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Uppma is the granddaughter of an Ayurvedic doctor who specialised in herbs and spices. She is a first generation Indian Australian migrant who left her career as a lawyer to follow her passion to share her ancient family recipes with the world.

Frustrated with the lack of authenticity, she started Chai Walli to educate people on the genuine beauty of Indian teas and spices that her grandfather gifted her with.

Uppma grew up with her mother’s love of cooking ingrained in her veins. She uses her innate senses to balance spices according to their Ayurvedic elements and teach others the Art of Chai.

Leading a team of passionate individuals, Uppma runs her small Australian business with deep values. All the blends are formulated and created by Uppma using her love of natural wholesome ingredients and family recipes.

We are grateful that we can share our ritual of chai and our art of creating beautiful blends with you. Thank you for choosing to support artisan makers like us. Your love for quality handcrafted products means that we get to share cultural heritage and age old techniques in a modern light with you and many others.

We care deeply about the suppliers we work with. We choose to have a tea farm to tea cup policy, which allows us to support some truly amazing tea estates in India producing organic and fair trade teas.

Our humble beginnings started with Uppma blending spices in her parent’s basement recreating her grandfather’s blends. Today, we are proud to have several award winning and well renowned masala chai and spice blends which are experienced by our amazing customers all around the world.

So come, join Uppma, Australia's leading educator in all things flavour, spice and tea.




Meg Royal Apr 2024

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Thank you Chai Walli for an amazing class. It was insightful and interactive as well as practical. A real learning experience for me. I am recommending your classes to everyone I am off to see a client this week and I have promised to make her some chai. Honestly making chai any other way is now not as nice as making it on the stove. I love love love it :-)
I'm looking forward to your spice classes

Anastasia Joseski Apr 2024

78 ClassBento workshops attended • 49 reviews

This was a workshop which far outweighed my expectations. Uppma is a wonderfully passionate teacher who bursts with knowledge and enthusiasm. She’s very clear with guiding you through the process. The kit has a great selection of all types of blends. A lovely aromatic mindful way to start the weekend. Keen to learn more and share with family & friends.

Tea class review by Anastasia Joseski

Leisa McBride Jun 2023

26 ClassBento workshops attended • 27 reviews

Awesome class, great teacher.
Very informative about the history of chai.
We learnt so much.
The house smells amazing.
The chai tastes great.
Highly recommend this class.

Learn the Art of Chai at Home review by Leisa McBride

Dominique Theunissen Apr 2023

What an amazing workshop. As a chai (latte) lover and loyal follower of Chai Walli's Instagram page, it was really cool to have a look behind the scenes of this beautiful company. Especially since I'm travelling here from Europe and they made sure the course fit right in with my travels!

Uppma was a lovely host and has a wealth of knowledge to share about the history, tradition, and serving of chai.

The location is beautiful and easily reacheable from the city by bus.

It's well worth the money, especially considering the amount of goodies we were given at the beginning of the class.

Tea class review by Dominique Theunissen - Melbourne

Nicole McIlvenna Apr 2023

Fantastic way to learn more about the history, sources, and flavours of chai in a friendly and relaxed environment. Loved it.

Julie Bidwell Apr 2023

Great teacher Great workshop! Great tasting

Hayley Yaser Feb 2023

What a fantastic virtual team event! Uppma was a wonderful host and took the time to educate us on the history of chai and fun facts before going into the brewing process. I learned a lot and would highly recommend, even if you're not a regular tea drinker like myself. It was super interactive and personal, with Uppma checking on our brews and encouraging conversation. Everything was provided and packaged brilliantly which made for an easy set-up. Can't wait to make more chai in the future!

Anonymised ClassBento student Nov 2022

37 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Excellent communication and a well thought out kit with everything you need for a wonderful introduction to many different types of chai.

Trudy Stewart Nov 2022

Fun and informative with delicious chai
Interactive class learning how to use your senses to differentiate how different spices blend to form the flavour profile of different teas.

Anna Xia Aug 2022

107 ClassBento workshops attended • 105 reviews

Uppma is enthusiastic and informative on all things Chai. She went into detail with each spice ingredient including some I’ve never heard of before. There were some book recommendations and lovely memories from her travels to discover Chai. Would recommend, thank you!

Learn the Art of Chai at Home review by Anna Xia

Sacha Kitson Jul 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Very enjoyable, I now feel confident of making a proper chai at home. Great range of flavours in the kit too!

Jane Bettridge Jul 2022

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Fantastic class. I learnt a lot. The atmosphere was warm and friendly. We had a few tech issues but this didn't cause any hassles. We each made a chai of our choice (I made a decaf 11 Spice Chai) and also a Turmeric Chai. The Turmeric Chai was astonishing because although I've had it many times before at cafes, this version was so warm and nourishing - just like a hug. The taste of both brews was so much better than any I've had before. Learning the history was fascinating and inspiring. So well presented and I enjoyed meeting the other people. Many thanks! ♥

Natalie Doyle Jul 2022

Loved the class. It was so educational and fun. I would highly recommend the class.

Mal Pheng May 2022

Uppma was fantastic and so down to earth. I found the class informative, incredibly relatable and very enjoyable! I enjoyed the chai and now learnt how I can correct my chai brewing at home
Thank you and thank you for the chai chat xx it was a class that felt like a catch up with a friend!

Raymond Ho May 2022

Loved the pack and the teacher. There was some tech problems, not anyones fault but it did affect the experience. I personally preferred the more practical aspects (eg cooking the chai) and would have liked more time dedicated to that.

Nicholas Tucker May 2022

Interesting, open discussions with the host! Loved every second of it

Pete Yandell May 2022

Uppma was an amazing host and her personality really made the class approachable. Will be recommending her class to others

Khoa Tran May 2022

Great lesson. I have a new appreciation of tea and chai tea now. And I know how to make great chai tea. Thank you!

Dinindu Fernando May 2022

It was a great work shop where I learnt a lot and enjoyed the chai making.
The host was amazing with her knowledge and skills.

Mojca Adlesic Apr 2022

Highly recommend this class to all chai lovers. Friendly teacher shared with us many interesting things about chai, its history and the spices.

Patricia Johnpillai Nov 2021

44 ClassBento workshops attended • 33 reviews

The kit did not get delivered on time for my class. It was well worth the wait. Communication from Chai Walli was really good. I bought an additional pack as well. Learnt to make Chai the proper way and the packets of chai are great.

Tea class review by Patricia Johnpillai

Ashe Debiasio Oct 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Uppma is a warm and welcoming facilitator with infectious enthusiasm for sharing the fascinating history and art of chai. We continue to enjoy this class every morning as we brew her spicy chai blends and the aromas fill our home.

Tea class review by Ashe Debiasio

Shannon Anima Oct 2021

Uppma's Art of Chai class is a beautiful sensory experience. My home is full of the spicy aromas of India, my head is brimming with stories of tea through time and continents, and my tummy is replete with a pot of her 11-Spice Chai goodness.
I recommend her classes 100%+ for a joyful life.

Bishoy Hannah Oct 2021

This was a fantastic experience and I learnt more from Uppma about spices, tea and all other great things than I thought I could. Best of all I learnt how to make an awesome chai from the Chai Walli blends!

So glad I took part today and was taught from Uppma's wealth of knowledge and love of chai.

Chiara Tomassoni Oct 2021

Even if you have the products from Chai Walli already, or have brewed chai a thousand times beforeI highly recommend doing the workshop!
I had never been able to make my chai taste this good before
The workshop was very informative - including the history of tea and spices, as well as some of the properties of the spices themselves . It was so interestingand it made me appreciate the flavour and the meaning of experiencing chai so much more.

Lyn Purdy Oct 2021

This was a very informative session and beautifully presented by our lovely, cheerful teacher. She knew so much about the origins, flavours, benefits etc of each spice and was happy to share this knowledge with us. The lesson, more like a chat, went for a very quick 2 hours. The box of goodies enables us to try many flavours of chai and now we know how and when to use them. A definite thumbs up for this class.

Radhika Seimon Oct 2021

I have been making Chai for years and only realised I had been making it incorrectly! Uppma’s workshop was so informative and fun. What a great way to spend my Sunday morning not only learning how to brew chai but also learning so much about different spices. I highly recommend this workshop. Thank you Uppma!

Jessica Kellar Sep 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Uppma was a delightful and insightful teacher. Learning the art of chai was an intimate exchange of knowledge from a kind and smart teacher. The ingredients and package are unique, high quality and thoughtfully arranged. I loved it!

Learn the Art of Chai at Home review by Jessica Kellar

Jess Larrea Sep 2021

Uppma's charisma and knowledge of chai making is immediately evident in the way that she relates to her students. I thoroughly enjoyed my session with her as she gave us a tour of the art of making chai. Thank you

Shireen Lenormand Sep 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

What a fabulous way to spend 2 hours on a cold, rainy Sunday in Melbourne - connecting with others over the art of chai, and cradling a warm mug of fragrant deliciousness at the end! I loved this class with Uppma, who was so generous with her knowledge and passion for this ancient art and tradition. Her approach means this class is great for complete beginners to those who are already experimenting with their own blends, and the class kit was so beautifully packaged and of the highest quality. I've been enjoying multiple cups of chai a day since the class and can't recommend the class and ClassBento highly enough! Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Jacqui Roberts Sep 2021

I have thoroughly enjoyed this class. Uppma is so generous with her time and knowledge. Looking forward to any further classes to expand my knowledge and interests in the world of Chai. Thank you so much Uppma. Would definitely recommend this class.

Bree Gaudette Sep 2021

Lovely and informative host! Uppma is a natural and delightful to learn from. Will be taking more of her classes!

Emma Morris Sep 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Uppma was so knowledgeable and friendly
I was having a bad mental health day, but she made me feel right at ease

Helen Patrice Sep 2021

15 ClassBento workshops attended • 7 reviews

Wonderfully informative, with a potted history of tea, and spices, presented by a lovely person. The chai samples were delicious and plentiful, and the chai-making fun. A pleasant 2 hours that lightened lockdown.

Felicity Webb Sep 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

What a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning
Lots of knowledge and experiences shared over delicious Chai
Thank you

Jocelyn Hockley Sep 2021

Amazing class, Uppma has so much history about tea that was really interesting to learn and her passion for tea is very evident. Higly reccommend this class.

Erica Blakslee Sep 2021

What a terrific way to spend a morning! Chai Walli founder, Uppma, is incredibly knowledgeable and made the class informative and lots of fun. I walked away with tons of new understanding about tea and spices, and practiced some important techniques to improve my chai brew. I highly recommend this workshop.

Christine Hasiuk Sep 2021

Loved the course. Uppma was very knowledgeable. Learnt alot regarding Chai Tea. Recommend the course

Yayang Shaw Sep 2021

Very informative. The session enhanced my understanding of the chai making process and awareness of the variety of spices and how they can be used.

Anthony Harding Sep 2021

Great class, very informative with a passionate teacher. Would recommend this to others interested in Chai.

Kristy Micallef Aug 2021

Absolutely loved making my own chai whilst guided by Uppma, I could ask questions in real time and show her my brewing progress and get tips along the way. Learning how to brew it via stove top is a skill that I'll be perfecting whilst in and out of lockdown. It's so nice learning about different spices and getting the opportunity to ask questions about how to use them. I had a great time, and got to (virtually) meet fellow chai lovers from around Australia too. It was such a lovely start to my week ahead.

Matilda Aug 2021

78 ClassBento workshops attended • 47 reviews

Uppma from Chai Walli ran an incredible at home introduction to the art of chai. Definitely one of the best classes I’ve done. A beautiful insight into traditional culture.

Learn the Art of Chai at Home review by Matilda

James Dalton Aug 2021

39 ClassBento workshops attended • 34 reviews

It was such a pleasure to explore the origins of chai with a leading chai expert like Uppma Virdi from Chai Walli. The Art of Chai class was the most wonderful experience to deepen my own understanding of authentic masala chai. Uppma guided us through the varieties and flavours of chai, its history and culture, which Indian herbs and spices are traditionally used as well as their uses in Ayurvedic culture, and how to blend and brew the perfect cup (in the most perfect chai saucepan!). The most interesting part of the class was hearing Uppma talk about the creation of Chai Walli, the beginnings of the 'Chai Crusaders' movement against bad chai.

Uppma is just an amazing being and her passion and knowledge of spices is second to none.

I’ve been making and drinking chai for decades, and never really knew how to brew it to perfection. Now that I do, I can’t stop drinking it. It’s not even been three days and I’ve finished two whole packets!

Do yourself a favour and take this course. Buy the extra chai packets, because you will need them. The saucepan is a must also.

Thank you again Uppma for an amazing afternoon and for imparting all of your knowledge.

Learn the Art of Chai at Home review by James Dalton

Kazuhiro Iwama Aug 2021

It was great time for me to participate in the workshop bringing me into the world of chai authenticity. It was not only tasting and enjoying chai but also learning about spices composing Chai Walli blends. Thank you for the great opportunity, Uppma! Kazu

Julia Leimanis Aug 2021

I highly recommended this class. Uppma has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to spices and chai. The class is heaps of fun and really informative. Thank you

Tea class review by Julia Leimanis

Natalie O'Halloran Aug 2021

14 ClassBento workshops attended • 11 reviews

Such a fun workshop! The chai kit was beautifully put together and full of goodies. The teacher was so warm and helpful, with lots of tips and tricks. So lovely of her to arrange weekly chai group catchups too

Dawn Uchida Aug 2021

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

This class exceeded expectations, Uppma was so wonderful teaching us about the history and origins of tea and Chai in India, all the beautiful spices and their Ayurvedic properties before guiding us through making our own Chai. Highly recommend this class to anyone interested in not just learning how to make Chai but all the amazing culture and history that makes it so special. Thanks so much for the wonderful workshop Uppma! :)

Jan Weston Aug 2021

Uppma delivered a fun and informative class for those that are interested in the history of Chai and brewing your own authentic Masala Chai. I particularly enjoyed learning the therapeutic properties of spices from an Ayurvedic perspective and how to create different blends. It was a entertaining couple of hours I can highly recommend.
Thank you

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