Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop

Learn Kintsugi from a experienced Japanese teacher

2 hours Class size 8 to 12     label $120

  • If you're fully COVID-19 vaccinated, you can attend this class anytime
  • If you're not fully COVID-19 vaccinated, you'll need to wait for the government to announce the re-opening date for unvaccinated people

This course will not resume unless the VIC / NSW border is opened. We will inform you as soon as there is an announcement. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Learn about the wonderful art of Kintsugi, the ancient Japanese art of mending broken pottery using lacquer with gold, platinum or silver, which dates back to 15th century Japan, in this relaxing Melbourne workshop!

The philosophy of Kintsugi is that an object is sometimes broken. However, this is part of its life, and rather than throw it away it can be repaired and the cracks remain to show its history.

This is a beautiful art to learn while also helping with sustainability as you are not throwing things away!

In this beginner's workshop, you will learn some of the basic techniques of Kintsugi, similar to those used throughout its 550-year history. Modern materials are used in the workshop so the process can be learnt by anyone with ease.

You will be able to take home your repaired creation which will be similar looking to the Kintsugi piece using the traditional technique.

This beginner's Kintsugi workshop is an original technique designed by Kintsugi Australia to make it easy for anyone to use the Modern Kintsugi technique, especially for those who live in Australia. We will also explain where you can get the materials to continue this creative hobby at home.

After the class, you will be confident and able to repair your own objects at your home!

Please note:

  • Please let us know if have any allergies.
  • We do not recommend this workshop if you’re pregnant due to the use of epoxy glue and putty.
  • Plates vary depending on availability

Knowledge required
Designed for beginners.
What you'll get
  • Knowledge of the Kintsugi method
  • A beautiful repaired Kintsugi plate
  • Textbook
  • Tea time
What to bring
We will prepare a broken plate. (You do not have a time to repair your own pieces during the class)
You do not have to bring anything, but it's a good idea to bring an apron.

Suite 713, Level 7, 1 Queens Road (St Kilda Towers - 1 Queens Road, Melbourne VIC

Your teacher
Kintsugi Australia
Kintsugi Australia

Knowledge of Kinstugi from 5 masters

5.0 (659)

Kintsugi Australia is located in Sydney and the only organisation in Australia completely specialised in kintsugi, offering private and group lessons, repair and kintsugi artistic creations. After completing our course, the students can join the Kintsugi Dojo where they can continue to create their own work of art, and they can improve their technique to become kintsugi masters.

Kintsugi Dojo is available only in Sydney main studio, but online Dojo is starting in February 2021.

Beginner’s, Traditional and Kintsugi accessory courses are held in Melbourne nearly every month and occasionally in Brisbane.

Jun Morooka is a kintsugi master. He is an expert in the Traditional Kintsugi method with natural lacquer (urushi) and gold. He has also developed his own method using modern material, bringing innovation to an ancient technique. He accepts commissions to repair broken pottery and ceramics with kintsugi.

Jun Morooka was born in Tokyo in 1959. He moved to Sydney in 1987 and in 2008 he started to manage a Japanese restaurant called JIPANG. He fell in love with kintsugi after watching a TV documentary. He decided to go back to Japan to train with five kintsugi masters in Kanazawa and Tokyo. In 2018, he established Kintsugi Australia in Sydney.

Jun Morooka teaches Traditional Kintsugi and Modern Kintsugi in Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle, he exhibited his artwork at the Sydney Adventist Hospital in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Department. "Kibou" and "Negai" were displayed in the hospital to show that scars can become beautiful.

In June 2020, "Jikuu" was selected as a finalist in the 2020 Northern Beaches Art Prize - Open Category. The artwork was selected among over 800 entries and was displayed during an online exhibition (31 July - 30 September 2020).

Jun Morooka has appeared on a number of media outlets, such as ABC News and SBS Australia. An audio interview is available on SBS Japanese Radio and a video interview on SBS Australia Facebook page. He was also featured on ELLE DECOR (Spain).

Jun Morooka was invited to give a kintsugi lesson during the TV Show The Bachelor Australia aired on Channel 10 on the 17th of September 2020.

Jun and Hitomi Morooka were on the TV show The Livingroom on Channel 10 on the 21th of May 2021.

Our Teachers

  • Hitomi is Jun‘s wife. She learned Kintsugi from Jun. She has a Kintsugi Accessory Class. Hitomi is a naturopath and healing expert and has visited many Zen Gardens for research.
  • Kumi learned Kintsugi from Jun. She is familiar with Japanese history and Zen Gardens. Her teaching is very kind.
  • Noriko leaned Kintsugi from Jun. She has many years of experience of working in Travel agency and has a lot of knowledge of Japan and its culture.
  • Masano was born in Kyoto, the home of Zen Garden. She has been familiar with Zen Gardens since childhood.
  • Kimie is the first of Jun’s students. She learned Kintsugi from 2017 in a Jun’s class. Her knowledge and techniques are splendid now. Her Kintsugi is delicate very beautiful.

Verified reviews

We only show reviews from customers who have paid for and attended this class

Candice Hona May 2021

Jun and his wife were both lovely teachers and had lots of interesting anecdotes while we worked.
The class was taught well and was very personal.

Hannah Fortune May 2021

We did the Beginner Kintsugi class here in melbourne and it was great! Jun san was incredibly helpful, clear and engaging the whole class. We love our new plates! Thank you for everything you taught us :)

Alice Knichala May 2021

The teachers are very friendly. I feel confident to try this skill at home. The only thing preventing a 5 star rating is that I would have liked a list of materials and where to purchase them included in the work book. Jun-san did tell us during the class and encouraged us to take a picture of the materials after the class, but I was in rush to go to the loo that I forgot to take the picture.
Overall a good class. Would recommend.

Nicola Brackertz May 2021

Fabulous and patient teacher. The workshop was very organised and clearly presented. It was a lot of fun.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Nicola Brackertz

Cynthia Chu May 2021

Fantastic knowledgeable teacher. Very well organised materials and schedule. Love to learn more about Kintsugi, looking into a more advanced class!

Pottery workshop review by Cynthia Chu

Oliver Heath May 2021

Jim-San and Hitomi-San were great teachers. This was such a fun workshop and I highly recommend it! Thank you very much

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Blanka Dudas May 2021

Very informative and authentic, with so much attention to detail. Loved it so much, I’m about to sign up for the whole weekend of the traditional method next month

Carlier Makigawa May 2021

A well instructed class. Very clear and easy to follow. Happy to learn non traditional way, using epoxy and not urushi as I am allergic. Great results and can continue practising at home.

Sue Mickelburough May 2021

What an amazing morning we had learning Kintsugi from our teacher Jun … he was so informative and made repairing the ceramic plate easy to learn and a pleasure to do … Jun and his wife were amazing teachers and we hope to come back to do more classes in the future. Highly recommend doing this class for anyone who has a interest in restoring broken ceramics to a new form of beauty

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Sue Mickelburough

Darren Cullerne May 2021

It was an excellent introductory course for Kintsugi. There was some history and information about how traditional Kintsugi differs from modern Kintsugi, clear and helpful instructions, and information on how we could do more.

The instructors were delightful, friendly and supportive throughout the session.

I would 100% recommend this course. THANKYOU! :)

Maggie Ivanovsky May 2021

This was an absolutely fantastic class!
A great introduction to Kintsugi as well as the history and the idea behind the practice.
Jun sensei and his wife Hitomi were very friendly. They made the environment fun and informative. Jun sensei also guided us every step of the way.
We can't wait to try the next class up.
Highly recommend this class!

Joanna Coddington May 2021

Terrific experience all around. Well paced, great instruction, small group, materials all supplied. Would recommend

Lisa Hunwick Apr 2021

Great class, well run and easy to follow. Hosts looked after us very well. Many thanks

Elaine Johnson Apr 2021

Wonderful class. Learnt how to beautifully glue back together a broken (treasure) ceramic item.more than basic gluing together. A way so it is not just a pile of glue bulging from the crack. Teachers aware that English is a second language. Allowing not a long time of talking but giving some of their history as well and process to follow. Very very good.

Nancy Lang Apr 2021

The class was very well run. All the equipment we needed was supplied and well organised, and the steps to achieve a golden mended plate were clearly demonstrated and achievable. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Erin Choi Apr 2021

Jun -san and Hitomi-san were fantastic instructors who made us feel comfortable. The class was really interesting and well prepared.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Erin Choi

Karen Libbis Apr 2021

An enjoyable, relaxing class with expert tuition. Jun and Hitomi could not be more helpful and encouraging.

Derrick Lum Apr 2021

Jun San did really well in explaining and providing a great learning experience throughout the class. would definitely come back again.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Derrick Lum

Tracy Tormai Apr 2021

Very informative, well paced class. Teachers were very helpful, everything required supplied, and the perfect class size for group and individual attention.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Tracy Tormai Sydney

Leah Good Apr 2021

Jun and Hitomi were amazing and such an informative class.
Learning about Kintsugi is very relaxing :)

Stacey Taylor Apr 2021

I loved the personal stories and interactions as well as the skill sharing and patience.

Maureen Cooney Apr 2021

Lovely teachers, very patient! All materials provide d. Good information and cost venue.
Thank you all

Elizabeth Browne Apr 2021

Jun and Hitomi are wonderful teachers. This was a very relaxing class with clear instructions and plenty of help and encouragement. Thank you!

Colleen Angel Apr 2021

What an amazing couple. Absolutely felt at home from the first minute. A lovely small class of 6 with lots of hands on help. I learnt so much and am totally hooked. Everything was supplied and we all got to take home our Kintsugi masterpiece.
Highly recommended

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Colleen Angel

Deborah Rowe Mar 2021

Thank you Jun San and Hitomi San - great class with step by step, easy to follow instructions, I especially loved the extra info on the history and meaning of Kintsugi. Highly recommend

Sarah Lonigro Mar 2021

This class was GREAT! It was such a wonderful experience to learn not just the skill of Kintsugi, but the history of the art! Such a great experience, I would highly recommend!

Emily Hylard Mar 2021

Attentive and knowledgeable instructor, comfortable venue and relaxed atmosphere. Was able to complete entire project in the class time and went home with a beautiful, finished dish. Highly recommend this class! Thanks for a great lesson, Emily

Jennifer Paschal Mar 2021

This was both fun and interesting! Jun and Hitomi were warm and patient sensei. I really enjoyed learning the process and hope to use these skills to keep practicing at home. The method was very hands on with clear steps. There was an older child in the class, and the teachers were kind and encouraging with him, so it's something all ages can enjoy!

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Jennifer Paschal

Daniela Martinez Mar 2021

Fantastic Experience! Hun and Hitomi are clearly passionate about Kintsugi and it was our privilege to have the opportunity to learn about it and come away with our own Kintsugi plate.
Would recommend

Pottery workshop review by Daniela Martinez

Arielle Lawrence Mar 2021

Jun San and his wife are great! We had a blast. Not only did we practice Kintsugi but we had a history lesson about it. I highly recommend this activity. Arrigato Jun San

Claire Weightman Mar 2021

Wonderful introduction. Thank you so much to both of you. I will be trying other classes with you too!

Anny Beresford Mar 2021

I have just attended the Beginner’s Kintsugi Workshop in Melbourne. What a great workshop! Jun and Hitomi were welcoming and very informative. Class notes and all materials provided. I fully recommend this workshop to anyone with an interest in beautiful Kintsugi. Regards and much thanks to Jun and Hitomi. Anny B

Disa Dimitrakakis Mar 2021

Excellent class. Jun-san & Hitomi-san were both wonderful. Kintsugi is such a beautiful practice and I really enjoyed my introduction to the technique. Looking forward to joining them again to learn the traditional method.

Thank you Jun & Hitomi!

Ruth Flowers Mar 2021

Highly recommend this class. Teachers were very knowledgeable, generous in sharing their knowledge, very friendly and the venue was central. The class was simple and streamlined, well organised, and gently supervised. And we learned heaps.
We will return to do more. Thank you.

Romana Malovan Mar 2021

Great hands on learning, even for someone non-crafty like myself. Will definitely do more.

Yuk Loke Mar 2021

I really loved it! Jun and Hitomi were so courteous and knowledgeable in their skills. If you like Kintsugi, you must give this class a go!

Pottery workshop review by Yuk Loke

Kate Martin Mar 2021

Jun and Hitomi were wonderful teachers! So caring and attentive. I had a beautiful experience -
I will never forget this and I will treasure my piece of Kintsugi forever.

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Kate Martin

Costa Symeonidis Mar 2021

Fantastic class. Jun and his wife were very warm and welcoming. I highly recommend anyone to try kintsugi.

Anne Miles Mar 2021

Totally loved this class and definitely want to go advanced now! I could get addicted to Kintsugi and start smashing plates everywhere.

Pottery workshop review by Anne Miles Sydney

Fiona Darmoko Feb 2020

I definitely recommend this kintsugi class, it was really enjoyable. Jun and Hitomi were a great teacher.

Edwina Enderby Feb 2020

One of the best workshops I've ever done! It was so well organised. Techniques were clearly explained and it all unfolded very logically. The materials were great, so were the explanatory notes. It was very satisfying to finish the project by end of the class and I know that I can complete another project in my own time. But the best thing was getting an insight into the philosophy behind the craft. Perhaps it is - the traces living leaves on you are to be celebrated and cared for. Not discarded or disguised. Hooray! Thank you Jun and Hitomi!

Alan Morris Feb 2020

Preparation is everything - and this course was prepared and run seamlessly.
We achieved a great deal in only two hours

Cally Robertson Feb 2020

This class was excellent! In two hours I walked away with a sense of what Kintsugi was about, a great understanding of the modern basics of the craft, plus some extra supplies to ensure that I can try again at home.

Jun and Hitomi are excellent teachers and they provided support throughout the class to ensure everyone walked out with a beautiful piece.

Plus there is Japanese tea and snacks! And how can you beat that!?!

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop review by Cally Robertson Sydney

Kerrii Cavanagh Feb 2020

Excellent, practical hands on kintsugi class with all materials provided. Jun, the teacher, was warm and informative and clearly a master at his craft. He even provided delicious genmaicha and Japanese Kit Kat’s for mid class snack. Highly recommended.

Tina McCarthy Feb 2020

Really interesting class has inspired me to do more and learn more. I can see this taking over the living room! Easy to understand instructions, a great basic overview, end result was fabulous for a first effort. Thanks Jun and Hitomi!

Darin Lloyd Feb 2020

A lovely way to spend a Sunday morning learning such a beautiful tradition. Thank you

Thuy Tra Feb 2020

The class was fun. It’s good to learn something new. Good teaching skill. Thanks :)

Pottery workshop review by Thuy Tra

Sharron Dickman Feb 2020

I enjoyed this class. Teachers presented the information clearly, showed by examples and helped when it was needed. Gave everyone positive support and I appreciated how everything was neatly laid out for our use, and the mid-project cup of tea and snack was welcome. I learned about the history as well as practical aspects of Kintsugi. Am considering taking the more detailed course. Small group meant we were all busy, but the room was positive and cheerful.

Rachel Polivka Feb 2020

Such a good workshop! Everything from the philosophy behind kintsugi to the actual technique was very interesting. Our teacher, Jun, was a patient teacher and it was nice to hear him talk about how he got into kintsugi and different things about his life and Japan in general. The workshop was comprehensive enough that we could repair our own pieces at home in future.

Pottery workshop review by Rachel Polivka Sydney

David Liknaitzky Nov 2019

The process was informative, fun and handled very competently and amiably. I gained enough knowledge and skills to continue on my own.

Nurten Dalga Nov 2019

It was wonderful. We learnt the ancient art of Kintsugi. It’s so beautiful and relaxing. The teacher was patient and encouraging. Appreciated the Japanese snack and tea. Thank you to both of them.

Danielle Sturgeon Nov 2019

I had a wonderful time during the class. Everything was clearly explained, the pace was perfect and I’m so happy with my new skill! They were passionate about the art form, really inspiring. Thank you

Pottery workshop review by Danielle Sturgeon

Jane Cocks Nov 2019

Excellent, engaging teacher and class. I left looking forward to trying Kintsugi at home and feel like I have the basic skills to get started. I’d definitely recommend this class.

Pottery workshop review by Jane Cocks

Mim Johnson Nov 2019

Jun was a very patient and helpful teacher. He taught me the skills and artful techniques to fix a precious wedding platter, accidentally chipped by our daughter. :)
Thank you so much!

Miranda Ho Nov 2019

The teacher was extremely knowledge and engaging. I loved his little anecdotes and fun facts about Japanese culture (thanks for the recipe for chicken karaage

Pottery workshop review by Miranda Ho

Felicity Hood Sep 2019

Really loved having the opportunity to experience first hand something that I had only seen on a screen. The small group was the perfect size for all of us to follow the steps to complete the plate. Jun was informative about the kintsugi philosophy. His feedback during the process was a good mix of encouragement and correction. Appreciated the Japanese snacks and tea. It was fun. I can highly recommend
I have a small plate that I would like to repair. Can I fix it in the class?
If you learn the basics in my class, you can repair it yourself. But you can't repair your own dishes at the workshop, but I can give advice. The beginner class is suitable for quick restoration using epoxy resin. If you use lacquer and repair it in the same way as 500 years ago, we recommend my other class - the traditional gold Traditional Kintsugi class.
Can I eat off the Kintsugi plate we made in class?
Yes, you can use Modern Kintsugi plate but only for dry foods because the modern method uses chemical materials such like Epoxy glue. If you use Traditional kintsugi method, it’s safe for foods. We recommend you to use it occasionally not everyday use.

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