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The Melbourne coffee culture is a vibrant and passionate industry. Are you ready to join the movement?

If you are looking for coffee training courses, Barista Course Melbourne offers the basic skills of coffee preparation and presentation. Once you are well versed in the basics, our advanced coffee art course will elevate your knowledge to the next level. Enhance your palette as we go on a journey for the perfect coffee.




Raymond Ly May 2024

Carlos was patient and great. Venue was clean and tidy. Equipment and materials were fully functional

Mia French May 2024

The teacher was really helpful and very supportive. I would definitely recommend this class to a friend.

Eleanor McCandless May 2024

Jimmy was a great teacher, he was very helpful and patient with the class. He explained everything well and went through every step and bit of info clearly. The materials were good and we had a lot of time to practice each coffee.

Maria Jose Guerrero Rojas May 2024

I love the class, Carlos explained very well, you could see his experience as a Barista.

Luis Vera May 2024

Carlos was an excellent teacher. He helpep me with personal doubt about latte art, lucky to have him.

Raul Cintero Matas Apr 2024

Great course.
Well explained and enough time to practice.
No big numbers of students so we had enough coffee machine to use

Mick O'Hagan Apr 2024

The teacher (Carlos) was great. He thoroughly explained everything and made it possible for us all to make good coffees by the end of the course. The course was good value for money too.

Alex de La Rambelje Apr 2024

I received this class as a gift, and don’t have any experience making coffee art. I had a great time learning some new skills. The instructor clearly taught the steps for creating coffee art and constantly gave pointers to everyone in the class to help everyone make progress. The activities were well sequenced and allowed me to pick up the basics fairly quickly. A very enjoyable experience!

Richard Gleeson Apr 2024

Knowledgeable and skilled teacher, venue was good, all the materials needed were provided, learnt the major coffees made in Melbourne, good value for money.

Val Wong Apr 2024

Carlos was a great teacher! He was able to provide a good overview on how to make espressos and steam milk. I loved how he tailored it's based on everyone's skill level and wants. (I.e. job vs hobby) Overall, a great class to learn the foundations.

Barista Coffee Making Course review by Val Wong - Melbourne

Elizabeth Bachmann Apr 2024

Wonderful teacher, the instructions were easy to understand and learned a lot in just a few hours. I highly recommend.

Jasmine Warner Apr 2024

Great class with lots of hands on experience + practice. Takeaway sheet is also a great reference for afterwards

Tibe van Haudenhuyse Apr 2024

I’ve learned a lot. Definitely worth it! They take their time to learn and challenge you more

Alexander Borghetti Apr 2024

Great course for learning the fundamentals of latte art. Great teacher that explained clearly the process of creating latte art. Definitely recommended!

Chun Kit Jason Kan Apr 2024

Instructor Carlos was very very patient and helpful, will definitely recommend to anyone. 5/5

Indi Blake Apr 2024

Loved learning latte art, with a friendly professional barista… would recommend to anyone working at a cafe

Simran Kaur Apr 2024

I recently attended a barista was a fantastic experience! The instructor was knowledgeable and passionate about coffee, and they did a great job of explaining each step of the process.I left feeling much more confident in my barista skills. Overall, though, I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to up their coffee game!"

Diana Vu Mar 2024

Making latte art was fun and engaging I’ve enjoyed the class! Would go again

Jina Lee Mar 2024

Teacher(Jimmi) is very kind to teaching me! I have a good time in here, and I love coffee art also!

Sujann Andradi Mar 2024

Did the basic barista course and the instructor was very good and willing to help. Good course content. Enough milk and coffee was provided for as much as coffees we ended to practice on.
Did not like the venue much. Not very clean. Can understand that it is hard to find a commercial kitchen to do the course but could be cleaner.
Did not get a handout although we were just asked to bring a pen.
But overall the class was really informative and practical!

Rafael Hernandez Mar 2024

The class is very good and Carlos is a very good teacher, patient and attentive. This course is highly commendable

Cadon Ho Mar 2024

We absolutely loved learning from Carlos. Very hands on and practical which made it incredibly fun. A great foundation taught at the start which helped make the class fly by. He was so tailored with his teaching and made sure to cater to coffee makers of all levels!

Coffee class review by Cadon Ho - Melbourne

Phillip Dolan Mar 2024

Good teacher Carlos. He knew a lot and could explain things well. If I was a better student I would have learned more!

Jennifer Sumner Mar 2024

Jimmy presented the information in a clear easily understood format and gave us a suitable amount of time to practice each skill. He was patient and worked with us individually if we were struggling with a technique. There was plenty of coffee and milk to repeat things until we felt confident.

Naomi Wo Mar 2024

We spent a good 2.5 hrs practising and Carlos was a good teacher. Had a lot of a fun

Rachel Wong Mar 2024

Easy to understand. Very supportive and understanding. I learned how to make coffee and how to operate a coffee machine.

Ivy Rose Cripps Feb 2024

Jimmy was an excellent instructor who was so patient and truly passionate about helping others. He delivered the course in such a way that was clear and I was able to learn SO MUCH. I thought I knew how to make coffees before but now that I've done the course I realised I knew almost nothing about how to make proper coffee beforehand. Highly recommend, did the morning class, it was so chill and we got to make our own coffees to drink. Just awesome. Jimmy is the goat.

Kerry Duligall Feb 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I enjoy time barista more to learn coffee so amazing I’m happy and confident too as well best my time as great

Elayne Man Feb 2024

This was such an eye-opening, fantastic class. I already did some latte art at home but I plateaued between the tulip and rosetta stage. Carlos instantly knew what I need to fix and showed me a drill to correct my side-to-side pouring. Carlos also showed us a smart method that allowed us to use the same steamed milk many times in a row, which was a great way to take his feedback and channel it into the next pour immediately. Three hours was the perfect amount of time to get comfortable with the commercial espresso machine and take our latte art to the next level with the help of an experienced barista. I went from a "barely there" rosetta to the beautiful stacked tulip thanks to Carlos!

Lady Julieth Gonzalez Romero Feb 2024

It was a very entertaining class, we learned about the theory of making all the coffee preparations and then we practiced until we achieved a good result. The teacher was very motivated and patient.

Luis Mario Murillo Romero Jan 2024

The teacher is nice and help you every time with every question you have, he has so much expierence and easy understand to the things explained you have enough material to try and do it right and itsn't expensive, I love the course I'll like to take another

April Thomason Jan 2024

Carlos was very knowledgeable and gave us each individual training based on our skills which was very helpful

Blake Andreas Valentino Jan 2024

What was the teacher like? He was kind and patient and helpful
If materials were provided, did you like them?
Coffee milk and the coffee machines and compressors were all great for the course
Was the experience good value for money?
Definitely worth it and you'll learn a lot
What did you do / learn?
Learned how to do different coffee and foams and frothing
What did you like most?
15/10 mminute breaks in-between

Cindy Davenport Jan 2024

Fantastic course with Carlos - learnt so much and was lots of fun - highly recommend this course

Bianca Pullella Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Had carlos, he was so friendly and fun to work with. He was very clear and precise on what we had to do. We had plenty of practise and so much encouragement. Lovely class

Ya-Han Hsu Jan 2024

The teacher will provide individual guidance according to everyone’s level. So nice Keep practicing!

Yuta Hirose Jan 2024

"The teacher's way of teaching was wonderful. The espresso machine was clean and powerful, and there were enough for everyone, so I was able to practice a lot. I have no complaints at all. I would like to participate in another course as well."

Globie Maligsay Jan 2024

our teacher Carlos was very informative with the different types of recipes of how to create different types of coffee and how to make a quality coffee apart from bad ones I really learnt a lot and even how to clean the coffee machine after really great class

Vu Viet Hoang Jan 2024

Teacher is very nice, friendly. Knowledges and presentation clearly, easy understand. Thank you for your teaching

Ruo Kobayashi Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I could learn how to make several sorts of coffee such as flat white, cappuccino and so on. The machine was totally different from my domesticated machine, so it was a useful and enjoyable experience!

Akane Suzuki Jan 2024

The teacher is so kind and teached us so effectively.
I've improved so much!

Judith Davies Dec 2023

The teacher was great, they helped each person there and they were very approachable so it was easy to ask the questions, I learnt specifics of how to make coffee, steaming and texturing milk.

Hae Young Ham Dec 2023

Carlos was an amazing instructor/teacher who taught students with various experiences. During the introduction time, he inquired and learned about each student's levels so that he can tailor the latte art skills for each individual. He frequently checked on everyone to make sure that they are following/practising correctly. Unfortunately, the venue, however, was having some construction going on near by (not on the same floor). There were drilling sounds which made difficult to hear everything that Carlos was saying.

Latte Art Class review by Hae Young Ham - Melbourne

Diya Gosai Dec 2023

Great class enjoyed learning how to make different types of coffee as a beginner and mentor was very supportive

Brenton Doley Dec 2023

Teacher was Excellent, really enjoyed coarse and learnt many fantastic tips. Highly recommend . Thanks again

Richard Nathaniel Myers Dec 2023

Jimmy taught eight of us in four hours, with loads of hands on and personal supervision and feedback, how to make espresso, espresso doppio, ristretto, ristretto doppio, cappuccino, café latte, long black, short and long macchiato, and a flat white. By the end we were a well-oiled machine. Learned tonnes, grew in confidence and had a good time!

Andrew Kitis Dec 2023

We had an awesome time thanks to Jimmy who was really fun and engaging. Jimmy helped our group learn about the foundations of latte art and provided excellent instruction on how we could all start to learn the craft. Thanks Jimmy!

Naomi Garcia Dec 2023

Carlos was amazing Super patient and understanding and knows his stuff well Thank you very much

Coffee class review by Naomi Garcia - Melbourne

Lena Kluth Dec 2023

Great course! With fantastic guidance when making latte art. No question that I wouldn't have learnt as quickly without the excellent teaching :))

Coffee class review by Lena Kluth - Melbourne

Edward Li Nov 2023

Jimmy was very helpful and patient with us. I had a lot of chances to practice and enjoyed the course.

Thaveesha Weerasinghe Basnayake Nov 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher was really helpful and gave us constructive feedback when asked for. They explained from the basics making it so much easier to learn and gave us plenty of time to practise.

Zen Kahlert Nov 2023

Carlos is a great teacher. Very patient and encouraging with late art and motivational to keep going.

Emilie Chelle Nov 2023

Teacher was really nice and really patient! He had lots of skills and provided lots of good tips to be successful

Elena Skinner Nov 2023

Hi All
Teacher Carlos from Argentina was great and very approachable he know his craft
Imparting his knowledge well on latte art and very patient.
Workplace is clean and tidy as well as toilet.Surely would come back again for another course.
To teacher Carlos thank you
Classbento thank you


Sophie Mengelkamp Oct 2023

Carlos was very informative and helpful. He knew how to help each student no matter where they were on their lattè art journey.

The venue had enough machines for everyone and didn't feel crowded. Materials provided were appropriate. The experiece was good value for money.

In the course, Carlos goes through a quick PowerPoint presentation of the 4 different types of lattè art pours - Heart, Tulip, Rosetta & Swan. Afterwards we jump right in. Since I knew how to do a heart and tulip already, Carlos worked closely with me to perfect the Rosetta and then eventually the Swan. It was rewarding to see what I could do.

What I enjoyed the most was being able to take photos of my progress throughout the course to see what I could accomplish in 3 hours.

Angelo Infantino Oct 2023

Carlos was great, very thorough and super patient… I’d do the course again just to experience it all for a second time. Thank you and I will be recommending the course…

Coffee class review by Angelo Infantino - Melbourne

Bahar Altun Oct 2023

Coffee art class makes everything so easily. Carlo’s teaching and techniques are so clearly. Thanks a lot.

Jenny Khow Oct 2023

Great class for beginners. I had no experience in coffee making at all but by the end, I gained knowledge and was able to make a few espresso drinks such as a latte, cappuccino, Macchiato, long black and many more drinks. Our teacher Carols was great. He began with some theory, explaining the different types of coffee and their milk to cream ratio. We learnt about the extraction process. After theory we extracted coffee and learnt to how to froth milk. It was difficult at the start, but by the end you really get the hang of it plus Carols was also there to help out and assist. We got to make plenty go coffees. Also make sure to bring your own notebook, because even though they give you a little sheet, with the types of espresso drinks, you also learn about the beans, froth styles, so I wish a had brought a notebook for that. Overall great experience and I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to gain some basic barista skills.

Leah Rees Oct 2023

Absolutely loved my class! My teacher was Jimmy who was amazingly knowledgeable and friendly. I asked a really dumb question at one point, realising as soon as I’d asked it, but he just smiled and answered anyway. My classmates were all lovely, everyone was quiet at first but by the end we were well used to each other and had been chatting and laughing most of the morning. Content was full on but fantastic! I’m off to buy a good coffee machine this week to start practicing straight away. The venue was great - I love that it was right in the middle of the city as I’m on holiday from Perth so I then had the afternoon to eat, shop, and get my hair done. Great value course, I highly recommend! The only suggestion have is that aprons being provided would have been good. I assumed they would be as the course says all you need to take is a pen and that everything else is provided. I, somewhat stupidly I admit, wore a white floral top so had to be super careful. So take an apron or a change of clothes if you’ you’re planning to be in the city afterwards too. Other than that, this course was fabulous! Loved it!

Coffee class review by Leah Rees - Melbourne

Angela Dorrian Oct 2023

Great fun very helpful informative small class Carlos really helped at all times today, enjoyed

Hyemin Moon Oct 2023

I had a Coffee making course with Jimmy this morning, and I loved it so I ended up with joining the Coffee art class in the afternoon as well.
The class was very well-organized, easy and fun.
Jimmy was very enthusiastic, patient and helpful.
He always tried to pay attention to every students and I was able to see that he genuinely wanted to give us as much information as he can in a limited time.

I had a really fun time, I even feel like I could work at a cafe right away lol
Thanks so much for this experience! I highly recommend this program to everyone ☺️

Barista Coffee Making Course review by Hyemin Moon - Melbourne

Kim Sep 2023

Jimmy is a nice and passionate instructor ever! He gave us as much effort as he could individually. Cheers jimmy

Sherree Hughes Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Carlos was great. So encouraging and started the lesson off with simple key points that were fundamental to success. Highly recommend a lesson with Carlos.

Jacky Liang Sep 2023

Marlco is great, taught me lots of details of making latte fine art, and how to steam milk with proper cream

Vian Wing Yan Chow Sep 2023

Teacher is very nice and helped us a lot during the class. I would definitely Recommend it.

Tili Chi Sep 2023

It was a really practical class and very helpful especially for me as a beginner just into coffee. Our teacher is really skilled in latte art and very passionate with us. No matter which level you are always teaching us step by step ! It was a great experience about coffee! Highly recommend for people who wanna learn latte art

Coffee class review by Tili Chi - Melbourne

Celine Monica Lumena Sep 2023

Amazing experience! Carlos gave a really clear instruction and a lot of tips and tricks for us

Lakshmi Dewalagama Aug 2023

Teacher was great and we learnt a lot from the class. Everything needed was provided.

Louis Carvalho Aug 2023

Carlos was fun, knowledgeable, extremely helpful and an all around great guy. Thanks so much Carlos for a great session

Julia Comelli Aug 2023

Class was super engaging, had lots of time to practice and the teacher was very nice

Vivian Aug 2023

The instructor was very patient, really professional at what he does.

Although me and my partner didn’t learn making coffee, he was able to teach us quickly how to make coffee and then latte art as well.

It was such a great class.

Latte Art Class review by Vivian - Melbourne

Robyn Mortimer Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Jimmy first explained the timing of the afternoon's activities, the different styles of latte art and then we gathered around the long table beside the enormous commercial machines.
He guided us as a group then individually through each step and was always ready to provide more support as needed. We had plenty of encouragement, milk, beans and time to practise and I totally recommend Jimmy and this course.
I attended to develop some latte art skills as a home barista. I definitely achieved that including my frothing technqiue and more.

Yui Mukainaka Aug 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I was able to practice a lot in a small class. Class is very easy to understand and you have plenty of time to practice.

Nanditha Balu Aug 2023

Carlos was a great teacher. Enjoyed the experience of
Making different kinds of coffees each time.

Carolyn Garlick Jul 2023

Carlos was very methodical in his teaching the method for latte art and was very helpful and patient as we tried over and over again. I have a home- style coffee machine and this class was a gift.

Axell Pineda Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I recently took the barista class and it was an absolute delight! The hands-on experience, clear explanations, and personalised attention from the instructor made it truly exceptional. I now feel confident in my ability to make barista-level coffee. My only regret is not taking this course sooner. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in becoming a skilled barista. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

Jisu Park Jul 2023

Jimmy is very nice teacher. He taught me the cause of my poor latte art in detail and help to fix it

Teacher's response

Hi Jisu,

Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to hear that you enjoyed your latte art course with our trainer Jimmy. We will pass on your kind words to Jimmy. All the best :)

Owais Rashid Jul 2023

It was awesome everything I learned was in detail about making different coffees which was absolutely amazing. I truely loved it and i really appreciate Jimmy’s contribution for developing my new skill as a barista.

Teacher's response

Hi Owais,
Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to hear that you enjoyed your Coffee Course with our trainer Jimmy. We will pass on your kind words to Jimmy. All the best :)

Yal Shugumar Jul 2023

Carlos was our teacher and he was very patient and explained each step really well

Teacher's response

Hi Yal,
Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to hear that you enjoyed your Coffee Making and Latte Art Course with our trainer Carlos. We will pass on your kind words to Jimmy. All the best :)

Louise Howland Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Late start and early finish at 8:30 meant very very busy and a break would have been appreciated to go to the loo grab a water, however kind and helpful teacher, just so a bit too flat out. I need to learn more slowly.

Teacher's response

Hi Louise,
Thank you for your feedback. We surely look into your suggestion and make the necessary changes to improve our course delivery. Best wishes:)

Allison Brown Jul 2023

Had the most amazing day learning about everything coffee - the correct techniques for making excellent coffee, how to use the modern coffee machines and how to make a variety of different coffees. Carlos was encouraging and positive, and was able to share his knowledge and experience in a fun environment.

Teacher's response

Hi Allison,

Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to hear that you enjoyed your Coffee Making Course and understand the techniques with our trainer Carlos. We will pass on your kind words to Jimmy. All the best :)

Calvin Yeung Jul 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Teacher is engaging and amazing to learn from. Very fun class with plenty of practicing opportunities, fun time !

Coffee class review by Calvin Yeung - Melbourne

Michelle Huynh Jun 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Thank you Carlos for making the class time and experience so much fun. I am the slowest learner but are so pleased that I have taken the steps to improvement. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys pretty cup of coffee.

Chanannatee Sukbua May 2023

The teacher is so calm and teaching me lots of techniques to pour better latte art

Lillian Tapscott May 2023

very good course. Great equipptment and plenty to use. didn't feel unsafe or rushed.

Coffee class review by Lillian Tapscott - Melbourne

Nemanja Miletic May 2023

Great teacher with a lot of patience, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, professionally organized, highly recommended

Coffee class review by Nemanja Miletic - Melbourne

Jakkrit Kiatpattanachai May 2023

Teacher was really good, full with knowledge and what I loved about this class was not only he showed how to make correctly but also showing mistakes that might happened if we did something wrong.

Barista Coffee Making Course review by Jakkrit Kiatpattanachai - Melbourne

Kavany Cheung Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Teacher is amazing, it is more than what I expected! I am going to take the Art class as well.

Coffee class review by Kavany Cheung - Melbourne

Bing Lee Apr 2023

Excellent course for beginner and great and patient teacher. I am happy with what achieved in 3 hours!

Latte Art Class review by Bing Lee - Melbourne

Marianne Schneider Apr 2023

Nice teacher, good materials and appliances to learn. A nice all rounder class for beginners.

Sebrina Ng Mar 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

The trainer is very friendly and he shared his knowledge with us. He answered every question. We enjoyed his class.

Yin Li Mar 2023

The lesson is great for a beginner, teacher was attentive and patient , a lot of practice, it was a great experience.

Penny Gao Mar 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

It was really nice. Learned the basic and skills for how to make different coffee

Sunil Radia Mar 2023

Had a great time … thank you
Teachers we very good and patient.
Would highly recommend

Daniel Ryan Mar 2023

Carlos was very patient and passionate about the topic. Very encouraging and helpful which helped me feel more confident

Jacqueline Lacey Dec 2022

The Teacher Lucy was very good ! The course had everything needed including
Great content and a skilled teacher

Felipe Carrasco Nov 2022

The teacher was awesome and made the class a really fun experience! There were a few faulty appliances but overall the materials were great and we effectively learned to brew coffee (steaming the milk is always the hardest part).

Warren Pinto Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The session had five students, which was great! A nice environment to learn, and a lot of focus on practice. I loved the constant hands-on focus of the class.

Wan-Ling Kuo Nov 2022

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Jimmy has great latte art skills to share to students, thank you for your assistance and skill sharing

Damien Lam Nov 2022

Lucy was patient and a great teacher. She even showed us some great milk steaming techniques

Hillary Nguyen Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Nice and educational, however the class felt a bit rushed and hectic. Learned the basics of coffee making.

Coffee class review by Hillary Nguyen - Melbourne

Umut Ilkyaz Nov 2022

That was a good course. We did espresso based coffees like longblack, flat white, latte, cappucino, macchiato.

Marie-Eve Arcand Oct 2022

Good course! A great teacher, she was very helpful and lots of hands on practice !

Kelly Tang Oct 2022

Jimmy was so accommodating and encouraging. He was realistic about expectations and results. He educated on techniques to help establish foundations to build on and improve latte art skills.

Coffee class review by Kelly Tang - Melbourne

Briyidt Romero Oct 2022

I learned a lot and the teacher was very clear and friendly. Today it was my first day doing coffee and it was great I’m very happy.

Raja Abnahmed Oct 2022

I am really enjoying this class and Jemy was very helpful. I will do this experience agin.

Latte Art Class review by Raja Abnahmed - Melbourne

Luke Harrison Oct 2022

Encouraging and challenging teacher. Very knowledgeable and willing to assist with questions. This was a very educational experience.

Paulina Sanchez Oct 2022

Excellent course, in just 4 hours you will learn everything that you need to make good coffee :) and our teacher Melody was excellent

Francisca Gajardo Oct 2022

Great course A lot of practices! And very good teacher, highly recommended course if you want to work in a cafe

Mukrawee Rattanawaree Oct 2022

I attained the class today. I was so impressed. My latte art is improved. Thank you.

Coffee class review by Mukrawee Rattanawaree - Melbourne

Francis Madrono Oct 2022

What a lovely experience and Angie is soooo good, experienced, funny and easy to talk to. Well done and thank you Angie.

Lisa Edmonds Sep 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The teaching was good but he wasn’t set up ready to start on time, aprons would have been great either provided or recommended to bring your own , and more cleaning cloths would have been good.

Teacher's response

Hi Lisa, your feedback is important to us. Thank you for taking the time to review us. We will take this up with the team and implement changes

Leung Rachel Sep 2022

The teacher is good Jimmy is good at pointing the mistakes that we made. And he is very encouraging for the student.
But the coffee machine that I used for practice which is damaged ~ hope you guys will fix it!

Latte Art Class review by Leung Rachel - Melbourne

Simon Tjong Sep 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

A fun and interactive class, the teacher was extremely helpful and patient when conveying pouring techniques in addition to guiding students to the perfect latte art!

Dawn Pyne Sep 2022

It was great full on abit like spread dial learnt a lot would of liked to of had a break in between to of reset before pouring

Coffee class review by Dawn Pyne - Melbourne

Dagny Hulssen Aug 2022

Calm and clear in his methods
Professional and very eager to help all students succeed.

Bernadine Bradshaw Aug 2022

Melodie did a great job teaching us how to make the perfect coffee, I would highly recommend this course! The central location was easy to find and the course room was well equipped, this was tuition that gave great value for money.

Sharlene Baldock Aug 2022

Teacher was great explained scenarios well worked with a group well venue was okay material and appliances good order. I am new to the hospitality industry very unsure how to make a cuppa and now I have an understanding, knowledge and how to operate and clean a machine. Now I know why coffee’s sometimes taste burnt.

Rishi Mirani Aug 2022

Teacher was great straight to the point and great take away, his insider knowledge made a big difference

Andrew Holmes Aug 2022

Melodie was a great teacher! Great information and skill building exercises.
Would highly recommend to friends.

Suji Lee Jul 2022

The class was really helpful. Teacher taught us passionately and I got to know why I'm not good at latte art. And Jimmy help me to skill up:) I really want to take a class again in the future

Cody Tsai Jul 2022

The Teacher was very friendly and helpful. Overall, I think this course is very worth

Tessa Baynard-Smith Jul 2022

Teacher taught well with professionalism and excellent understanding of the content (could tell he knew exactly what he was doing!)

Xiang Lau Jul 2022

Melodie was wonderful. She makes the class fly by so fast. Had an amazing experience, wonderful pace and equipments. 100% recommend to everyone!

Mrs Moore Jun 2022

Teacher was very informative and patient with me.
Good overall review of subject matter and then good practical component.

Phinphapada Boonthampiphat Jun 2022

My teacher is friendly and kind.The equipment and coffee machine is good and enough for study. Classmate is not too many. That’s good.

Coffee class review by Phinphapada Boonthampiphat - Melbourne

Saras Mane Jun 2022

Angie was an excellent teacher. The course was a lot of fun and it was great to see a big improvement in our art skills.

Christian Magias Jun 2022

Angie was a fantastic teacher, we all learnt so much and had a blast!

Great team-building exercise

Zhenwen Liu Jun 2022

I Love it , learned a lot of stuff, really appreciate it. Beast barista teacher ever.

Kelly Birt Jun 2022

It was good with lots of opportunity to practice and we got help from the teacher.

Zeeshan Shaikh Jun 2022

Angie was super passionate and really made the class enjoyable.
She gave us great feedback the whole way through and answered any questions we had. Great experience, 10/10

Adam Griffiths Jun 2022

Melodie was great, and for someone who learns as they do (watching a slideshow does nothing) she was the perfect teacher.

Victoria Clancy Jun 2022

Our teacher was lovely, she paid attention to each student and gave helpful tips to improve at every go we gave it. It was a very encouraging classroom environment.

Coffee class review by Victoria Clancy - Melbourne

Adrian Fernando May 2022

Learnt so much and had so much fun. Can’t believe I went from making milk blobs to a semi decent looking swan in 3 hours!

Such great instruction, informative, patient, encouraging and fun.

Coffee class review by Adrian Fernando - Melbourne

Rakshith Bettegowda May 2022

We had the worst experience ever. I’m going to explain it on google maps as well.
in-spite of reaching out so many times, we still haven’t received our certificates and there is no accountability nor time for these people to pick up the call or reply to our messages.

Anna Talacko May 2022

The teacher was excellent and we all received individual help. There was plenty of time to practice our new skills!

Ebony Weibgen May 2022

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 7 reviews

Angie was an amazing teacher Very thorough class with lots of guided practice and plenty of feedback, great value for money and very hands on!
My brother and I did the class together and we learnt so much, we will definitely be recommending

Barista Coffee Making Course review by Ebony Weibgen - Melbourne

Tiffany Kumnick-Diaz Apr 2022

Had such a wonderful time. Our teacher was fabulous and made it a great experience. Highly recommended!

Tina Masiero Apr 2022

Fantastic venue, class size and teacher.
Thoroughly enjoyed our session and learnt a lot of artwork which we
are putting into practice at our cafe-to the pleasant surprise of our customers!

Amanda Eagles Apr 2022

Teacher was good with explanations
Course was very informative
Learnt a lot
Would recommend
Thank you

Matías Villarroel Apr 2022

Angie was an amazing teacher, she has a very nice energy and was very motivated in the course, also she has a lot of patience with me :), because English is not my native language.

I am very glad for took this course, I strongly recommend it

Pablo Velez Apr 2022

Had a great time learning about coffee with plenty of time with hands on practicing.
Brad was very helpful and knows his stuff.

Bryan Tai Apr 2022

Awesome teacher, very knowledgeable and plenty of time for practise with individual feedback for each student

Nicole Smith-Walker Apr 2022

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 9 reviews

I had Jimmy, fantastic teacher! Very patient!
Lot's of opportunity to practice, highly recommend!

Latte Art Class review by Nicole Smith-Walker - Melbourne

Elena Skinner Apr 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Was here today for barista coffee making ,teacher Jimmy really good on this subject especially in actual demonstrations,very interesting.

Nicole Smith-Walker Apr 2022

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 9 reviews

Thank you Jimmy for the great class today! Jimmy is super knowledgeable, encouraging and he gave us lot’s of opportunities to practice and fix our mistakes. Great day!

Holly Chan Apr 2022

Very clear on the instructions and very helpful techniques. Nice and joyful class. Would highly recommended for friends

Kerrie Hall Mar 2022

Angie is fantastic at her job. Very friendly and very knowledgeable. Always happy to offer help where needed. Materials and equipment were readily available and in great condition. No faults here.

Barista Coffee Making Course review by Kerrie Hall - Melbourne

Alexandra Turner Mar 2022

The course was great, really hands on in depth learning and the instructor Alki is an absolute wealth of knowledge. Fantastic value for money, I learned so much more than I expected

Penny Dorgan Mar 2022

The Teacher was A+ for patience, validation and experience. More than enough opportunity was given to perform the task of coffee art. A clear concise breakdown of steps needed to perfect coffee art. The venue is wheelchair accessible and parking was close by.

Latte Art Class review by Penny Dorgan - Melbourne

Justin Yuan Mar 2022

Angie was an amazing and passionate teacher! 100% would recommend to have these coffee classes with her!

Yasenur Dincer Feb 2022

Teacher Angie was amazing and clear in instructions! she was playful and it was easy to follow and learn.

Emily Gardiner Feb 2022

Good value for money. Angie was lovely. There was lots of time to practise what we were taught.

Kimberly Kam Feb 2022

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn about coffee making with a commercial machine. Angie is very experienced, before starting the class she asked the students our purpose or what we want to get out of the class, and tailored the rest of the session to suit that. We also learned about barista etiquette, how to clean the machines, insights relevant to the Melbourne coffee scene and more.

Barista Coffee Making Course review by Kimberly Kam - Melbourne

Megan Bunce Feb 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Jimmy was great. He was very thorough and allowed us to try different patterns! The resources were all given to us and there was no cap on how many times we could try.

Latte Art Class review by Megan Bunce - Melbourne

Hai Nguyen Jan 2022

Great latte art session overshadowed by a ridiculous management team that would never pick up calls and respond to text messages.

If you cannot take care of the customer service aspect of the business, why operate to begin with? Extremely disappointed.

Hai Nguyen Jan 2022

Terrible, unresponsive management incapable of responding to SMS and calls. Never got back to me even after numerous calls.

Mitch Hayes Jan 2022

Angie was a sensational teacher for the latte art course. She provided plenty of feedback and brought great energy to the day. Would recommend this to anyone looking to learn a new skill

Anthony Chan Jan 2022

Class was great. Angie was very instructive and helpful. I was able to improve during the class.

Russell Gordon Jan 2022

Angie was fantastic. She was very knowledgeable, communicated clearly and gave very specific feedback. She also made it a fun and relaxed environment. Highly recommended the course.

Middleton Emy Jan 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Jimmy was awesome, he is a great teaching, giving clear instructions, supervising actively everyone of us.

Lauren Crack Dec 2021

Lovely lady, very encouraging and explained things well.
Definitely worth while to improve on basic Barista skills.

Luis Kennedy Dec 2021

Great course, crash course for all levels and very practical A+++ highly recommend for anyone!

Peter Rundle Nov 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Very good teacher although perhaps class size was a bit too large for getting personal feedback

Laura Rawlins Nov 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great class for learning the basics. teacher is very clear, shows good demonstrations and is very helpful

Tamika McKleaine Nov 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

At first I thought 4 hours was a really long time and that I may lose interest after a while, but there was a very small amount of theory and the majority of it was practical. The class taught you how to make various coffee's as well as how to care for the machine. You have a decent amount of time to practice whatever coffee's you like as well as taste testing if you prefer. The class was small, 8 people including myself and the teacher. I believe thats about the size of all the classes as there wouldn't be enough machines to go around. The teacher we had was very experienced, and had such a passion for coffee and really helped guide each individual on proper techniques, or helped us problem solve the issue if we weren't quite getting something right. Overall the 4 hours flew by and I learned much about making coffee but I also felt like I have barely scratched the surface and I can't wait to try making coffee on my own.

Michelle Ok Nov 2021

The best course and the best instructor you can ever have :)
After having two sessions with Angie
I finally learned how to do latte art properly.

Latte Art Class review by Michelle Ok - Melbourne

Sin Chan Nov 2021

i was a good experience which I know more about coffee in general and I had a fun time in the class. Thank you for having me.

Jenny Nov 2021

84 ClassBento workshops attended • 83 reviews

Great value course taught in a pleasant environment to learn about a topic that interests most people daily, coffee and coffee making. Course was well executed and organised with a very patient and informative teacher.

Esmeralda Aispuro Nov 2021

Angie was great, she explained things very well and gave constant guidance to everyone. We each had plenty of time to practice and I felt I learn a lot in this one class.

Geraldine Kong Jul 2021

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed my class. Teacher was knowledgeable, we were able to practice a lot under the teacher's guidance and I felt that my skill improved after the class.

Geraldine Kong Jul 2021

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

It was at a convenient location. The teacher was attentive and gave clear instructions on how to improve our technique. We were able to practice a lot while the teacher provided good feedback. Very recommended.

Nikki Callan Jul 2021

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

A really enjoyable, fun and practical class with a knowledgable and engaging teacher. Highly recommended.

Ang' Bolding Jul 2021

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

The venue was convenient to Flinders Street station. The course was informative and fun. Certificate given at the end.

Latte Art Class review by Ang' Bolding - Melbourne

Maria Florentino Jul 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great class! Teacher was engaging and has positive energy. Class was fun and we made lots of coffees! Practical tips were also given from his years of experience.

Steven Hathaway Jul 2021

Presenter was absolutely excellent. His knowledge, enthusiasm and presentation skills could not be faulted. It was absolutely amazing. I learned so much. I will definitely be referring this course to my friends. Thanks so much. Steven Hathaway

Kevin Tran Jul 2021

Teacher was very friendly and helpful. I felt supported and accepted in the class. I learnt alot

Marten Visser Jun 2021

The teacher was excellent. Well informed, patient, and was diligent to check for understanding from each of the participants. While the equipment was old and not the current operational standard for most cafes/restaurants, it was suitable and provided the necessary support for basic level understanding.

The process for booking was simple and overall a positive experience.

Marianne Fan Jun 2021

Alki was engaging, kind and extremely encouraging during the entire session! Time passed extremely fast when you're enjoying yourself :)

Alicia Djeri Jun 2021

Had a great time could you please do another course for artwork crema? But overall I really enjoyed the class and information I learnt.

Dejan Jovanovic Jun 2021

Alki was a fantastic teacher, great knowledge and great personality. Would recommend to anyone who needs experience in the trade.

Lydia Kim May 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Informative and fun teacher, all materials provided and great industry knowledge shared. Enjoyed the class.

Ashley Collins May 2021

Our teacher was great and very knowledgeable making it a very enjoyable class, with lots of practical. Highly recommend

Jie Jiang May 2021

Teacher has great barista experience. He is so professional. I am very enjoy when I was in the class.

Michelle Jose Apr 2021

The class was really good, would have been nice to practice more and machines to be fixed. But otherwise very instructive, fun and engaging.

Barista Coffee Making Course review by Michelle Jose - Melbourne

Talitha Sweatman Mar 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Very much enjoyed the class! Alki was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject which made it enjoyable to learn.

Kulsiri Siripaisankul Feb 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Teacher (Jimmy) gave techniques which are very clear and concise. I am working in a cafe and never be able to make one. Turn out I can make it after this class. Highly recommend

Coffee class review by Kulsiri Siripaisankul - Melbourne

Rishikash Keddari Jan 2021

The teacher was very interactive and never made it a boring class. The Teahcer provided us with interesting facts and explained us the do's and dont's. The teacher himself was very enthusiastic to teach and never looked tired for a bit. The class was set up well as it had sufficient coffee machines for every student to practice upon. The machines were very clean and tidy, never seemed that anyone had used it earlier. The place was hygienic and did not have any sort of smell. The coffee used in the class was low quality but that is acceptable as it was a training session. Apart from that the class lecture was very well structured and organised.

Udo Eichelmann Jan 2021

Very great session. It is depending on personal skills to became professional in coffee art. The teacher attends to individuals and helps and advises wherever possible. Practising the skills will eventuate into professionalism. Key steps have been taught. Thanks to a great teacher.
I enjoyed all of it.

Kulsiri Siripaisankul Jan 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

The class was amazing. Alki was my teacher. We made a lot of coffee. I feel more confident and comfortable using coffee machine.

Fiona Lerk Jan 2021

35 ClassBento workshops attended • 35 reviews

The teacher was very friendly and clear the facilities were good and there was plenty of time to practise

Latte Art Class review by Fiona Lerk - Melbourne

Natasha Moshinsky Jan 2021

Great teacher
A lot of variety covered during the course
I felt that I learnt a lot


Yokki Qi Dec 2020

Clear instructions and lively classroom environment. Overall, it was a helpful and well time spent!

Fiona Lerk Dec 2020

35 ClassBento workshops attended • 35 reviews

We learnt how to make all the different types of coffee in a clean and efficient way

Remi Yamamoto Nov 2020

A teacher has excellent skilles. His instruction is clear. Equipment's maintainance is a little bit bad.

Sheranne Esguerra Nov 2020

Very approachable and easy to talk to.
She has knowledgeable to what she is teaching

Jasmine Bougher Jul 2020

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

I really enjoyed the latte art class, All though the pouring technique was difficult, Jimmy helped correct us and gave us a lot of encouragement making sure all of us were able to create some latte art

Jasmine Bougher Jul 2020

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Alki was very informative and incorporated games with a more hands on learning approach, the Barista course is definitely good for value, would recommend

Dimitri Chrisoulis Jul 2020

I really enjoyed the class and learnt a great deal about making a variety of coffee. The equipment and material was all provided and his teaching methods were direct and easy to follow. I was tought how to make more then a handful of different coffees and believe that the advice he gave us would support me in finding a job in the industry. Did not know what to expect going in but thoroughly enjoyed it.

Mia Song Mar 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

It was super duper goooood!
My teacher was Angie which start at 1:30PM. I really appreciate her.
she taught me a lot to make coffee way
Before to get her classes I have no idea and zero confidence to make a coffee but now I got a confidence!
I totally enjoyed the class. She taught all the students very passionately.
Thank you so much Angie!

Nandini Mar 2020

Brandon was my teacher he taught me excellent way and he was very polite to clear out the doubts. But I need some more practice hours to cope up the skills what I learn.

Muskan Muskan Mar 2020

I feel really thankful and happy because I have learnt more about how to make different types of coffee.
Thankful to my trainer who trained me very well and provide every equipment which are used to make coffee.

Mika Shioya Nov 2019

She is very Good teacher. It was Very help me.
But I need time more.

Jeffrey Hibbert Aug 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I had two fabulous barista class sessions with Alki and Han - thank you very much!

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