Suruchi Tarneja

Suruchi Tarneja
Sonia’s Tesoro

Sonia’s Tesoro

5yrs of experience as a self employed artist.

Suruchi Tarneja, painting teacher
4.7 (6)


My name is Suruchi, and I am a self-taught artist. Art and painting have always been my passion. I always believe that creativity comes from within. As a member of the Parramatta art society, I constantly put an effort to keep myself updated.

I love to explore different techniques in painting and create unique artwork. I believe that one should impart their knowledge and skills to others to help them to fulfill their passion in the related field.
I have been conducting Art and Painting workshops in Singapore and Sydney. I have also exhibited and sold my artwork at different exhibitions at various locations, and I also work on customized orders as per the client’s needs.

I love to conduct art workshops in a friendly and interactive way giving personal attention to each participant so that they feel relaxed and enjoy what they do. I also prefer to give space to my students to freely use their imagination and creativity to create a unique art piece.
I love to work with kids in a fun-loving environment using simple and easy art, craft, and painting techniques.

I believe nowadays art plays an equally important role in the education of kids. Apart from only arts, art education imparts various skills and helps children to learn and develop important characteristics that they will need as adults in the future. I believe that art inculcates creativity, self-expression, problem-solving, decision making, perseverance, focus, collaboration, dedication, and feedback (to name a few) in kids.

So, I feel that art education should be made as an important part of the education system in schools as well. We as art educators and facilitators, we should put our combined efforts to spread art to society and make it approachable and affordable to children or any art lovers.




Roslyn Dempsey

Art & Painting Class

I really enjoyed this class. Suruchi was lovely, very encouraging. I was shown a variety of techniques and was surprised how well the painting turned out. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

Art & Painting Class review by Roslyn Dempsey

Dane Gawinek

Art & Painting Class

Was a very great course with simple and clear instructions. I wholeheartedly and highly recommend.

Miki Kanai

Art & Painting Class

Suruchi was so patient and friendly! We both had so much fun and are very content with our paintings!

Lisa-Maree Eans

Art & Painting Class

Suruchi was very helpful and patient. I enjoyed the class immensely. Can’t wait to go back. My first art class and I’m hooked!

Humaira V

Art & Painting Class

Suruchi was fabulous. Very patient and so very talented. Learnt the basic techniques and my first ever painting looked really good! Look forward to the next class.

Ashwini D

Art & Painting Class

It was a great course. She is a superb teacher and thanks to you Suruchi for teaching me with patience. I really recommend this!

Looking forward to more classes.

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