Anya Shcherban

Anya Shcherban

Working artist and production designer with over 10 years of experience

Anya Shcherban, drawing teacher
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I am a production designer and illustrator based in Sydney. I studied fine arts in Melbourne which brought me into the world of storyboards and concept art for films. From there I was inspired to pursue a career in film work. I currently produce illustrations and storyboards for both film and advertising. Coming from a traditional art background, I value the importance of learning traditional techniques before experimenting with your own style. I specialize in portraiture and still life.






For Drawing and Portraits Workshop

By (attended on 23 Jul 2018)

Lovely teacher - very patient with my toddler who unfortunately wouldn't let me actually draw anything.


For Drawing and Portraits Workshop

By (attended on 29 Apr 2018)

Anya is wonderful! She is very patient. Patience with children is the most important! Our communication is also timely and smooth. She gave my son a very constructive opinion. My son is very happy to learn from her. I think the price is well worth it. I hope to have the opportunity to cooperate more!


For Drawing and Portraits Workshop

By (attended on 18 Mar 2018)

I found this class really helpful. It helped me to realise why my current sketches weren’t really working. I left with a step-by-step guide and helpful techniques that I can use to practice and continue to improve.


For Drawing and Portraits Workshop

By (attended on 4 Mar 2018)

I found Anya to be an excellent teacher, understanding my needs as she introduced me to PORTRAITURE. She started off showing me how she does portraits, explaining in detail every step of the way. Then I had to pick up my pencil and follow suite. With much guidance and support, I began to draw EYES. I have never been aware of the light falling on them, their correct proportion, and smaller details. Thanks for a great 2 hour lesson in my home.

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