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Hi, My name is Liza and I'm from Melbourne.

I have always loved crafting, from knitting to dollhouse making, sewing, macrame, silk screen printing, card making etc. Over the years I have been experimenting with different genres, trying to find what made me the happiest. I started making candles, soap, diffusers, wax melts and various other things for the home. I soon came across an eco resin that is so versatile and appealed to my creative side that I was soon making things for the home as well as soothing my soul.

I adore making and the handmade process, the time and care needed to make each beautifully handcrafted piece and the story it can tell. Everything I make is individually crafted with quality materials.

Creating sustainability in my products is important to me. It's also important to me to support Australian industry and small business.

I started running small workshops for people who were interested in "learning how". I then came across ClassBento and thought "Why not try". So here I am, sharing what I know with my classes!





Kim Tran Apr 2024

We had so much fun! Liza was very friendly, welcoming and patient. She provided us with a background, detailed instructions and helped us with our designs and technique throughout the whole process. Would definitely recommend taking this class!

DIY Eco Resin Coaster Class: Sip and Create review by Kim Tran - Melbourne

Alannah Nguyen Oct 2023

12 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

good. Enjoyed participating to the class activity. really love it.

recommended to my other friends.

Debbie Khoo Aug 2023

This was such a fun and therapeutic class. Liza was friendly and patient in guiding us through the process and answering our many questions. We had a great time!

Tina Moorthy Jun 2023

37 ClassBento workshops attended • 25 reviews

I just love this eco friendly craft. This is my second class with Lisa from Lilly and Lark Living. The first was the coasters and the most recent is the large Tray making. The whole process from start to finish is fun, you dont even have to put your eco resin piece in a kiln to set, It sets by itself! You can not go wrong with this craft; every design is unique. I am very happy with my piece. Thankyou so much lilly!

Fluid Art class review by Tina Moorthy - Melbourne

Amy Cripps Jun 2023

7 ClassBento workshops attended • 7 reviews

Amazing class Was lots of fun, lots of different design and colour choices to make a tray you like! Teacher was super friendly and helpful. Will definitely try the coasters class soon!

Eco Resin Large Tray Workshop: Sip and Create review by Amy Cripps - Melbourne

Sally Braddy May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Lisa was professional, friendly, n informative. It was obvious a lot of preparation was done beforehand. Materials were professionally presented n packaged with considerable care for us to take home. Would highly recommend this class

Priya Smith May 2023

Fantastic session, great teacher and lovely few hours of creativity. Splendid way to learn with some bubbles and nibbles.

Tina Moorthy Apr 2023

37 ClassBento workshops attended • 25 reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed this craft, making eco-coasters was a delightful feeling. Lisa, the teacher was warm and friendly and guided me through the process so well.
The venue and setting also added to a very relaxing and joyful experience. I was so happy and surprised with the designs and patterns that came up on my coasters. It was good knowing that the materials used are environmentally friendly.

Fluid Art class review by Tina Moorthy - Melbourne

Evelyn Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Liza is a great teacher, it was an absolute joy to be able to attend this class with my busy schedule. And enjoyed every minute of this. Highly recommend attending this which I would do for my hens/birthday if I could and look forward to more upcoming classes.

Leanne Ogier Feb 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This class was great, the teacher Liza was, super helpful. The venue was perfect. It was a fun class and look forward to doing another class.

Daniela Lobello Dec 2022

Liza was so lovely. She gave us all clear easy instructions and was very patient with us when we had a go at mixing the eco resin ourselves. The bubbles and nibbles were yummy too. We had a great time! Thank you!

Matilda Oct 2022

78 ClassBento workshops attended • 47 reviews

Delicious! Absolutely Lovely garnishes. Five stars out of five stars. Restaurant flair Right at home.

Omar Rahim Oct 2022

Liza is a great teacher and was able to facilitate a session with 17 people online. The coaster making session was a master class and was super fun!

DIY Eco Resin Coasters review by Omar Rahim

Rebecca Morrissey Sep 2022

67 ClassBento workshops attended • 67 reviews

Wonderful class. The teacher was lovely and very accommodating. The product was easy to use and a lot of fun!

DIY Eco Resin Coasters review by Rebecca Morrissey

Jh Marie Sep 2022

61 ClassBento workshops attended • 61 reviews

The kit provided was great, it had everything needed, I really appreciated the pre measured amounts. The plastic cloth included was really good as it protected the whole area. Really good class, relaxing atmosphere, good teacher too.

Fluid Art class review by Jh Marie

Corinna Bourke Aug 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This class was so relaxing and fun. Our teacher Liza was informative, kind and helped us make beautiful eco-resin coasters to take home. We had bubbles and a platter provided, in a cosy warm room on a lovely winters day. I would highly recommend if you would like to learn something new but something that is not too difficult! Thank you Liza, me and my mum loved your class.

Rini Ismail Jul 2022

111 ClassBento workshops attended • 111 reviews

I had a wonderful time learning eco resin with Lily and Lark Living. A complete kit to do 2 coaster at a time. Liza taughr us different design techniques, how to care for materials and final product, and suppliers. Recommend for easy to do workshop with friends or with family.

DIY Eco Resin Coasters review by Rini Ismail

Nahesh Brooks Jun 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great class, Allowed to work at my own pace and explore art, help is just a call away. Liz is very knowledgeable and all delivered with love and humour, a rare gift. Great facilities, have been able to use all mediums, great breaks with yummy cheese platter. Going to this ECO RESIN class takes me away from my everyday world and helps me connect TO MY INNER ARTIST Thank you Liz!

Fluid Art class review by Nahesh Brooks - Melbourne

Elspeth Crosby Jun 2022

51 ClassBento workshops attended • 51 reviews

This class was so much fun. The kit was really well put together including comprehensive written instructions. I loved that all the materials were eco friendly as well and I was very happy with the results.

Fluid Art class review by Elspeth Crosby

Marta Cortada-McCorkell May 2022

Amazing workshop! I really enjoyed making the resin coaster and learning about eco-resin. The colours and process were so beautiful

Melanie McNeice Apr 2022

I really enjoyed myself and have started a new addiction! Great teacher, product and techniques.

Devon Lasalle Apr 2022

9 ClassBento workshops attended • 8 reviews

This was such a fun class! The instructor was really good at showing us what to do and was great at guiding us when we were working on our own projects. We both came home with some gorgeous coasters and a new obsession. Thanks so much!

DIY Eco Resin Coaster Class: Sip and Create review by Devon Lasalle - Melbourne

Joanna Du Mar 2022

Enjoyable and relaxing class, trainer was very willing to share her knowledge. Thumbs up! Highly recommended and will go for future classes.

Joanne Parry Mar 2022

Liza was lovely and a great teacher.
Was actually wanting to learn more about epoxy resin but was still fun to learn about a different product/technique.
The champagne and food was excellent.
Overall had a great time

Elly Shugg Feb 2022

Relaxing, fun and interesting lesson that was organised constructively & professionally! Can’t wait to use my new found skill and interest further!

DIY Eco Resin Coaster Class: Sip and Create review by Elly Shugg - Melbourne

Livia Bothello Feb 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

It was a great class. Both me and my husband thoroughly enjoyed it. Lily explained everything in detail and she was lovely. We learnt to make beautiful eco resin coasters and have highly recommended her class to family and friends as we think it's definitely worth it.

Quincy Lan Feb 2022

The online class was great, so much fun! Liza is very friendly and she is very patient throughout the entire process. Would definitely recommend

DIY Eco Resin Coasters review by Quincy Lan

Anna Agati Jan 2022

The class was informative and fun, by the end I had made two coasters, which I am very proud of.
This was a virtual class and Lisa was a great teacher, showing us how to make our creations and then giving us the opportunity to to give it a go and ask questions.
There was still enough product to make two more coasters after the class was over.

DIY Eco Resin Coasters review by Anna Agati

Josh Mountford Jan 2022

Amazing! Learned a heap and got some really good tips for when I try myself

Sanela Sinikovic Jan 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great class and a fantastic teacher! So much information shared freely and learnt so much. Can’t wait to start experimenting at home. Highly recommended!

Fluid Art class review by Sanela Sinikovic - Melbourne

Maryann Liethof Jan 2022

I loved this fun session with Lisa and the other participants. The eco-resin medium was perfect for a 2 hour course and everyone was totally engaged. Lots of questions were asked, which Lisa thoroughly (and patiently) responded to. Her style is instructive without being prescriptive, which encouraged us all to be adventurous with our projects. We were also provided with light refreshments while we were waiting for our coasters to dry. A good time was had by all!

Naila Gorgis Dec 2021

I loved it I enjoyed everything the teachers where so amazing she responded quick and had explained us very well and I was so proud of myself making somthing that I thought I would be never good at

Fluid Art class review by Naila Gorgis - Melbourne

Seran Magraci Dec 2021

i had so m7ch fun didnt know how time past. she made it easy to 7nderstand and made it fun. looking forwa4d to many more classes with lilly.

Emma Morris Nov 2021

116 ClassBento workshops attended • 83 reviews

This class was great! Heaps of fun and I loved that we got to make more than just the coasters :3

Fluid Art class review by Emma Morris - Melbourne

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