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Sumi's Kitchen In Sydney 5.0 (27)

I was born in a Zen temple in Kobe Japan, which was an amazing environment to grow up in as a little kid. I was always in the kitchen to help make shojin ryori with mum (Temple cooking) for as long as I can remember for the temple. This was where my curiosity and fascination of food came from especially its part to play in culture and role it plays to keep the body and mind healthy.

From there, I graduated from university and worked as a dietitian in Japan for many years before meeting my husband and coming to Australia. My husband and I immigrated to Australia over 27 years ago now where we have made ourselves a family with 2 (not so young anymore) children. Now, I run lots of health oriented - cooking classes including "shojin ryori" for people living in Australia and Japan from all stages of life from the elderly to children.

My meal style: I try to give to initiative to prepare the foods even in a busy life. I appreciate the foods and I try to make food which will make me be happy.





Pamela Sherwin Oct 2021

Gluten Free Shojin Ryori Japanese Cooking

A lovely class. Fantastic to be shown the hands on one screen in addition to the entire person. Valuable preparation techniques were shown. Clear instructions, a worthwhile course.

Naomi Naiza-Webb Oct 2021

Gluten Free Shojin Ryori Japanese Cooking

Fantastic class, I loved that we cooked in real time and had a full meal to serve at the end of 1.5 hours. Food was absolutely delicious.

Gluten Free Shojin Ryori Japanese Cooking review by Naomi Naiza-Webb

Hannah Gray Oct 2021

Gluten Free Shojin Ryori Japanese Cooking

This was such a great class! And oh my goodness the food was absolutely delicious. Thanks Sumi I had a lot of fun

Gluten Free Shojin Ryori Japanese Cooking review by Hannah Gray

Tania Farrar Oct 2021

Gluten Free Shojin Ryori Japanese Cooking

This was a great class and the food was delicious. Clear instructions and very inclusive

Joseph Paul Sep 2021

Gluten Free Shojin Ryori Japanese Cooking

Loved it - thanks so much Sumi, will be joining more classes for sure. The food was delicious too.

Cooking workshop review by Joseph Paul

Chiemidaly Sep 2021

Gluten Free Shojin Ryori Japanese Cooking

Thank you Sumi!we all enjoyed it. My family loves Shojin Ryohei. Ginger rice is fantastic. ChiemiDaly

Scott Venables Jun 2021

Cooking class

Sumi was an amazing host and teacher. It felt like walking in to a traditional Japanese home and we were made very comfortable immediately. The place was spotless and covid friendly. Sumi’s passion for Japanese food was evident and she loved teaching us the traditional way of how to cook vegan Japanese food, and also other options to alter it for those who would be comfortable to have meat proteins.  + more

Vegan Japanese Cooking Class - Autumn review by Scott Venables

Louie Leung Jun 2021

Gluten Free Shojin Ryori Japanese Cooking Class

A most enjoyable experience - cultural, culinary, social. Easy to follow and casual, you leave with the confidence boosted from having prepared many dishes in a short time and the detailed notes provided. Sumi offered her unique insight and cultural context in a presentation to set the tone for how we prepared the cuisine. Her kitchen is perfectly set up for demonstration and hands-on learning, comfortable for first time visitors. Ingredients used are simple; adapted for local convenience and availability. Yet students were still gaining familiarity  + more

Christine Graf Jun 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Cooking class

The class was fantastic. We learnt a lot, the food was delicious, and our teacher was friendly, knowledgeable and lovely. It was nice to be in a comfy home kitchen rather than a commercial/class one too! (The only thing I haven't really appreciated is unrelated to our lovely teacher, it is the constant badgering from Class Bento for a review. It's only been three days and I've received multiple texts and emails. Today I got told it's my last chance? I'm very busy during the week sorry, I promise I'll review but please let me so it in my own time  + more

Sarah Andrews May 2021

Gluten Free Shojin Ryori Japanese Cooking Class

We had a lovely morning with Sumi. She is super knowledgeable about Japanese ingredients and made the class really fun and interactive. We had a beautifully presented lunch at the end of the class and we all learnt a lot. Thank you Sumi!

Cooking workshop review by Sarah Andrews

Carmen Chan May 2021

Cooking class

We had a fun afternoon learning about authentic Japanese cooking from Sumi. The venue was spacious and welcoming. Definitely a fun experience and the food was delicious - couldn’t believe we made it ourselves! Felt like we were in Japan for a few hours! Thank you Sumi.

Nectaria Alex May 2021

Cooking class

Beautiful clean venue, Sumi was very lovely and we learnt a lot of things! Thank you Sumi

Andrew Howard Apr 2021

Cooking class

Sumi was great with our children. And we bought ingredients on the way home so we could practice our new skills straight away. Thank you Sumi.

Nicola Rai Apr 2021

Cooking class

A relaxed vibe and knowledgeable teacher. I learnt more than I expected and I am keen to put it into practice. I would certainly do another class with Sumi to learn more about how to make Japanese dishes here in Australia.

Cooking workshop review by Nicola Rai Sydney

Analise Bauchinger Apr 2021

Cooking class

Thank you, Sumi. My mother and I really enjoyed the cooking class. Everything was great.

Cooking workshop review by Analise Bauchinger

Carla Rowe Apr 2021

Cooking class

Sumi is an excellent teacher. We had a wonderful time learning how to cook with her. All the recipes were delicious! We will definitely be making these at home. Thanks for a great time Sumi

Cooking workshop review by Carla Rowe

Stefania Kikuchi Apr 2021

Cooking class

Sumi teacher was great and very helpful during the workshop. All materials were provided! And got to eat what we cooked. Lovely place, easy to find car parking and lots of fun. スミ先生お料理教えて下さってありがとうございました

Cooking workshop review by Stefania Kikuchi

Mann Bookluck Mar 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Cooking class

Relaxing setting with easy to follow style of cooking, the reward is a tasty Japanese banquet to finish off the class. Thank you Sumi it was an enjoyable session.

Cooking workshop review by Mann Bookluck Sydney

Tamara Khayatt Mar 2021

Cooking class

Sumi was very welcoming and had everything well prepared and ready to go for us. The instructions were excellent and we were able to get hands on and cook a beautiful lunch that we all shared together. Will definitely be using my new skills and would definitely recommend.

David Doniguian Mar 2021

Cooking class

My wife Kate and I really enjoyed our cooking class at Sumi's. Sumi is very lovely and hospitable. Her teaching skills are good as well as she explained thoroughly each step of the recipes first before letting us do the cooking ourselves. Sumi also provided tips on potential substitutes for ingredients and accommodates all dietary requirements. On top of that, the menu proposed was made of a great variety of dishes and each of them was delicious. Finally, sharing the lunch together at the end made the whole experience even more authentic. Highly  + more

Sophie Wainwright Mar 2021

Cooking class

Overall an amazing experience Sumi is a lovely teacher with so much knowledge of the Japanese culture and food. All good was amazing, her place is beautiful & we enjoyed an amazing lunch after lots of cooking. Would recommend, a great weekend activity! Also recommended other great Japanese experiences across Sydney. Thanks so much

Cooking workshop review by Sophie Wainwright

Alix Smith Feb 2021

Cooking class

Sumi was a fantastic teacher who made my partner and myself feel very welcome. The venue was well set out for the lesson with good visibility and a good class size. Sumi gave a great background as to why certain ingredients were used as well as alternatives. My partner and myself thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will definitely be putting our new found skills to use. Thanks for having us.

Dunya Can Feb 2021

Cooking class

Thank you for opening your home up to us and welcoming us to your kitchen. Sumi and her daughter were so lovely and Sumi was a great instructor. The variety of dishes we made were fun and simple, we will definitely be recreating this at home.

Charlie Cavill Feb 2021

Cooking class

Sumi hosted an amazing class that was interesting, informative and fun. Sumi is a lovely host and a great chef who showed us many great recipes. Would recommend to anyone.

Kerrilyn Stratford Feb 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Cooking class

Loved the class. Sumi was very well prepared, presented the recipes clearly with good instruction. The dishes were delicious and I look forward to making them for friends and family.

Cooking workshop review by Kerrilyn Stratford

Ruth Blades Feb 2021

Cooking class

Sumi’s class was amazing. We took a friend as a birthday gift and we all had a great time. Sumi has a very interesting background and was clearly very passionate and knowledgable about food, we came away feeling confident to recreate the dishes at home, and source good ingredients thanks to Sumi’s tips. Her kitchen is beautiful and a great setting to cook and have a delicious lunch in. Thank you  + more

Vegan and Gluten Free Japanese Cooking Class review by Ruth Blades

Aneka Henshaw Sep 2020

Cooking class

Sumi was lovely, we learnt lots of Japanese cooking and all the food was delicious. Would recommend to absolutely anyone. Not too difficult and there is plenty of guidance to help beginners but still very interesting for more experienced participants. Would do again, definitely.

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