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12+ years in pottery

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4.9 (104)
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Silky Shapes Studio is a beautiful light-filled creative space for learning and practising pottery and ceramics.

We provide regular pottery classes for beginners and experienced potters.

We offer a variety of masterclasses that will help you to hone your skills and knowledge in ceramics.
We also host pottery corporate events, hens, birthdays and private celebrations at our venue.


Date Night Clay and Sip Pottery Class

4.9 (14)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Crows Nest

1 to 14

label $85

Wine and Clay Beginner's Wheel Throwing Class

4.7 (6)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Crows Nest

1 to 14

label $85

Pottery Painting Experience

4.8 (17)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Crows Nest

1 to 50

label $80

Clay and Sip Class: Hand Building with Wine

5.0 (4)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Crows Nest

1 to 40

label $85

3 Week Beginner's Wheel Throwing Course

4.9 (40)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Crows Nest

1 to 30

label $210

6 Weeks Beginners Wheel Throwing Course

date_range 29 May, 26 Jun

location_on Crows Nest

1 to 6

label $420

8 Week Beginners Wheel Throwing Course

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Crows Nest

1 to 14

label $560

Dinnerware Making Workshop

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Crows Nest

1 to 30

label $125

Kurinuki Workshop

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Crows Nest

1 to 50

label $99

After School 10-17 Years Old Wheel Throwing Course

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Crows Nest

1 to 6

label $250

Nerikomi Pottery Masterclass

5.0 (7)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Crows Nest

6 to 30

label $220

Pottery Class for Private Groups

5.0 (1)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Crows Nest

6 to 30

label $70 - $99

Ceramic Surface Decoration Masterclass

5.0 (1)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Crows Nest

6 to 30

label $150

Clay Handbuilding Masterclass

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Crows Nest

6 to 30

label $150

Torso Vase Handbuilding Class

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Crows Nest

6 to 30

label $99

Ceramic Pomegranate Making Class

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Crows Nest

6 to 50

label $99

School Holiday Wheel Throwing Pottery Class

5.0 (3)

Adults & 10+ years

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Crows Nest

6 to 14

label $85

Intermediate Wheel Throwing Masterclass

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Crows Nest

6 to 13

label $150

Christmas Ceramic Lighthouse Workshop

5.0 (3)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Crows Nest

1 to 12

label $85

Clay Christmas Decorations Workshop

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Crows Nest

1 to 40

label $65

Meet Silky Shapes

Spin and sculpt your own ceramics with Yegana Jafarova at Silky Shapes studio. These pottery classes won’t just teach you techniques, but life lessons too!

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Caitlyn Conceicao May 2024

Lovely teachers, all materials provided, lots of fun! I booked just to give it a go, and im pleasantly surprised with the outcome of my little pieces

Kim Hardwick May 2024

I had the best time! Have always wanted to do it but it wasn’t till my kids and ex wife got me a voucher for my birthday that I committed myself to doing it! Although nervous and lacking any type of creative talent or ability, I just had a go. My first lesson was amazing! I had so much fun, was covered in clay (use an apron) yet couldn’t stop smiling and giggling to myself. The 2nd lesson was much of the same and the third really tested my creativity. I can’t wait to see the final product! The teachers were great, so patient and able to teach and guide at all levels. It was nice to get out, learn, chat and laugh with some like minded people.

Jenni Hagland May 2024

My daughter and I attending the pottery painting experience. It was okay. The studio was very busy though so didn't get much instruction and I was under the impression it was going to be a bit more instruction/tutorial class type situation. It was more a pick out your pieces and here's the glazes and paints and work more independently sort of thing. Nothing wrong with that, however I would have liked to know that as I was hoping to learn a bit more and the process and difference between paint and glazes and technique etc.

Teacher's response

Hi Jenni, Thank you for your feedback that will help us improve our offerings for future. I am very surprised to read that you did not get the instructions although I personally gave you and your daughter instructions in private first when you arrived, and then repeated second time while you were in the same class, because someone else showed up 20 minutes late and you got to hear the same instructions twice. We also had 2 instructors attending to 7 people who were painting, including you and your daughter, and we kept checking in on you all and asking if you needed anything or had any questions. It would have been so productive, efficient and helpful if you actually asked your questions while you were in the studio with us. But you kept responding that you were ok and did not need anything. It is very unfortunate to read in your review that you had questions and you did not voice them, which we could have happily answered while you were with us. Hope this response to your review also helps you to be more proactive about your needs and wants in the future and I assure you most businesses will happily accommodate your questions if you actually voice them. Also would like to point out that the description for your booking for our 2 hours long pottery painting experience is not promising a deep dive into chemistry of glazes and underglazes, but we will happily provide you as much information as you need next time.

Alan David Kinsgsley Thomas Apr 2024

Staff was extremely talented in giving verbal instructions and feedback to every stage. She was so welcoming and passionate about the class. 100% highly recommend!

Nora Crowley Apr 2024

Everyone had a wonderful time Yagana was is a great teacher and was very helpful! Thanks so much for having us!

Nathalia Cal Dos Santos Apr 2024

The class was very much one-on-one. Even though there were 3 people there Yegana gave heaps of attention to everyone. We managed to create 3 beautiful pieces and the way she guided us through made the process easy. Looking forwards to my next class.

Wine and Clay Beginner's Wheel Throwing Class review by Nathalia Cal Dos Santos - Sydney

Leslie May Gatchalian Padilla Apr 2024

I booked the class for me and my friends and we all enjoyed it. It's good to learn something new. A very good use of time and effort with a sense of accomplishment. Thanks to our teacher. It's something that could turn into a worthwhile hobby.

Ryan Villamin Apr 2024

We had lots of fun and teacher was helpful and had very clear and easy to follow steps for us.

Joshua Blancato Mar 2024

We attended the class for our 1 year anniversary. Our teacher Shaina was very friendly and helped us make some fun designs but also giving us the freedom to try our own thing. Really loved the class and would definitely reccomend Shaina as a teacher :)

Laurence Qi Mar 2024

really sweet and attentive instructor made for a wonderful experience. Really looking forward to the next event we book in

Everlyn Chiang Mar 2024

We attended this pottery painting class two weeks ago. The class was self-guided, so there wasn't any specific instructions. However, staff members were available for assistance if needed.

The venue had other classes happening simultaneously, including pottery-making classes. It was a relaxed and creative atmosphere. Materials were provided, and we were given small bowls and cups to paint at our own pace.

We painted the pottery pieces according to our own creativity and preferences. It was a fun and relaxing experience where we could express ourselves through art.

An-Ning Chi Mar 2024

The classes are awesome and the teacher is very patient and friendly. I would strongly recommend this class.

Colette Stearns Mar 2024

Loved it! Such a fan activity to do with someone else. Great value as well

Jana Lepojevic Feb 2024

Had a great time with my partner. Yegana was friendly and patient and helped us gain confidence in using the machine. She gave us plenty of time to make pieces until we felt comfortable selecting our two favourites

Samantha Hall Feb 2024

I booked the three beginners pottery wheel classes as a Christmas present for my 14yo daughter and me. It was such a lovely way to spend time together and be creative. Yegana was an excellent teacher, very clear and happy to answer any questions. All materials were provided and we got two make three small pieces of pottery each. We now feel comfortable with continuing with lessons and delving into the world of pottery. So much fun.

Chris Betcher Feb 2024

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

I recently took this pottery class and had a fun, relaxing experience. The teacher was incredibly helpful and patient, guiding me through the process of creating three bowls on the pottery wheel. Even as a beginner, I felt supported and encouraged. The atmosphere was welcoming, and I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone looking for a hands-on and artistic activity.

Hallie Robins Feb 2024

We had the best time! It was so fun and social, and we had such a variety of pots to chose from. My sister chose some cups, planning to make a matching set for her and her roommate. I got lucky and found a vase in the shape of a woman’s body which hadn’t been claimed by an old student as well as another tall slim vase. We got to try out different glazing and decorating techniques and I can’t wait to see how they turn out once they’ve been fired! Would 100% recommend either the pottery and/or the pottery painting opportunities available! Can’t begin to say how grateful I am!

Ayda Feb 2024

Great class, the Yegana was supper kind and provided clear instructions.
Will definitely go again

Michelle Parlan Feb 2024

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Great class to learn wheel throwing! Took awhile to get used to the flow but teacher was very supportive and provided guidance and encouragement all throughout. We were allowed to make as many pots as we can within the 2 hours and then choose the best 2 to take home. Truly enjoyed the fun experience!

Jacqueline Mann Feb 2024

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 7 reviews

Lots of fun, super simple class, very enjoyable to create a design and just paint! Great way to relax and get something you’ve decorated yourself out of it.

Kelly Monkman Feb 2024

Myself and my partner had never done pottery before and we thoroughly enjoyed it and the teacher was great. Thank you j think we’ve found a new hobby.

Christina Park Feb 2024

Good class but wish we had more freedom to play around and design our own

Teacher's response

I am happy to hear it was a good class for you, Christina. I wish you would have expressed during the class that you wanted to design your own because we actually encourage it more than anything. We are happy to accommodate any creative wishes expressed to us during your time with us, while you making your pottery, and I wish it was communicated openly at the time of the workshop where we would have happily supported you in your endeavour.

Sudevi Nath Feb 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I went with my friend to paint pottery, it was both our first time and the teacher was lovely and the whole experience was great

Pottery class review by Sudevi Nath - Sydney

Tarishi Kwatra Jan 2024

Awesome option for a team outing. We had a cross geography cross cultural group. She was really good with us.

Clay and Sip Class: Hand Building with Wine review by Tarishi Kwatra - Sydney

Ewa Borkowski Jan 2024

It was a very relaxing experience and not so difficult to do.
We all love it!

Gordon Jan 2024

I haven't done this since I was a kid, and damn have I upskilled since then! This is the sort of nostalgic activity that could easily become a hobby.

Erin Barton Jan 2024

I had a lovely time doing the Pottery Painting class. It was very relaxing, a great activity to do on a Sunday afternoon.
The teacher was lovely, showed us the equipment and checked in to see how we were doing. I’m excited to see the finish results! Definitely will be back again.

Will Hunt Jan 2024

Good fun! Friendly class and teacher. Relaxed atmosphere. Looking forward to see the end products!

Sunnie Deng Jan 2024

Teacher was super lovely and helpful! Loved the whole experience, I’ll definitely be back!

Lance Loughlin Jan 2024

I had so much fun and learnt a lot about the pottery process. The teacher was very patient and detailed making sure our class ran to time. I completed a bowl, and was happy with it as came into the process as a complete beginner. Highly recommend

Rachel Brown Jan 2024

Teacher is great going through all the techniques you need, all materials provided, best to bring a long apron if you have one

Payton Wade Jan 2024

The teacher was unreal and made the class so enjoyable! She was lovely and made you feel so comfortable, and also explained everything perfectly. The studio had so many supplies and really did allow you to do whatever you wanted! Will definitely be coming back to do another class, absolutely loved it.

Anisha Lahiri Jan 2024

So much fun to do with my friend! We walked into this cute little studio with heaps of handmade and premade ceramics to paint! The teacher was always there for questions and checking in, but also had a feeling of freedom to talk and socialise while painting!

Jess Fong Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Enjoyable experience
Would have preferred instructions typed and written with pictures and laminated
Or the example modelled first

Scott Cuzner Jan 2024

Really fun!
Teacher was very helpful, kind and engaging.
Would recommend silky shapes to others.

Samantha Vasilevski Dec 2023

My friend and I really enjoyed this class and the variety of options we had to paint and create!

Teacher's response

Thank you so much Samantha! Hope you come back and create more! Cheers

Jackie Gao Dec 2023

Yegana was very knowledgeable, encouraging and always more than happy to give a hand if I needed help. I had a wonderful time over the 3 lessons creating my pieces and am looking forward to picking up the finished pieces in a week.

Felicia Dorch Nov 2023

Super fun activity to do with whoever. Had plenty of laughs and would highly recommend. No alcohol involved tho which we thought it would be but we had plenty of fun anyways

Teacher's response

Hi Felicia,
I am happy to hear you enjoyed the class. This class description does not mention us providing alcohol. It is however BYO welcome. Next time you can BYO and have even more fun.

Vicki Vuong Nov 2023

Amazing experience - teacher was lovely and checked on us regularly. Even helped store cake and let us celebrate after the session. Would recommend to anyone for pottery painting!

Teacher's response

Thank you so much Vicki! Hope to have you guys back in the studio again.

Zoe Lee Nov 2023

Yegana is a great teacher - she's very knowledgeable and passionate, and she helped us to make four tealight houses. We made our own template and customised the size of our houses. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn how to make your own Christmas decorations!

Millie Alison Nov 2023

Such a great class! We had a lovely time with Yegana as our teacher - it was our first time wheelthrowing and it was such a great experience! Thank you for all your patience and knowledge Yegana. We will be back for sure

Sylvia Roxavio Nov 2023

Really fun class! Didn't feel rushed at all like some other paint/clay and sip style classes. It's very messy so be prepared with a towel or apron. The teacher explained everything really well and got to make 3 really cool bowls. A lot of creative freedom and really well explained for those that have never touched clay. 10/10 would fo again, probably will book another class soon

Jyri Kaapro Nov 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Teacher was very helpful and personable. The process was streamline and instructions were easy to follow.

Juan Pablo Arcos Nov 2023

Great time painting some pottery in the studio. The teacher was very kind and comprehensive

Isha Ahsan Nov 2023

I feel like the teacher could have been more friendlier. It felt quite awkward for my friend and I at the beginning. But overall the experience was fun. I think the instructor could work a bit on the way she gives out instructions.

Ellen Masson Oct 2023

The teacher was lovely and it was nice to go though the process from start to finish without having to commit to much time.

Anonymised ClassBento student Oct 2023

The session was lovely, lots of pottery pieces to choose from. The teacher was welcoming and helpful!

Teacher's response

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it and hope you come back and paint and make more beautiful ceramics.

Michelle So Oct 2023

Amazing class! It was cute little studio at our teacher was very attentive and gentle. Would definitely recommend

Pot and Sip Wheel Throwing Class: Make Three Pots review by Michelle So - Sydney

Teacher's response

Thank you so much Michelle! It was great to have you and Ren. Hope to see you in classes again! Thank you. Yegana

Sureen de Silva Oct 2023

This was such a fun, relaxing class to do. The instructor was really nice and helpful. The class information and instructions are all emailed in advance. Communication was very detailed and well thought out. We really enjoyed the art space. It's in a great location in Crows Nest so there were plenty of great places to eat.

Teacher's response

Hi Sureen, it was great to have you both in the studio and I’m delighted to hear that you enjoyed the class. Your paintings look fantastic! Hope you come back and paint more beautiful things. Thank you again. Yegana

Yash Oct 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended

Shayna was a nice teacher! However, she was doing her own clay making whilst we were doing ours so I felt like we kept having to ask questions about next steps and how to do certain steps instead of her being a bit more engaged with the group. Also, no structure, you make whatever you want, would be good to try and make one particular thing. Was a fun class overall

Jane Deane Oct 2023

We had such a fun time! Yegana was a fantastic teacher, very patient and obviously a very talented creator. Highly recommend this experience. Thanks for a great day.

Teacher's response

Thank you so much Jane! It was so good to have you and your beautiful boys in the studio! Looking forward to seeing you soon. Thank you! Yegana

Shereena-Lee van de Berkt Oct 2023

A huge shout out to our wonderful teacher Yegana, who guided our team building adventure beautifully - with much patience and professionalism!
The whole team were able to produce beautiful pots, which we were all excited about - particularly since we were all beginners! Yegana made it fun and achievable! Wonderful value for money, and many of us want to take it up as a hobby now!
Would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone!

Teacher's response

Thank you so much for organising and bringing everyone Shereena! It was pleasure to meet your lovely group and hope to see you soon. Thank you. Yegana

Lily Zhang Oct 2023

I did a holiday workshop with my friend and it was a great experience and a great decision. The trencher was very hands on and she helped us lots. She talked us through anything and she helped my friend make her bowl when it wasn’t working. It was extremely fun and I learned a lot in that class. 10/10 Would recommend

Teacher's response

Thank you so much Lily! It was great to have you guys in the studio and am looking forward to seeing you again. Thank you. Yegana

Carol Wilson Sep 2023

The teacher was great. She was very patient and generous with her time.
We all ended up with three pretty good pots. Just loved it.

Teacher's response

Thank you so much Carol. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Thank you again. Yegana

Ashley Tanaja Sep 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

The class had so many fun materials and colours to work with, and the teacher was very helpful! We had freedom to make various shapes and it was overall a very enjoyable experience :). I can't wait to collect the pots!

Pottery class review by Ashley Tanaja - Sydney

Teacher's response

Thank you so much Ashley! It was fun potting with you and Yani. Thank you. Yegana

Kim Bailey Aug 2023

Our teacher was so patient and helpful. A great experience. Can't wait to a the finished product.

Pot and Sip Wheel Throwing Class: Make Three Pots review by Kim Bailey - Sydney

Liz Lucas Aug 2023

Yegana was absolutely amazing and incredibly helpful! Studio is so lovely and light and was a great space to be creative. Had a lot of fun and will definitely be doing another class soon!

Nicole Holborow Aug 2023

Great teacher and price for the class we did
Walked away with 3 bowls that we loved!

Highly recommend

Teacher's response

Thank you so much Nicole! Hope you enjoy using them and come back and make more beautiful things to take home.

Wendy Dellit Aug 2023

I had a wonderful time learning about Nerikomi from Yegana. She explained the processes very clearly, the materials were set up ready to be used, the lighting was good, the music was lovely, and Yegana made great suggestions along the way. I really enjoyed focussing on manipulating the clay - while we chatted about art and life. Looking forward to seeing the finished pieces after they are glazed.
Highly recommend it.

Teacher's response

Thank you so much Wendy! It was fun to have you and Nicole in the studio. Cheers

Paula Tambolero Jul 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

This was my first course/introduction into wheel throwing and had alot of fun! Yegana was very knowledgeable and helpful during the classes. You're able to make and glaze a few pieces over the 3 classes. Had a great time!

Teacher's response

Thank you so much Paula! Hope you enjoying the pots and hope you come back and make more! Thank you! Yegana

Luciano Llorens Jul 2023

Love the class & teacher was very patient with all of us!
thank you very much!

Teacher's response

Thank you so much Luciano! It was so much fun to have your group and help you bring your ideas to life! I hope I will see more of your group!

Cathy Fraser May 2023

The venue is convenient and comfortable. The atmosphere was relaxed and conducive to being creative, and encouraging of us as beginners. The teacher was great, explaining and demonstrating 13 different techniques of painting ceramics. She was very helpful with our projects, offering great suggestions, but without interfering or dominating - ideal.
The materials provided were plentiful and appropriate. Value for money good.
The thing we loved the most was learning a variety of techniques, something we hadn't expected.

Ceramic Surface Decoration Masterclass review by Cathy Fraser - Sydney

Hillary Evans Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This class was amazing, the studio has a relaxed atmosphere and the teacher is hands on and supportive. I would definitely recommend this class.

Pottery class review by Hillary Evans - Sydney

Donna Taylor Feb 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Good beginner level class. Instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful. Area was set up well.

Jasmin Lin Dec 2022

64 ClassBento workshops attended • 64 reviews

Yegana is a talented, passionate, helpful, knowledgeable teacher. Her instruction are easy to follow. Encouraged to be creative with our house. Very enjoyable class, highly recommend.

Pottery class review by Jasmin Lin - Sydney

Nanette Fisher Nov 2022

The teacher is very experienced. She was very helpful and accommodating. The venue was good because it is near where I live. Materials were all provided which was a big help. I will definitely recommend this course and teacher to family and friends.

Alice Makimian Aug 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Instructor was very helpful and informative. Had fun in the class and loved our take home creations

Elke Knebel Jul 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

A fantastic class by a patient and well prepared teacher. The introduction to the nerikomi technique was very good. Everyone got to produce multiple patterns on bowls or plates.

Ann Wignall Jul 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The Nerikome class was a fabulous experience and very well organised with plenty of equipment, materials and space for the small class. Yegana was an excellent teacher, providing clear instruction and as much assistance as needed. It was suitable for beginners as well as more experienced ceramics enthusiasts looking for specialised teaching.

Nerikomi Pottery Masterclass review by Ann Wignall - Sydney

Megan Cribb May 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

The teacher was fantastic and very patient. A beautiful studio with all the materials you need. I learnt to make a cup from kneeding the clay, using the wheel, finishing and glazing. I am going to continue on with pottery at this studio.

Jasmin Lin May 2022

64 ClassBento workshops attended • 64 reviews

What a great class, the teacher was patient and knowledgeable, enjoyed learning about nerikomi, will be bavk.

Tiina Carpenter Mar 2022

We had a ball with this class. Who would have thought we could carve out some amazing pottery skill out of software engineers.

The teacher had a nice touch to give us the instructions and then let us get creative with her gentle guidance.

Logistics worked well and would highly recommend for a team building exercise.

Pottery class review by Tiina Carpenter - Sydney

Paul Martin Mar 2022

Good introduction to creating pottery using the wheel, trimming and application of glazes. Teacher was attentive and helpful without taking over the process.

Bernadette Huang Mar 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Absolutely loved the Nerikomi masterclass at SilkyShapes I booked this to do with a friend and we both enjoyed it immensely. Yegana showed us the entire process and some beautiful pattern making techniques before letting us embark on our own Nerikomi adventures. Yegana was patient and full of knowledge that was willingly shared and never rushed us through, she even let us stay back another half hour to finish our pieces which we were so grateful for We both loved it so much that we want to book in to do the same class again!

Pottery class review by Bernadette Huang - Sydney

Kerry Kaalim Mar 2022

Teacher friendly and easy to follow
Materials great and plenty
Nice people
Love to do it again

Beatrice Upton-Oettel Mar 2022

Helpful and friendly, helped if you needed it but not overbearing. Super nice! Made the class even more enjoyable

Jeff Morehen Feb 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

The class was comprehensive and the teacher very helpful and supportive. The venue is not air conditioned so was hot and noisy due to traffic sounds from the opened window that together with need to wear masks due to COVID made listening difficult

Shaun Madden Feb 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I did the class with my wife.
The teacher was very good, very clear in her explanation, patient and helpful.
The venue was clean and comfortable

Jake Metters Feb 2022

Yegana was and excellent teacher. She was patient and if she couldn’t correct a mistake, she was very quick to let you know you could start over without any concern for the materials. I appreciated the freedom to select patterns and paints and the care the teacher took in making sure she had it correct. Nicole was super helpful as well. She had some good tips and eager to please.

Tara Hill Jan 2022

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Patient teacher with good instruction. Great class and the perfect amount of stress free time out with some inner creativity expression. Looking forward to doing some further classes.

Carole Jackson Dec 2021

Good fun for a small group. Nice airy studio. Yegana was excellent guiding us to enjoy the afternoon.

Garth McMurtrie Dec 2021

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Loved it. Lots of fun. Made some great stuff and met some nice people. The studio is relaxed with lots of like minded people.

Linda Barton Jun 2021

Great value for money. Got straight into it without unnecessary details. I'm often frustrated with the slow pace of beginners classes but this one was perfect.

Leanne Clark Dec 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Wonderful gift for my husband and myself. Great teacher and so patient and helpful. we had so much fun.

Robyn Swan Jan 2020

The teacher was so good she explained what I needed to do went away left me to try and then returned at the right time to show me more or correct my mistakes she was friendly calm and explained the process very clearly I felt very comfortable with her explanation.

It was a gift from my daughter and I feel I want to learn more about the process of pottery.

The room was cool and calm nice people going about the pottery process.

Pottery class review by Robyn Swan - Sydney

Melanie Lindenberg Apr 2019

Excellent teacher with a great set up. Very well organised and felt very real but a lot of fun. Very professional class.

Elf Yang Apr 2019

Our teacher is quite friendly and patient! Always remind me put down ur elbows hahahahha. And the venue is good as well. Not a big place but be very organised. The first class to make three bowl like potteries, for me is not easy but is a great beginning!

Emily Crews Apr 2019

The teacher was very patient, accommodating and encouraging. The space was relaxed and had the right tools which meant we were able to focus on getting into the actual pottery lesson. I'd definitely recommend to other friends and am looking forward to continuing on with my bowl making!

Jemma Woods Mar 2019

Yegana is lovely, patient and helpful. She provided slow and easy to understand instructions.

I loved being able to use my hands to create something!

Thoroughly enjoyed this class.

Dorinda An Mar 2019

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

It has been really fun, working with the clay was not my second nature but thr teacher has been extremly patient. The venue is a walking distance from home, spacious and relaxing. I am looking forward to next two classes and see the final products.

Natasha Yee Feb 2019

Yegana was very attentive and accommodating. Her instructions were very clear and at a good pace to follow. This was also combined with visual demonstrations which accommodated all types of learners.
The venue is convenient and close to public transport. The materials were good and easy to work with and all tools were provided. The class was very informative and good length for weekly consecutive sessions. I learned a lot and it was a great crash course. I learned enough to take away and refine my skills with practice. The class size was small and intimate and ensured you did not get lost or forgotten about. I also loved the succulents and orchids that adorned the windows in the studio! Added charm and inspiration. Thank you!

Jodie Hearne Feb 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Fun class and great atmosphere and vibe. As a beginner I probably needed a little more hands on coaching as I found it quite difficult but I'm sure with more practice I'll get there.

Deepali Parashar Feb 2019

It was my first time doing pottery and it’s a really good experience. I loved it the way my teacher ( Jioana) explained the each steps from the starting. I still need to learn more which can only gain by experience and more practice. I definitely recommend my friends to try upcoming class sessions.

Tamara Yap Feb 2019

Just did the first class of three, the teacher was excellent. She provided clear instructions and demonstrations for each step of the process, and gave us plenty of room to practice but was quick to step in as soon as anyone needed help. Highly recommended.

Eda So Jan 2019

Lovely little venue. Yegana?( sorry not sure how to spell her name) is an absolutely lovely instructor- she caters for all abilities and makes sure that everyone is on the same page. Very patient and great materials to work with. Loved how everything was included and easy to follow. I'm very happy with the end result and had an absolute blast, would definitely come again. Can't recommend this course to my friends enough. xx

Pottery class review by Eda So - Sydney

Abhishek Chamarthy Dec 2018

Its a great experience.I have never done pottery before so i was struggling but teacher helped me to understand and made it look so easy☺

Neha Nimbekar Nov 2018

Had a terrific time making bowls, very helpful tutor. Totally worth the money, have already recommended to my friends to Book the class.

Alicia Tan Nov 2018

Yegana is so patient in teaching step by step techniques. If you've fallen behind, she would come to you and guide you until you get it. Absolutely worth every penny spent.

Sheridan Johnston Nov 2018

Everything was great except for my ability! I need lots of practice! Yegana is very patient.

Finola Richards Oct 2018

Yegana was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and patient with us, the venue was easy to find. The class was fun and therapeutic. very enjoyable.

Kate Bolinger Aug 2018

I’ve only had my first lesson but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The teacher was incredibly patient and kind and the classroom was as expected for pottery work. I really enjoyed creating with my hands and I cannot wait to go back for my next lesson.

Hayley Guo Jun 2018

I bought these classes as a birthday gift for my partner. We both enjoyed the whole entire experience. It was really interesting and a lot of fun. The teacher Yegana was really nice and supportive. Can't wait for our next class.

Caitlyn Millroy May 2018

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Had a ceramic's painting class for a Hen's Night. Yegana was so welcoming and helpful. She provided a space for us to set up nibblies and drinks early, explained the painting and glazing process and then let us get to work. We all had such a wonderful time. The venue was easy to find. The Bride enjoyed the class immensely. Top quality.

Hema Chhima May 2018

Nice studio with a small group of beginners enabling the instructor to provide regular support & technique advice. The studio was being used by a nice number of others who were at differing stages of experience adding to a nice vibe. Instructor has a lovely manner about her, provides great instructions, guidance & assistance.

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