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I'm Vinh, a seasoned jewellery artisan with over 20 years of expertise.

Ever dreamt of creating your own rings? Now you can! Join my immersive workshops where I share my passion and knowledge.

In these sessions, you'll learn the art of ring making, from shaping metal to adding personalised touches. No prior experience is necessary – just bring your enthusiasm and imagination. Whether you're crafting a special ring for yourself or a heartfelt gift for a loved one, these workshops are the perfect creative outlet.

Let's turn your jewellery dreams into reality.




Ryan Parker Apr 2024

The interciate detail to the human psyche and reality surpasses anything and this was portrayed. Thank you Adam and the team

Audrey Johnston Apr 2024

My Fiancé and I made our wedding bands. We had a wonderful time and they were so so nice and accommodating! It was a great day and a memory to last a lifetime. Plus they took marvellous photos of our creations!

Jewellery Making class review by Audrey Johnston - Brisbane

Laura McNally Apr 2024

Fun afternoon activity with the right amount of challenge and enjoyment. Teachers were attentive and helpful.

Amelia Thomas Apr 2024

We had a wonderful experience! Congrats on your qualification Adam! You’re a great teacher :)

Chelsea Suosaari Apr 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Very easy-going and helpful teachers. Everything was provided and easy one-on-one instruction which meant we came away with 2 beautiful handmade rings.

Jewellery Making class review by Chelsea Suosaari - Brisbane

Liza Plakhotnik Mar 2024

The class was great! We had a lot of fun making out rings, and Adam was an awesome teacher.

Billie Hanrahan Mar 2024

Great class! Vin and Adam are so friendly and helpful, you don’t need to go in knowing anything!

Gillian Klaasen Mar 2024

My partner and I did the ring making class for our anniversary. It was a really fun and memorable experience. Adam was super friendly. Would definitely recommend!

Mackenzie Alden Mar 2024

Amazing class, personal and professional instructors. Best place to go if you want to have fun and make something beautiful.

Jewellery Making class review by Mackenzie Alden - Brisbane

Felicity Long Mar 2024

Our class was a private class. I thought 2 hours was not going to be enough time to make 2 rings and that it would be rushed but I was wrong. It was a relaxed class, we had heaps of time, and we all got individualised attention and help. We all loved our rings and I definitely recommend this course.

Emma Simpson Mar 2024

The class was super friendly, very laid back. The teacher was super patient with all of us

Joseph Johanson Mar 2024

The class was amazing. Adam was a great teacher, he was nice, funny and easy to get along with. The unique skills you learn and the variety of rings, stamps, and designs is awesome. I would highly recommend this to any couple or a afternoon out with friends!

Justyna Wierzbanowska Mar 2024

Loved it! The class is a lot of fun, Adam was a great teacher and the ring come out looking and feeling really good quality. 10/10

Jewellery Making class review by Justyna Wierzbanowska - Brisbane

David Sullivan Mar 2024

It was really enjoyable, good materials and teaching (7 more words so have a nice day)

Bronwyn Smith Feb 2024

We were pleasantly surprised at the end result, the setting of the class was cute and the staff were friendly. We were met at the door and taken through the shop to an outdoor area where the class was held. When you receive your piece of silver you certainly aren't expecting it to turn out so cool at the end! Adam offered to take photos on our phone if we left it on the desk so we had a couple of candid's which is nice.
We loved the experience and would return again, I think it would be even better a second time.

Kristi Johnston Feb 2024

It was my first time learning how to make the ring, the teachers showed us how and I was surprised that it's not that difficult to make. I would recommend everyone to just have a go. The teachers are very lovely and easy to understand.

Juan Emil Hayes Feb 2024

Excellent 60th birthday gift. Great venue, small class of 6 people with very good one-on-one focus from the skilled teacher who really knows how to work with silver. All tools and instruments plus gas and torches and safety material was provided including the silver strips to work on. You end up with 2 silver rings you made yourself, stamped with symbols and marks of your own design.

Oskar Frazer Feb 2024

Awesome job showing us all the tools, rings and really gets you involved. Bonus you end up with rings by the end of it

Mia Searle Feb 2024

The teachers were great and very helpful. The venue was welcoming and had nice decorations making the class feel special. We were provided with all the neccessary materials to make the best rings possible. I enjoyed the class so much that I have found and interest in making rings. I really enjoyed saulderimg the rings and would love to do it again.

Morgana Longhorn Feb 2024

This is a friendly family-run business business with convenient parking outside, and our teacher Adam was patient and explained the steps well. The two hours was plenty of time; we didn't feel rushed. We now have two shiny handmade rings each :)

Jacquie Lasika Feb 2024

We really loved our experience, would defs recommend to anyone considering giving this a go

Sashi Melvin Feb 2024

This place was so fun, best experience ever Being able to practice and resize helps so much with how uncoordinated we were The rings are so cute, will come back for sure! And the staff are amazing

Jewellery Making class review by Sashi Melvin - Brisbane

David Clarke Feb 2024

We both really enjoyed the class and loved the end results. Would highly recommend for individuals or groups.

Miranda Jan 2024

Great fun with my girls for a mother daughter activity . Would recommend for sure - I

Chloe Haywood Jan 2024

When you arrive it looks like a shop, so you just have to make your way through the shop but there is always one of the staff that goes with you so you’re never alone. Once we started class, all the staff there were very helpful and friendly, and gave options on what could be done. They gave names on what was what when I asked and the process of what was happening. I found it very interesting.

I am obsessed with my 2 silver rings and wear them almost everyday! I love showing people that I made these rings.

Julia Guo Jan 2024

Instructors were fun, patient and very helpful. Had a blast making ring with my partner and instructors were guiding us all throughout the way. There was an array of design choices available and we were in love with the finished rings!

Jewellery Making class review by Julia Guo - Brisbane

Emily Rowe Jan 2024

53 ClassBento workshops attended • 52 reviews

This class is possibly my favourite so far! It was so fun and surprisingly easy to understand. The hosts were lovely and we will 100% be booking again.

Jewellery Making class review by Emily Rowe - Brisbane

Lizzy Stanfield Flores Jan 2024

This was such a great experience! The teachers were lovely, very helpful and supportive the whole time. Our final rings were so beautiful and unique. It was just a wonderful time all around. I highly recommend it

Inga Amelie Lutschak Jan 2024

All in all it was a great experience! The teacher were really helpful and competent. I honestly still think the price is a little too high. But people who can afford it go for it it’s really nice experience you can have with your friend/partner!

Make Your Own Ring Workshop review by Inga Amelie Lutschak - Brisbane

Karen Cross Jan 2024

A great experience & value for money. I walked away with a beautiful personalised gold ring that I made myself.

Jewellery Making class review by Karen Cross - Brisbane

Annette Shmerling Dec 2023

Great class and great rings. Everything is provided and hands on help.Good small class.

Trent Harrison Dec 2023

Great place and great atmosphere. We love the rings and the experience. We would highly recommend and would definitely go back for the other courses.

Haenga Mahuika Dec 2023

Had a wonderful time and Adam was so patient and understanding. Defineately knows his stuff and always willing to share with patience and care. A wonderful birthday gift for anyone looking to do something different.

Claudia Love Dec 2023

Adam was very friendly and knowledgable. The design of my ring was a bit complicated and he was very patient helping me get it all together.

Would definitely recommend this class to others.

Make Your Own Ring Workshop review by Claudia Love - Brisbane

Paul Egan Dec 2023

This was a amazing experience lots of fun and excellent teachers. Made 4 beautiful rings for my wife and family out of the material provided and couldn't be happier with the result.

Scott Milton Dec 2023

Our private class was really well organised and personal. Everyone was lovely and had everything setup on arrival and gave a wonderful introduction to the class and what to expect. Throughout each step walked us through the process and offered help when needed. Everyone was patient and made it really enjoyable. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking to make jewellery whether it’s to have a bit of fun, to make a gift or for something more important like engagement rings. Great value for money too. Left feeling delighted and have recommended it to everyone I’ve spoken to about the class.

Hayley Coster Dec 2023

22 ClassBento workshops attended • 17 reviews

Great class. Really enjoyed it. Lovely teachers, gave great instruction and assistance, great venue. Walked away with 2 lovely rings to wear.

Michelle Biddle Dec 2023

Lovely hosts that were really helpful. I'm sure my friend will love the two rings I've made for Christmas.

Zafar Rahman Dec 2023

Everything was fantastic. All materials and equipment were provided and the teacher was very helpful and patient.

Camila Andrea Bermúdez Bernate Nov 2023

Great experience, we had an amazing time while making our own rings using our creativity and expertise from the team!

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