend this class to everyone!

Chelsea Watson Jul 2019

The teacher was well prepared and had a lot of clear pointers. She went through the exercises we would do and demonstrated, along with some common mistakes to avoid. Then as we practiced she was very attentive, checking in on how we were going and giving us individual attention.

Raquel Decruz Jul 2019

Alena is the best teacher and so generous with her time and feedback (and goodie bags!)
I had a blast and learned some amazing techniques that I can’t wait to put into practice!

Catherine To Jul 2019

Alena is an incredibly patient teacher and explains things clearly. For a complete newbie with barely passable handwriting, I was extra nervous but was soon able to settle in and have lots of fun!

Hannah Cleary Jul 2019

Alena is a very talented brush artist, and was a great teacher, while professional and patient, especially while encouraging with those who might take a little longer (like me)

Aishwarya - Jul 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Alena is very patient and clear with her instructions. It’s a well paced lesson, covering all the basics of brush lettering. And with the materials provided, one can definitely continue learning and perfecting the craft. Worth the money!

Ina Jalil Jul 2019

Alena teaches brush lettering techniques so that any beginner is able to pick it up. She was very thorough in her instructions and she goes to each person in class to ensure they are doing okay. It was a great class.

Miz Nakamura Jun 2019

Alena is very friendly and talented! She is a great teacher and is very encouraging. The class was intimate and it was great to get personal feedback. A very relaxing yet enjoyable workshop; highly recommend!

Jacqueline Willing Jun 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Alena was absolutely brilliant! So attentive, kind and caring in her teaching. Thoughtful preparation and she clearly went above and beyond with providing materials to use and follow up advice beyond the lesson. An absolute joy to learn from and a great workshop that brought advanced skills well beyond the beginners workshop. Thank you for everything!

Jacqueline Willing Jun 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Alena was a lovely teacher. Very friendly and attentive.
Venue was comfortable and accessible. Great basic materials provided and helpful recommendations if we chose to upgrade other equipment! Would recommend for all beginners!

Snowy Wang Jun 2019

The teacher Alena is a very sweet girl and handed on practical skills on brush lettering. The materials provided are good and I enjoyed the class with my friend. The only thing I don’t like very much is the venue. It’s a table in Caroma with some construction noises at the beginning. Overall, it’s good and we like it.

Samantha Terkalas Jun 2019

Alena is very talented. She is an excellent teacher and I would highly recommend this class.

Kelly Chen Jun 2019

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

I loved this class! Alena is a great teacher. She is incredibly skilled, kind and supportive. I'd highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to do something fun and creative with their friends on the weekend.

Andrew Hopkinson Jun 2019

Great pens provided and lesson was really thorough. She was very helpful and a great teacher!

Ngoc Banh Jun 2019

Very interesting class and learn lots of new stuff. Teacher is very nice. Would recommend to others for sure

Catherine Hyams Jun 2019

Brilliant introduction to brush lettering, good post class follow up sessions for students - recommended course

Rebecca Morgan Jun 2019

Great location and a well planned course. Alena was patient with us newbies - and so positive!

Peta Heet Apr 2019

My 12 year old daughter loved the class. All materials were supplied and the teacher was fabulous. She came home and made her friend a birthday card using her new skills

Terry Huynh Apr 2019

Alena was great and patient to teach with a passion. The venue was fine but location wise difficult to get to time wise as there was alot of roadwork around the Newtown area and Newtown on Saturdays on King St or Enmore Rd is a nightmare. Ultimately learnt alot with brushstroking. Will be practicing often to master this art and be creative!

Carmen Fung Apr 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Alena was lovely and came around to each of us to show us how we could do better. We got to take home a set of pens home to practice. Looking forward to join Alena's online practices.

Cindy Lawlor Apr 2019

This workshop is great and would highly recommend! Alena was great, so patient and helpful. Looking forward to practicing my brush lettering and then hopefully progressing to Alenas intermediate class!

Linda Trindall Apr 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The class was really good value for the money and the teacher showed us everything we needed to know.

Manja Rhijn Apr 2019

11 ClassBento workshops attended • 10 reviews

This class was amazing. The teacher was very patient, friendly and approachable. Throughout the lesson she walked around providing all students with quality feedback and support. The materials that she provided were easy to use and it was amazing being able to take the pens and workbook home to continue practicing the new skills we learnt.

Tara Ebzery Apr 2019

Alena was lovely and super helpful. She clearly explained the course. Materials and pens provided were excellent!

Kimberley Jones Apr 2019

Alena was a great teacher. Explained the process well she was patient & very much encouraging . You got your own set of pens to take home & you had access to plenty of paper to practice with. My only point of criticism would be the venue @ The Tramsheds. It was changed to there last minute & wasn’t ideal for the student teacher environment. Little to open making it noisey and not ideal for when Alena was trying to demonstrate.

Diana Nguyen Mar 2019

Great workshop that really broke down the steps to the art of lettering. Alena was a great teacher!

Yvette Costi Mar 2019

Great class, fabulous teacher and a really lovely skill to have learnt. My husband and I loved it. A really relaxing and calming thing to do on a Saturday morning.

Huong Nguyen Mar 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I enjoyed the class. Alena was very good; knowledge and pleasant teaching style. I think the venue was nice, but probably not appropriate for class size and demonstration purposes. Both the two long tables were full (18 people) and not much individual space to work. It was cramped and a little difficult to learn and develop your own style to get comfortable with paper on angles etc. Pace of the exercises was good. Alena tended to show more than some of the other participants could handle in one go, but I liked it because it wasn't baby steps. You can progress at own pace. Equipment was good for beginners and the cost was suitable for class and materials. Duration was appropriate. Not too short or too long. It was better that materials were included so everyone was learning from the same. I think it helped Alena teach on even ground as well. She was able to reach each student, but I think the classes should have a maximum number of 10 or 12 in future for learning environment and venue.

Anetta Rajcsany Mar 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I had a great experience during this class. Though the location didn't give us a private room, Alena made sure we all understood what we needed to do, and she was walking around to give tips and encouragement. She was very professional and friendly, and she also took the time to answer questions at the end of the class individually. I'd highly recommend this class with her.

Lawrence Duong Mar 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great class that I'd highly recommend! A fun way to spend a few hours on the weekend. Alena was very attentive and offered great advice throughout the lesson.

Carly Browne Mar 2019

Great morning learning a lost art in the digital world. We even got the brush lettering pens to take home

Rosalinda Raiti Feb 2019

Excellent teacher, we learnt a lot and this is a class that is perfect for beginners.

Linda Pham Feb 2019

Alena was so patient and very experienced. Great class with take home brush pens for practise! Really enjoyed this experience and looking forward to my next class with Alena =)

Azhani Amiruddin Feb 2019

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Fantastic class - Alena is very talented and spent a good amount of time with each person. She also did demonstrations on how best to approach Brush Lettering, which was helpful when practicing your own work. Would recommend as I went on my own if you're looking to learn a new skill or with friends/partner.

Peter Nguyen Feb 2019

The session was really good and I learnt a lot. Would highly recommended to anyone.

Moyo Adesina Feb 2019

Alina is actually such a nice and caring person! I’m sure the class could testify to this, but you can see how passionate she is when it comes to brush lettering, and passing her knowledge of it unto others. She was gentle and kind as she explained, she didn’t rush us at all. Also, her feedbacks were so useful and it created an immense difference in my work. She took out time to teach every individual. The class is very beginner friendly, I met a lady who said her handwriting was bad and she ended up being one of the best. I definitely recommend this class. Also, loved the snacks!

Devi Bong Feb 2019

Alena was great and helpful. She went around to see if anyone need any help or questions. The venue are quite unique too. I would definitely recommend the class.

Ella Losi Feb 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed the class, the venue was spacious and the material was provided for us, too easy.
I would highly recommend it.

Sol Jones Feb 2019

Great class, Alena was a wonderful teacher. She demonstrated each task in a group format and go through each student individually to make sure the correct technique is used.

Emma Lamb Feb 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Fantastic class with a lovely teacher. I think I have a new obsession in brush lettering. Can't wait to get practicing

Samantha Skinner Feb 2019

Alena was fantastic at teaching, very patient whilst we were learning and very clear on how to learn lettering. Just the right amount of assistance and letting us try ourselves and correcting our techniques as needed. The venue was perfect and very comfortable and spacious. I only wish this was a two day workshop so we could continue to use our new skill and more time. I definitely recommend any of Alena’s classes. Thank you

Colum Corr Feb 2019

Teacher was lovely, she came around to all of us many times to ensure we were on the right track. We got to learn the basics and I was surprised how much I improved in the class. We got to keep the pens which is great and I'll definately recommend it to someone starting out!

Cathy Dec 2018

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Alena was very encouraging and friendly. Not only everyone was given plenty of time to practice during the 2.5 hours with her guidance, we also got to learn different types of brush pens as well. Overall it's an inviting and fun workshop for all beginners! Highly recommended!

Lydia Loo Dec 2018

Alena was very friendly and encouraging, she patiently explained and guided us through the basics of brush lettering with individual feedback as we practiced the techniques. The venue was a room just sufficient for a small group of 8 people. We were provided blank paper to practice on, and a set of Artline Stix markers and workshop booklet with a clear breakdown of the basics of brush lettering techniques including all the alphabets and practice lines. It was fantastic that Alena also demonstrated the other markers she uses/recommends which we were allowed to try out during the workshop. She also kindly offered that we may reach out to her if we need any additional feedback in the future. I highly recommend this class, it is perfect for beginners!

Rhiannon Homer Dec 2018

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Alena was really lovely and approachable, very patient in teaching and good vibes throughout the 2.5 hours! Her artwork is absolutely amazing, and absolutely suitable for everyone - even absolute beginners like me.
Venue was amazing, near the grounds of alexandria, plenty of parking.
Love the materials, brush pens and papers were provided and Alena even brought along her personal collection of pens for us to try out different brush pens.
Highly recommend this class, super fun and interactive. Thanks Alena :)

Lais Miyasava Dec 2018

Alena was great and explained the technique behind brush lettering. The venue was great and easy to access. The room we had was great to fit us in (we were 8 in total) and practice while Alena gave individual feedback on our progress during practice. Definitely recommend the workshop. :)

Liujing Zeng Dec 2018

Alena is very friendly and approachable, she taught some technics for brush lettering and allow us time to practice in the class. Great handout with the 'drills' and pracice sheet too. I enjoyed this class very much and highly recommend anyone who is interested in brush lettering to go.

Michelle McLean Nov 2018

I loved this class. Arena is a helpful and patient teacher, and I am looking forward to practicing and furthering the basics we were taught.

Brooke Thompson Nov 2018

This was such a great workshop, after this 2.5 hour class I now feel confident to create my own style and went straight home and have been practising since. I really recommend this class to anyone interested in brush lettering/calligraphy- such a fun class! It was a bonus to get the pens + notebook included :)

Chan San Nov 2018

Good pace and class size was conducive to sufficient hands-on approach to be given to individual students. Venue chosen was private and quiet; and there is ample space for everyone to spread their papers and elbows out to practise. Teacher has good techniques and clear explanations which were well mapped out over the course of 2.5 hours. Our practice was punctuated by live demonstrations where we have to get off our seats to observe, which was an effective was to keep us engaged! Besides the stationeries provided, she also showed us correct methods in using other brush pens, which is extremely helpful if you’re intending to experiment. Not only that, she repeatedly mentioned that she’s happy to be reached out to should you be struggling with your practice — which is encouraging. All in all, I highly recommended joining this. Thank you for an enjoyable lesson!

Stephanie Paterson Nov 2018

Alena was kind and approachable and took her time to really make sure each and every one of us picked up each step before moving onto the next. The venue was beautiful and all materials needed for the class were provided! Definitely recommend this workshop to anyone curious about brush lettering.

Anna Harrison Oct 2018

Great workshop. Alena was a thorough and attentive teacher - highly skilled and a lovely person. Recommended!

Jacqueline Oct 2018

Awesome venue, fantastic and attentive instructor, lovely and small group of people, FREE PARKING I’m looking forward to doing the intermediate course next.

Alisa Boyd-Wells Oct 2018

2 ClassBento workshops attended

We really enjoyed the class with Alena - it was a great introduction into Brush Lettering.

Sarah Williams Oct 2018

Loved this class, Alena was lovely and provided a great introduction to brush lettering. The venue was well suited to the class and it was a good length. I'd recommend for anyone interested, and hope there are more intermediate/advanced workshops in the future.

Gloria Jeong Sep 2018

The class was so fun and the teacher and fellow classmates were all wonderful. Learnt so much~ Highly recommended
Thank you!

Sian Furniss Sep 2018

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Lovely class, Alena was very knowledgeable, patient and helpful. The resources are great and was amazing having something to take home to practice with.

Louisa Sep 2018

Great class. Work at own pace, fantastic surroundings, small group. Alena made everyone feel comfortable very quickly. Materials were great too.

Melissa Kershaw Sep 2018

awesome teacher. great location and atmosphere. very informative and interactive course. engaging and motivating skills and techniques achieved. all equipment provided - so good. additional support and advise provided after the completion of course was done from the teacher.

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