Watercolour Painting for Absolute Beginners


With DIY craft kit delivered to you

Start your creative journey and learn watercolour painting

2 hours Class size 1 to 25     label $40 - $80 ($40 for Class only, no box, $80 for Class and box)

This is a virtual Live/Box class! From the comfort of your home, share an artisan experience with your friends, family or colleagues, or enjoy with like-minded others. Here's how it works:

  1. Book or Request your preferred time
  2. We'll deliver a Box to you - this is a physical DIY craft kit containing the materials you'll need. Shipping is free, and you'll get your box delivered in time for your class. We ship nationwide. International shipping is also available for private groups, please enquire for pricing details.
  3. Enjoy the online class. After booking, you'll receive a link to a Zoom meeting. At the time of the class, use that link to join. During the class, you can easily ask questions and get immediate responses. Zoom is free and easy to use, on any device. You're in control of your privacy - you can mute yourself and hide your webcam if and when you prefer.

It is easy to become frustrated and despondent when starting out with watercolours. Beginner's classes often consist of endless colour wheels you don't quite understand before you even get to paint a thing. But there are some fun hacks you can learn, to get results fast. The use of pattern and colour and blending can create something appealing and worth putting in a frame.

This live streaming class will get you started painting flowers, leaves, shapes, patterns and textures from the get-go and is lots of fun and absorbing. It is also the perfect Mother's Day class!

During this live online class, you will:

  • Learn how to put a beginners kit together on the cheap
  • Find out about materials and grades of paper and watercolour
  • And most importantly start painting and loosening up!

You have the option of ordering the class with a box of materials or if you already have watercolour paints and paper you can use them.

Please note: If you have your own materials you can do this class at a reduced price and join up an hour before the class by emailing the teacher. You will need around seven days before the class to book materials and class.

Knowledge required
No knowledge required, this is a class for absolute beginners.
What you'll get in your craft kit
  • Student grade watercolour set
  • Watercolour 300gsm cold press paper
  • Straw
  • Brush
What you'll need
  • A pencil
  • A piece of white candle wax or a white wax crayon
  • Masking tape (if you have some)
  • A white plate to mix colours
  • Pencil
  • Two jars of water
  • Some tissue or toilet paper
  • Salt
Your teacher
Pamela Woods
Pamela Woods

Pamela is a teacher with 20 years of experience

4.9 (220)

I have had the best life ever, following my passions. I have worked as a script editor and writer and been a course leader and senior lecturer in the UK in film and TV and before that I was an illustrator and artist.

For the last 5 years have become increasingly interested in informal learning. I run classes around Sydney in different venues and concentrate on my passion of growing succulents, art and the art of teaching. I go by the name classbunny.

122 verified reviews

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Marieke Kleynhans Jun 2021

What a great beginners class! I've learnt so many new tips and techniques to improve my painting. Thanks Pamela!

Painting workshop review by Marieke Kleynhans Sydney

Emma Bulfin May 2021

I am a complete beginner and we worked on basic techniques first and at a quick pace all the way to the stage of painting our own peony in two hours. Was a great course to do before having a play on my own. Thanks Pamela.

Melinda Stuart May 2021

Great beginners intro. Gave me exactly what I was hoping for from the session. Would love to do a follow up class after some practice

Natalina May 2021

This was my very first painting class and I was thrilled I was able to do it at home. The instructor was great and I even used my first master piece to create a Mothers Day card for my mum. I can't wait to practise more:-)

Painting workshop review by Natalina

Billie May 2021

I actually have no artistic talent, but this class has inspired me to try different things, it was fun, interesting, and a way of expression I hadn't considered, will be continuing to attempt different ways of using this medium. Thank you to our leader, plenty of information on best products to use and costs. Thank you for a lovely morning Pamela, you obviously enjoy your art and I will never reach that, but will have lots of fun doing my own Billie

Kylie May 2021

What a great introduction to watercolour techniques & painting. Thank you Pamela, you were so lovely, it was easy to follow & so relaxing. I thoroughly enjoyed it xx

Painting workshop review by Kylie

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Rose May 2021

An amazing, enjoyable experience with Pamela’s introduction to painting with water colors. The time flew, we covered many helpful techniques to get started. Thanks

Mary May 2021


Carer Vmch May 2021

Another fantastic class with Pamela. She is very patient and thorough, and goes through everything step by step, so that everyone learns every details.
The ladies all loved the class, and can't wait to start painting on their own.
Thanks Pamela :-)

Lindsey Jobbins Apr 2021

I have been playing with watercolours for many years. In two hours, Pamela was able to explain and demonstrate both how watercolours work and techniques to use to create different effects. I also created a delightful Chinese style flower in under five minutes. I am looking forward to following on from this class with other practical, novel and fun suggestions. Thank you , Pamela.

Painting workshop review by Lindsey Jobbins

Tara Bouchier Apr 2021

I haven’t actually completed my class yet, as I’m waiting for my box of items to arrive. Luckily, there is a second session for me to enrol into, and my box of items should arrive in time. Great communication from Pamela, who updated me with when the box was being posted and my options if it didn’t arrive in time for the first class. I’m really looking forward to receiving my box and attending the class!

Jane O'Brien Apr 2021

Thoroughly enjoyed the class Thankyou so much.

Amy Dejong Apr 2021

Fantastic and fun lesson! Loved it and teaching style was very clear and explained well! Thank you!

Michael Riedel Apr 2021

Very good and informative. Interesting techniques to try. Need to practice these class exercises and expand upon them. We bought the craft kit that goes with the class. A great start in the journey of watercolours for us.

Cadi McInerney Apr 2021

A really great introduction to techniques for novices - like me. Pamela was informative and went at a good pace. Well set up online with 2 camera views (face and hands/paper), so you could clearly see the techniques as Pamela discussed them.
Highly recommend this course if you've never picked up a paint brush (like me), or exploring a new medium. I also recommend buying the kit. You use all items during the class and the paper is already prepped for you.

Watercolour Painting for Absolute Beginners review by Cadi McInerney Sydney

Karen Ballard Apr 2021

Pamela is excellent. Really clear and patient and I learned heaps. I highly recommend doing this course :-)

Lauren Broide Mar 2021

Great class, great teacher! Lesson included different techniques, paints and paper to use with a cute end result.

Jane Lucas Mar 2021

Really enjoyed the session - very informative and good pace. Definitely recommend - best if you buy the kit that goes with the class.

Laura Leslie Mar 2021

Well spoken, good pace, cut out a few times which can’t be helped! Enjoyed it

Rose Graham Mar 2021

Thankyou Pamela, loved your class. I found it very informative doing the different techniques first, I learnt a lot from that.
You explained the process very well during each section.
I also liked the water pencil techniques that you did and I can see that they would be an asset to water colour painting. I will get some in the future.
Cheers Rose

Painting workshop review by Rose Graham

Lily Youl Mar 2021

Pamela was a very patient teacher for beginners. It was great how Pamela taught us techniques in a clear demonstration that was easy to grasp and follow. Would like to do more classes with Pamela! Was a little worried about joining but really enjoyed the 2 hrs.

Flora-Joan Rotterdam Mar 2021

I really enjoyed this class and the teacher Pamela was great, easy to follow instructions.

Jennifer Farrelly Mar 2021

Was well presented but was a bit rushed towards the end of the class. But I enjoyed it and will be practicing until I can perfect my peony. Thanks Pam

Stacey Parker Mar 2021

Pamela gave some really helpful advice to get us started. We were able to try several techniques in a short time frame and then apply them to painting a flower. I'll be looking to do some more of her classes as it was very enjoyable.

Watercolour Painting for Absolute Beginners review by Stacey Parker

Jennifer Feinstein Mar 2021

Learned a lot and appreciated how positive Pamela is! It really helped with starting something new. Thanks :)

Natalie Hsu Feb 2021

I really enjoy the class. Learn the techniques in details and fun. Thank you Pamela.

Wendy Charnell Feb 2021

Very interesting, informative and FUN and the materials supplied were excellent.
I found it very easy to follow the instructions.

Watercolour Painting for Absolute Beginners review by Wendy Charnell

Anonymized Customer Feb 2021

What an excellent beginners class. Great teacher. We explored different techniques and finished up with a piece of art work. I would definitely recommend this class

Painting workshop review by Anonymized Customer Sydney

Sarah Boyd Feb 2021

Pamela is very friendly and professional, and teaches an impressively comprehensive class. She doesn’t assume any particular prior knowledge, and is very approachable for any questions.

Watercolour Painting for Absolute Beginners review by Sarah Boyd

Pavithra Krishna Feb 2021

Clear and easy to follow instructions- good overview of basic techniques. Good quality materials were sent.

Painting workshop review by Pavithra Krishna

Elena Shankland Feb 2021

it was a very enjoyable class. Pamela is a very good teacher.
Some people didn't mute their mic at the beginning of the class so we couldn't hear properly at times.
also it was a team bonding experience for us.

Sarah Till Feb 2021

Thanks for the enjoyable course. I really learnt a lot in a short space of time!

Rebecca Wilkinson Jan 2021

The teacher was very knowledgeable about her subject and worked well with the livestream. She kept a reasonable pace for learning and allowed time for any questions. The box was well put together and contained 95% of what was needed (and 100%of what needed to be bought). Technical delays were due to user lack of familiarity with Zoom not the teacher's issues. The camera was angled perferctly so you could see her paints, paper and hands and learn what she was doing. Would highly recommend to an absolute beginner or relative beginner and I will try another course now. I love my peony painting and can't believe I achieved this from 1 lesson.

Painting workshop review by Rebecca Wilkinson Sydney

Ben Johnston Jan 2021

Pamela was patient , knowledgeable and very helpful. Good product knowledge and provided good learning examples

Tina McKirdy Jan 2021

I really enjoyed the class. I’m looking forward to experimenting with the techniques. The teacher was excellent

Melissa Sutton Jan 2021

Had fun, learnt good skills to experiment on my own with watercolours. Many creative techniques demonstrated during this class.

Rochelle Pownall Jan 2021

Such a fabulous intro class Good pace, lovely teacher and really enjoyed learning the basics and principles so I can go and practise now myself! Thank you Pamela

Rebecca Boreham Jan 2021

Well timed class with a good balance between technique and a project. I enjoyed it immensely.

Ali Elder Jan 2021

It was great. Perfectly pitched for beginners and a good pace as well. Techniques were well explained and easy.

Claudia Zines Jan 2021

This was so much fun experimenting with different watercolour techniques. The materials provided were great. Most enjoyable!

Dorota Krason Dec 2020

Pamela did an excellent job leading the class on the fundamentals of watercolors. She explained the importance of using high quality watercolor paper (heavy weight paper with glycerin coating to slow water absorption), how to identify a good paint brush (bristles that return to true after bending) and the difference in cost/quality of water color paints.

She also demonstrated various techniques such as wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry, watercolor mechanics, masking with wax, texturing with salt as well as others. Her camera set up gave us a bird eye view of her canvas, and she clearly explain what she was doing. It was very easy to follow along and practice.

Overall I’m very happy with the class and it greatly exceeded my previous experience self learning watercolor.

Watercolour Painting for Absolute Beginners review by Dorota Krason

Charlotte Sangster Dec 2020

I really enjoyed this class! It has inspired me to keep going and learn much more about watercolour painting! Thank you :)

Luke Lloyd Nov 2020

Course was easy and great fun! It helped me come up with a few ideas with my watercolour paints.

Laura Soutter Nov 2020

Great class for a total beginner to learn a few techniques and finish up painting a peony that looks pretty decent

Watercolour Painting for Absolute Beginners review by Laura Soutter

Claire Cooke Nov 2020

This class was lots of fun. I enjoyed learning the techniques in detail before creating an art work. Pamela is warm and welcoming!

Watercolour Painting for Absolute Beginners review by Claire Cooke

Linna Abdi Nov 2020

Amazing lesson! Loved the step by step instructions and tips provided to get the best out of watercolour painting.

Watercolour Painting for Absolute Beginners review by Linna Abdi

Nicole Muller Nov 2020

Very absorbing. Made me want to play around with watercolour more. Pamela a lovely patient teacher.

Norm Rodgers Nov 2020

Was a great class! Pamela was great ! It was a fast pace but I think that what was so good about it as you didn’t overthink! Will recommend to friends as a great introduction to water colours! i will definitely book in again can’t believe that I actually painted a flower and it looked really good Thankyou

Watercolour Painting for Absolute Beginners review by Norm Rodgers

Hermione Inskip Nov 2020

Yet again, had a great time. Pamela was very knowledgeable, easy to follow, and very helpful.

Painting workshop review by Hermione Inskip

Maryam Ghadiri Nov 2020

Was reallyfun and pomella was very knowledgeable and well organised.
I learned alot and recommend it

Judie Burke Oct 2020

Thoroughly enjoyed today’s lesson. Pamela was great and I got a lot out of it. Look forward to putting some theory into practice. Could have easily gone another hour!

Jamie-Lee Emmett Oct 2020

Was such a beautiful class that was well executed. We learned so much and are excited to continue our journey with watercolour painting. Highly recommend this class for individuals and for team building

Painting workshop review by Jamie-Lee Emmett

Jamie-Lee Emmett Oct 2020

Amazing class - so involved and well paced, Pamela brought everyone along on the journey and we all had something decent to show at the end! Really enjoyed this class

Nick Zhu Oct 2020

Great fun, very interactive and relaxing at the same time. Thanks again for the class!

Daniel Bloom Oct 2020

From making the booking to enjoying the online class, everything was so enjoyable. Pamela was amazing and her class was so fun!
We had packages that had to go out to people and it was taken care of by ClassBento, I will 100% be looking at using their service again.

Julisa Edwards Oct 2020

It was a good class and she had lots of great tips and information, but it felt rushed and the pace made me a bit anxious.

Claire Dunn Oct 2020

Loved it, especially doing the watercolour paintings of flowers at the end. Thankyou so much.

Claire Dunn Oct 2020

Loved it, especially doing the watercolour paintings of flowers at the end. Thankyou so much.

Albert Wang Oct 2020

Pamela ran an awesome session on Watercolour Painting! I couldn't help but feel like the stuff I tried really looked like what she was doing but it was great learning about the theory of what we were trying to do and then applying it. Great fun.

Painting workshop review by Albert Wang

Francine Schaepper Oct 2020

Great class filled with lots of tips! I definitely have a lot to work on now and a new found appreciation for watercolors!

Alison Blazey Oct 2020

This was a perfect intro to watercolours, with a mix of theory and simple practical exercises to learn some basic techniques. The 2hr timeframe and zoom platform worked well. I’d highly recommend Pamela’s class

Lucy McAuliffe Sep 2020

I enjoyed experimenting with water and pigment, and learning a new skill during the current Melbourne lockdown.

Watercolour Painting for Absolute Beginners review by Lucy McAuliffe

Louise Miller Sep 2020

Excellent content and techniques covered for total beginners. Pamela was a great trainer and we were able to see the techniques well over Zoom.

Fiona Donald Sep 2020

Very interesting and informative. Pamela had just the right balance of informal and instructive manners.

Katherine Dendtler Sep 2020

Fun class with lots of good tips and techniques.
Would have liked to learn more about brush strokes and different brushes.

Katherine Kulakowski Sep 2020

Great introduction to watercolours. Pamela showed us lots of techniques we can build on. Including a painting of flowers to finish off.

Deb McCormick Sep 2020

This was a great class! The pace was perfect and the instructor was patient and knowledgeable. Thanks!

Dewald Abrie Sep 2020

We learned some interesting techniques and got some good information on where to start. Really enjoyed the class!

Meaghan Baker Sep 2020

Pamela was very kind and helpful. Demonstrations were clear and the materials arrived very quickly! A lovely way to spend a Saturday morning ☺️

Lianne Yearbury Sep 2020

Good to learn all the different techniques and to complete a subject at the end.

Loren Smith Sep 2020

Good run through basic techniques. Teacher was helpful and nice. Would definitely recommend to beginners!

Amy Webber Sep 2020

Pam gave heaps of helpful tips and was very entertaining. Very happy with the way my work turned out.

Lynne Sep 2020

Easy to understand and keep up with the lesson. Learning the basics for different techniques was very helpful.

Lisa Turley Sep 2020

Pamela gave really clear, easy-to-follow instructions and good demonstrations of all of the techniques in this class, plus a great rundown of materials both in the kit and that we might like to try in the future. Thanks for an enjoyable session! I particularly liked the cherry tree and the explanation of how to do background gradients.

Watercolour Painting for Absolute Beginners review by Lisa Turley

Jacqueline Scarlett Sep 2020

A very enjoyable class! It was perfect for absolute beginners, as we learnt basic techniques but still produced a finished artwork at the end I’m keen to keep playing with my new skills!

Painting workshop review by Jacqueline Scarlett

Zoe Perrington Sep 2020

A fun and informative intro to water colours. I learnt some techniques that I can continue to play with. Thanks!

Watercolour Painting for Absolute Beginners review by Zoe Perrington

Tasha Florence Sep 2020

Really enjoyed this class! Learnt lots of new skills A great introduction to the art of watercolour painting!

Watercolour Painting for Absolute Beginners review by Tasha Florence

Adele Llewellyn Sep 2020

Great class and very practical. We really liked Pamela's approach - she was down to earth and very knowledgeable. The class covered everything from tools to basic techniques. It was really good for beginners like us

Catriona McNeil Sep 2020

This was a great beginners class. Fantastic to have the materials provided too. I will be signing up for more.

Rachel Griffith Sep 2020

The class was wonderful. Very relaxing and engaging. I had attended a class of pamelas before which is why i chose her to run a class for our Carers group.

Painting workshop review by Rachel Griffith

Sean Flegeltaub Sep 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed Pamela's class today. Though it was held virtually, it was well planned in advance. I received the water colour painting kit weeks beforehand and was given things to prepare before the class.

Pamela shared great tips for beginners and I'm excited to continue to learning how to colour paint. Thank you for a great experience.

Barbara Li Sep 2020

I had so much fun with the class. Kept practising after the class had finished and signed up for another one by Pamela. Definitely give it a go.

Shaw Group Sep 2020

Pamela was a fantastic teacher for this class, carefully demonstrating various methods of painting, and the tyles of supplies that are available. It was the perfect class for an absolute beginner, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I learnt in this 2 hour session. Highly recommended! Thanks Pamela.

Jennifer Barrett Aug 2020

I really enjoyed this class. I learned some fundamental techniques that I can use to keep playing with watercolours

Sarah Redmond Aug 2020

Pamela was really easy to follow and very friendly, we ended up with artwork we were very proud of!

Sarah Redmond Aug 2020

So easy to follow and great fun. Pamela was so supportive and made it a great evening.

Karen Paton Aug 2020

A great introduction to watercolour for someone who hasn’t attended any art classes since they were in year 9!

Kathryn Mackay Aug 2020

A really great intro, covering lots of techniques and info about paints and paper. Really fun!

Anne Meene Aug 2020

This class was a fantastic introduction to water colour painting. I really enjoyed experimenting with different techniques. The teacher moved at a good pace - not too fast, not too slow. A great way to spend time in lockdown.

Freya Ries Aug 2020

Great class to learn basic techniques, looking forward to putting them to practice! Thanks so much Pamela. :)

Elizabeth Varley Aug 2020

Pamela was very knowledgeable and did a great job teaching this class online. I look forward to doing another one soon.

Kate Shaw Aug 2020

Lovely class thank you
I learned a lot about Watercolour painting.
The kit was great too.

Sarah Capes Aug 2020

Very well run class with so much useful information and tips for those wanting to explore watercolour. Would highly recommend and would take more of Pamela's classes.

Tracey Stapleton Aug 2020

Thank you Pamela. As an absolute beginner the class introduced a number of techniques with clear and easy to follow instructions.

Watercolour Painting for Absolute Beginners review by Tracey Stapleton

Michelle Lynch Aug 2020

This was a great class this morning , thankyou
Really appreciated learning the fundamentals with Pam

Ann Lovell Jul 2020

We enjoyed the lesson. Instructions were clear and our teacher showed us each technique in a clear manner. We were pleased with the structure of the class. Good balance between demonstration and practice of the techniques. Would recommend the class.

Cherie Wolfe Jul 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this class! I cant wait to puddle around some more. Thanks for reminding us thst it is the enjoyment gained, not the end product that is so important. Life is quiet now for 70+ so will fill my days. Thankyou!

Fran Cane Jul 2020

Thank you Pamela, very enjoyable class. Learnt alot in short period of time. Looking forward to playing more and letting go

Watercolour Painting for Absolute Beginners review by Fran Cane

Lydia Moore Jul 2020

Pamela was a great and very patient teacher, we tried our hand at a few different techniques, had fun and learned lots!

Bridgette Sulicich Jul 2020

Such a great class with Pamela, it was so easy to follow along and I’m so happy with my final peonie. We had a lot of fun and would definitely do a class with her again.

Watercolour Painting for Absolute Beginners review by Bridgette Sulicich

Kate Letheren Jul 2020

Had a lovely class with Pamela. We learned a range of techniques that I’ll be able to use again. Everything ran smoothly, not too rushed. Pamela has two cameras set up so one was focused on her workspace while she spoke into this other camera. This was really effective and meant I didn’t miss anything.

Rini Ismail Jul 2020

Pamela is a wonderful instructor. She gave great tips on equipment and paper required and recommended supplier. She taught various watercolour techniques in that short span of time.

Watercolour Painting for Absolute Beginners review by Rini Ismail Sydney

Jennifer Warr Jul 2020

Thanks so much! Loads of useful tips, great pace and lovely class. Great value and pace!

Ebony Wilson Jun 2020

Fantastic class, the team really enjoyed. Thanks again to Pamela for a wonderful introduction to watercolour.

Susan Sherratt Jun 2020

Pamela gave great instruction and this class was a good introduction to the art of watercolour painting. Would recommend to anyone wanting to give it a try.

Gillian Hansen Jun 2020

Very enjoyable class. A good intro to a new hobby. Lovely teacher with clear explanations.

Nicky Jurd Jun 2020

This was a fantastic introduction to watercolour. We learnt a bunch of different techniques as well as what to look for when buying supplies like paper and paints. We all painted a flower, and Pamela was able to give us individual advice through as well. A solid interactive class.

Watercolour Painting for Absolute Beginners review by Nicky Jurd

Jen Jamieson Jun 2020

a really well planned class
lots of positivity I would love to do another class with Pamela

Stephanie Hawkins May 2020

Great fun, good skills learnt, speed of teaching perfect. Very fun and enjoyable - highly recommend for beginners to get a taste!

Painting workshop review by Stephanie Hawkins Sydney

Fiona Stasiukynas May 2020

It was a great class. I liked trying all the different techniques on the sample board. It will be my reference now. Pamela’s overview of the basics and instructions for applying the paint were clear and her enthusiasm for watercolour was inspiring. I believe my skills will grow - as I practise :)

Marina Buscaino May 2020

I was a total watercolour painting beginner and this class was a lot of fun. Pamela was clear and her introduction to different methods of painting was great.

Painting workshop review by Marina Buscaino Sydney

Nikki Mercer May 2020

Loved this course! Pamela was really easy to follow and the materials were great. I would have liked an extra hour

Alexandra Cass May 2020

Loved the class. Would definitely do it again for some more advanced lessons as I get better!

Michelle Finucane May 2020

Great beginners class taking you through materials and various techniques. We painted a lovely rose and peony at the end applying some of the techniques learned.

Painting workshop review by Michelle Finucane

Patrina Caldwell May 2020

Really enjoyable. Learnt lots of watercolour techniques. It was nice ending on painting a flower.

Josie White May 2020

This was a very good introduction to watercolour and very easy to follow. Thank you.

Pamela Fuda May 2020

I found this class very useful and Pam was a very good teacher. I picked some useful tips.

Yvette Haller May 2020

Great class, I really enjoyed it everything was provided and Pam is a great instructor. Good techniques to practice with now.

Lisa McNamee May 2020

It was a great class and a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Pamela was very informative and passed on some wonderful techniques. Im hooked!

Vania Chew Sep 2019

The absolute beginner's watercolour workshop was an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon. The beginning activity was a great way for us newbies to practise various watercolour techniques and begin feeling comfortable with holding a paintbrush. All art supplies were provided and a hot drink from the downstairs cafe was included in the cost as well. Pamela did a good job of demonstrating the techniques simply and effectively.

Suggestion for improvement: the taping down of papers for the beginning activity seemed to take considerable time and could be something that was prepped for students before the workshop.

India Cornish Sep 2019

This was a great class. Materials were provided which was really helpful considering we were all beginners. The teacher was friendly and knowledgeable. Great value for money. Definitely recommend.

Elizabeth Klerk Sep 2019

Very nice class, great day out learnt a lot off techniques. Pamela is a very knowledgeable teacher
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