Kintsugi Accessory Workshop for Beginners

Learn how to make accessories with the Kintsugi technique!

2 hours 15 mins Class size 2 to 8     label $130

* We will move to new studio in late September*
We will notify you when the workshop start date at the new studio is decided.
The address is suite 107, 147 King St, Sydney NSW, Australia
It's located in the heart of Sydney CBD, very close to Pitt St mall, Town Hall and Wynyard station.

Kintsugi is the Japanese ancient method of repairing broken pottery. In this fun and hands-on class in Sydney, you will use that technique to make beautiful accessories! You will create accessories with different parts join together (継ぎtsugi) using beautiful gold (金 gold) lines!

In this beginner’s Kintsugi class, you will learn some of the techniques of Kintsugi and basic knowledge required for making accessories.

You will make three pieces. Please choose from the below on the day:

  • One pair of earrings AND
  • One pendant top OR one brooch

You can choose materials from ceramics and beach glasses.

In this class, you will use the traditional technique of kintsugi to make accessories, but we will use modern materials (epoxy glue instead of lacquer).

At the end of this class, you will be able to create your own accessories with broken ceramics, shells or glass from the beach, or even your own treasures joined together!

After completing the beginner’s course, you can move to the advanced course.

Please note:
  • If the private class is more than eight people, it will be spread across two rooms.
  • Let us know if you have any allergies.
  • We do not recommend this workshop if you’re pregnant due to the use of epoxy glue.
  • Contact us to learn more about private classes for this workshop. You can request private bookings for this class from 2 people.

Knowledge required
Perfect for beginners.
What you'll get
All materials will be included as well as tea time. You can choose from ceramics and beach glass, and you will leave with your own set of Kintsugi accessories.
What to bring
Please wear casual clothes.

level 1 suite 107/147 King St, Sydney NSW

This venue is a short walk from Town Hall station (400m).

Kintsugi Accessory Workshop for Beginners location
Your teacher
Kintsugi Australia
Kintsugi Australia

Knowledge of Kinstugi from 5 masters

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Kintsugi Australia is located in Sydney and the only organisation in Australia completely specialised in kintsugi, offering private and group lessons, repair and kintsugi artistic creations. After completing our course, the students can join the Kintsugi Dojo where they can continue to create their own work of art, and they can improve their technique to become kintsugi masters.

Kintsugi Dojo is available in Sydney studio, and also available when we visit Melbourne and Brisbane .

Beginner’s, Traditional and Kintsugi accessory courses are held in Melbourne every 4-6 weeks and occasionally in Brisbane.

Jun Morooka is a kintsugi master. He is an expert in the Traditional Kintsugi method with natural lacquer (urushi) and gold. He has also developed his own method using modern material, bringing innovation to an ancient technique. He accepts commissions to repair broken pottery and ceramics with kintsugi. (Sorry, but we stop accepting new repairs for a while)

Jun Morooka was born in Tokyo in 1959. He moved to Sydney in 1987 and in 2008 he started to manage a Japanese restaurant called JIPANG. He fell in love with kintsugi after watching a TV documentary. He decided to go back to Japan to train with five kintsugi masters in Kanazawa and Tokyo. In 2018, he established Kintsugi Australia in Sydney.

Jun Morooka teaches Traditional Kintsugi and Modern Kintsugi in Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle, he exhibited his artwork at the Sydney Adventist Hospital in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Department. "Kibou" and "Negai" were displayed in the hospital to show that scars can become beautiful.

In June 2020, "Jikuu" was selected as a finalist in the 2020 Northern Beaches Art Prize - Open Category. The artwork was selected among over 800 entries and was displayed during an online exhibition (31 July - 30 September 2020).

Jun Morooka has appeared on a number of media outlets, such as ABC News and SBS Australia. An audio interview is available on SBS Japanese Radio and a video interview on SBS Australia Facebook page. He was also featured on ELLE DECOR (Spain).

Jun Morooka was invited to give a kintsugi lesson during the TV Show The Bachelor Australia aired on Channel 10 on the 17th of September 2020.

Jun and Hitomi Morooka were on the TV show The Livingroom on Channel 10 on the 21th of May 2021.

Jun Morooka were on the TV Show The Sydney Weekender aired on Channel 7 on the 18th of July 2021.

We hold a workshop in the Opera House as part of the 'Antidote' event on 11 September 2022.

We also hold workshops as a council event (such as Wagga Wagga, Orange, Wodonga) , corporate team buildings, and Hens Parties a lot.

Kintsugi Australia Team

  • Jun (Traditional Kintsugi Course, Beginner's Kintsugi workshop and Kintsugi DOJO)
  • Hitomi (Beginner's Kintsugi and Kintsugi Accessory workshop)
  • Kumi (Zoon online Beginner's Kintsugi workshop)
  • Noriko (Beginner's Kintsugi workshop)
  • Miyoko (Beginner's Kintsugi and Kintsugi Accessory workshop)
  • Masano (Beginner's Kintsugi workshop)

Verified reviews

We only show reviews from customers who have paid for and attended this class

Kym Laws Aug 2023

My family and I attended this enjoyable and wonderful class. The teacher Hitomi was very helpful and professional. She gave clear instructions and the history background was so interesting. My family and I will be going to other classes of Kintsugi in Brisbane and Sydney.

Helen Simpson Aug 2023

Very helpful and patient teacher.
Provided great tips.
Great value for money.
Convennient location with easy access.

Pottery class review by Helen Simpson - Sydney

Linda Stynes Jun 2023

The Kintsugi for Beginners was an enjoyable and satisfying experience with an excellent supportive teacher using apositive and friendly tuition.

Michelle Brown May 2023

This class was amazing and i learnt so much. I like that i have learnt the correct traditional way to do kintsugi. The teacher is lovely and so knowledgable and i am so happy with the kintsugi accessories i made. I highly recommend this class.

Hareesh Gounder Feb 2023

We had a wonderful time with Miyoko sensei. She was very patient and conscientously took us through each step, explaining how we could do the same process at home. It was lovely speaking to her and we had a blast just chatting and creating some wonderful accessories. Would highly recommend and will definitely come again, thank you Miyoko sensei(⁠。⁠•̀⁠ᴗ•̀⁠)✧

Kintsugi Accessory Workshop for Beginners review by Hareesh Gounder - Sydney

Alisiya Smetanina Jan 2023

Great class ! Provides historical info and the techniques for Kintsugi very perfectly ! Highly enjoyed it!

Jh Marie Dec 2022

I really enjoyed this workshop. The teacher gave specialised help and showed me a great range of skills. She also taught me about the history of Kintsugi. I would definitely recommend this course to others.

Kintsugi Accessory Workshop for Beginners review by Jh Marie - Sydney

Makiko Fujisawa Dec 2022

It was a great experience to make own accessories. We have enjoyed a lot. It would be more helpful to follow the teacher’s instructions if the pictures or drawing were available on the handouts.

Narelle Haken Nov 2022

Fantastic time we both really enjoyed our time making our jewellery. Would recommend to all.

Esther Chan Sep 2022

We had a wonderful time! Guided by Hitomi San, we both made wonderful jewelleries and gain a deeper appreciation of the origin of kintsugi.

Rhonda Hamalainen Sep 2022

We had the most enjoyable afternoon making accessories and learning about the history of Kintsugi. The workshop was extremely well run and very interesting. Everything was supplied for us. Instructions were clear and our teacher was very patient, competent and friendly.
Definitely value for money. We made some beautiful unique pieces, which we will treasure. I particularly enjoyed the measured pace of the workshop and the history of the beginnings of the Kintsugi philosophy, which can be applied to every part of our lives.

Kintsugi Accessory Workshop for Beginners review by Rhonda Hamalainen - Sydney

Joanne Hutton Sep 2022

Three of us did the class on kintsugi accessories for beginners. It was marvelous! We learned so much about the art of kintsugi and how to make great pieces. Amazing results.

Rachel Khan Sep 2022

Teacher was great, very attentive & helped our group step by step.
Venue was easy to find, although the actual room was pretty hot. Recommend taking some water with you. The accessory kintsugi was perfect for our bridal party.

Pottery class review by Rachel Khan - Sydney

Olga Zamorina Jul 2022

We had a private session booked for the three of us and really enjoyed it. The classroom was quiet and clean, all supplies were provided. We particularly enjoyed learning about kintsugi philosophy.

Kintsugi Accessory Workshop for Beginners review by Olga Zamorina - Sydney

Kate Dally Jul 2022

Great teacher and lovely other participants. Clear instructions and good pacing. A very good beginners course.

Mandy Lamkin Jul 2022

This class is a sublime few hours away from a crazy world, creating beauty from the unexpected. Kintsugi is a jewel from within a culture that is fully awakened to the simple wisdom of embracing imperfection, as we usually think of it. The class is fun and expertly and safely conducted in every respect and I'm so grateful for the experience.

Marilyn Moore Jul 2022

Our teacher was great and explained everything in detail. All materials were supplied. It was a great experience. Recommend it highly. Thank you

Kristi Davies-Weir Jul 2022

We had a lovely time at our jewellery making workshop today. Great teacher and venue. My daughters and I are very proud of our creations.

Kintsugi Accessory Workshop for Beginners review by Kristi Davies-Weir - Sydney

Elizabeth Hall Jul 2022

Teacher Hitomi-san was great. She really knew the content thoroughly and explained it in simple step-by-step bites. She had a lot of experience to account for various potential errors and helped us to understand avoiding them. She had a wealth of lovely sample products and photos of more from previous classes that we could use for inspiration on choosing pieces and also for how to put them together. She was so generous with her time and thoughts and passion to help everyone. The venue suited the activity, materials were of good quality and variety, I really enjoyed creating my earrings and pendant necklace. I think my favourite part was listening to the stories of kintsugi and enjoying the philosophy mindfully whilst applying myself to the task.

Fiona Lang Jun 2022

We really enjoyed the experience and learning about the history of Kintsugi! Highly recommended class

Diana Tang May 2022

Really fun workshop. Hitomi was a great teacher! Very kind and gave good instructions on how to do the steps. A nice and warm environment to try something new :)

Gaye Stones May 2022

I had the most wonderful time, everything was beautiful so well described and steps by step instructions, absolutely delightful

Aryati Ghazi May 2022

Had a great time learning from Miyoko-san for a friend's bridal shower. Miyoko-san was knowledgeable, encouraging, and personable - we really enjoyed her teaching style and her input. Kintsugi Australia was very accommodating and responsive during the booking process and we can't take them enough.

At the end of the class, we took home three handmade pieces which you can keep for yourself or give away as gifts. Highly recommend!

M Dharshini Mar 2022

I had an incredible time learning from Teacher Hitomi who was kind, friendly and patient throughout. As a bonus, the final product I got to take back was a lovely piece of wearable art.

Kintsugi Accessory Workshop for Beginners review by M Dharshini - Sydney

Narelle Campbell Feb 2022

What a fun class. Excellent tuition and information. Apart from being a lovely way to spend two hours being creative I left with gorgeous, one of a kind, earrings and pendant. Highly recommended.

Pottery class review by Narelle Campbell - Sydney

Vicki Hayes Feb 2022

The Kintsugi Accessory class was very enjoyable, our teacher was fun and creative. Thank you Hitomi for making us feel so welcome and for your personal attention and assistance with our creations :)

Pottery class review by Vicki Hayes - Sydney

Georgina Chu Feb 2022

We came for a hens' party workshop and had such a great time with Hitomi. She was very generous with her time and patient with us, so careful and detailed in teaching us. Would highly recommend this for a small group activity.

Josephine Tong Feb 2022

Teacher Hitomi is friendly and patient in explaining different ways of matching the materials and turning them into beautiful jewelry. Good insturctions with personal attention to students. Also good selection of materials provided. Will take another class with Hitomi in future.

Ivy Kanawati Feb 2022

The background story of Kintsugi was concisely presented. This gave me more appreciation and inspiration for this art form. The Kintsugi Accessory teacher was friendly and very helpful. I really joined the creative process and had a fun learning experience. I recommend this course to anyone who loves to create something very special.

Pottery class review by Ivy Kanawati - Sydney

Tracy Yeung Feb 2022

I booked this the night before, and was well organised and clean/safe environment. Hitomi-san was a great teacher!

Such a fun and creative class it surpassed my expectations and 2hrs was perfect. Great workshop overall!

Kintsugi Accessory Workshop for Beginners review by Tracy Yeung - Sydney

Leanne Gane Jan 2022

Our Kintsugi class was lots of fun. Having just 4 people was great as we were able to get any help needed. Would definitely recommend this class to friends and want to plan to do another class with more techniques to learn.

Nicole Buckland Jan 2022

I had such a lovely afternoon with Hitomi, learning the history of kintsugi and practicing my own. I am very happy with all three of the pieces I made and look forward to attending other workshops.

Pottery class review by Nicole Buckland - Sydney

Melanie Young Aug 2021

I did this class as a birthday treat - it was a lovely day out. The teacher was lovely and explained things very clearly and I'm pleased with the items I made.

Kathy Elliott Jun 2021

Enjoyable class and well paced. Noriko was an engaging and knowledgeable teacher. The jewellery we made looked great.

Kintsugi Accessory Workshop for Beginners review by Kathy Elliott - Sydney

Steph Scott Jun 2021

Teacher was fantastic, the materials were very well organised and it was fun to create something and leave with beautiful accessories in just 2 hours.

Jo Wiltshire May 2021

My friend and I enrolled in the class and when we attended we were pleasantly pleased to find that we had a private class for 2!
Hitome was great - very professional but also with a sense of humour.
We really enjoyed the class and were very happy with the pieces we made and Hitome's suggestions on where to source the materials.
The classroom venue was easy to find and accessable by public transport.
We had a lovely day and would highly recommend this class for anyone interested in making this style of jewellery.

Isabella Carvalho Apr 2021

Hitomi is such a knowledgeable woman. She started the class explaining about the principles of Kintsugi, and then we went on making the pieces of jewellery.
She made me feel very comfortable and confident on making it, it was fun and I felt it quite therapeutic even.
Definitely recommend it for those who are interested on this art.

Thanks Hitomi!

Kintsugi Accessory Workshop for Beginners review by Isabella Carvalho - Sydney

Alix Thoeming Apr 2021

The class was fantastic! I took my mum for a birthday present and it was perfect for that. Hitomi taught us a lot, not just about the process of kintsugi but about the history behind it as well. She was very patient with us and made sure that we left with a beautiful finished product. We will definitely be back!

Pottery class review by Alix Thoeming - Sydney

Anna Coleman Apr 2021

I bought this as gift for my daughter and we attended together, It was so good I’d do It again. I received an sms in the morning to let me know what to do when we arrived, that was helpful. Our teacher Hitomi was extremely informative and explained the history of kintsugi and how she and her husband became involved with it. We were provided with written information and an ample supply of equipment neatly organised in front of us, the session was very well organised. Hitomi was just lovely, we really enjoyed spending time with her; her knowledge, passion and hospitality made it a great experience.

Anna Coleman Apr 2021

I bought this as gift for my daughter and we attended together, It was so good I’d do It again. I received an sms in the morning to let me know what to do when we arrived, that was helpful. Our teacher Hitomi was extremely informative and explained the history of kintsugi and how she and her husband became involved with it. We were provided with written information and an ample supply of equipment neatly organised in front of us, the session was very well organised. Hitomi was just lovely, we really enjoyed spending time with her; her knowledge, passion and hospitality made it a great experience.

Kintsugi Accessory Workshop for Beginners review by Anna Coleman - Sydney

Sally Cornell Apr 2021

Incredible experience! Hitomi san (I hope I got that right!) is so patient and knowledgeable. It was such a relaxing 2 hours learning some history, making some jewellery and drinking some tea. Will definitely go back to do their other classes.

Kintsugi Accessory Workshop for Beginners review by Sally Cornell - Sydney

Anonymized Customer Apr 2021

Absolutely fantastic class. Very professional and Hitomi was so helpful and patient. She let you take the reins and knew when to put in more assistance. Everything was very well explained and lots of options given. Absolutely love my jewellery and appreciate her efforts. Many thanks

Kintsugi Accessory Workshop for Beginners review by Anonymized Customer - Sydney

Dorothy Hickman Apr 2021

I was lucky enough to have Hitomi on my own. She’s a great teacher who explains well the method of making accessories using kintsugi method, and also it’s history and philosophy. She was very patient and encouraging.
I thoroughly enjoyed my 2 hrs with this beautiful person and came away with earrings and pendant which I am keen to wear - but I’ve got to wait till tomorrow

Lily Thomas Mar 2021

The class was very fun, I loved getting to learn all about the art of kintsugi and the teacher was so nice and helpful

Pottery class review by Lily Thomas - Sydney

Jessica Ball Mar 2021

Amazing workshop! Hitomi is absolutely lovely and so knowledgeable. You walk out with some beautiful accessories you've made yourself. Highly recommend.

Karla Stewart-Sykes Mar 2021

The class was great and Hitomi was such a lovely, patient and kind teacher. I’m so happy with what I’ve learnt I want to try it on my own. Everyone loves the accessories I made, many lovely compliments.

Kintsugi Accessory Workshop for Beginners review by Karla Stewart-Sykes - Sydney

Shreya Kiran Mar 2021

Our teacher, Hitomi was amazing in explaining the steps in learning the art of Kinstugi. Everything was prepared and set up in advance which made the process of learning very smooth and easy. It was very fun and I'm very excited to wear the earrings and pendant! Would definitely recommend and perfect for a birthday gift!

Monique Feb 2021

Had an amazing experience with Hitomi for Kintsugi! It was very informative and fun with all the materials provided for. Made to feel very special for my birthday too! Hitomi is very patient and personable. Thank you we’ll be back!

Alan Teuku Feb 2021

Fantastic class, Hitomi was so accomodating and very informative on the history of Kintsugi. My partner and I had a great time and would recommend this class to everyone.

Robert Oldham Feb 2021

Amazing class! My best friend and I went and our teacher Hitomi was fantastic She was extremely accomodating and an all-round lovely person who taught patiently but precisely. We did the beginners Kintsugi accessory workshop and we are so happy with our results! They turned out looking really professional, yet still with a personal touch. Hitomi even gave us a small treat of Japanese a matcha KitKat at the end 10/10 would reccomend

Kintsugi Accessory Workshop for Beginners review by Robert Oldham - Sydney

Robert Oldham Feb 2021

Amazing class! My best friend and I went and our teacher Hitomi was fantastic She was extremely accomodating and an all-round lovely person who taught patiently but precisely. We did the beginners Kintsugi accessory workshop and we are so happy with our results! They turned out looking really professional, yet still with a personal touch. Hitomi even gave us a small treat of Japanese a matcha KitKat at the end 10/10 would reccomend

Kintsugi Accessory Workshop for Beginners review by Robert Oldham - Sydney

Justina Tan Feb 2021

Hitomi-san was very patient and informative! She explained the history behind kintsugi and the philosophy of enhancing the cracks with beauty really resounded with me. It was a thoroughly enjoyable class too. Overall a wonderful way to spend some time creating a one of a kind piece that no one else has.

Kintsugi Accessory Workshop for Beginners review by Justina Tan - Sydney

Jordan Paterson Jan 2021

Hitomi was a fantastic teacher. I am so happy with my creations. I had 1:1 teaching for an awesome price and was able to bring home 3 pieces and also a new skill. I feel prepared to do this at home now.

Kintsugi Accessory Workshop for Beginners review by Jordan Paterson - Sydney

Alicia Child Dec 2020

The team were very communicative prior to the class due to Covid restrictions, and obviously took the situation very seriously as there were many protective measures in place. Kumi ran our class extremely well - very personable and informative. Highly recommend!

Yudith Jusni Dec 2020

Kumi-san is a fantastic teacher, very thorough and patient. She also gave me tea and yummy nibbles! Highly recommend the class

Kintsugi Accessory Workshop for Beginners review by Yudith Jusni - Sydney

Nicole Abu Dec 2020

Absolute joy creating accessories! The philosophy behind kintsugi is what makes it so special. Hitomi as a teacher is very accomodating, approachable and patient. :)
They sell kintsugi kits too which makes it convenient if you want to make more at home.
I encourage everyone else to try.
I felt like a child again. ♥️

Pottery class review by Nicole Abu - Sydney

Vikki Ong Dec 2020

Hitomi-san was super caring and full of interesting lessons! Would recommend this class for lovers of craft and ceramics.

Cecilie Dec 2020

Hitomi is a great teacher who was very patient with us. I was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful our jewelry turned out in the end. Thank you so much for a lovely experience!

Ariastity Pratiwi Nov 2020

We had a really great time learning kintsugi with Hitomi-san. She was very friendly and patient with us. The venue was not too big but spacious enough for two students and covid measures are in place (acetate screen, mask). The materials provided are of good quality and I'm really happy with the jewelleries that we made! They look delicate but feel quite sturdy.
I recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn a unique handicraft technique or who is interested in traditional Japanese arts.

Pottery class review by Ariastity Pratiwi - Sydney

Lise Rider Nov 2020

This was such a wonderful experience - the teacher was so helpful and positive during my beginner attempts at this Japanese art form. I love the philosophy behind the technique - broken things are still beautiful and we need to embrace our scars. My end products (earrings and a brooch) look fabulous and I shall enjoy showing them off!

Kintsugi Accessory Workshop for Beginners review by Lise Rider - Sydney

Anne Bradbury Oct 2020

It was an honour and a joy to learn Kintsugi Accessory making from the creative Hitomi Morooka San. The process was clearly explained and learning was hands on. Hitomi Sans serene manner and calm approach made the experience of making a rewarding one. A beautiful day.

Kintsugi Accessory Workshop for Beginners review by Anne Bradbury - Sydney

Lea Petherick Oct 2020

I had the best time learning about kintsugi! Hitomi was so patient with me and I thoroughly enjoyed her class. I would love to come back and learn some more! Thank you guys!

Kintsugi Accessory Workshop for Beginners review by Lea Petherick - Sydney

Maggie Ong Sep 2020

She is very friendly and helpful to guide the whole lesson.
Make very easy to understand the whole process.
I’m vey enjoying .

Renee Chan Aug 2020

Exceptional class. One on one tuition in a lovely studio. Hitomi and her husband are wonderful hosts and talented artists keen to share the history behind the kitsungi technique and their story about bringing it to Australia.
Finish your class with a cup of Japanese tea. A lot of fun and I love my finished piece. Highly recommend!

Skye Fordham Jul 2020

I would highly recommend this course. The teacher was fantastic- friendly, easy to follow and encouraging. All materials and equipment are provided and of high quality as well as the implementation of Covid safety precautions.

I was taught by Jun's wife and I wish I wrote down her name as she was amazing. I was very relaxed during the course, having clear instructions and resources given to me, while relaxing tunes played. Time was taken to provide a brief history of the Kintsugi practice, well as an explanation of the philosophy.

The team and environment are warm and welcoming. No hard sell either. You can tell that they have a passion for Kintsugi and love passing it on to others.

Eliza Sullivan Jul 2020

This was my second kintsugi class, and I enjoyed it just as much as the previous! Gorgeous materials provided to make the jewellery, and very helpful instruction :)

Pottery class review by Eliza Sullivan - Sydney

Nicolle Pascual Jul 2020

Had an amazing time learning the kintsugi technique. I brought my best friend here for her birthday and we enjoyed our class making beautiful pieces of jewellery! Would reccomend to everyone :)

Kintsugi Accessory Workshop for Beginners review by Nicolle Pascual - Sydney

Alison Cantlon Jun 2020

We had a fabulous time learning a new skill and the teachers were wonderful. Very helpful and kind.
I would highly recommend this class.

Wejdan Shamala May 2020

I took my husband to this workshop for a surprise birthday treat. Mrs. Hitomi-san was lovely and her instruction was very clear and helpful. The class was very organised and timed appropriately. The Japanese tea gesture was very kind and welcoming. We loved every part of the class.

Cynthia Hui Mar 2020

Thank you Hitomi-san for teaching me the traditional art of Kintsugi. I’m walking away with some lovely earrings Arigatougozaimashita

Kintsugi Accessory Workshop for Beginners review by Cynthia Hui - Sydney

Maria Brookes Mar 2020

Wonderful experience learning about the ancient Japanese technique kintsugi. The instructor has a very warm and welcoming manner, she led us through the workshop with step by step instructions. Our group loved the turorial, the materials and particularly the final products! Arigato

Victoria Pertierra Mar 2020

We had a wonderful class! Teacher Hitomi was very patient and explained to us the art of Kintsugi, and the steps needed to make our accessory pieces. I really enjoyed this class and look forward to taking another one soon.

Pottery class review by Victoria Pertierra - Sydney

Ana Isaacs Mar 2020

Hitomi was very lovely and I learnt a lot. I am very happy with my experience!

Kate House Jan 2020

The teacher was lovely and very informative. She provided an interesting history of where Kintsugi originated from. My friend and I had a lovely time, well worth the money with all the materials provided.

Marina Rofe Jan 2020

We attended the Kintsugi workshop for beginners with Kitomi. There were 6 of us and it was a great session. Kitomi was hands on and patient and helped us make some really beautiful accessories. The session was just the right length, there was time to pick our pieces, learn slowly and have some fun conversations and laughter. This is a fantastic session for any group who is keen for some fun craft in a relaxing environment. Thank you

Samantha Hartley Jan 2020

We had a lovely time at our workshop! Hitomi made us feel very welcome and guided us in making some beautiful jewellery. I’d love to come back !

Meng-Ju Lee Jan 2020

All prepared and ready for us to make unique accessories. Wonderful experience with history and culture. Clear and helpful instruction and support.

Pottery class review by Meng-Ju Lee - Sydney

Jyri Kaapro Jan 2020

Class and teacher were great I was impressed with knowledge and delivery went home with a great product

Helen Curry Jan 2020

I gifted the workshop to my ten yo daughter and we did it together. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. Hitomi is a thoughtful host and excellent teacher. Knowledgeable, helpful, passionate about the craft. Highly recommend this to anyone looking for a fun entry point into kintsugi.

John Luckman Jan 2020

I booked an afternoon workshop for me and my partner.

The Kintsugi workshop was a fantastic creative experience, it was easy to get into and surprisingly fun. Our teacher, Hitomi was patient and encouraging with us, teaching us how to continue the practice if we wanted to and providing us tips and tools on where to get the same materials. She also explored the history of Kintsugi and was overall really hospitable despite us staying overtime. We were really happy with the venue and the end product was something we were pretty proud and surprised we were able to make.

Highly recommended.

Ka Cheng Dec 2019

It was a enjoyable class with Hitomi. She was very helpful and patient. nice to have learnt something about the philosophy behind kintsugi while at the same time made a nice pair of earrings for myself!

Pottery class review by Ka Cheng - Sydney

Penny Longmore Dec 2019

Very interesting and something I knew nothing about previously. Good to do something creative at the weekend

Dalia Kaldas Nov 2019

I went to the workshop with my daughter. Hitomi was delightful. She had the most amazing range of ceramics and glass- so very beautiful and after we had chosen our pieces Hitomi went through step by step explaining what we need to do. We enjoyed chatting about Japan, Kintsugi and where to find supplies. We loved it and went home with some beautiful jewelry.

Sarah Martin Nov 2019

Lovely teacher and relaxing environment to learn new skill. Lovely sense of learning something special and ancient

Raquel Gonzalez Oct 2019

The teacher was very nice and attentive.The classroom was comfortable. I made 2 brooches and the materials were easy to use

Courtney Macdonald Sep 2019

Hitomi was a kind and patient teacher and I loved hanging out and creating beautiful accessories in her relaxing studio. There was a variety of beautiful ceramic, glass and acrylic pieces to choose from, which meant that the accessories I made were truly unique. I loved this class.

Rajeshwari Tikhile Sep 2019

It was y great class! Both the instructors are really warm and patient. I would recommend it to anyone looking to learn and new skill. The conversation I had with Hitomi was really insightful. Definitely worth it! Thanks Hitomi :-)

Daniel Portelli Sep 2019

We had a great time. We learnt the ancient art of Kintsugi. It's so beautiful, sweet, and relaxing. Our teacher was very nice and explained everything. Its very meditative and a soulful philosophy. She offered us macha tea and biscuits. And we talked about her travels to japan,
shogun, ramen and about the masters of Kintsugi. I recommend anyone interested in ceramics and japanese culture to give this workshop a go!

Anna Urakawa Aug 2019

I had a lovely class recently with Hitomi! She’s a very welcoming and patient teacher who explains and demonstrates each step of the kintsugi process. Tea and cookies were delicious whilst we waited for the glue to dry. At the end of the class I was provided with a detailed printout and tips on where to purchase my own materials. The venue was easy to find and the class great value for money if you’re after a new skill! Highly recommend.

Laura Moore Jul 2019

Our teacher Hitomi was very welcoming and provided a great variety of materials. She was patient as we took a little longer than expected. We had heaps of fun and ended up with 2 beautiful pairs of earrings!

Katrina Stanmore Jul 2019

Highly recommend if you love unique jewellery with meaning. The results are amazing. My ten year old daughter and I had a delightful few hours with Hitomi. Shes a beautiful, talented lady who made us feel very welcome. We were thrilled with our earrings & pins and loved the history behind Kintsugi. Highly recommend this workshop as something special and unique. Great value for money. We ended up making a weekend of the visit to the CBD with lunch at the QVB and staying overnight. Would definitely do any class with Hitomi again.

Tomomi Suzue Jul 2019

It was my first time to join the class and it was the best class I ever had. The teacher was really friendly and she explained all the details step by step. She also taught me about the beautiful meaning of Kintsugi and the culture. I chosen to make a pair of pierced earrings with beach glass. I could choose from variety of materials and I was so happy that I could make the only one earring in the world. I’ll definitely join the class again to make a pendant top and would love to step up to the advanced class.

Heidi Gibbs Jun 2019

Fantastic class.
Hitomi was a great teacher with a wide knowledge and passion for her craft.
Highly Recommend.

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