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Shoso Shimbo PhD is a certified teacher of Ikebana and has over 30 years experience in Ikebana. He studied under the late Sogetsu Head Master, Hiroshi Teshigahara.

Shoso was selected by Belle magazine as one of six “Australia’s top floral designers” and has won multiple awards including the Gold Award at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. His work was selected for the prestigious publication, International Floral Art 2014/2015 & 2016/2017, Stichting Kunstboek (Belgium).

His sculptural works have been featured in some of the major contemporary art exhibitions including the Toyota Sculpture Exhibition, Lorne Sculpture, Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Award Finalists Exhibition, Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition and the New Wave Art Festival at the NGV.

He won the Arnold Bloch Leiber Prize at the Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition 2017. His recent commissions include a public work of art for the Archibald Award Exhibition 2015 at the Art Gallery of Ballarat and the Wye River Project as part of the Lorne Sculpture 2016.

A common theme through many of his works is harmony with nature's organic order and the relationship between man and nature, where man is a part of the natural order rather than the owner of it.

Shoso has an MA in Japanese Studies, a Master of Fine Art and PhD in Education. He is also qualified as a garden designer (Japan Horticultural Society) specialising in Japanese gardens. He is a directer of International Society of Ikebana Studies and he teaches Japanese Aesthetics at RMIT Short Courses.




Linda Fuller Jun 2024

Good fun and informative! Happy with the arrangements we made and have proudly displayed at home!

Floristry class review by Linda Fuller - Melbourne

Renu Gudlawar Jun 2024

Shoso is an amazing teacher with a lot of knowledge on the history of Ikebana and in being resourceful with materials. A very wonderful class that makes me want to learn more. The take home ikebana was easy to construct.

Pam Newton Jun 2024

The history of ikebana and methodology was very interesting. His personal feedback on my work was helpful. I found his voice mostly hard to hear and he often spoke quickly (I was at the back of the room). As a class for beginners I felt it was a good introduction to the craft and enjoyable.

Introduction to Ikebana Class review by Pam Newton - Melbourne

Claudine Dearn May 2024

Shoso was very passionate about the history and culture behind Ikebana flower arranging and provided an opportunity to learn about and practise this skill. It was lovely to see his beautiful Japanese garden and dog.

Teacher's response

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. In many ikebana classes outside Japan, ikebana is commonly presented as a craft. However, we advocate for a deeper understanding, positioning ikebana as a Japanese meditative art within its socio-cultural contexts.

The concept of heaven-earth-people, though widely discussed and influential in the introduction of ikebana, actually emerged relatively recently, in the 18th to 19th centuries. It's important to recognize that this notion represents a departure from more profound philosophical discussions about ikebana dating back to the 15th century. Personally, I refrain from emphasizing this relatively shallow interpretation in my teachings, preferring to delve into the richer philosophical underpinnings of ikebana.

Amber Simpkin Apr 2024

The teacher gave some really interesting background on the origins of ikebana. The class was very enjoyable, I think I have found a new hobby!

Anne Young Apr 2024

Enjoyable way to learn the basics and history of ikebana with an expert like Shoso Shimbo. I’m inspired to learn more!

Introduction to Ikebana Class review by Anne Young - Melbourne

Isabelle Gemmell Feb 2024

Shoso Shimbo is so knowledgeable and patient. His class is a must if you are interested in ikebana!

Floristry class review by Isabelle Gemmell - Melbourne

Huiling Xu Feb 2024

Excellent introductory Ikebana class, I enjoyed the class and found it really helpful and interesting

Tina Feb 2024

The method he teaches is easy to master. It’s fun to take home own The location is a bit difficult to identify. If stick a note at the front door, make it easy to find the entry. I ve standing outside for 30 minutes not sure how to go in

Julien Legrand Jan 2024

Our Introduction to Ikebana class was fantastic! The class was very informative; we learned about some history of ikebana, we watched Shoso prepare an ikebana arrangement while explaining in detail and then we were able to prepare our own arrangement. I would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to try ikebana!

Bethea Joy Woods Jan 2024

Shoso was very clear about how to create Ikebana. His demonstration was easy to follow. The history of how Ikebana came about was interesting. I would recommend this class.

Introduction to Ikebana Class review by Bethea Joy Woods - Melbourne

Katrina Lo Jan 2024

Great teacher and environment to learn. My partner and I thoroughly enjoyed this class and would definitely recommend it!

Daryl Playdon Dec 2023

Was very informative with a brief history of Ikebana
The introduction class was basic principles of Ikebana, the profound creativity of arranging , the endless possibilities and the meditative concept of the artistry.
Highly recommend. I will be back.
Daryl Playdon

Mercedes Cerda Iturriaga Sep 2023

The place was nice, and the teacher teachs us a lot , I made a beautiful arrange

Floristry class review by Mercedes Cerda Iturriaga - Melbourne

Narelle Keleher Sep 2023

We did our session with Shoan and she was a great teacher - very knowledgeable and engaging. We learnt all about the history of Ikebana and she did some beautiful displays for demonstration. We loved having a go ourselves and was great to take away a lovely display for our own homes.

Gabe Kovacs Jun 2023

Excellent teacher, Shoso provided some very interesting background and history on Ikebana and made Japanese tea for everyone. We had the opportunity to make a basic arrangement with material provided for us. Great value for money, considering we got to keep the arrangement we made, including a beautiful glazed pot and fresh flowers.

Introduction to Ikebana Class review by Gabe Kovacs - Melbourne

Susan Purcell May 2023

It was a very informative class. Probably a little too short being and hour. 1.5 would have been better.
The venue was lovely and the teacher very knowledgeable and lovely.

Introduction to Ikebana Class review by Susan Purcell - Melbourne

Helen Pattinson May 2023

I enjoyed the Ikebana experience. Very interesting to learn a little of the history. Teacher explained basic techniques and produced a lovely example. Enjoyed making our own first attempts and brought out masterpieces home. Materials provided were more than adequate. Overall a great experience.

Floristry class review by Helen Pattinson - Melbourne

Crystal Zhu Mar 2023

My first class and it was amazing! Shoso introduced the craft of ikebana and taught us in a clear and very interesting way. All the materials and equipment were provided for, and he even gave us tea! Loved it, and would definitely recommend :)

Introduction to Ikebana Class review by Crystal Zhu - Melbourne

Lorraine Langmuir Feb 2023

It was a very well run class and the material provided was excellent.
I found the history behind Ikebana fascinating and the teacher relayed that in a concise way so it was not confusing.
The studio was well lit and roomy and it was a lovely touch to be offered tea.
Excellent value for the money.

Emmy Feb 2023

Great class for introduction Ikebana. Shoso is very knowledgable about the art of Ikebana and always happy to help his students out. The venue was clean and spacious enough for a group of about 10 people. Materials were provided so we didn't have to bring anything. It was a great experience and we look forward to more lessons about Ikebana with Shoso.

Introduction to Ikebana Class review by Emmy  - Melbourne

Angelina Ling Feb 2023

Extremely patient and insightful teacher. Takes his time to explain and guide the students. Explains every step with great clarity but also ensures it’s simple for students so everything is digestible. The location is rather far away, so I would recommend booking a session in during the weekends only. Great way to spend quiet and quality time with a good friend

Floristry class review by Angelina Ling - Melbourne

Reyna Castaneda Jan 2023

It’s been amazing to learn the basics of this hundred-years old technique. I would love to attend future classes and learn more on Ikebana.

Heather Moors Jan 2023

Teacher was good, providing lots of information about Japan and the origins of Ikebana.
I would have liked more time for the actual exercise. The venue was very nice and materials provided quite adequate.

Rachael Lopez Dec 2022

Shoso was great, we really enjoyed the class! He was friendly and engaging, it was great to learn about the history of ikebana and basic principles. Venue was great, easy to find and spacious. There was an issue with our booking but Shoso was thankfully very accommodating and we still managed to do the session. I bought tickets for the class as a birthday present for my Mum and she loved it as well.

Heather Robson Sep 2022

Shoso was clearly passionate about Ikebana and his presentation was interesting , succinct and perfectly timed. There was enough content to whet my appetite and I thoroughly enjoyed the class.

Edwina Hogan Sep 2022

I really enjoyed learning about the history of ikebana in Japan Shoso was very knowledge and explained each step clearly to us. The materials were lovely and the venue was gorgeous. I had a really lovely morning!

Kate Kiely Aug 2022

I had a lovely time at this Ikebana workshop and highly recommend it. The teacher, Shosho Shimbo, was mindful and well-organised. The space was lovely and the other course participants friendly. I was surprised at how much our teacher taught us in that short space of time and particularly appreciated learning some history of ikebana. Thank you very much!

Jane Harley Aug 2022

An excellent introduction to Ikebana in just one hour with a perfect combination of history and application. Instructions were incredibly well thought through and it was delightful to leave with our first Ikebana arrangement. Highly recommended.

James McLauchlan Aug 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed my class today with Shoso. I found it both informative and entertaining. A relaxed atmosphere, gentle guidance & more than ample materials provided to work with. I would heartily recommend.

Floristry class review by James McLauchlan - Melbourne

Naomi Holmes Jul 2022

Very interesting and informative class! Enjoyed learning about something I didn't know anything about
Shoso was very friendly and knowledgeable!

Karen Scott Jun 2022

Our teacher was incredibly knowledgeable, I really enjoyed learning about the history of Ikebana. His demo was detailed and directions were easy to follow (even for someone who isn't naturally artistic!). I was really happy with my final product!

Introduction to Ikebana Class review by Karen Scott - Melbourne

Judy Sorrell Jun 2022

Great class for a beginner in a nice space to work in, and the tea was lovely. Thanks Shoso!

Sabrina Alcouffe Jun 2022

It was my first class with ikebana arrangement. Good info to allow us to know the basic tips in achieving the end result a near perfect arrangement. Will be back for more lessons.

Introduction to Ikebana Class review by Sabrina Alcouffe - Melbourne

Deshna Karan May 2022

Shoso was incredibly helpful and guided us through the steps for ikebana very carefully. He was also always there to support us also 1-on-1 and was full of knowledge and interesting facts on the history of ikebana! My friends and I had an amazing time, and will engage in this practice again! :)

Floristry class review by Deshna Karan - Melbourne

Jeanne Siripaisankul Apr 2022

Teacher was really positive and good at what he doing. Highly recommend. I will check out his upcoming courses.

Introduction to Ikebana Class review by Jeanne Siripaisankul - Melbourne

Bolin Luo Apr 2022

Very good value of money. We enjoyed the whole session, especially the story about ikebana

Amelia Willis Mar 2022

A great class! Shoso was a great teacher and very informative on both the techniques and history.

Coleen Paller Feb 2022

Such a wonderful and informative class by Mr. Shimbo!
He truly breaks the Ikebena basics down so if you’re completely new you can grasp the main concept behind its visual art.
Can’t wait to start learning more!

Floristry class review by Coleen Paller - Melbourne

Linh Nguyen Feb 2022

Good start to get a sense of the art. It's an inspirational and also very relaxing activity to do.

Esther Wan Feb 2022

I really enjoyed the class with Shoso - he provided a really interesting history to ikebana and made it easy to understand the principles of the arrangement. I came away with a beautiful piece that I’ve been enjoying since.

Introduction to Ikebana Class review by Esther Wan - Melbourne

Marnie Kok Dec 2021

Mr. Shoso Shimbo provided all the equipment required and greeted us with a cup of lovely Japanese tea. He told us about the history of ikebana - something I found most interesting. He then proceeded to assist us with our own ikebana design. It was a very pleasant and most enjoyable workshop. Unfortunately, I feel I have to caution that this location would be difficult for anyone who has trouble with stairs.

Ynez Howlett-Jansen Dec 2021

Shoso was a great teacher, it was a fun class, and we got lovely ikebana to take home

Floristry class review by Ynez Howlett-Jansen - Melbourne

Karen Boucher Dec 2021

Excellent value, very informative. Teacher is great at explaining & provided everything we needed. Highly recommend.

Introduction to Ikebana Class review by Karen Boucher - Melbourne

Cristina Napoleone Nov 2021

The teacher was very informative and in tune with the students needs
Great class,would recommend it

Floristry class review by Cristina Napoleone - Melbourne

Henry Rojas Nov 2021

Class was good maybe made with more time it’s very short time for big topic .

Floristry class review by Henry Rojas - Melbourne

Pauline Amon Nov 2021

Very clear class on the basic principles of Ikebana and wonderful to go home with a vase of flowers

Floristry class review by Pauline Amon - Melbourne

Kathryn Strasser Nov 2021

I very much enjoyed the class. The light filled venue was good and the teaching was excellent. We learnt some of the history of Ikebana and the basic arrangement. Notes were provided. I am interested in learning more.

Introduction to Ikebana Class review by Kathryn Strasser - Melbourne

Arsha Raghavan Nov 2021

Great for a beginner class, the space is really nice too. Susho is good teacher,takes the time to go through everything in great detail, provided a handout at the end of the class. And I walked away with a pretty arrangement.

Floristry class review by Arsha Raghavan - Melbourne

Jenny Jun 2021

Nice location, japanese tea, friendly teacher and a completed ikebana display to take home. Hour well spent.

Andrea Ryan Jun 2021

Shiso was fantastic. He exained a good amount of theory combined with a very clear demonstration. We also has a chance to ask questions and then to enjoy making our own traditional ikebana piece. I was thrilled to achieve so much in an hour. Will attend more courses with this instructor. Venue perfect. Cheers

Ella Haines May 2021

Shoso is insightful and charming and his class is well prepared. I came with nothing and left with an exciting start to the basic introductory skills of Ikebana. The one hour class is rich with the essentials but not too long that you are overwhelmed. I left with key insights that I understand enough to practice and improve. I recommend this class to anyone interested to try something on their own or with a friend - lovely learning environment.

Floristry class review by Ella Haines - Melbourne

Lesley Bretherton May 2021

Shoso is very good teacher. He explained things cleary and provided a demonstration before we embarked on our own ikebana. The venue was well set up with plenty of space I would highly recommend this class to any one wanting an insight into ikebana. We all took home very different but beautiful ikebana design pieces.

Introduction to Ikebana Class review by Lesley Bretherton - Melbourne

Catalina Danculovic Apr 2021

A delightful afternoon enjoyed at this ikebana class. The teacher was very knowledgeable and pleasant. Kiki the cat made a cute appearance too which was lovely. Highly recommended class and looking forward to attend others.

Abinaya Ravikumar Apr 2021

Had a good time & learnt the basics in the class. Shoso and his student were so patient and humble and assisted whenever I had some queries.

Melissa Quah Apr 2021

This was a really good class. Shoso Shimbo took the time to explain the history of ikebana which made the class more fulfilling as you put appreciate the art in your own ikebana floral arrangement after. Highly recommend!

Fleur Gascoyne Jan 2021

Great class and lovely teacher, our group of 10 really enjoyed the workshop and learning about Ikebana. The introduction to Ikebana with the history of this japanese art form was informative and it was great to learn the theory behind Ikebana - definitately not as easy as it looks but Shoso was very helpful! The workshop was also good value for money. I highly recommend this workshop and Shoso as a teacher. Thanks again Shoso!

Floristry class review by Fleur Gascoyne - Melbourne

Nicole Cooper Sep 2020

Thanks Shoso-san for a great class, your feedback on our pieces was excellent we look forward to attending again :) Nicole and David

Floristry class review by Nicole Cooper

Xiaowen Chin Mar 2020

Shoso was very friendly and explained the ikebana art of floristry very well. The materials provided were great and all of us thoroughly enjoyed class. Would recommend!

Hayley Ng Aug 2019

Due to unpredictable weather, we decided to do something indoor at the very last minute for a hens party. This is when I found out about classbento online. While it was a very last minute thing to take up a class, John, the co-founder of the website has been very attentive to our needs and easy to reach out, making the process of organising the class so easy! Moving on to the Ikebana class, there’s only positive things to say! Shoso was amazing! He is very knowledgeable and patience to answer all questions! His class was not just fun but also educative. If you are interested with Japanese culture like we do, a class with Shoso should definitely be on your to do list!
Check out our Ikebana photo! As a group of people who knows nothing about flower nor Ikebana, we are very proud with our own work!

Ikebana Floristry Class for Beginners review by Hayley Ng - Melbourne

Eugene Healey Jul 2019

This class was a brilliant first introduction to Ikebana. Shoso started off with an interesting lesson on its history, then moved on to a workshop where we prepared our own arrangement. He provided a good variety of flowers that meant each one of our arrangements (there were 8 of us) were each unique. It was a great activity for our office and I'd recommend it for any group below around 15 people.

Johanna Wyatt Jun 2019

This workshop was wonderful! We had a small group of 4 and Shoso was a wonderful facilitator and teacher. Shoso was engaging, knowledgeable and highly skilled. We all thoroughly enjoyed our workshop! The Ikebana floristry class for beginners was great fun and very relaxing.

Floristry class review by Johanna Wyatt - Melbourne

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