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Hi, I'm Irina.

I tend to introduce myself as a sculptor, although I'm engaged in many different art disciplines as well. I have never had another profession, nor have I wanted it. I fell in love with three-dimensional art at a very early age which came naturally as I was born in a family of artists. It was the world I've grown up in, a measure of value around me.

I have graduated from Fine Arts, majoring in Sculpture, and with a bit of luck, I had a chance to work internationally and gain great experience in different industries and media.

My idea is to try to share the skills, one by one by providing online classes here. From basic modelling in clay to carving wax, casting resin and painting figurines with an airbrush, I hope we can have a lot of fun together. I am also quite thorough and I won't give up till you learn the skill :)





Priya Varghese • Nov 2020

DIY Clay Hand Built Bowls and Plates

A patient teacher who's most happy to provide information even after the class was over.

Claire Cooke • Nov 2020

Make Your Own Unique Mug

I had never tried something like this before. The class was a gentle introduction and I learnt some cool things. Very glad I got the mold - that made life much easier.

Megan Andriessen • Nov 2020

Make Your Own Unique Mug

A relaxed way to spend an hour on a Sunday. A very patient teacher who was also generous with her knowledge and really keen to help at every step of the process. I’m hoping I’ll get the opportunity to do another class very soon.

Francesco Grande • Nov 2020

DIY Clay Hanging Planter

Lovely 1:1 experience with a kind and patient teacher. Would highly recommend this as a gift or even experience for yourself!

Hannah King • Nov 2020

DIY Clay Hand Built Bowls and Plates

Really enjoyable. Instructions were simple and straightforward. I recommend the course or beginners or intermediate levels.

Sandy Hedger • Oct 2020

Make Your Own Unique Mug

We had so much fun and Irina was so patient with our inexperienced giggling group. Highly recommend!

Sebastian Hecker • Oct 2020

Introduction to Figurative Sculpting

Highly recommend.

Irina was very patient, extremely accommodating and guided us through creating our pieces without being critical of our work or disinterested.

We were happy with the end result and was fantastic doing it in a group online.

Pottery workshop review by Sebastian Hecker

Monika Patsali • Oct 2020

Make Your Own Unique Mug

I didn't receive the cup mould. Class seems a bit pricey for whats involved.

Also wasn't aware there was extra work and more costs involved to complete product post the tutorial.

More time is required for the class in order to allow more questions.

Great teacher very informative and easy to follow. I will recommend for other people.



Dear Monika,

I am truly sorry that you did not have a good experience in my class but I am asking you kindly to thoroughly read the listing prior to booking so that we avoid any disappointments.

You have not received a cup mould because you have not ordered one.

When you choose not to purchase one- listing advises to have one handy- under “ things you’ll need”.

Firing and glazing that you are addressing to as an additional work and effort is inevitable part of ceramic art and it has been so since its invention.

My listing mentions it in many points, i will try to highlight it more.

Further- I am really trying to teach people a unique techniques that I myself have came up with, and I thought that trying to teach more advanced things are bonus rather than a flaw, and I wish you have advised in the beginning of the class that you prefer a simpler option.

Finally, I have made my class longer for you and I will for everyone who needs more time- I even offer additional consultations and feedback should you need any in my follow up email.

My offer to help you finish your mug successfully still stands.


Naomi Hawking • Oct 2020

Make Your Own Unique Mug

Really fun lesson! I learned so much and I can't wait to use my new mug!

Elyse Lithgow • Sep 2020

Make Your Own Unique Mug

One on one classes for me are a little awkward but the teacher had some good advice and was knowledgeable.

Duncan Bullock • Sep 2020

Introduction to Figurative Sculpting

I had a lot of fun in this class. The teacher was very helpful, and kept the class moving quickly enough to give you the basics and give your model a good shape for you to continue with. She was very generous with her time too. I also particularly liked that she had her large model there to demonstrate on as well. The only difficult parts for me were that I am a little deaf so sometimes I find it harder to hear than in a normal conversation, but that would be the same in any online class.

Mia Havryluk • Sep 2020

Introduction to Figurative Sculpting

I think Mia and Luca were the youngest students the class ever had, if website can state appropriate ages would be helpful. Nonetheless Mia enjoyed the class, and was happy she got a taste of sculpting (and tried out a new activity during lockdown) although it was a little harder than expected done online. For girls her age, would be helpful if there is a curated session and/or follow up class included to check in for further questions and encouragement. Could you let me know contacts of suppliers/ shops that we could purchase the materials from for further work? Thank you. Serena Mum

Sophia Hyland • Sep 2020

Introduction to Figurative Sculpting

We really loved taking this class with Irina! She was professional, insightful and personable. She was great at being able to review your sculpture in progress and provide helpful suggestions on how to make it better and more realistic. We've been really looking for ways to find interesting things to do during lockdown and this exceeded our expectations. Thanks, Irina

Introduction to Figurative Sculpting review by Sophia Hyland

Luca Allen • Sep 2020

Introduction to Figurative Sculpting

This was a really fun, helpful class with a super nice teacher. I highly recommend :)

Megan Darwish • Sep 2020

Make Your Own Unique Mug

Irina was very patient and helpful and dealt well with the online factor.
Our team all had a great time with the activity. Thank you!

Sally Whittaker • Sep 2020

DIY Clay Hand Built Bowls and Plates

Really lovely class with great tips and ideas. Great fun :) Nice to do clay work with a product that doesn’t need access to a Kiln !

Joshua Nowiczewski • Sep 2020

DIY Clay Hanging Planter

Was extremely good. I still felt that the class could have been 15 to 20 minutes longer.

Kylie Swain • Aug 2020

Introduction to Figurative Sculpting

The class was great, Irina was helpful and explained everything. I received guidance. It was a lot of fun!

Debra Bond • Aug 2020

DIY Clay Hand Built Bowls and Plates

Was a wonderful class. Lots of sharing information, guidance and review of work. I have enough clay left to do another project.

Angie Connell • Aug 2020

DIY Clay Hanging Planter

It was a great way to spend a hour during lock down :) and got a quirky little pot to hang on too as well!

Pottery workshop review by Angie Connell

Noor Hoblos • Aug 2020

Make Your Own Unique Mug

Irina was a wonderful host. She was very patient and provided a lot of feedback during and after the class. This was a great experience and I would definitely do it again.

Michael Corral • Aug 2020

Firing and Glazing Ceramics for Beginners

Class was very informative and so much fun for beginners. Thank you very much Irina

Kylie Norton • Aug 2020

Introduction to Figurative Sculpting

The session was really informative and interesting. I was able to learn the fundamentals but all my other questions were answered, thank you

Jacqui Stockdale • Aug 2020

Introduction to Figurative Sculpting

I really learnt so much in a short time. Irina was a lovely teacher, very knowledgable and patient. The class was quite a challenge however I was inspired to continue working on my sculpture of a head with a real life model. Would highly recommend this class to other artists I know.

Rini Ismail • Jul 2020

Firing and Glazing Ceramics for Beginners

I had a great time learning basic glazing with Irina. The different techniques and materials needed when applying the various glazing. Didn't realize so much things to consider when making, firing and glazing ceramics. Thank you Irina :)

Sarah Stevenson • Jul 2020

Introduction to Figurative Sculpting

It was really fun learning figurative sculpting and the teacher was full of knowledge. She taught with such clarity and even emailed notes from our discussion afterwards which was so nice of her to do. I was really happy with how my sculpture was looking by the end of the class and enjoyed the whole experience; so I would definitely recommend to others interested in trying out some figurative sculpting! :)

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