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Sat 11 Jul

Sat 18 Jul

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Here we've only listed classes that can be instantly booked, but we have lots more workshops where you can easily request and book at a custom time that suits you.

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Sick of doing the same thing (or maybe nothing) every weekend? Feeling a bit zombified after binging on Netflix?

Our classes are not just a way to have fun and meet new people, they are also great for your mental wellbeing.

In our workshops you'll be required to pay attention, and be in the moment (in contrast to passive entertainment where you sit back and zone out).

This type of focus helps you take your mind off what may be stressing you out and helps you gain perspective.

That being said, our classes are of course a great way to relax and spend a weekend with your partner and/or family.

Our range of classes is always expanding, so if you don't find something that excites you now, just check again in a few weeks' time.

Here's to a culture of learning, an era where art is again celebrated by society at large, not just niche collectors, and where we treasure and reinvent traditional crafts.

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