Gluten Free Shojin Ryori Japanese Cooking

Learn how to make gluten-free Shojin Ryori (temple cooking) at home

1.5 hours Class size 3 to 6     label $40

Shojin Ryori is a vegetarian cuisine which is based mainly on rice, soybean products (e.g. tofu), seaweed, mushrooms and seasonal fresh vegetables and is traditionally eaten by Buddhist monks. It is similar to a vegan diet. Many amazing cooking techniques are unique and some of the dishes are not available at an ordinary Japanese restaurant.

This live online cooking class will be held by Sumi Saikawa who was born and grew up at a Zen Temple in Japan where the techniques of Shojin Royori were learnt. Now she is working as a nutritionist and a cooking instructor to run many healthy cooking classes for adults and children.

During the one-and-a-half-hour class, which is perfect for beginners, your teacher Sumi will guide you on how to prepare and make individual dishes. You will learn valuable cooking skills, gain confidence, and learn helpful presentation and plating skills to ensure a round of applause at the very next meal you serve.

The class number will be kept small, a maximum of five people, so you can communicate with the teacher during the class.

This class is perfect for a vegan diet. Dishes include:

  • Soba roll; cucumber and soba wrapped with nori seaweed.
  • Teriyaki tofu with sautéed various mushrooms.
  • Green beans with black sesame dressing.

After you make a booking:
  • A shopping list which you will need to purchase before class, will be sent to you.
  • A preparation list also be sent to you, so that you can prepare the ingredients.
  • A recipe also be sent to you.

Over the course of the live streaming class, you will work together to create each component of all dishes. All components will be gluten-free and taught in a way so that you can easily replicate the meal again at home.

On top of your new knowledge of Japanese culture, you will learn:
  • An introduction of Shojin Ryori (temple cooking).
  • How to use traditional Japanese seasonings and alternative seasonings.
  • Alternative ingredients which can be used for a gluten-free diet.

At the end of the online class, you can enjoy the delicious food you have prepared in the comfort of your home!

Knowledge Required
This class is for anybody interested in Japanese cuisine. Beginners, intermediates, advanced - are all welcome!
What to bring
You will need to have all the ingredients and equipment ready to go in your kitchen. A full list will be sent to you after booking.
Your teacher

I was born in a Zen temple in Kobe Japan, which was an amazing environment to grow up in as a little kid. I was always in the kitchen to help make shojin ryori with mum (Temple cooking) for as long as I can remember for the temple. This was where my curiosity and fascination of food came from especially its part to play in culture and role it plays to keep the body and mind healthy.

From there, I graduated from university and worked as a dietitian in Japan for many years before meeting my husband and coming to Australia. My husband and I immigrated to Australia over 27 years ago now where we have made ourselves a family with 2 (not so young anymore) children. Now, I run lots of health oriented - cooking classes including "shojin ryori" for people living in Australia and Japan from all stages of life from the elderly to children.

My meal style: I try to give to initiative to prepare the foods even in a busy life. I appreciate the foods and I try to make food which will make me be happy.

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