Corporate benefits

Improve employee happiness and productivity, easily.


How it works

$10 discount. Every employee. Every month.

Did you know that every $1 invested into mental wellbeing returns $2.30 in improved productivity?

Source: Creating a mentally healthy workplace - return on investment analysis report by PWC

Our creative classes are a proven way to fight workplace stress and burnout (here's the evidence)

What others say

"Sometimes creating or doing a fun activity can spark something that you never imagined before and can lead to something great for your team or company"
Prasad Shringapure
"It’s great to have the opportunity to learn something you might otherwise not learn at the office. It is really motivating!"
Emma Seakins
"After a ClassBento workshop you’ve built this great relationship and common ground with your colleagues, that makes everything easier when you are back in the office"
Sigourney Berndt
"The thing I find about workshops is that it's super meditative - you have to stop and focus on what you're doing; they make you stop thinking about everything else, relax and be in the moment"
Monique Llewellyn

The benefits

Fight burnout and boost productivity, with recreational classes.

It's scientifically proven

Your choice of team workshops

Want customised events? We can do that. Just get in touch.

Reward and recognition

Our gift cards are another easy option.

You can buy them online, in bulk, and we can deliver physical cards to you (or just print off customisable PDFs)

Gift cards
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