Nourishing Experience Gifts for Women Who Need a Little Me Time

Nourishing Experience Gifts for Women Who Need a Little Me Time

By Classbento Team

There is no better time to treat the special lady in your life with these gift experiences for her! Whether you’re looking for thoughtful Christmas gifts for Mum or romantic date night ideas for couples, we’ve handpicked a wide range of meaningful experiences that will help her relax, unwind and most importantly, get some well-deserved “me time.”

Reconnect with your feminine with perfume making 

Two women sniffing essential oils at perfume making class

Perfume has been loved by many women for centuries. In fact, history credits a woman named Tapputi as one of the world’s first perfume ateliers. In the 2nd millennium BC, Tapputi used distilled oils, flowers, roots and other aromatic herbs to create custom scents. Today, perfume making classes are the perfect invitation for women to reconnect with themselves. Channelling the passion and creativity of Tapputi, you’ll learn how to blend, balance and bottle your own signature fragrances from scratch.

Beginners are welcome, so don’t be shy if you don’t know the difference between your top, middle and base notes. Expert perfumers guide you through every step of the process, making this an experience gift for women that is ideal for complete beginners and budding aromatherapists alike. As well as enjoying the class itself, you or your giftee will leave with a custom collection of handmade perfumes to enjoy long after you step out of the studio.

The best part? You’ll gain a brand new skill set and the confidence to create your very own handmade DIY perfumes from scratch! In addition to being a thoughtful gift for daughters at Christmas, perfume making classes are one of the most fun things to do in Sydney with your bestie, sister or any other special lady in your life.

Looking for unique presents that smash gift-giving stereotypes? Check out our list!

Create your own natural skincare 

Woman making skincare

Are you on the hunt for a nourishing gift for her that will help her look good and feel amazing? Try one of our our innovative skincare classes across Australia! As the ultimate self-love activity, these classes teach you how to make your very own DIY beauty products from scratch. Best of all, they’re free from nasties meaning you’re being kind to your skin as well as the planet. 

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Brisbane, why not harness the skin-nourishing properties of Mother Nature in a botanical skincare making class? Or dive headfirst into the realm of aromatherapy in an essential oils chakra and energy healing workshop. If you swear by the therapeutic benefits of a luxuriously hot shower, you’ll also love learning to make DIY shower steamers from scratch.

Armed with a new skill set, these Brisbane activities let you swap chemical-soaked shampoos, soaps and serums for 100 per cent natural products that nourish the mind, body and soul. If you’re looking for creative and eco-friendly gifts for aunties, Mums, sisters, or anyone who loves a little self-care, DIY skincare classes will tick all your boxes.

Transform glass into works of art

Half finished Turkish mosaic lamp

Sometimes, all that’s needed to relax, unwind and enjoy a little “me time” is a good crafting session. Mosaic classes fit the bill perfectly, combining hands-on crafts with plenty of opportunities to laugh, chat and connect with your friends and family. Held at studios across Australia, these classes teach you how to transform fragments of glass and ceramics into colourful works of art. From cute animal mosaics you can display in your garden, to kaleidoscopic Turkish lamps that will add an exotic touch to your home, you can’t go wrong when you gift her a mosaic class this Christmas.

If you’re based in Western Australia, our mosaic classes are one of the best things to do in Perth. Not only are they a creative outlet but they’re also a form of mindfulness. As you focus on the task at hand, you’ll find yourself melting into a state of deep relaxation. You’ll also leave with a brand new skill set and ideally, a newfound hobby you can continue to enjoy for years to come.

Looking for gifts for Mum? Inspire her to slow down and create her own mosaic art! Whether it’s a colourful lamp or a small trinket dish, Mum will have so much fun making her own mosaic masterpiece.

Ignite your creative spark with jewellery making

Jewellery making

Hands-on arts and crafts can be incredibly therapeutic, encouraging you to take a break in life and focus exclusively on the task at hand. That’s where jewellery making classes come in! As one of the most relaxing things to do in Melbourne, jewellery making goes a step beyond the traditional gift of jewellery.  

From the moment you step inside the studio, you’ll feel yourself start to forget your worries and focus on mastering techniques like wax casting, stone setting, hammering and polishing. Your friendly teacher will guide you each step of the way so you can make your own trinkets.

On the hunt for romantic presents for your wife? Why not make it a two-in-one experience gift and tag along for the ride? This silver letter ring workshop is the perfect way to shake up your date night ideas and give you and your other half a chance to relax, reconnect and create beautiful handmade rings for each other. If you’re getting ready to get down on one knee, wedding ring making workshops make perfect presents for girlfriends when there are wedding bells on the horizon.

Shake things up with a cocktail class

Fun group of people shaking cocktails

Searching for experience gifts for women who like to finish up the week with a scrumptious cocktail? why not gift her a cocktail making class for those days when she wants to round out the week with a couch session and a cocktail? Learn all the skills to master your favourite cocktail recipes and whip them out on your next girl’s night!

Better yet make the cocktail making class your next girl’s night out for her birthday and have a blast shaking and stirring your way through all the classics and maybe learn some newbies. 

Hoping to find cocktail classes in Adelaide? You’re in luck! We offer a range of classes catered for beginners, perfect for you and your friends. This is a fun experience gift that will always be appreciated.

Relax and unwind with experience gifts for women

Whether you’re looking for the best Perth activities for women or Christmas gifts in Sydney, now is the perfect time to raise your gift-giving game and deliver something special.

When you engage in creative activities like jewellery making workshops and DIY perfume classes, you’re empowering yourself and the special women in your life with the opportunity to relax and enjoy some well-deserved “me time”.

As well as giving experience gifts for birthdays and Christmas, they’re also a thoughtful gesture for new mums looking to pencil in self-care time, grandmothers who go above and beyond their babysitting duties and universally-loved teachers who always have time for an after-school chat. Essentially, these gifts for ladies are a wonderful way to thank any woman who deserves extra credit for their hard work.

Ready to go above and beyond with your presents? The options are infinite when it comes to choosing the perfect experience gifts for women, with more than 5000 artisan classes, workshops and home-delivered kits across Australia. Simply, start browsing today and narrow down your ideal gifts for her!

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