My Mind Wellness Workshop

Better and Better

6 hours Class size 1 to 5

label $92 (or 4 payments of $23 Afterpay)

Learn about and examine the common causes of mental un-wellness and discuss the most simple ways to guard against these and retain control of emotional well-being in this informative workshop with Touch Heart Yoga.

This workshop is a yoga-based journey into understanding, creating and maintaining mind-wellness in a relaxed, light-hearted setting with a group of potential new friends with similar goals.

In this six-hour day, we will prioritise self-care and fun. The workshop also includes morning tea, lunch and a student information pack.

The My Mind Wellness workshop covers:
⁃ Various levels of breath and awareness work
⁃ Mindfulness practices
⁃ Emotional awareness and relaxation
⁃ Developing intention
⁃ Providing structure, eliminating unnecessary confusion, creating pathways of rewarding and nurture-based developmental change
⁃ Creating a framework for self-learning in experiential awareness
⁃ Building onto beneficial sensitivities, traits, feelings, emotions and critical thinking aspects for the establishment of logic-based rationality
⁃ Develop an increase in personal worth, resilience, and problem-solving and relationship skills

These are new yoga-based workshops that draw from eastern and western psychology and philosophy. The workshop structure focuses on yoga principles and their relationship to current psychological methods. There is a level of physical yoga available however this is not a requirement.

Knowledge required
What you'll get
  • Morning tea and lunch is included
  • A student take-home pack
What to bring
  • Yoga mat
  • Water bottle
  • Pen
  • A cushion for sitting (optional)

Woodford memorial hall - 103-107 Archer Street, Woodford QLD

My Mind Wellness Workshop location
Your teacher
Ross Dawson
Ross Dawson
(Touch Heart Yoga)

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My passion is studying and teaching life skills. I've worked as a yoga teacher/ coach/ philosopher for nearly 20 years. I was late to competent literacy and got help at age 34 and have studied (mostly informally) ever since.

I have a small team of people with me and currently, we are running out a range of workshops dedicated to the purpose of understanding self, developing self, finding balance, finding pathways to peacefulness, mental health maintenance, and living a purposed life.

In my spare time, I am an abstract artist and write quite a lot. I also love being in the garden.
My qualification is an I.Y.T.A diploma in yoga.

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