Iain Wang

Iain Wang

Have been teaching for 10+ years and still loving it!

Iain Wang,  teacher
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Hi there!

I'm a co-founder at Classbento.

I've taught over a thousand students over the last 10 years, across a variety of topics, including philosophy, origami, English literature, economics, statistics, and more.

I absolutely love teaching - it puts a big smile on my face to be able to give knowledge and skills to others!

It’s important to take a break every now and then, temporarily focus on something completely different, be in the moment, recharge and broaden your thinking.

I look forward to meeting you at one of my future classes!


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• Apr 2018

Philosophy in the Park

Great afternoon learning about the main Branches of Philosophy. Interesting and challenging discussions. Great location in Hyde Park.
Time well spent. :)

• Feb 2018

Philosophy in the Park

Interesting and thought provoking.
Thank you Iain

• Oct 2017

Philosophy in the Park

Really thought-provoking and interesting, I would highly recommend it. Iain got through a lot in just 30 minutes, and my colleagues and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

• Jan 2018

Origami Workshop for Individuals or Groups

Heaps of fun! I'm proud to say that I can now fold a neat looking crane in just a few minutes!

• Sep 2017

Origami Workshop for Individuals or Groups

I always wanted to try origami but never got around to it. This class is a great way to get started, and we made some nice cranes together.
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