Mushroom Growing Masterclass

How to grow gourmet mushrooms

6 hours Class size 1 to 27

label $249 (or 4 payments of $62.25 Afterpay)

We currently have no classes scheduled on Class Bento - all future classes will be listed on our website. Please visit our website for more information regarding our in person Mushroom Masterclasses!

Our hands-on mushroom masterclass will provide you with the knowledge and skills to grow your own delicious gourmet mushrooms at home!

Learn the tips and tricks to growing a multitude of mushroom species including Oysters, King Browns, Lion's Mane, Reishi, Shiitake and more. We have living mushrooms on display so you can see them growing up close for yourself.

Our techniques are easy to follow get ready to dive into the fascinating world of fungi.

Our in-person masterclass covers:

  • Basic mushroom cultivation practices
  • How to create your own mushroom grow kit
  • Hands-on practical demonstrations
  • Live examples of the mushroom growth stages
  • Pasteurisation vs Sterilisation techniques
  • How to fruit mushrooms in a sub-tropical climate
  • What species you can grow
  • How to use recycled materials to grow mushrooms
  • What substrates to use
  • Tips and tricks for hard to grow species

Plus your ticket includes access to our online masterclass content including:
  • 20+ in-depth videos (over three hours of video content)
  • Downloads and resources
  • Live Q&A webinars (ask us any of your questions!)
  • Exclusive student community
  • Lifetime access to content

Knowledge required
No knowledge needed at all :)
What you'll get
  • Our Mushroom Mini Farm that you made yourself on the day
  • A mini-farm refill pack
  • Our complete online masterclass
  • Exclusive access to our private online group to network and access digital resources
  • First access to our 'Culture Club' allowing every Masterclass attendee to purchase a variety of Mushroom Spawn and Cultures
What to bring
  • Mug (For the tea and coffee station)
  • Pen and Notepad

Little Acre Gourmet Mushrooms is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and adheres to COVID-19 government guidelines.


Loyal Hope, 50 Morgan Street, Fortitude Valley QLD

Your teacher
Little Acre Gourmet Mushrooms
Little Acre Gourmet Mushrooms

4.9 (80)

Little Acre is Brisbane’s only inner-city mushroom farm. We supply our high-quality and delicious gourmet mushrooms to restaurants and cafes in the local area. We use the latest technology and proven cultivation techniques so our farm can run reliably with the smallest footprint possible, all year round.

With our interests in science and agriculture we found mushroom cultivation to be the perfect pursuit. We are passionate about quality, local produce and sustainable agriculture. We believe innovative farming practices and small-scale local food production is the way of the future.

We want to share our passion for mushroom cultivation and get people excited about using these incredibly versatile and unique ingredients in their cooking. As well as supplying commercially to restaurants we engage with our community to increase awareness about sustainable urban farming in our cities, offering workshops to teach you the easy way you can grow your own gourmet mushrooms at home!

Verified reviews

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Fee McHugh Jun 2022

This class was wonderful and I will definitely recommend it to others.
The teachers are very knowledgeable and the take home products and access to much more information online makes this really great value for money.

Martel Denham Jun 2022

The Little Acre course was great! Amy and Mickey are very organised, professional and friendly. There was a wealth of information and I can see how growing mushrooms could move from a hobby to a passion to a business. Being able to access the course and information in an on-going way online is valuable too.

Richard Yiap Apr 2022

Micky's presentation was clear, well paced and polished. It had been delivered multiple times and works really well. The slides were excellent.
Practical exercise was also good.

Gardening workshop review by Richard Yiap

Abbey Walker Nov 2021

Loved everything about this class. Super informative and you can tell Mickey and Amy really care about what they do. The take home pack is great, my oysters started popping up today and they look so cute :)

Gardening workshop review by Abbey Walker

Janice Harrington Nov 2021

Thank you so much! The workshop was well organised and very well presented. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. It is such a fascinating subject; and the workshop was highly informative as well as practical.

Julie Dunlop Nov 2021

Mickey and Amy were really informative and very generous with their information and time. Great experience and feel pretty well equiped to continue on the mushroom journey.

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Slavica Jelesic-Bojicic Nov 2021

The instructor was knowledgeable.
The class was interesting, very informative and relaxed.
The practical demonstrations were very good.
I Definitely recommend the class

Rachel Donaghy Nov 2021

The instructors are great people, and great teachers - generous with information, advice, and materials. I learnt a lot, and am now very excited to get started.

Aston Wenham Nov 2021

This class was the perfect intro to amateur mushroom growing. The information shared was comprehensive and easily digestible, and the instructors had confident answers to all participant questions. We were walked through innnoculation of our first DIY mushroom mini-farm and provided with supplies for a second round of growing. The in-person course is supplemented by an in-depth online content library paired with a platform for community discussion. I haven't yet engaged with the online component but it appears to be a wonderful resource. Amy and Mickey's obvious passion is infectious, and I'm stoked with their help in taking my first step into the world of mushroom cultivation.

Amanda Goldsmith Sep 2021

All of it fabulous, venu, presenters, materials, knowledge, content, biscuit, coffee. Great value for money!

Melinda Browning Sep 2021

Course was well structured and so informative. Great presenters. Having follow up access to the online resources is going to be really helpful.

Ryan Williamson Sep 2021

The class was very informative and I learnt so much about growing mushrooms. I would recommend anyone that is thinking about growing their own mushrooms to try this class.

William Ulyate Sep 2021

Absolutely fantastic, venue was light and comfortable. Presenters were engaging and extremely knowledgeable and the content easy to follow. Would highly recommend

Mushroom Growing Masterclass review by William Ulyate

Scott Frew Sep 2021

All over a good session but I would make the recommendation you start instead at 8.00am have one coffee break and finish at 1.00- 1.30 rather than waste an entire hour for lunch on what really is a half day course.

Andrew Bryant Sep 2021

Outstanding at every level! Thanks so much. What more can I say, but well done!

Wayne Appleyard Sep 2021

I didn’t think I would enjoy the class as much as I did, it was great I loved it, it was well run and explained in a way that was easy for a novice like me to understand, I will recommend this class to any of my friends I think would be interested in it.

Mal Cole Sep 2021

The course was very informative, clearly presented and entertaining. I would happily recommend it to anyone interested in self sufficiency and good living!

Pauline Tam Sep 2021

Loved all the geeky science information and the hands on practical. Highly recommend this class

Mushroom Growing Masterclass review by Pauline Tam

Billy Cody Sep 2021

Presenter was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about mushrooms. Fun hands-on activity at the end. Really appreciated the variety of fresh mushrooms on display.

Chris Appleyard Sep 2021

Brilliant! Mickey & Amy are incredibly knowledgeable presenters and run an excellent course. Lots of great information and practical skills on offer.

Damian Larkin Jun 2021

The ecology and biology was a great place to start and the practical workshop was a perfect (near) ending too. The two presenters were knowledgeable and encouraged questions. The range of resources (books and fungi) to look at and provoke discussion were great too. The course was good value and the mushroom kits to take home were generous.

Alex Springer Jun 2021

Good, quick way to learn how to grow mushrooms. The teacher was easy to talk to and answered all questions in simple to understand ways.

Liz Wright Jun 2021

Great class, interesting content. Looking forward to seeing my first little mushrooms grow :). Highly recommended!

Glenda Parker Jun 2021

I really enjoyed this class and learned lots.
We’ll constructed class.
Would have been good to have nametags.

Anne-Marie Donaldson Jun 2021

The class was very informative - I learnt lots of things about mushrooms/fungi that I didn't know, including uses as building materials and medicine. It was interesting to listen to and take part in. The practical side of things was easy. We took home kits we'd made and other goodies. The location was great, central and easy to find.

Mark Lonergan Jun 2021

Teacher was great, informative, interesting

Venue was great

More time on the practical stuff would be good

Daniel Walsh Jun 2021

Great class. Heaps of knowledge. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a productive hobby

Kym O'Toole Jun 2021

Informative, knowledgeable & has increased my desire to grow mushrooms. I thought the course was well designed & structured with just enough information.

Erika Entz May 2021

4 ClassBento workshops attended

Great knowledge share Loved the class enjoyed the practical elements too. Had already success growing some of the mushrooms and looking forward to do more

As Above Mar 2021

Overall an entertaining & informative class. Content was appropriate for the type of audience attending, pace of delivery was right as well.

Ken Fitzgerald Mar 2021

The reveal about Reishi mushrooms and bee's was interesting fir me, the only point that worried me was my partial deafness meant I could not hear each word clearly, as others behind me could
Thanks great day out

Margot Roulstone Mar 2021

Everything about this course is excellent- highly recommended . Thanks to Michael and co for sharing your knowledge

Keenan Paewai Mar 2021

Amazing presentation by Mickey and Nicho I would highly recommend doing this workshop to anyone who is interested in growing or learning about mushroomsa wealth of knowledge gained that has sparked a real keen interest in the the mycology fieldthank you so much guys and the little acre business for allowing me to be apart of an amazing day

Malcolm Durre Mar 2021

Good presentation
Gained new knowledge
Practical picked up some good resource
Varied activities
Very helpful

Kaylene Connell Mar 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Found the class really interesting. Good presentation and speed. Now I just hope the grow kit we got sprouts lots of mushrooms! Definitely recommend to anyone interested in getting in to mushroom growing.

Todd Murphy Mar 2021

Had a great day at the little Acre course. Mickey and the team provide a wealth of fungi knowledge. 5/5

Michael Budworth Feb 2021

Well constructed day. Micky knew his stuff and could pass it on. I found some of the more technical info a bit hard. I haven's looked yet but the resources provided will be very valuable.

Kate Daley Feb 2021

Loved it. Lots of really interesting information to get me started. If you want to get into mushrooms, do the course.

Jacqueline Shiels Feb 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed the class Amy and Mickey were a wealth of knowledge and worked really well together to produce an informative session. The venue was perfect and central to everything. I’m so excited to get started with the products we received. I instantly started reading the book I purchased to give me a deeper knowledge and can’t wait to get started growing my own mushrooms

Mushroom Growing Masterclass review by Jacqueline Shiels

Tim Shalders Feb 2021

Great teachers, clear speech, straight to the point and very knowledgeable. I learned heaps in a nice environment.

Emily Murray Feb 2021

Amazing info! Mickey is incredibly knowledgeable and really opened my eyes to the world of fungi. Liked the mix of theory and practical activities - would 10/10 recommend!

Tom Price Feb 2021

Great presentation by Mickey. Answered all the burning questions we had about mushrooms. Good venue, location and facilities.

Amanda Parker Feb 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended

A fantastic workshop! Excellent presentation that was informative and well paced, with a perfect balance between theory and practice. Amazing value too with take home supplies. Would absolutely recommend to friends.

Lara Keller Feb 2021

Friendly, knowledgeable teachers. Good combination of theory and practical content. Loved it! Thanks to Mickey and Amy.

Barbara Wall Oct 2020

Everything was great, I learned a lot and am excited to get my first harvest

Belle Wangsomnuk Oct 2020

The class was incredibly informative, Amy and Mickey were great teachers and I went away feeling super confident equipped with the knowledge they shared. Would highly recommend as a way to get started on your mushroom growing journey.

Anna Stewart Oct 2020

I loved this course. After the course I went out for dinner with friends and spent all night boring them with fascinating fungi facts. I am looking forward to harvesting my mushrooms.

Michael Freeman Oct 2020

Well organized.
Just the right mix.

Great to do the practical.
Three kits to take home was fantastic.

Mushroom Growing Masterclass review by Michael Freeman Sydney

Helen Sheppard Oct 2020

Thanks. Good presentation but would have loved it to be held at the farm itself

Julian Leonard Oct 2020

Great day. Learnt heaps. Great venue. Definitely recommended for people interested in learning about how to grow your own mushrooms at home.

Ingrid Suppini Oct 2020

Fantastic experience, great teachers and venue. I’ve learnt a lot and the inclusion of practical skills on how to prepare things to grow mushrooms was awesome. Teachers were really friendly and always available to answer questions making it very engaging.
I highly recommend it to anyone interested in mushrooms!

Mushroom Growing Masterclass review by Ingrid Suppini

Jessica O'Donnell Oct 2020

The class was great and super informative. The teacher was able to explain everything so it made sense for a newbie. It was also just the right amount of information so you didn't feel overloaded by the end of the session. The only downside was that the chairs were very uncomfortable.

Amanda Appel Oct 2020

This was the best way to spend a Saturday! Such incredible knowledge, willingness to help others and a great bit of practical application.

Rell Oliver-Braddock Oct 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great teachers. So knowledgeable and generous with time and expertise.
Great venue.
Thanks so much.

Gardening workshop review by Rell Oliver-Braddock

Andrea Henrikson Sep 2020

Enjoyed this easy to understand course held by a knowledgeable duo. Hands on is always fun to participate in and can't wait until they fruit. The venue was top notch and perfect for the occasion.

Simon Gygar Sep 2020

Micky & Amy were fantastic! Very approachable and friendly, generous with their time, answering questions throughout the class, as well as break times, open and sharing about their experience and knowledge, very genuine people.

The Venue was a great space for the day, plenty of room for everyone.

The take home packs are terrific, oh and the presentation was really impressively put together!

The class great value for money?

I learned alot about mycology, interesting developments and opportunities for mycelium farming/use, and practical methods, tips and tricks for growing mushrooms.

Vivian Sandoval Sep 2020

The workshop was really good! Thanks so much for all your efforts!
The venue was beautiful but the back of the chairs was quite uncomfortable. I would recommend plastic chairs or another kind, instead of wooden chairs like those ones.
The workshop could be a little bit more practical in the morning too! I think that instead of showing photos at the beginning, would be nice if we could see the mushrooms in real life! Maybe take all the different varieties that you are growing or selling spawns, or the ones that you have available at that time of the year, and put them in some tables for people to have a look of them. They can be in the same kind of buckets that you are using for the class. That would be nice!

Andrew Taylor Sep 2020

Great day, venue good, teacher great.
Thanks for a great day, looking forward to growing my own mushrooms.

Robert McClelland Sep 2020

good info very well done and the teacher , learn a lot will get more info if needed

Murray Dovey Sep 2020

This class is a fantastic eye opener on what is required to grow mushrooms and on fungi in general. Everything from bioluminescent mushrooms to the Wood Wide Web to fungal furniture. Highly recommended!

Silvia Resende Sep 2020

The course was in this beautiful venue were we felt welcomed and safe. Most importantly, the teacher was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic keep us enhanced during the entire time.

Yvette Tan Sep 2020

interesting and practical . Amy and Mickey have provided me confidence to growing my own mushrooms!

Justin Smith Sep 2020

A lot more information than I was expecting. So thankful for the knowledge passed on.

Gabriele Sartori Sep 2020

Course was fabulous.
Venue was spacious but very cold.
Great to have the trial kits to take home.

Joanne Bullock-Saxton Sep 2020

Teally interesting content, approacable and knowledgable educator, keen to pass on knowledge. Enjoyed this day thouroughly.

Kym Burnell-Jones Aug 2020

This Masterclass was well organised, full of excellent, relevant information, structured and paced perfectly, and we went home with our own mushroom mini-farm and supplies for more. After the class, we were given access to a whole suite of resources, and the online content to reinforce and refresh our knowledge, and sources to access/purchase supplies and equipment to support our mushrooming interests. The teachers are well informed and experienced, entertaining and informative, and generous with their knowledge. I highly recommend the Mushroom Growing Masterclass by Mickey and Amy of Little Acre

Joanne Thies Aug 2020

Thanks Mickey, I liked your teaching style and how you explained variables along the way, An inspiring day.

Jules Dwyer Aug 2020

Fantastic day. Very informative and interesting. Well presented. It wasn't too long or too short time period. Loved the little mushroom farms we went home with. Good size group of peoplenot too big. Friendly. Loved every moment. Thank you.

Aaron Fazio Aug 2020

Lots of great information. Energy felt a little low and could have done more to safeguard the health and safety of attendees in regards to COVID (e.g. space participants out more and provide/offer masks specifically for the hands on portion). Class was also more content heavy than I expected with only a small portion being practical (perhaps just due to me not properly reading/understanding the course description and having the wrong expectation). Overall enjoyable and would recommend, but room for improvement.

Amanda Lewis Aug 2020

My son and I attended a workshop with Mickey and Amy today and it was AWESOME. From the outset the venue was great (as an interior designer I am big on spaces), the welcome was warm and the workshop started bang on time. Mickey was a font of information on all things fungi and his delivery was interesting and clear. Most of us started as mushroom growing novices and left with the bravado of budding (pinning) aficionados. I wholeheartedly recommend this workshop to anyone with an interest in anything fungi or even those with a few spare hours on a Saturday, it is totally not time you will lament wasting. Love love loved!

Jessica Origliasso Aug 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Incredible class with an excellent overview of in-depth information, hands on demonstrations, and plenty of time dedicated to answering personal questions by the class. Great selection of information to access after class for continued learning and support! Had the best time

Megan Nicholls Aug 2020

Top class, brilliant teaching from Mickey + Amy. Learnt so much about fungi - they're not just tasty but smart. This class will introduce you to growing techniques but also an in-depth look at what's best to grow in Brisbane.

Dan Lyons Jul 2020

Teacher, amenities and content all great. I learnt things you just can't find on YouTube.

Robert Pane Jul 2020

I had a great day, the setting was good and the pace of presentation comfortable.

Melanie Harris Jul 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I really enjoyed the class. I learned way more than I thought I would. The class had a fantastic balance of science and mushroom growing. Amy and Mickey have gone through all the trials and errors of growing a variety of mushrooms and show you the simplest way to grow mushrooms at home. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in growing food at home.

Ira Plattner Jul 2020

The Teacher was clear and informative. Upbeat with a good sense of humor. All the material presented had a good flow.

Mushroom Growing Masterclass review by Ira Plattner

Prudence Fleming Jul 2020

Value for money is excellent. Mickey shares alot of tips and advice on how to get the best out of your mushroom growing.

Angela Gardner Jul 2020

Wonderful, informative class. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn about growing mushrooms.

Prof Khodabandehloo Jul 2020

All great. I recommend this master class to any one wanting to be amazed about something new and exciting.

Hannah Wiles Jul 2020

The atmosphere was great! Relaxed, no egos, and all questions were valid. I’ve walked away feeling much more confident with my grow! I would recommend this to anyone! Even if you don’t grow mushrooms and just like gardening. Everything is connected!
The team at Little Acre are legends!

Mushroom Growing Masterclass review by Hannah Wiles Sydney
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