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Kid friendly creative activities

Looking for something fun to do with the whole family?

Inspire a lifelong love of learning, with a wide range of child friendly and fun classes near you.

Our 'kid friendly' classes generally welcome children of 6 years and up as active participants in the class, as long as they're accompanied by an adult (do book an extra spot for them so they can make the most of the experience!) - but if you're unsure, just contact the relevant teacher; you can usually book classes privately just for your group, if you prefer. And if a class isn't marked as 'kid friendly', no harm asking! Most of our teachers love welcoming our little curious friends.

Perfect activity for the school holidays, a rainy day, or just to break the monotony on a weekend. Attend just with your child(ren), or use one of our classes as the centrepiece for your little one's next birthday. We won't be suprised if you end up enjoying the class even more than your little one(s)! Let your kids express their creativity and see new perspectives, with our hands-on arts and crafts workshops. Drop those electronics and let's do something interesting, something unusual, something that will really get them excited!

Try candle making in the comfort of your own home. Your kids will love choosing from a wide variety of fragrances and colours to make their own candles. They'll undoubtedly expand their vocabulary, learn about different scents, and about basic chemistry. Way more fun than a typical science class!

Or let them create their own terrarium. They'll have lots of fun being in charge, deciding exactly what goes into their tulip bowl, creating their own personalised little landscapes. Just enjoy the moment, as they dive their hands eagerly into the stones and dirt and build up their little ecosystem, layer by layer. The little dinosaurs and other animals that they can put in to bring their creations to life are the icing on the cake. Let their imaginations run wild, while teaching how to handle plants and how to be responsible (see how they go with taking care of a low-maintenance terrarium, before they graduate onto needier dependents like pets!)

Or if your kid is more of a foodie, let them indulge in a fun chocolate making class, or a macaron making workshop. They'll learn about basic kitchen skills, get to do a whole lot of sampling, and express some creativity in how they select and combine flavours and shapes. They'll be fascinated, finding out about how these treats that they see so often are actually made. Or why not learn watercolour techniques while painting a yummy dessert (to be devoured after the painting is done)?

If you're looking for something more arty, let them carve out their own printing block, which they can use for stamping designs for years to come. Or, let them paint pretty pebbles (their small hands will be perfect for nailing those intricate and tiny patterns), and even hang these stones and turn them into unique pendants.

Have a browse through our selection below, and let's learn, play and discover together!

Workshop Experiences (Sydney)

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Flower Arranging Workshop - Australian Natives

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Weave a Wall Hanging Like a Pro Workshop

Afternoon Tea Watercolour Illustration Class

Greenhouse Terrarium Making Class

Zen and the Art of Block Printing Workshop

Superkids Sushi Class

Skateboarding Lessons

Delicate Style Jewellery Workshop

Watercolour Crash Course

Manga Class

Earring Duo & Stylists Secrets Workshop

Kids Chocolate Workshop

Kingdom Arts - Beginner's Art Class

Group Music Class for Kids

Be a Collage Artist Workshop

Spanish Lessons in Sydney

Art for Kids K-12 Workshop

Wire Wrapped Stones Workshop

Spanish Lessons

Japanese Language for Beginners Class

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