Creative School Holiday Activities in Sydney

Creative School Holiday Activities in Sydney

Creative School Holiday Activities in Sydney

If you're looking for something fun and different to do these school holidays in Sydney, you're not alone. Some kids get bored very quickly (as do parents), so it's nice to add a bit of diversity into your routine (that's what the holidays are for right?)

Give your kids the chance to discover and learn about something new, in an engaging and entertaining way - kids learn best when they're enjoying themselves after all! ClassBento's creative workshops are a great way to spark their interest in topics ranging from gardening to cooking, while making it all seem like playtime. Come along with your child and make it an unforgettable bonding experience.


Your son or daughter can try their hand at creating a little garden in a jar (a terrarium), or little Japanese-style moss balls (Kokedama), whilst learning about plants and their ecosystems. They'll love designing their own landscape, and choosing exactly which pebbles and plants (and even little animal figurines) to use.

Or, let them have a go at pottery. The younger ones can hand-build whilst the older ones can experiment with a potter's wheel.

Cooking classes are a great option too. Let them make their own macarons, learn how real chocolate is made, or perhaps cook healthy Japanese meals from scratch, while learning lots about fresh ingredients and cooking techniques.

Teach them about chemistry the fun way, as they learn to make candles, from the comfort of your own home.

The more active ones may enjoy juggling. Great for developing their hand-eye coordination and confidence, and they'll love having this new party trick up their sleeves to show off to their friends! Skateboarding classes are a classic too. A nice way to spend some time outdoors.

Or, if they're interested in drawing and want to level up their skills, let them learn from an established artist and try different styles.


Don't be surprised if you end up enjoy the class even more than your kid! ClassBento has hundreds of other classes to choose from, so you'll never run out of something interesting to do again (with or without the kid(s)). The classes are taught by local and passionate experts, and are available at convenient times (or you can request custom times). Go to their venues (which could be a floristry, a real chocolate factory, or a professional pottery studio) and really immerse yourselves, or ask the teacher to come to you, and enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Maybe ask some friends to join and have a magnificent playdate. Go ahead and book a class, kids are only young once so let's make the most of this precious time together!

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