Barista Coffee Making and Latte Art Class

This is how we brew it!

4 hours Class size 1 to 6

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Whether you have little experience making coffee or are an avid home barista, this coffee school located in North Melbourne teaches coffee lovers of all backgrounds to make a variety of different coffees and will teach students how to pour coffee art.

This barista class ensures that all individuals are catered for and have the opportunity to elevate their coffee skills to higher levels.

Drawing on 10 years of barista experience, your friendly instructor will guide you through how to make delicious cups of coffee.

You will receive practical experience, practicing on the highest industry grade coffee equipment, such as La Marzocco, to make a cup of coffee with silky-smooth milk textures.

At the end of the class, you can enjoy the delicious coffee that you made and leave with some newfound skills!

Knowledge required
Perfect for beginners!
What you'll get
  • Learn how to set up and the maintenance of a grinder and coffee machine workstation
  • Learn how to grind coffee beans
  • Learn the fundamental skills required for milk frothing
  • Learn basic latte art pouring
  • Serve and make different types of coffee, particularly types that are prevalent in Melbourne’s coffee culture
  • Receive hands on practice
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion
What to bring
  • Pen
  • Water bottle
  • Lunch/snacks
Suitable for

This class is great for individuals and couples as well as for a team building activity, Christmas party, birthday or hens party.

Suitable for adults, and kids (minimum 10 years old).

Adult accompaniment is not required.

This would also be a unique gift for her, gift for mum, anniversary gift or birthday gift.


North Melbourne, VIC

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Barista Masterclass
Barista Masterclass

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Instructed by Angie, Barista Masterclass is a Melbourne-based coffee school that teaches and prepares individuals to excel in cafes and the workforce of the world "coffee-capital" that is Melbourne.

With 15+ years of experience as a Melbourne barista and plenty of years of experience as a barista-trainer, Angie has watched the Melbourne coffee culture evolve and boom into the world's coffee capital that is currently is.

She has a plethora of knowledge relating to Melbourne coffee, and wishes to share all of her knowledge and experience with her students. Barista Masterclass strives to ensure that the students are not only well equipped when stepping into the workforce, but are provided the resources and required knowledge to excel in their employment as baristas.

Barista Masterclass offers theory-based and hands-on practical classes catering to a whole range of levels, from absolute beginners and individuals with no experience making coffee, to Latte-Art classes for individuals with some experience that are wanting to enhance their coffee creations.

Whether you'd like to dabble into the coffee culture or dive deep into the beauty of coffee, our classes ensure that you not only have plenty of fun when doing so, but walk away with confidence in your coffee-making abilities.

Verified reviews

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Ben Thorn Nov 2023

Excellent fun. Knowing very little about coffee going into this I now feel like I have a good base understanding of the art, and a burning desire to know more and practice what I learnt.

Highly recommend if you're interested in coffee making and want some hands on experience.

Alex Yeoh Nov 2023

Angie was very bantery and easy to get along with- she has high expectations but my friends and I learnt so much from the experience! Can’t say we’re a connoisseur at making coffee now but we’re about an inch closer ???? In all seriousness, very grateful to Angie and we recommend this class to anyone looking to improve their skills seriously or anyone looking to do something new (like us!)

Barista Coffee Making and Latte Art Class review by Alex Yeoh - Melbourne

Emma Doyle Nov 2023

Angie is a fantastic teacher. Learnt a lot in 4 hours - and really enjoyed the class.

Cassie Chew Nov 2023

Really good material and learning content. Lots of o. Hand experience and fun times. Would recommend this to anyone who wants to get started with coffee.

Claire Sullivan Oct 2023

Great experience with theory delivered in a fun and challenging Q&A format which helped with retention and the art pouring was challenging and fun in a small group setting.

Claire Sullivan Oct 2023

Great experience with theory delivered in a challenging Q&A format which helped with retention and the art pouring was challenging and fun in a small group setting.

Yuncheng Yang Oct 2023

Great class, I love the pace. 4 hours felt like a swoosh, before you realised it is already gone.

Judy Crooks Oct 2023

The trainer was very informative and explained things really well. Was a bit crowded when students from another group came in to practice.
As far as the venue was concerned it worked well but but awkward when needed to use toilet as had to wait for quite sometime till the trainer checked it was ok.
Coffee machine and equipment were excellent. I would really like to do the intermediate course in the future.

Anonymised ClassBento student Sep 2023

It was meaningful time to learn about coffee. I really appreciated to have the class!

John Kelly Schroeders Sep 2023

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 7 reviews

great class did some great latte art learnt heaps teacher was helpful and detailed with things

Rachel Adams Sep 2023

Really fun class and learnt so much about making coffee that I will definitely be using now! Angie was a fantastic teacher and made the class so much fun!

Janine Manwaring Sep 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

I had lots of fun. The teacher was really nice and explained things really well, was patient when I struggled with things and complemented me when I did well. The facility and appliances were really nice and well kept, and I hope I’ll be able to take these skills and benefit from them.

Chui Wa Tsang Sep 2023

I was a complete beginner but Angie’s class is very interesting and hands-on! I ended up learning a lot about the story of Melbourne’s coffee and barista’s work, and most importantly, making my own latte art. Angie is very experienced, good at teaching and interacting with student, this course was fun and at the same time informative, definitely recommended.

Barista Coffee Making and Latte Art Class review by Chui Wa Tsang - Melbourne

Nicole Sep 2023

Angie was a wealth of knowledge and experience. Her class was so detailed, really giving us an appreciation for all involved in making the best possible tasting coffee. There was a good amount of theory v’s practice, and it was also lots of fun. Thanks Angie!

Ella Blake Sep 2023

Class was great and our teacher was excellent and very hands on, and willing to help.
Highly recommend this for a Saturday morning!

Barista Coffee Making and Latte Art Class review by Ella Blake - Melbourne

Julie Brickhill Sep 2023

Loved it. Great for beginners. Additionally great to practice making latte art, perfecting coffees; temperature of milk, consistency and texture of milk, grinding coffee beans, industry differences and coffee expectations across different Melbourne suburbs, etc.

Wanchen Lin Aug 2023

Angie is a great teacher! I really enjoyed the class, highly recommend people considering a foundation coffee course take this class

Kin Leung Aug 2023

The teacher's explanation is very detailed and careful,if it is good, I enjoyed

Coffee class review by Kin Leung - Melbourne

Yi Yeh Jul 2023

The content of the class is very clear, and the teacher is also very serious in teaching. I am very happy today
Barista Coffee Making and Latte Art Class

Megan Povey Jul 2023

Great experience and great teacher. Very informative and fun activity. Made lots of different types of coffees. Would recommend!

Roxanne Baker Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Highly recommend this course for anyone interested in the fundamentals and gaining confidence. Angie was amazing and made sure each student in the class got some one on one time to correct any issues or difficulties.

Barista Coffee Making and Latte Art Class review by Roxanne Baker - Melbourne

Jacob Iskra Jul 2023

There were good machines to practice on and the teacher was fun to learn from

Laureleen Voltz Jul 2023

It was such a wholesome experience. I learned so much in such a small time. All the material was perfect!

Laura Steel Jul 2023

Our instructor was extremely knowledgeable and provided us with a strong foundation for making coffee that looks and tastes great!

Coffee class review by Laura Steel - Melbourne

Benjamin Faulkner Jun 2023

I did not know what to expect, as I have never undertaken a Barista or latte art workshop before. I enjoyed that the workshop is very hands on and interactive, you literally get to use a professional coffee machine. I found the instructor to be really engaging and very passionate about what they are teaching. They were also very encouraging, helpful and knowledgeable about all things coffee. I would recommend this course to anyone.

Haemin Jung Jun 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

The coffee making class with Angie was absolutely amazing! It was such an informative session and we had so much fun learning about coffee. Angie was passionate and attentive the entire time and she made learning fun and exciting. We highly recommend to any coffee enthusiast to learn from her masterclass!

Coffee class review by Haemin Jung - Melbourne

Ian Vergel Jun 2023

Lots of fun!
Very informative!
Good amount of time to practice.
Valuable feedback.
Would love to do the intermediate class.

Melike Dogan Jun 2023

Angie is a great person , she helped us make coffee and it was one of the best experiences

Katie Jun 2023

Brilliant class. Really fun and learnt so much so thank you Would highly recommend this class.

Katie Youds-Smith Jun 2023

Attended with my friend to try and learn how to make a good cup of coffee at home! Angie is a great teacher and very engaging and the small group format works very well! Feel like we learned a lot of basic skills to take home and practice and was a lot of fun! Thanks so much!

Barista Coffee Making and Latte Art Class review by Katie Youds-Smith - Melbourne

Debbie Watt Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Really enjoyed our evening with Angie! Top notch instruction in a relaxed and comfortable environment. She was very knowledgeable and focused on making it an experience we would remember. I highly recommend this class! Looking forward to another class with same instructor!

Coffee class review by Debbie Watt - Melbourne

Mahsa Parsa May 2023

I attended this coffee making class last week and it was an incredibly enjoyable experience! Angie, our teacher, was fantastic at explaining the history of different coffees and the process of making them. She was patient, friendly, and extremely helpful throughout the entire class. I especially appreciated the certificate of attendance that was provided at the end of the class, which I believe will be useful in the future. Overall, I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in learning more about coffee and improving their brewing skills.

Coffee class review by Mahsa Parsa - Melbourne

Trevor Morris May 2023

Great. The course exceeded my expectations in terms of how much I enjoyed it and learned. Angie was attentive to the knowledge levels and needs of each participant, kept things moving and provided constructive feedback when needed. I would recommend the course to anyone starting out with their own coffee machine or thinking of becoming a barista.

Supreet Chadha May 2023

My whole experience was marvellous and teacher was stupendous. She provide each and every paramount information and things.

Coffee class review by Supreet Chadha - Melbourne

Kai May 2023

I attended the class on 18th May as a surprise class booked by my fiance. Being total newbies to the world of coffee, Angie's teaching was so clear and patient that we felt totally at ease. The class is packed full of fundamental information that will definitely guide us to brew good coffee in our future home with our own espresso machine! Angie is very encouraging and friendly, and also firm with her teaching which I truly appreciate. Our trip in Melbourne has not yet ended but I am already sure that this is definitely one of the highlights of our trip (:

Barista Coffee Making and Latte Art Class review by Kai  - Melbourne

Samuel Teh May 2023

I signed up for the beginner barista class. Angie was really knowledgeable on many things regarding coffee, and was an absolutely great teacher. We learned many things from the different types of coffee, how to prepare coffee and the basics of latte art. There were so many things to learn and the time just flew by! Do join for the class, you will not regret it!

Lucinda Alford Apr 2023

Great environment to learn to make coffee for beginners, plenty of one on one time to fix your mistakes and excellent explanation on all the coffee foundations - thanks for a great class

Taylor Bonnici Apr 2023

such a good class! teacher was passionate, super knowledgeable and patient with us all! great beginner class.

Barista Coffee Making and Latte Art Class review by Taylor Bonnici - Melbourne

Beth Eveleigh Apr 2023

Cheerful and very very experienced , small class size which was great. Taking a few photos would be good

Luna Vivaldi Apr 2023

Angie is a super teacher, she explained some theory basics behind the coffee and she showed us the most typical coffee requested in Melbourne coffee culture. We also had a practical part where we had chance to understand from the preparation of the coffee shots and how to make latte. We practiced on making different coffee.
I really recommend this course!

Yi Chen Apr 2023

teacher being very patient, encouraging and helpful .
Professional workspace, nice atmosphere.
Love the beginner-friendly class, probably one the best first class to take to start your journey as a barista.

Barista Coffee Making and Latte Art Class review by Yi Chen - Melbourne

Tom Peyton Mar 2023

The barista class with Angie was a great experience. We were complete novices but found by the end of the class we were very comfortable with coffee making and learnt so much. The class was very relaxed and hands on. Definitely would recommend!

Bianca Muteve Mar 2023

Excellent teacher, good venue and overall rewarding experience. Support was provided and 3 hrs went by quickly!

Ardy Jafari Mar 2023

All good, informative and satisfying to be able to make a coffee that I enjoyed at the end.

Giang(Amy) Hoang Mar 2023

Angie was very instructive and attentive. We learned so much, definitely would recommend for beginners

Barista Coffee Making and Latte Art Class review by Giang(Amy) Hoang - Melbourne

Frank Neo Mar 2023

Fantastic class with such a knowledgeable and awesome teacher.

Learnt so much in just a few hours. Very hands on with lots of practice. Angie was very patient and gave so many practical tips.

I highly recommend this class. I will be back for more classes definitely.

Coffee class review by Frank Neo - Melbourne

Ben Smith Mar 2023

Great teacher, cool setting. I was in a small class but we had quite different backgrounds and motivations (ie I was there for mainly interest/improving my coffee-making-at-home skills, vs wanting to gain employment as a barista) but Angie really managed to pitch it appropriately for both of us! Even as a more casual learner I would certainly consider coming back for the intermediate course

Barista Coffee Making and Latte Art Class review by Ben Smith - Melbourne

Martin Watson Mar 2023

What a fantastic experience for a novice in the nations coffee capitaI! I thoroughly enjoyed the class, which was really well presented by a very knowledgeable and entertaining professional. Thanks Angie, loved it!

Coffee class review by Martin Watson - Melbourne

Wayne Isaacs Mar 2023

Thanks for all the great tips. So much to know but with great advise and support I’ll be confident to move forward

Suthita Prasunon Mar 2023

It was great and fun. I would recommend to join the class. I learned a lot about coffee.

Barista Coffee Making and Latte Art Class review by Suthita Prasunon - Melbourne

Karen Craig Mar 2023

Angie was a great teacher.
Thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on experience.
Highly recommend this course.

Barista Coffee Making and Latte Art Class review by Karen Craig - Melbourne

Mh Craig Mar 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Complete novice so everything useful+++ Gd explanations, experienced teacher, patient despite my slow speed. Would highly recommend. Grateful for domestic machine tips!

Andy Symons Mar 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Learned so much during this class. Angie is really knowledgable, and helpful. I was a complete novice, and now have more confidence to use a machine at home.

Rachel Apfel Feb 2023

Lovely teacher with very personalised assistance to each participant, great amount of hands on practice time

Donna White Feb 2023

My husband and I had a fantastic experience and came away with great knowledge and skills. We really feel like we can build on what we have learned. Angie was an experienced and knowledgeable facilitator. She made the experience fun. Many thanks.

Mark Robertson Feb 2023

Super knowledgeable teacher, plugged into the Melbourne coffee scene. Learnt a lot and corrected some old bad habits. This has definitely upped my barista game at home.
4 hours went very quickly.

Louise Iida Feb 2023

Loved it. Angie was a great teacher and the class was a lot of fun. It was a good balance between theory/ explanation and hands on practice and the 4 hours went by very quickly. Would definitely do another class here.

Mang Pi Feb 2023

What was the teacher like? =>Detailed, instructive, and patient
How was the venue (if applicable)? =>cosy, minimalist style, heat exposure
If materials were provided, did you like them? => Materials are well provided
Was the experience good value for money? => yes, I just made a latte with basic art at foundation level
What did you do / learn? => Knew how to hold the pitcher and the cup, milk frothing, the quantities of ingredients for different types of coffee, and theories
What did you like most? => Pouring milk. It is so exciting to see the outcome

Jin Tan Feb 2023

Angie was an excellent and knowledgable instructor! She was able to give tailored feedback to me on how to improve my technique.

Overall the experience was a well worth it! Thanks Angie!

Barista Coffee Making and Latte Art Class review by Jin Tan - Melbourne

Hau-Yan Chan Feb 2023

Teacher Angie was amazing, we went through the coffee culture in Melbourne and its metamorphosis over the years. We received plenty of industry insights and opportunity to practice. Class size was intimate and venue was cute with all the equipment you could possibly need. 2P street parking is available too.

Linda Pace Feb 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

A great class to start knowing about coffee and making coffee. The teacher is very competent and friendly. Location was great as well with easy parking on the street. Interested to do the intermediate class next. ^^

Ashley Padua Feb 2023

Our instructor, Angie, led a great barista class. The classroom was set up like a charming small cafe, with participants making takeaway orders. I found the session enjoyable and well worth the money, as I had ample opportunity to practice and improve my coffee making and get a taste of latte art.

Chelsea Victor Feb 2023

Angie was great, very knowledgeable and a great practical instructor. I had heaps of fun and learnt lots!

Kimmy Duong Jan 2023

We really enjoyed the barista masterclass with Angie - full of knowledge and hands on experience, definitely recommend

Karen Ambas Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I thoroughly enjoyed the beginner’s class with Angie. She was very knowledgeable and skilled at her craft. It was a small class so it’s worth the money as everything was taught to the smallest detail. I was super stoked that I was able to make a latté/flat white art! ❤️ Def considering taking the intermediate class! Thanks to Angie for making my drive to the city worthit!

Barista Coffee Making and Latte Art Class review by Karen Ambas - Melbourne

Pouline Koh Jan 2023

The whole session is great for a beginner. I particularly enjoy the part where the coach - Angie is stern about techniques; cleanliness and standards.

Barista Coffee Making and Latte Art Class review by Pouline Koh - Melbourne

Leo Tinsley Jan 2023

Excellent class easily understood with a element of fun and Angie was great with understanding us and our abilities

Nicole Smith Jan 2023

The Barista coffee making and Latte art course with Angie was awesome! Angie is a great teacher who knows everything there is to know about making coffee and coffee itself.
Highly recommend.

Andrea Cortez Jan 2023

The venue was great . The experience is probably unforgettable .The Mentor is very approachable. Five star ❤️

Barista Coffee Making and Latte Art Class review by Andrea Cortez - Melbourne

Hugh Bundock Jan 2023

I had a really good time. Angie was an excellent teacher and made the class fun for all. I learnt so much and had a really good time.

The coffees that I made were way better than I thought I would ever make.

Barista Coffee Making and Latte Art Class review by Hugh Bundock - Melbourne

Katia Leonaite Jan 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Angie is super knowledgeable and supportive. Great facilities to learn in. The class is a great mix of coffee theory and hands on practice. I really enjoyed the class and will be back!

Coffee class review by Katia Leonaite - Melbourne

Marco Ampuero Jan 2023

Excellent class, Angie always very attentive to all the participants and to repeat the instructions as in my case because my English is not very good. The machine is in good condition and the premises are very clean and tidy.

Tanya Du Jan 2023

Learnt a lot. Now I absolutely know what not to do to make good coffees ☕. Angie instilled confidence in me. Much appreciated!

Pearl Mira Jan 2023

Our group had a blast with Angie's class. As a non-coffee drinker I would say that I appreciate now how to make coffee and understand what people want from their coffees. She taught us some tips and tricks too. My latte art is not bad for the first timer, but I need more practice. Definitely taking more course from Barista Masterclass.

Barista Coffee Making and Latte Art Class review by Pearl Mira - Melbourne

John Chen Jan 2023

Angie hosts this class amazingly through patience, passion, and lots of humour! Highly recommend this class. :D

Paulina Miszczyszyn Jan 2023

What a great way to spend Saturday! We learnt so much about coffee and even I was able to make a little latte heart at the end :)

Luke Irawan Jan 2023

Angie is knowledgeable and patient, the area is close to transport and you actually learn coffee art too! Highly recommended!

Yasemin Tanzirel Dec 2022

This was an amazing class! Angie is an expert when it comes to coffee and I learnt so much in a short 4 hour course. Highly recommend!

Coffee class review by Yasemin Tanzirel - Melbourne

Catherine Ayad Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The most wonderful experience. I knew nothing about coffee and walked away so confident and happy. My partner loves coffee and he walked away with great tips and tricks and wanting more. Angie was incredible, you can feel her passion, patience and knowledge through it all. Such an enjoyable experience ❤

Barista Coffee Making and Latte Art Class review by Catherine Ayad - Melbourne

Sohyun Kim Dec 2022

A class that is very helpful to beginners, you can practice it many times. I highly recommend it. It was very meaningful time.

Varun Kenadath Dec 2022

Teacher was very friendly and had a lot of patience,I felt very happy whenever she called me a good boy.The environment was very comfortable and lessons were fun and creative

Ann Dinh Dec 2022

Highly recommend this class! Angie was amazing, she was patient and full of knowledge. She went above and beyond to help each one of us personally. I really wanted to focus on latte art which she was so accommodating and let us spend a little more time on that. Had a lot of fun and learnt what I wanted to learn :)

Coffee class review by Ann Dinh - Melbourne

Damian Teo Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The class was amazing! Angie is an excellent teacher and the class was both fun and informative

Barista Coffee Making and Latte Art Class review by Damian Teo - Melbourne

Christine Chan Nov 2022

My husband and I had a wonderful experience. We joined the 4-hour latte art class for beginner. Angie was very friendly, encouraging and knowledgeable. In an intimate setting of 5 students, she thoroughly explained the basics and techniques. We had plenty of practice (and coffee). We loved it, great value, would definitely recommend.

Barista Coffee Making and Latte Art Class review by Christine Chan - Melbourne

Simon Ata Nov 2022

The class was awesome. Great pace of learning and balance of theory with practice. Highly recommend

Tsz Kam Nov 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Angie is a very patient and competent teacher, she has great knowledge on coffee and machine, and be able to explain in great details to all my questions. The class ratio is small which makes her being able to look into details of how to improve on my technique and taught us the proper practice. The espresso machine was also very clean and good to use. Thank you Angie! I was able to make the latte in the picture after 4 hours of learning, without any previous knowledge or experience in making coffee!

Barista Coffee Making and Latte Art Class review by Tsz Kam - Melbourne

Simon Bodek Nov 2022

Angi is very fun and engaging. I got her beginner’s class for my partner’s birthday present. We both enjoyed the class a lot.

Barista Coffee Making and Latte Art Class review by Simon Bodek - Melbourne

Fabrice Mongeau Nov 2022

I took the "Barista Coffee Making and Latte Art Class" and it was a great experience. Angie was a great teacher, her explanations were clear and she was very helpful. I think this course was great value and I highly recommend it.

Rose Le Oct 2022

I am quite enjoying Barrista coffee and latte art class
Thankyou I will come back to learn more Coffee Art class

Amy Distiller Sep 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Venue was authentic and gave the feel of a real cafe. Angie is a great and engaging instructor.

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