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Show your appreciation and find the best gift experiences for her this year. If you’re looking for the most beautiful present ideas, you’ll find thousands of arts, crafts and cooking classes to inspire every woman in Australia. Taught by the best Australian makers and teachers, you’ll be supporting local businesses while giving her the chance to make some incredible memories doing something she’ll truly love. If you’re looking for anniversary gifts for women, birthday gifts, Christmas presents, or Valentine’s gifts for her, you’ve come to the right place. Simply choose a gift experience you can do together or give her the chance to immerse herself in her next favourite hobby.
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If you want to give the gift of choice (or can't decide on what to gift), just get a gift card, and let them choose from our thousands of in-person and online classes, experiences or craft kits.

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You'll be supporting your local artists and promoting better mental wellbeing - workshops are a great way to improve mindfulness, and we donate to Dementia Australia with every booking.

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Best Gifts for Her

Mindful Art Kintsugi at Home

date_range Runs regularly



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1 on 1

label $180

4.9 (82)

Watercolour Painting for Absolute Beginners

date_range 18 Apr, 24 Apr



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 25

label $40 - $78

4.9 (109)

DIY Silversmithing for Beginners 1

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 20

label $420

4.9 (7)

Make Your Own Unique Mug

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 25

label $79 - $119

4.8 (15)

Beginner’s Kintsugi at Home

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 5

label $160 - $280

5.0 (5)

Make Botanical Bath Bombs at Home

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 45

label $55 - $75

4.9 (22)

DIY Clay Hand Built Bowls and Plates

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 35

label $69 - $99

4.9 (9)

DIY Organic Shower Products Workshop

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 20

label $75 - $95

4.8 (8)

Make Sashiko Reusable Kitchen Cloths

date_range Runs regularly



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label $65

5.0 (18)

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Reviews from our gift recipients

Cindy Huang  •  Apr 2021

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class

Such a great class and absolutely gorgeous atmosphere! I really liked how much independence we were given. It felt like we were given complete creative freedom and we never felt rushed. It was a birthday gift for my mum and she really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!

Glassblowing and Mosaic workshop review by Cindy Huang Sydney

Shanil Nanayakkara  •  Apr 2021

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class

This was a present to my mum from my wife and daughters - a girls' outing. They all had an amazing time and were really happy with the teacher, and the time taken to ensure their lamps were perfect. Well worth the money, and highly recommended.

Glassblowing and Mosaic workshop review by Shanil Nanayakkara Sydney

Terrianne Williams  •  Apr 2021

Fun Chocolate Truffle Workshop

Thank you, fabulous couple of hours learning all about chocolate. Highly recommend, makes a great gift or group activity

Fun Chocolate Truffle Workshop review by Terrianne Williams

Alex Zhu  •  Apr 2021

Make Your Own Silver Ring Workshop

The experience has been extremely lovely. This is our first time getting to know how rings are made and getting involved in hands on experience. Hee Cho was warm, friendly and helpful. We would highly recommend anyone who wants to make a special gift or create an unique memory with your cared one.

Make Your Own Silver Ring Workshop review by Alex Zhu

Emily Lan  •  Mar 2021

Make Your Own Fragrance / Perfume Workshop

I got this for my partner's birthday gift and we both loved how educational and hands-on the experience was. Joseph was patient and knowledgeable and helped to guide us through the entire process.

Make Your Own Fragrance / Perfume Workshop review by Emily Lan

Ashsa Travis  •  Mar 2021

Macramé Pot Hanger & Plant, Sip and Graze

Birthday gift for a friend. We both really enjoyed the experience and Hayley was really friendly and a great teacher. The venue was great and everything was provided that we needed

Macramé Pot Hanger & Plant, Sip and Graze review by Ashsa Travis

Sue Jalil  •  Mar 2021

Resin Serving Board Workshop

This was a Xmas gift from my daughter and she got it spot on (as usual). I loved the class; Rachel was an awesome teacher, the room was well set out as was the class. It was lovely to spend the time learning something new and making new friends. I love my board and would recommend this class to all.

Fluid Art workshop review by Sue Jalil Sydney

David Spear  •  Mar 2021

Pottery Wheel Workshop: Embrace Wheelfulness

This booking was a birthday gift when I could not think of anything else to get and I was looking forward to it for many months, but only as something small and low key. Bettina was a charming, knowledgeable, patient but directive teacher. She is highly successful because she is passionate, but also keeps group sizes small and personal. We were all successful in turning out two items, so clearly the  + more

Pottery workshop review by David Spear

Jaimie Dodd  •  Mar 2021

Dried Flower Dome Terrarium

Adorable doggos were present + we got pretty flower domes that we could individualise to take home. Bella was really friendly and gave good tips on how to arrange our flowers + where we could get supplies to make them at home ourselves.

Dried Flower Dome Terrarium review by Jaimie Dodd

Bonnie  •  Mar 2021

Silver Ring Making Class

Received this voucher as a Christmas gift - love it! A great way to spend an afternoon, and a different type of activity to do. Nice open space as a venue. Good handout and all the tools required. Roxanna wandered around and gave instruction and encouragement as required. Can’t wait to get our silver rings back in a few weeks and to see how they turned out!

Silver Ring Making Class review by Bonnie  Sydney

Shakira Branch  •  Mar 2021

Watercolour and Wine Class

Thank you so much for such a wonderful class. I purchased this for a graduation present for my friend & I to do together, and it was so nice to get creative and switch off for the night. And thank you to Liana for teaching us such great watercolour skills - you are an excellent teacher

Watercolour and Wine Class review by Shakira Branch

Angela Ghignone  •  Feb 2021

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop

I surprised my beautiful friend Jane with this Kintsugi class as a gift for her birthday, especially fitting for a friend who, like me and so many others, came through difficult times stronger and with a renewed sense of love and appreciation for ourselves and for the priceless gifts we gained from our painful experiences an outcome perfectly reflected in the philosophy of Kintsugi: embracing scars  + more

Pottery workshop review by Angela Ghignone

Jemma O’regan  •  Feb 2021

Cocktail and Dumpling Making Class

This course was extremely fun and great value for money. The teacher was fun and quirky and the venue had a great atmosphere and set up. You get to learn a variety of dumpling making techniques whilst sipping on delicious cocktails. A great present idea for a partner/friend.

Cooking workshop review by Jemma O’regan

Norm Crowley  •  Feb 2021

Smartphone Photography Class

Tutor, Peter, presented a wealth of photography experience and knowledge to our small group of six that allowed group interaction and one to one advice (in a COVID safe way). Discussion progressed through the basic (but often unknown) smartphone features, many of the 10 aspects of composition and then included many of the skills of enhancement to present a resultant image that would impress any  + more

Photography workshop review by Norm Crowley

Pamela Connell  •  Feb 2021

Drawing class

I booked this class as a birthday present for my 14 year old daughter and a friend. The girls came out beaming and so excited about what they had learned. She is already planning on using her birthday money for more classes. Thanks so much for making her day!

Drawing workshop review by Pamela Connell

Alison Lindsay  •  Feb 2021

Art Kintsugi Workshop - Private

We had such a great time with Yoko learning about traditional kintsugi while also doing our own art kintsugi with materials we could find at Bunnings. I bought it as a birthday present for my fiancé and he loved it. The plate we repaired was really beautiful, so I can't wait to see what the end product looks like in a few days. I'm strangely excited for the next time we break a plate, so that we can  + more

Art Kintsugi Workshop - Private review by Alison Lindsay

Oselyne Ong  •  Feb 2021

Bottom's Up Cocktail Lunch

The class was very informative and you learn how to make the two most ordered cocktails. You make the first cocktail, they feed you, and then you make the second one, and they feed you again! The food was good too (tacos, chips, grilled corn etc.). Definitely a good present for someone that loves their cocktails, or just want to learn the basics on how to make them.

Bottom's Up Cocktail Lunch review by Oselyne Ong Sydney

Anonymized Customer  •  Feb 2021

Ice Cream Cone Drip Cake Decorating Class

Anna Maria Roche is a very experienced and professional teacher. She spent time to ensure the sucess of the cake and making sure we were satisfied with our decortations. She has a nice cooking studio featuring all required appliances and decorated with previously made cakes. Nothing was needed prior to the lesson, we were provided with aprons and all the necessary tools and ingredients. This class  + more

Ice Cream Cone Drip Cake Decorating Class review by Anonymized Customer

Ruth Blades  •  Feb 2021

Vegan and Gluten Free Japanese Cooking Class

Sumi’s class was amazing. We took a friend as a birthday gift and we all had a great time. Sumi has a very interesting background and was clearly very passionate and knowledgable about food, we came away feeling confident to recreate the dishes at home, and source good ingredients thanks to Sumi’s tips. Her kitchen is beautiful and a great setting to cook and have a delicious lunch in. Thank you  + more

Vegan and Gluten Free Japanese Cooking Class review by Ruth Blades

Maddie Aprile  •  Jan 2021

Resin Serving Board Workshop

What a wonderful class! Got this experience as a gift for my mum and we both had a great time creating some pieces we’ll have forever. We will definitely be coming back! Thank you!

Fluid Art workshop review by Maddie Aprile Sydney

Christine Kemp  •  Jan 2021

Jelly Flower Art Class

Fantastic lesson with very experienced and talented teacher. This art form takes a lot of practice to perfect. Clear and concise instructions, easy to follow. Venue easy to find. Just the right amount of encouragement to prevent from giving up. I endorse this activity as a gift for someone creative or as a new skill for yourself.

Baking and Desserts workshop review by Christine Kemp

Leticia Flynn  •  Jan 2021

Alcohol Ink Workshop with Bubbles and Bites

Bought this for my mums bday present and we both loved it. Had a great time and learnt lots of different techniques. The teachers were funny, very knowledgeable, patient (that’s important lol) and have great music. Will definitely be returning for more classes. Thanks for a brilliant day.

Alcohol Ink Workshop with Bubbles and Bites review by Leticia Flynn

Merle Jaraba  •  Jan 2021

Eco Candle Making Class

My husband and I enjoyed this soy candle making workshop at Handmaker’s Factory. This was our Christmas gift for each other. The instructions are clear and easy to understand. It’s good to be able to bring the finished candle projects home and light them up to enjoy it. Nicole is a very good teacher.

Eco Candle Making Class review by Merle Jaraba

Warin Changak  •  Dec 2020

Succulent Terrarium Workshop

Class was amazing I got a present to take home for my boyfriend. I recommended to everyone

Succulent Terrarium Workshop review by Warin Changak

Karen Molina  •  Dec 2020

Hand Building Ceramics Class and Sangria

Fantastic class and teacher. This was a gift from my daughter in which we both attended. A truly fun and therapeutic atmosphere. Highly recommend

Hand Building Ceramics Class and Sangria review by Karen Molina

Kari Steele  •  Nov 2020

Earring Making Workshop

Birthday gift was amazing! Making our own earrings of choice with a well informed instructor in a lovely air conditioned room.

Earring Making Workshop review by Kari Steele

Jenny Tran  •  Nov 2020

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class

Super fun class! It was a birthday present for my friend and we both enjoyed the experience so much! Definitely will find myself back again soon.

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class review by Jenny Tran

Eda Karamese  •  Nov 2020

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class

The class atmosphere was amazing, I really loved it the area. The instructor was fantastic and really easy to get to and also the teacher was very friendly and helpful! I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to give a gift to themselves or friends or to just try something new and mindful you will not be disappointed! and also I got my beautiful lamp in 2 days! Once again Thank you giving  + more

Glassblowing and Mosaic workshop review by Eda Karamese

Mala Desai  •  Oct 2020

DIY Homemade Gnocchi

I did the class with my son as a gift for his birthday - he loves all things Italian. The gnocchi recipe was simple and delicious. Enjoyed the class which was practical and the presenter gave great tips and was very approachable too! Best of all the gnocchi was delicious - have recommended the class to all my friends and family - some even who live overseas given they can log in via Zoom!

Cooking workshop review by Mala Desai Sydney

Kerry Bell  •  Oct 2020

Mindful Art Kintsugi at Home

This morning I had a class with Yoko and it was just perfect. I learned about art (Kintsugi) and made my own beautiful mended plate. The kit was very good quality and well put together. I loved the end product and the experience of making it too. I highly recommend the class and it was a great choice of gift from a special friend. Yoko is so patient and great at explanation of each step.

Pottery workshop review by Kerry Bell Sydney

Johanna Eder  •  Oct 2020

Sip and Paint Hanging Vines

This given to me as a birthday gift and I wasn't too sure how it would go, but I had a lot of fun! It was a lot of fun and Vicki was really encouraging and helpful. There was no pressure and it was relaxed and casual. In the end I was proud of my artwork. Thanks!

Painting workshop review by Johanna Eder Sydney

Lauren Spencer-Salt  •  Sep 2020

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class

The experience at the Mosaic art studio was exceptional; from the beautiful hand cut tiles and beads, to the supportive and positive guidance of the teachers (who were always there to answer questions & give encouragement). The studio itself was beautiful and the atmosphere created by the owners with; *authentic Turkish lamps, bowls, statues scattered around the room * Traditional Turkish and calming  + more

Glassblowing and Mosaic workshop review by Lauren Spencer-Salt

Hannah Rutherford  •  Sep 2020

Virtual Gin Cocktail Making

Gave this class to my dad for father’s day and he had a ball! The hosts were amazing and kept the atmosphere up the whole hour! Highly recommend as a gift or for yourself

Virtual Gin Cocktail Making review by Hannah Rutherford Sydney

Paulette Parisi  •  Sep 2020

Succulent Terrarium Workshop

Such an amazing experience. Thank you Chris! I would by this as a gift for anyone

Succulent Terrarium Workshop review by Paulette Parisi

Lily Raynes  •  Aug 2020

Mindful Art Kintsugi at Home

My daughter and I spent a thoroughly enjoyable few hours under Yoko's expert tutelage learning the art of Kintsugi. We were both so impressed by Yoko’s gentle guidance, depth of knowledge and most of all, attention to detail (right down to the green tea and lolly that came in our respective boxes!). I would never consider myself as ‘arty’ however that was OK and to be honest I found the experience  + more

Pottery workshop review by Lily Raynes

Justine Sik  •  Aug 2020

Make Clay Planters

The class was fun and easy to follow. Gina was a patient, informative and lovely teacher. I received this class as a gift for my bday. It was a great present!

Pottery workshop review by Justine Sik

Alexis Weaver  •  Jun 2020

Bottom's Up Cocktail Lunch

Exceptional value for money. We learnt about the history and production process for rum, and then made two cocktails step by step. So smoothly run, exceptional drinks and the plentiful food provided (at two different points in the workshop) was a highlight. This was a birthday present for me and it was such a lovely way to spend the evening. Thanks Brix

Bottom's Up Cocktail Lunch review by Alexis Weaver Sydney

Jen Thompson  •  Jun 2020

DIY Beeswax Wraps at Home

Brilliant gift idea from my daughter. Absolutely loved the class. Fran provided great face to face tutoring via Zoom and communicated well before hand to ensure I had everything I needed to make my beeswax wraps. Beautiful cotton fabrics and wax mailed ahead of time. Super easy, a lot of fun and Fran is a brilliant teacher! Made 3 beautiful wax wraps, great value. Thank you

DIY Beeswax Wraps at Home review by Jen Thompson

Abbey Hay  •  Jun 2020

Make Clay Planters

We had the best experience with our teacher. Unfortunately due to COVID our Bento box was a little delayed in arriving to Tasmania. But our teacher was so accommodating in rescheduling until the box arrived. This was a Mother’s Day gift for my Nan. She has the best time creating the hanging planters. With a teacher who was very kind and patient teaching an old girl new tricks. Thanks so much for  + more

Pottery workshop review by Abbey Hay

Glenise Berry  •  May 2020

Painting class

My daughter Lucinda did the course together! Was her First Mother’s Day present to her. I was surprised how much we achieved in 2 hours . Great clear instructions. Would have liked if the instructor could have zoomed in but know not possible. I made my gumnut picture into a birthday card for my son in law. He wants to frame it ( I said not that good)! Not so pleased with banksia , wrong shape and  + more

Watercolour Class: Australian Native Florals review by Glenise Berry

Karen Mackenzie  •  Apr 2020

Learn Zentangle® Art

Niki is an excellent teacher. I loved this class and would recommend to others. I can understand why the practice would be meditative. Thanks Niki for sharing your gift of Zentangle with the world.

Drawing workshop review by Karen Mackenzie

Maddie Zali  •  Mar 2020

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class

Amazing class! Took mum for her birthday and she had an absolute blast! The teacher gave her a small gift as well which was a lovely gesture! I would definitely go back to create another piece! Lovely staff also!

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class review by Maddie Zali

Ted Dao  •  Mar 2020

Acrylic Paint Pouring Class

Leah was an amazing facilitator. We spent an hour after the workshop talking about all the other different forms of expression from spirituality to healing through art. She is thorough and patient. Highly recommend anyone looking for a new experience. From colour theory to colour visualisation meditation. The flow through the workshop was intuitive and fun. The final reveal of the colours were aligned  + more

Acrylic Paint Pouring Class review by Ted Dao

Amy Lowry  •  Feb 2020

Japanese Cooking Class (Beginner)

What a Fun energetic teacher ! My daughter and I attended as a gift for her 11th birthday and it was great fun . We learnt a lot and then enjoyed a delicious lunch !

Cooking workshop review by Amy Lowry

Hope  •  Feb 2020

Anyone Can do Brush Lettering Workshop

A really calming and fun class! I got a beautiful non-plastic straw gift to use (love!) and some other goodies. Really liked the snacks provided and the lychee tea! This is my first time learning brush lettering and I really enjoyed it. I hope to keep practising and get better!

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Hope

Gabrielle Dardouillet  •  Feb 2020

Kokedama Workshop: Make a Set of Three

It was my Christmas gift and i really enjoyed it! Nice teacher, small group, and nice work space. Playing with the textures and creating something beautiful, it's really relaxing and satisfying. Thank you!

Kokedama Workshop: Make a Set of Three review by Gabrielle Dardouillet

Emily Cesca  •  Feb 2020

Wild Flower Arranging Workshop

This was a really fun date day for myself and my husband. We got to play with different bouquet shapes and learn about how to use various textures and sizes of foliage together. Olna was friendly, knowledgeable and supportive and gave us a great balance of instruction and creative freedom. We both walked away with a beautiful bouquet, and I’ve already told my mom that another workshop with Merchant  + more

Floristry workshop review by Emily Cesca

Gina Holbrook  •  Feb 2020

Anyone Can do Brush Lettering Workshop

This was my first experience with Class Bento and with brush lettering. At first I was a bit unsure about going but I’m so glad I did. Vanessa was a wonderful teacher and made everyone feel welcomed and relaxed. She demonstrated each skill and then spent considerable time assisting every student. I appreciate that she’s also quite environmentally conscious and she donated the profits of this workshop  + more

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Gina Holbrook

Robyn Swan  •  Jan 2020

Beginners Wheel Throwing Pottery Classes

The teacher was so good she explained what I needed to do went away left me to try and then returned at the right time to show me more or correct my mistakes she was friendly calm and explained the process very clearly I felt very comfortable with her explanation. It was a gift from my daughter and I feel I want to learn more about the process of pottery. The room was cool and calm nice people going  + more

Pottery workshop review by Robyn Swan

Jane Moraghan  •  Jan 2020

Painting class

Karen was fantastic. Really showed us what to do. It was a fantastic experience would definitely do it again. Thanks for making Craig's birthday Present extra special

Paint & Sip Class: Walk in a Paris Park (Brisbane) review by Jane Moraghan Sydney
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