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The Blender Studios is a renowned art complex with a thriving art studio at its core. Founded in 2001, the studios have evolved alongside the urban art movement in Melbourne and currently hosts 24+ resident artists. Blender Studios is not only a hub for both street artists and fine artists, but it is also the HQ of Melbourne Street Tours, Dark Horse Experiment, The Blender Loft, and Blender Creatives.

We offer a variety of creative workshops at our studio and also online, with mixed-age classes, kids holiday programs, and corporate group workshops! With a focus on having fun while learning new skills, you will learn from only the best professional street artists.





Nina Dermawan Jul 2022

Freehand Street Art Class for Kids (10-16 Years)

Teachers are amazing artists. Wish there were more time spent painting instead of sketching and waiting for the others to arrive and many were late. A bit too much talking before starting.

Victoria King Jul 2022

Freehand Street Art Class for Kids (10-16 Years)

The boys (12 yo) enjoyed the session and rated it 9.5 stars in the car on the way home. We would definitely recommend it to those wanting a fun, informative and colourful afternoon.

Painting workshop review by Victoria King

Claire Halford Jul 2022

Freehand Street Art Class for Kids (10-16 Years)

My kid really enjoyed this class. It's great that he had so much support and I think he'd benefit from doing a few more classes to develop a bit more confidence and independent skill. Really positive experience at Blender studios!

Brett Willemsen Jul 2022

Freehand Street Art Workshop

Get job from Kasper. Really helpful and great pointers on can control. Would recommend to folks

Michelle Antoniou Jul 2022

Freehand Street Art Workshop

Kasper and the whole Blender crew are phenomenal. I’ve done so many art based workshops but hands down the best one by far! Highly recommend for all levels

Painting workshop review by Michelle Antoniou

Claire Halford Jun 2022

Stencil Street Art Workshop for Kids (10-16 Years)

My kid loved the class and is now begging me to buy him some spray cans to do art all over our shed walls. He had a great day and learnt some cool new stuff thanks!

Gaby Banens Apr 2022

Freehand Street Art Class for Kids (10-16 Years)

Kids class (10-16y/o)- F13 & M16 - both thoroughly enjoyed the class. Students had a chance to gather inspiration for designs and learn some spray techniques before creating their art. Instructors really encouraging - great studio - lots of fun! Note if you want to take the artwork home it costs an extra $10 I will DEFINITELY be doing the adult class next!

Susan Silk Apr 2022

Freehand Street Art Class for Kids (10-16 Years)

Cracking workshop had the kids working till the last minute quality outcome and they learned some techniques friendly staff outdoors venue good but with cover if needed good group size thanks very nice

Riley Phillips Apr 2022

Freehand Street Art Workshop

Great class , awesome and informative teacher. Lots of fun . Highly recommend. Thanks for having us :)

Painting workshop review by Riley Phillips

Stacey Dines Feb 2022

Freehand Street Art Workshop

Great teacher. Helpful and insightful. Venue to awesome- studio for practising artists and potential artists. Laneway for the practical graffiti was fitting!

Freehand Street Art Workshop review by Stacey Dines

Lara Pasinati Jan 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Freehand Street Art Class for Kids (10-16 Years)

My son had the best time learning to plan his art work, sketch and then implement. The teachers were 'experts' according to my son. I would highly recommend it

Mia Lovatt Jan 2022

Freehand Street Art Class for Kids (10-16 Years)

Really kind teachers and I had a great time! I learnt a lot and had so much fun

Gil Miller Jan 2022

Freehand Street Art Workshop

Great class, fantastic instructors, highly recommend. Learnt a lot about new techniques and approaches to graffiti art.

Amelia Horne Jan 2022

Stencil Street Art Workshop for Kids (10-16 Years)

Our granddaughter, who was hesitant and unsure of herself at first, through the encouragement of the teacher was able to gain confidence and complete a fantastic stencilled painting as well as paint two tee-shirts. She also showed interest in the next level class, which was another indication of how much she enjoyed and felt affirmed by the class.

Michelle Vieira Jan 2022

Freehand Street Art Class for Kids (10-16 Years)

It was a great experience, fantastic venue, teachers were amazing and so talented, will definitely be back

Alexander Italiano Jan 2022

Freehand Street Art Class for Kids (10-16 Years)

The teachers were really helpful on technical stuff. I really enjoyed it and like what I made

Carly Smith Jan 2022

Freehand Street Art Class for Kids (10-16 Years)

Great class. Very cool location. Boys had fun. One thing that I didn't know until the end of the class is that we had to pay an extra $10 to take your artwork home.

Corrine Sherwood Oct 2021

Stencil Street Art Workshop

So happy to be back in in-person classes. Very happy with the workshop. All set up well. Even the weather was planned perfectly with rain right after our spray Thanks guys.

Corrine Sherwood Jun 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Freehand Street Art Workshop

Both male artists were very helpful. Nice touch with the tea and snack. Time from 11am to 1.30pm a little tricky with late lunch. Room was cold - they brought in small heaters but spraying outside was chilly in winter. Enjoyable workshop.

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