Yvette Swan, painting teacher

Yvette Swan

20yr+ experience in art, 3yr+ in meditation

4.9 (49)

For over the past 20 years I have been a professional artist in the medium of painting. I studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at University of NSW, College of Fine Arts, Sydney. I worked in the film and photographic industries to then come back full circle to my love of painting. From this love I have exhibited in over 40 solo and group shows in galleries within Australia. Through my work I explore the essence of life – awareness, love, and the source of our being.

I am an Advanced Psychotherapist and support people through one to one sessions, classes, and retreats, to open to challenges being faced and to realise who is here which is deeper than any challenges. (for One to One sessions please contact me via my Instagram). Through Classbento you can discover the classes I offer - Abstract art, Wellbeing (includes Qigong, Meditation, "Enquiry"/awareness discovery) for adults, young adults, Meditation class, and The Joy of Being - Art & Wellbeing for children. These classes support people create, express, open, and discover one's true self.

Whatever medium I use, the purpose behind it is my love to open more deeply to truth and freedom and support people to discover what's here. I am deeply interested in people realising who they truly are beyond challenges, thoughts, emotions, or body difficulties.






Christin McCormack • Nov 2020

Meditation, Qigong & Inquiry for Wellbeing

This was an excellent class . Firstly we did a session of Qigong which I have never done before.Yvette demonstrated the moves and was easy to follow. This was a great way to stretch, awaken and relax the body and mind.
Yvette then shared a short video followed by some discussion and questions which made you reflect and realise more about yourself.
We then finished the class perfectly with a guided meditation.I found this class to be a great combination.I left the class totally calm , relaxed and at peace with myself.
I have been attending meditation classes with Yvette all year .With her classes I am more relaxed and have better balance in my daily life.I look forward to the classes each week and classes such as this to further help me achieve calm ,relaxation and an inner peace.
I highly recommend this class.

Lucy Pilkington • Nov 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

Really enjoyed making the time to do this. Nice escape, started with meditation and then explored and played, learnt painting techniques too. Nice way to spend a few hours.

Grace Wye • Nov 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

This was a really lovely class. Yvette has a calm, relaxed approach to the class and allows time for integrating new techniques. The meditation was well-suited and I left feeling like I had been equipped with tools to explore painting further in my own time. Would love to do it again. Thanks so much!

Painting workshop review by Grace Wye

Bianca Tomaino • Oct 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

Yvette was fantastic It was a lot of fun! Strongly recommend! Looking forward to more classes!

Shawnee Arranga • Oct 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

The class was amazing - we had the best time! The materials for the class also arrived very quickly.

Judy Bell • Oct 2020

Meditation, Come Back to Stillness

I really got a lot from this class, very peaceful. I also felt it’s given me to some new ways to approach my day.

Body and Soul workshop review by Judy Bell

Elyse Lithgow • Oct 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

A lovely teacher who created a calm and meditative experience. Abstract is hard to “teach” as it’s so individual but her techniques will help me create my own pieces.

Julisa Edwards • Oct 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

This was an amazing class! I learnt a lot of painting techniques that I can't wait to start playing with in my art journey Also really loved that the class started out with a bit of meditation as I was feeling a bit anxious this morning, so helped ground me in what I was doing, and was super surprised when she announced class was over! Definitely want to check out Yvette's other classes

Painting workshop review by Julisa Edwards

Liz Clarke • Sep 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

This class with Yvette was great. The pace was perfect and I learned a lot.

Carer Vmch • Sep 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

Yvette was a wonderful teacher for our young clients (ages 10/ 11). The class was well paced and had just the right amount of content to keep things interesting without making them feel rushed. The young people can now apply their newly learned skills for other creative endeavours in school holidays during Stage 4 restrictions.

Kristen Barrett • Sep 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

I really enjoyed this class, it was relaxed and fun! Yvette made learning easy and accessible to all levels.

Diana Costantini • Sep 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

Great, relaxing way to spend a few hours. Meditation start was really lively too. Thank you

Rini Ismail • Aug 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

Great virtual painting class with Yvette. We started with meditation, great to get that creativity going. Then Yvette showed various techniques, mixes of colour and how you can keep coming to your painting a few times till you know it's done. I also learnt what we can do if something doesn't work.

Really enjoyed the session. Thank you Yvette.

Kate Seaburgh • Aug 2020

Meditation, Come Back to Stillness

Yvette was wonderful! highly recommend, I really enjoyed the class & a great start to the morning

Michelle Arundel • Aug 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

A great class! Very relaxing way to get started or back into art! A good demonstration of techniques and lots of time to play around with your creations! A good supply of paints and paint brushes to carry on experimenting after the class. Thank you Yvette!

Painting workshop review by Michelle Arundel

Freya Newton • Aug 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

Really enjoyed this session, we did it as a team building exercise. It ran really smoothly, it was easy to follow and we learnt some great techniques! Thanks Yvette!

Zoe Perrington • Aug 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

A great way to relax and learn at the same time. Thanks very much Yvette.

Caryl Barnes • Aug 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

Fantastic - lovely teaching style
Learnt so many techniques and feel inspired to keep painting on my own now. Thank you!

Learn Abstract Painting review by Caryl Barnes Sydney

Olivia Carter • Aug 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

I had a great time at the beginners abstract art online course. I was blown away by how many techniques there are to create abstract art. You would think it would be easy! It was good to have someone talk you through some of the techniques.

Alex Nixon • Jul 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

I enjoyed learning the new skills of washes and the use of different tools. It was a lovely and relaxing class.

Thanks Yvette.

Rini Ismail • Jul 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

I had a wonderful time doing abstract painting with Yvette, utilizing the different tools and techniques. Triggers me to start exploring and understanding the interpretation of abstract paintings.

Prudence Desrosiers • Jul 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

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Naomi Byrnes • Jun 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

I really enjoyed the relaxed and friendly atmosphere, felt free to quietly sit and play with paint and listen to the different possibilities. Hearing about the artist who puts her surfaces out in nature inspired me to play a bit more with that after class. The message I took away was the possibility of continually layering and layering and layering over time. Thank you for the nurturing environment and encouragement to experiment, use affordable/free materials and have fun

Naomi Rundle • Jun 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

I've only ever worked with oils, so acrylics are new for me.i really enjoyed the class and got some great ideas.thanks !

Stephanie Frazer • Jun 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

Loads of fun! The time just flew by! Thank you for a great Saturday morning learning abstract painting :)

ClassBento student • Jun 2020

Meditation, Come Back to Stillness

I felt very relaxed after the meditation. Very calming and soothing. Great session would recommended!

Gisela Wildie • Jun 2020

Painting class

Yvette has such a nice, calming nature and that is exactly how the class ran. I loved learning new techniques and then using what i liked to create my masterpiece :)
The venue was perfect, with so many great tools and the right facilities.

Abstract Painting Day Class review by Gisela Wildie

Janine Hall • Jun 2020

Painting class

Good materials provided. Would have been better if colour mixing tips were provided Thanks so much

Deonisia Soundias • May 2020

Meditation, Come Back to Stillness

Absolutely loved it. I definitely needed this meditation. Would thoroughly recommend and will be doing again! I felt so at peace after it :j

Deirdre Mansell • May 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

This was a terrific class, lots of fun and full of useful painting techniques. I loved Yvette's style of teaching, as she started with a meditation to connect you with your energy and creativity. She gave great instructions, along with the freedom to develop your own style and ideas for how to continue after the class. Thank you!

Marie Smith • May 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

Lots of techniques learned-lovely atmosphere . Really enjoyed :)
Thank you so much Yvette. So many ideas now!

Victoria Barling • May 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

A great introduction to abstract art covering technique and three different styles. The examples were very helpful for guidance. The class moved along at a good pace and gave enough time to focus on each piece.

Sarah Robb • May 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

The class was lots of fun and we learnt some great tips. Thanks very much Yvette!

Shannon Malone-Brierley • Apr 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

Thanks so much! My son and I had such a great morning. Thanks so much.

Christin McCormack • Apr 2020

Meditation, Come Back to Stillness

I thoroughly enjoyed my guided meditation class with Yvette today.
I have struggled with anxiety and a racing mind and today with Yvette I slowed down.I felt great during and after the class.
I felt at peace.
Yvette has a great style and calming voice and I look forward to continuing my Sunday class in the future.

Sharon Mickan • Apr 2020

Learn Abstract Painting

I was impressed by this online class - a great way to keep creatively inspired at home

Tegan Partington • Jan 2020

Abstract Painting, Half Day Class

It was a wonderful class! The teacher struck the right balance of instruction and allowing us to be creative and catch up with friends. I learnt new techniques and enjoyed my time. Thank you.

Lucy Greenwood • Jan 2020

Abstract Painting, Half Day Class

Lovely, calm and peaceful teacher
Delightful work space with creative ideas around.
Thoroughly enjoyed the class.

Painting workshop review by Lucy Greenwood

Rochelle Smith • Dec 2019

Abstract Painting, Half Day Class

Such an enjoyable class! Yvette was very warm and welcoming and allowed us to find our own flow. I learnt some new techniques that I will be continuing to practice.

Jenny Ware • Nov 2019

Painting class

I really enjoyed this class. Yvette was very attentive and knowledgeable offering advice and help when needed. I was taught different applications for acrylics using different tools, colour combinations and the best type of materials to use.
Overall a very enjoyable relaxing day with a bit of meditation and yummy morning tea provided.

Diane Scott • Jul 2019

Painting class

Yvette was warm and welcoming to everyone to joined the class. I would have liked to have a class discussion on colours as I was new to art but, overall a lovely day.

Celia Gooden • Jul 2019

Painting class

Yvette was so lovely, we even got a bonus meditation before we started, to clear the mind! The art studio is perfect, lots of light, lots of paints and all sorts of brushes etc. I loved it!))

Zo-Ellen Judd • Jul 2019

Painting class

cosy venue with everything provided. Yvette was kind, friendly, encouraging and a good teacher. She showed us a variety of techniques and provided time to practice before we moved on to the canvas. She even gave us some guided meditation to relax into the task. Thanks Yvette

Elaine Human • Apr 2019

Abstract Painting, Half Day Class

Yvette is a lovely, creative and patient instructor. It was a nurturing experience. No artistic skills needed

Alexander Law • Feb 2019

Abstract Painting, Half Day Class

Completed 3 paintings in total, the morning tea was very nice and it had a great atmosphere.

Sharon Lenon • Oct 2018

Abstract Painting, Half Day Class

A very pleasant morning and a great space to work in. Yvette is lovely and I'm sure she knows a lot about abstract art. It was a good class that I would recommend to others.

Olimpia Mazza • Oct 2018

Abstract Painting, Half Day Class

I loved the class as it was right for meabstract and no rules. I will come back.

Lucienne Calvi • Oct 2018

Abstract Painting, Half Day Class

Great value for money! Really enjoyed the acrylic painting with meditation. Yvette was a patient and calm teacher and let us go with the flow with our painting and relax .
All materials were provided and most of us painted four pieces including one canvas.
Venue was good with free parking around the roads at the back. Main road too busy and only 2hr parking.
Very much enjoyed the class especially as it was just four people.

Painting workshop review by Lucienne Calvi

Sharon Stone • Aug 2018

Abstract Painting, Half Day Class

Yvette was a fabulous teacher. V relaxed vibe made me feel really comfortable great venue with really good materials loved the meditation and the morning tea as well as enjoying and getting totally caught up in the art highly recommend

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