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Tuft City was founded in 2020 by Brisbane artist/muralist Benjamin Reeve.

With a degree in Visual Arts and a Masters in Creative Advertising, Benjamin was set to complete his Doctorate as the world started closing its doors.

No longer able to continue his research, teach or paint outdoors, Benjamin discovered a 'tufting' video on TikTok and his love of fibre arts, an area first discovered as a child growing up in Papua New Guinea, was rekindled.

Compelled to learn everything he could about rug-making, Benjamin set to work gathering all the supplies and tools needed and now works hand-in-hand with factories and suppliers promoting rug-making and ensuring accessibility for all Australian creatives.





Sahba Dehghani May 2024

We had a wonderful time at Tuft City's Beginner's tufting class, everyone was extremely helpful, accommodating, and made all our rug dreams come true. We walked away with the rugs we were hoping for and had so much fun in the process. Would definitely recommend this class for anyone interesting in trying out tufting or making something super classy with their own hands to display proudly in their home!

Teacher's response

Thank you Sahba for your fabulous review!
I'm so glad to hear that you had a wonderful time at our Beginner's tufting class and that our team was able to help you create the rugs your dreams.
It's always a pleasure to see our students having fun and being able to display their creations proudly in their homes. I’d love to see some pics :)
We hope to see you again soon for more tufting adventures!

Noora Ferdosian May 2024

Loved this class! Benjamin was such a great teacher. Love my rug! Highly recommend this class!

Tufting Class for Beginners: Make Your Own Rugs review by Noora Ferdosian - Brisbane

Teacher's response

Thank you so much Noora!
We had a great time with you guys and hope to see you again soon :)

Daniela Fernandez Apr 2024

I loved it! We ran out of time because there were some technical issues (power out)
Benjamin was lovely, just needs to be more organised.
Will benefit from writing a list of topics to discuss in class; 1: introduce self 2: introduce class 3: talk about the craft. ECT. Keep everything timed to only 2-3 min
The materials were good only at the end we ran out of time, everything was rushed we didn’t get to learn about backings on the carpets properly. It was a very rushed 1, 2, 3
I really loved tufting the most. It was so much fun!

Barb Lockett Mar 2024

I got to understand quite a bit about what is involved in this artistic pursuit

Tufting Class for Beginners: Make Your Own Rugs review by Barb Lockett - Brisbane

Kel Park Mar 2024

Celebrated my partners birthday with this class, and so glad we did! Benjamin was a fab teacher and we had some great chats whilst tufting. The venue was super cool with lots of art on display. Overall a great morning and we got to take home some amazing rugs!

Custom Tufted Rug Making Workshop - Open Session review by Kel Park - Brisbane

Gabriela Mills Jan 2024

Ben was great and I loved learning how to tuft. I also liked that it was a one on one session that was very relaxed

Erin Hamby Jan 2024

A fantastic couple of hours. Felt daunted when I came in and saw my beetle drawn up. Benjamin was wonderful, walked me through the process.
Got the tufting done and rug finished in the designated time which was great as it is a gift for a friend.

Fiona Harvey Dec 2023

What an amazing workshop! Had a blast doing this workshop and with Ben who was the teacher. He was so informative, and everything was provided that we needed. My daughter and I had so much fun learning and making our own rugs as beginners. I would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to learn how to make their own rug. Using the hand held electric tool for tufting was so easy! I am definitely going to book and go again.

Calista Williams Nov 2023

This class was great! As someone who had never made rugs before we were made to feel totally at ease and calm - which allowed us to enjoy the experience so much more! Benjamin had us smiling the entire time and we left with some amazing rugs! We will be back again - we couldn’t recommend this more

Teacher's response

Thank you Rhianna for your wonderful review! I'm delighted to hear that you had a great experience in our rug-making workshop. It's always a goal for me to make students feel comfortable and at ease. It really helps enjoy the experience with a smile on your face and you all left with such fantastic rugs! I can't wait to have you back again in the future!

Ariana Kapamadjian Nov 2023

Ben was a great teacher, he was very informative and helpful throughout the whole process. I have never done this before but had soo much fun being creative and making something from scratch and am soo happy with how my piece turned out. Definitely give this rug tufting course a go!

Tufting Class for Beginners: Make Your Own Rugs review by Ariana Kapamadjian - Brisbane

Teacher's response

Thank you for your glowing review Ariana!
It's always my aim to be informative and helpful throughout the entire process so I'm glad to know that you found my instruction valuable.
Seeing students have fun and be creative is truly rewarding for me and I'm ecstatic that you had a blast and enjoyed the process of making something from scratch. And of course, I'm absolutely delighted that you're happy with how your piece turned out! It was a pleasure having you along!

Fiona Bradley Nov 2023

We had a great time learning this new addictive craft. Ben was awesome. Attentive and highly knowledgeable. Would highly recommend!

Josee Gow-Campbell Oct 2023

Fantastic experience, Time fly by. Really informative and helpful, Love the rugs we made. Thanks for a great day.

Jacqueline Easthope Oct 2023

What a fun activity! Ben was so helpful and invested in the experience. Plenty of support and supplies.

Custom Tufted Rug Making Workshop - Open Session review by Jacqueline Easthope - Brisbane

John Uri Oct 2023

He is a nice guy to explianed to me how the Tufted gun work to make rugs/wall hangers
Looking forward to meke my own rugs in the future.

Custom Tufted Rug Making Workshop - Open Session review by John Uri - Brisbane

Anonymised ClassBento student Oct 2023

The workshop was very interesting. All materials were provided. Benny was nice and helpful. I find the price quite high for a group session. However, my son is very happy that he participated in this workshop. We brought home an incredibly beautiful rug. I didn't think my son could do that. Our cat liked the rug straight away. It seems he feels a connection with this rug.

Tufting Class for Beginners: Make Your Own Rugs review by Anonymised ClassBento student - Brisbane

Francis Uson Sep 2023

This was a really good experience! The workshop was filled with the best quality equipment and materials. Our instructor was so knowledgeable and passionate for the art and craft of tufting.
I would definitely recommend to friends as this is a hidden gem! More people need to try tufting:)

Lauren Toone Sep 2023

Benny was amazing! So much fun! Would definitely recommend. Went over time a bit but it was great.

Emily Rowe Sep 2023

I attend a lot of classes, and I can genuinely say that this is by far, my most favourite. Ben is funny, knowledgeable and a very gentle teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed my class with him and will absolutely be coming back.

Textiles class review by Emily Rowe - Brisbane

Jacob Gunton Aug 2023

This class was an absolutely blast and couldn't reccomend it highly enough.
Benjamin is a great teacher and a great person with a wealth of experience and love for his craft that is infectious. If you're looking to start tufting this is the definite best place to start. Fantastic, thank you.

Jo Jessep Aug 2023

Had an amazing time with Ben. He is knowledgeable, helpful and passionate about his art. Great value for money and is so giving with his time. Highly recommend going along and learning a new art form.

Bradley Carruthers Aug 2023

Wonderful experience for myself and my partner, we will be attending again. Fun and friendly environment.

James Hallett Aug 2023

Thanks to Ben for sharing his love of tufting with this class. He is very talented and provides a fun time when teaching. He makes it easy to understand the process and offers helpful tips as you go. Good fun and a great sense of accomplishment to walk away with something you have done yourself.

Textiles class review by James Hallett - Brisbane

Washington Taouma Aug 2023

Excellent class! Jammed pack with fun, tufting was easy to pick up and learn, thanks to the expert help of Ben, the teacher was fun and friendly with vast knowledge in tufting. Highly recommended!

Textiles class review by Washington Taouma - Brisbane

Teacher's response

Thank you Washington!
It was so great having you both here.
I had a ball… and I am missing having that little rug of yours around. It’s got such a personality!

Mackenzie Parr Aug 2023

The teacher was absolutely brilliant. Great vibes and fun times. I Would recommend to everyone!

Teacher's response

Thank you so much Mackenzie
I did warn you that you’d have fun! :)
A real bonus for me is I get to meet great people while they explore their creativity!
Thank you for coming!

Christine Ouslinis Aug 2023

Very knowledgeable, patient, good humoured and generous teacher.
* Close to public transport
* Excellent cafe next door
* Very suitable space - not too big.
* Well maintained
* Tips for safe & effective usage.
* All necessary materials provided
* A wide choice of colours.
I will be recommending this class to friends as a worthwhile experience.

Textiles class review by Christine Ouslinis - Brisbane

Teacher's response

Thank you for your awesome review and for sharing your birthday with me!
What a great day that was and your rug is just fantastic! You must be proud.

Brooke Little Aug 2023

Nice class to learn how to turf for people just starting out making some rugs

Teacher's response

Thank you so much for your review Brooke!
I'm glad to hear that you had a great time learning how to tuft and I’d really love to see what rugs you’ve created with your new tufting gun.
Starting out rug-making can be a fun and rewarding experience and I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it. It was a super fun day!

If you ever want to further expand your skills or explore more advanced rug-making techniques, we offer intermediate and advanced classes as well. Just reach out! I hope to see you again soon.

Stef Hickman Aug 2023

Our teacher Ben was great - super knowledgeable and everything was provided for a great day tufting.

Tufting Class for Beginners: Make Your Own Rugs review by Stef Hickman - Brisbane

Willow Rose Jul 2023

Ben was amazing, so patient and kind and gave us plenty of time to learn, and helped when my disabilities got in the way. Was an amazing experience

Alyssa Metrillo Jul 2023

Ben was awesome to work with, very helpful and informative experience! Made us feel so welcome, so talented as well!

Felicity Clarke Jun 2023

Ben is a great tutor and I enjoyed our one on one time creating a cute rug for my granddaughter that only needs small tidying up and trimming jobs before it will be given to her. The venue was good, everything was provided and I learnt great new techniques.

Zac Marcus Jun 2023

The class is great fun. Ben is very knowledgeable about tufting and is a great help with bringing out the best in the designs.

Textiles class review by Zac Marcus - Brisbane

Mary Balzary Jun 2023

Ben was a great teacher and an all round lovely guy who is very passionate about his craft. I left with a fully completed gorgeous rug and the skills to make many more!

Tufting Class for Beginners: Make Your Own Rugs review by Mary Balzary - Brisbane

Ailsa Walsh Jun 2023

The class was great. Very early going, this is my first tufting class. I have never seen or anything like that
Ben (Tuft City) was patient and explained how everything worked. Including the importance behind each step to make sure the end result would be good. Very flexible on ideas and helped when ever I got stuck with circles. A patient teacher really helps me when I create. Would highly recommend taking this course with Ben.

Kathleen Thornton May 2023

Had a great time it was just enough to test if it is something you want to spend more time and money one. Excited to see anymore advanced classes.

Ruiyu Tan May 2023

Its very amazing experience. Must be try . Teacher was nice and friendly! Quality was amazing as well!

Tracey McIlveen May 2023

Glass was great fun
Came away with the info and skills I had hoped for
Thanks Ben and nephew

Rebecca Reed Apr 2023

Teacher is awesome :) had so much fun! Learnt a lot. Definitely started a new obsession. Thank you!

Hanako Matsumoto Apr 2023

Ben and Nitan were wonderful. Provided a relaxed atmosphere with lots of advice and support. Would recommend to anyone wanting to get into tufting or to just enjoy a fun activity with a friend for the day. Thank you so much for providing this experience.

Jordan Ross Apr 2023

Venue was really cool and the teachers were great, very informative. Learnt a lot! Had a blast! :)

Mikayla Osborne Jan 2023

What was the teacher like?
Ben and Nitan where so much fun, you can tell both of them are very passionate with what they do, from making the rugs themselves to offering help and feedback. they where always positive throughout the experience. also telling us the proper tools to use to oil the macines

How was the venue (if applicable)?
The venue was good and easy to find, it got alittle warm but as soon as we opened the doors, it was lovely.

If materials were provided, did you like them?
the material where great to work with, to use the best quality things with the yarn, monks cloth, adhesive and backing. i really appreciated that they gave us the best of the best.

Was the experience good value for money?
It was so worth it, i bought a tufting gun to start making them at home. also when the class enede at three they didnt kick you out, they helped you finish and back your rug and if you wanted to clean up the exess with the siccisors there you could

What did you do / learn?
i learned everything about the machine, how to re thread it, the constrction, to oil it. the proper way to hold the machine .

What did you like most?
i liked how Ben and Nitan where super up beat the whole time and ready to help you at any oppotunity

Textiles class review by Mikayla Osborne - Brisbane

Ashley Holloway Jan 2023

This class was so much fun and Ben and Nitan were great. Ben was very passionate and knowledgable about tufting as well as fun and supportive - they provided a safe (and judge free) place to learn and be creative. All materials and tools provided were of high quality and I love that everything was supplied, I only left with my finished piece! Tufting was a lot of fun to learn and perform, I truly enjoyed the class and would definitely recommend!

Textiles class review by Ashley Holloway - Brisbane

Tracey Keller Jan 2023

Great team teaching
Informative and professional and most importantly, fun! I was so surprised at what everyone created… each piece was unique and a work of art!
Highly recommended

Felicity Clarke Nov 2022

Ben and his helper were great, very knowledgeable and it was a fun class with a project almost completed bar a few finishing pieces that I can complete easily.
Can’t wait to do another one.

Dante Le Nov 2022

Very fun, must make a rug once in your life and here is the place to do it!

Dubu Linggi Oct 2022

Had a fantastic time learning to tuft! Ben was a great teacher and everyone had a fun time!

Textiles class review by Dubu Linggi - Brisbane

Jihae Yi Oct 2022

It was my second time with this class. And absolutely loved it. Everything you needed is provided by amazing teacher and all of material is gorgeous qualities.

Tufting Class for Beginners: Make Your Own Rugs review by Jihae Yi - Brisbane

Harriette Geraghty Oct 2022

Great class! Learnt a lot - went in not knowing anything, left with a gun and confidence to get tufting. Thanks very much Ben and Natal.

Jhenling Tian Sep 2022

It’s a good idea to experience a rug by yourself. Really enjoy the time with tuft city.

Textiles class review by Jhenling Tian - Brisbane

Libby March Sep 2022

This workshop was great! We achieved a lot in the time allowed, and get to take home a gun, a finished piece and some new skills!
Ben is informative, and it was great to be able to discuss any problems or hacks that he has discovered in his time as a tufter. Really great day of fun AND learning. Thanks Ben!

Jihae Yi Sep 2022

My friend and I really enjoyed our tufting class.
Teacher Ben and his nephew was super friendly. Class provides everything that we needed to make rugs.
Hands down book another class!

Tufting Class for Beginners: Make Your Own Rugs review by Jihae Yi - Brisbane

Luciana Castorina Sep 2022

Nice experience to try tufting with great help and the best materials! Easy going class, time flies

Monica Murray Aug 2022

Ben was amazing and his nephew was a great help. The class is definitely worth the money. They use great quality materials. It was a great class :)

Tufting Class for Beginners: Make Your Own Rugs review by Monica Murray - Brisbane

Liz Iacopetta Aug 2022

What a wonderful creative day. Tuft City’s Ben and Naten were very welcoming, knowledgeable and supportive with the craft of tufting ensuring best practice. All equipment was supplied and the class numbers were just right. I very much appreciate Bens very generous offer to professionally glue the back of our completed rugs and I look forward to having it in my home. The venue was great and catered to everyone’s needs. I would recommend Tuftcity and classbento to all creatives.

Damien Ware Aug 2022

Was fun thanks guys for today day I like the rug I made thanks again

Tufting Class for Beginners: Make Your Own Rugs review by Damien Ware - Brisbane

Karen Cheung Jul 2022

Thanks for making our first tufting experience so enjoyable! We had a great time learning new techniques and making with our hands - would totally recommend to anyone looking to do something fun for the day!

Jessica Gibney Jul 2022

This was a really fun class! Ben and Natan were really helpful and could explain and assist when problems arise. We were provided with high-quality materials to learn with, and it made the experience more enjoyable. I would love to explore different levels of this class in the future!

Daniel Gstoettenmayr Jul 2022

Ben is a great teacher and is all around a very creative and energetic person, which makes the course a valuable experience!

Sarah Guymer Jul 2022

A thoroughly enjoyable workshop. Ben is a very knowledgeable and encouraging teacher and I feel like I learnt everything I need to master this technique.

Jo-Anne Parkin Apr 2022

Highly recommended doing a workshop with TuftCity. Ben was very knowledgeable and very generous with material supplied for the workshop on Tufting "Making your own Rug"
jo parkin

Bella Rankine Apr 2022

Ben was incredibly knowledgeable and patient with our class, answered all our dumb questions without hesitation! The quality of the supplied materials was amazing, Ben had obviously spent a lot of time testing and sourcing to bring us the best stuff. A great experience all around!

Textiles class review by Bella Rankine - Brisbane

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