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Connie discovered the health benefits of laughter, after a prolonged period of work related stress, which impacted her ability to heal from an injury. She noticed the link between mind and body, stress levels and pain levels. Realising that laughter is a natural counter to stress, she explored therapeutic laughter and found the impact to be profound. She went on to be the founder of Laugh and Live Well, Australia’s leading provider of Laughter Wellness presentations, programs and workshops for corporate organisations and workplaces.

Connie is passionate about sharing tools for empowerment, a key theme in all her presentations, so that people have greater control over the way they feel, for enhanced wellbeing.




Kathleen Oct 2020

we laughed & giggled like school kids
It was delightful to do the lung exercises without being aware it was exercise!
Absolutely lovely - would recommend to all
Just the required light hearted escapism we carers need!

Gina Oct 2020

It was very good,it lifted my mood, and my whole day was noticeably better thank you.

Claudia Oct 2020

I was rather sceptical and felt a little apprehensive at first, but a little while into the class I lost my inhibitions, was able to relax and laugh freely - wonderful.

Gina Oct 2020

I participated in this class not really knowing what to expect. I had fun and enjoyed the different concepts you can use to enhance laughter (e.g. meditation). A very interactive class with the host and the participants. I have also learnt about the health benefits of laughter. I thoroughly recommend this class to everybody of all ages.

Bronwyn Oct 2020

It was a really good class. Connie was always smiling and laughing which was great to see!

Halina Oct 2020

The laughter class was a lot of fun and I recommend it to everyone, thank you.

Carer Vmch Oct 2020

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What a fantastic class! Connie had all the ladies relaxed and laughing (which is a feat in itself at the moment in Melbourne's lockdown).
Thank you so much Connie for bringing some happiness and laughter into our lives :-)

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