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Why buy a terrarium when you can have much more fun making your own?

Learn to make a terrarium fun class

Learn to make beautiful terrariums in-person with us. Terrariums are low maintenance, often last for years, and are great as home decor or as a personal hand-made gift. You'll of course get to keep what you make.

Open succulent terrarium Sydney

Some common mistakes to avoid:

Overwatering. Watering once a fortnight should be fine

You can put on a lid for most terrarium ecosystems to recycle its own water, but beware – this tip doesn’t apply to succulents, which originate from arid climates; the excess moisture can rot them

Putting the terrarium in direct sunlight. The glass of your terrarium can act as a magnifier, concentrating the sun’s light into death rays. Behind a glass window, or using fluorescent lights or grow lights, are much better options.

Putting the terrarium too close to heat sources, like heaters

Letting the plants grow too much – make sure you prune them back. They shouldn’t be crawling over the glass!

If the plants look wilted, give them some water, but if they look sick, you may need to take them out. Diseased plants can easily infect others in their tiny enclosed environment. Dig the plant out with a spoon or mini shovel.

Too much fertiliser – most terrariums don’t need any at all. After all, you want to keep your plants at a manageable size, given their limited space

How to make a terrarium workshop

Some tips on crafting a fantastic terrarium:

Some plants that thrive in terrariums are succulents (think echeveria, sedum, crassula), golden clubmoss, strawberry begonia, ferns, and, if you’re feeling adventurous, maybe even Venus flytraps. Orchids and air plants are good options too.

Be creative. Some ideas are to decorate your terrarium with not only natural landscaping features like pebbles and corals, but also tiny pagodas, bridges, lanterns and other man-made structures. Think about a theme and let your creative side go wild. Will you build a dry riverbed, a lush rainforest, misty mountains, a Japanese temple Zen garden, or maybe recreate Luke Skywalker’s island getaway from Star Wars 8?

The right materials are crucial. This means choosing healthy plants that have a happy and long life ahead of them, using the right soil, charcoal, and type of glass container, and more. In particular, special mixes of soil are especially important for closed terrariums. Take the easy and fun way out. Instead of researching and finding all the materials yourself, come to one of Classbento’s terrarium workshops, where all the right plants and accessories are provided. Start learning with what our experienced florists will provide you. From there you’ll have the confidence to branch out and explore further. Our short classes are just perfect for beginners, though we do have classes suitable for more advanced students too.

Terrarium beginners classes

We look forward to welcoming you at one of our upcoming terrarium classes!

Learn in-person from our hand-picked expert Terrarium teachers, like Christopher Saban. You'll be supporting your local talents.

Whether you're in Redfern or Redfern, and whether you're keen on weekends or weekdays, we've got the workshop for you. It couldn't be easier to book at a custom time that suits you, with our unique class Request feature.

Our Terrarium classes are affordable, convenient, and perfect for all skill levels, including beginners. They are also great gift ideas.

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Custom classes

Want to learn or experience something specific? You can easily arrange a custom workshop, by contacting our teachers.

Want a unique and memorable event? We've organised hens parties, team building, and much more, to rave reviews. We've got a range of teachers who cater specifically to larger events, and we can customise classes to suit your tastes, in ways you've never imagined. Get in touch and we'll put something together.

Reviews for our Terrarium classes


For Terrarium Making Class

Review by (attended on 17 Mar 2018)

Chris was a fantastic teacher! He was super informative, knowledgeable and fun! We had a blast creating our little terrarium babies! Thanks Chris!

Terrarium workshop review by Marilina Ripoll


For Terrarium Making Class

Review by (attended on 10 Mar 2018)

Attended the class today. Found Christopher to be an excellent teacher. I really enjoyed my class. All the equipments where provided by him. Very informative. He explained the need and use of each materials we used. He guides in a very pleasant way. Will definitely recommend as you are learning this in a floral shop with a pleasant ambience.

Terrarium workshop review by Nikitha


For Terrarium Making Class

Review by (attended on 24 Feb 2018)

An awesome class; very down to earth and very welcoming and knowledgeable ! Would definitely recommend!!

Terrarium Making Class review by Mitchell


For Terrarium Making Class

Review by (attended on 24 Feb 2018)

What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning! Chris was a great teacher giving so many helpful tips on how to build the perfect terrarium. So happy with what I created!

Terrarium workshop review by Lucy


For Terrarium Making Class

Review by (attended on 20 Jan 2018)

Absolutely amazing experience, 100% would recommend this class!

Terrarium workshop review by Conor


For Terrarium Making Class

Review by (attended on 18 Jan 2018)

I purchased this course as a gift to my team at work, it was great and enjoyed by all. Chris was patient and an inspiring teacher. We would definitely do it again!

Terrarium Making Class review by Kristy


For Terrarium Making Class

Review by (attended on 16 Sep 2017)

Three friends and I attended the terrarium class for my birthday last Saturday morning. The setup was personal and intimate being made feel welcome from walking through the door. Chris and Paloma were very knowledgeable and made the experience fun and interesting. I loved my little terrarium and the experience as a whole. Would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Terrarium Making Class review by Tamara


For Terrarium Making Class

Review by (attended on 12 Aug 2017)

Would definitely recommend this class! Chris was a great teacher and super patient with all our questions :-) The class was held in a really lovely shop in a super convenient location, and you end up with a big, beautiful terrarium. It was a really lovely way to spend a morning

Terrarium Making Class review by Sigourney Sydney


For Terrarium Making Class

Review by (attended on 12 Aug 2017)

Had a wonderful time with my group, I would recommend to anyone! I ended up making two terrariums :)) Lovely teacher with great experience - my terrariums look so professional :)