Learn Kizomba Artistry Mastery

A masterclass to help you alchemise emotions through dance

Genevieve Rogan
Genevieve Rogan
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3 hours

label $110 (or 4 payments of $27.50 Afterpay)

Learn a kizomba artistry mastery routine online! This intensive dance course is suitable for both men or women looking to develop their sense of artistry, presence and embodiment through dance.

The course will take you on a journey through the basics and on to a very special two-minute choreography and into a new zone of freedom and expression.

What's included?

  • Basics tutorials in Kizomba
  • Basics tutorials in ballet
  • Stretch and conditioning
  • Two guided meditations
  • Choreography breakdown
  • Acting for camera
  • Self-filming challenge
  • Support group on Facebook
  • 21 pre-recorded videos for you to keep

This dance mini-course will leave you feeling brand new! Even if you have only a little dance experience, allow yourself the challenge of moving in a new way and connecting deeper to yourself.

ADD ON'S. All of my work is based on enhancing our intuitive connection to self. Be that through dance, music, art or whatever calls to you. To assist you in transmuting energy and connecting with your highest light you can add a "beaded with intention" bracelet to your order. These bracelets are handmade with semi-precious stones and come with a channelled message for you. It will be made intuitively for you and shipped to your address.

Add-on available for this class
  • Beaded with Intention bracelet ($30)
You can add these when you book (optional).
Knowledge required
Some basic dance experience in any style.
What to bring
A yoga mat, some water and a phone to film on.
Your teacher
Genevieve Rogan
Genevieve Rogan

20+ years experience in dance. Holistic teaching methodology to get anyone dancing freely.

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Genevieve became entranced by the world of movement at age 3 when she started classical ballet. In 2011 she completed her full time performance studies at ED5International (Aus). Genevieve's travels to South America and Africa have allowed her unique training and performance opportunities in the styles of samba, salsa, axe, sabar, djembe, cabaret and burlesque. Later her travels to India and Nepal sparked a fascination with alternative movement modalities, dance healing practice and meditation.

In 2015 Genevieve moved to Bogota, Colombia where she danced with Afro contemporary company Zarabana, and discovered her passion for Kizomba. She danced with Light Dance Project in Bogota, specialising in Kizomba and Semba. Since 2015 Genevieve has taught and performed in numerous Kizomba festivals across Australia and Colombia. She is currently based in Sydney teaching Kizomba, Semba and Urban kiz with her dance partner Adriano Raiola. Genevieve wishes to express and teach the healing magic, and creativity of Kizomba in her classes and performances.

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